Planting the Garden

Vegetables and Fruit


Planting the Garden

Planting Seeds 


Use best quality for better germination. Read the packet for cultural information. Check the Planting Calendar.

Seed Size

Select the Plant Material 

Purchase 6 packs or 4

instead of 1 gallon containers.

Purchase plants not yet in bloom, extends bloom time.

Prepare Planting Area



Remove all plant material / weeds in planting area. Cultivate the soil about 2 deep.

Incorporate Good Quality Organic Fertilizer

Water Soil Thoroughly

Teasing the Roots 

Loosen, remove from pot. Tease roots apart before planting.

Make a Furrow for Seeds

Planting Seeds in Soil
Sprinkle the seeds.

Cover and pat the soil.

Protect Seeds from Birds

Seed Nozzle for Moisture

Thin the Plants