Using the Garden

Be Resourceful
Use lessons designed for gardens from: 


Master Gardeners California School Garden Network ( ( Garden of Learning (curriculum sets) ( Junior Master Gardener (curriculum sets and books) ( TWIGS (15 garden and cooking lessons) Harvest of the Month (nutrition lessons with links to State Standards ( AIMS activities  Primarily Plants (Gr. K-3) K The Budding Botanist (Gr. 3-6) 3Other Books Internet (Google, e.g. Lessons on plant germination)

Prepared Lessons

Be Creative
Adapt your regular classroom lessons to be taught in the garden. Go through your curriculum and find where you might use the garden to: 

Add interest Make lesson more relevant Add enjoyment by being outside Provide hands-on learning experience handsAssociate lesson with the garden for retention of new concept

Language Arts Lessons

Parts of Speech Verbs: I like to ________in the garden. Adjectives: the ____________cucumber the ___________,________ tomato Bonus Spelling Words, plant parts, vegetables, etc.

Reading in the Garden

Plays or Readers Theater in the Garden

Writing in the Garden 

Daily Journals Letters Poetry 

Five Senses Haikus Cinquains How to 


Five Senses Garden 


see smell hear feel taste 

I know

Math in the Garden 

Counting Measuring Calculating 

Perimeters and Areas Water Soil Amendments Plant Food A Square Foot Garden 


Problem Solving Fractions Percentage Economics


Use of Scientific Method for Investigation and Experimentation (I.and E.) standards, all grade levels 

Use as a class Science Fair Project Use as a lab for designing individual or group investigations (Our Science Lab) Life Sciences Earth Sciences Nutrition Environmental Education 

Hands on experience for content instruction 

Bean Germination Window

Science Laboratory

Social Studies, History, and Geography

Other Uses of the Garden

Cooperative Learning 

Among Classmates 

Rules for the garden Working together Sharing and caring for tools Designating garden areas for grade and class Grade level theme or project 

Within Grade Level   

School Wide Theme, Project, or Newsletter Community Project 

Farmers Market Donation of produce to charity

Character Education 

Appreciating Diversity  

Grow unusual vegetables Ethnic foods 

Health and Nutrition Environmental Education

Red Ribbon Garden

Behavior Management Reward 

Entire class reward 

Minutes in the garden Special hat, apron, garden gloves, etc Gardener for the day or week 

Individual privileges  

Tutorial Site 

CrossCross-age tutoring Buddy Reading Learning English Small group with volunteer or aide

Counseling in the Garden

Special Ed Classes