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Silent Picture Vacation

Grade Level: 8



Prepared By:

Overview & Purpose Students will be pushed to create dramatic pieces that involve
the use of still frames. The importance of movement and body positioning will be
implemented in this lesson.


-Investigate and identify how arts expressions

can reflect diverse worldviews ( views on
different places in the world may become
-Improvise, compose, and perform (e.g., with
voice, instruments, and technologies) a
selection of pieces in contrasting styles.


-walk around and listen to groups

planning their skits
- Asses their skits while they perform
them in front of the class
- ask each group why they chose
their locations they did and how why
they portrayed the locations the way
they did
- If a student does not feel
comfortable in front of the
class ( Alyssa, Alice, Brecken)
then they can just be apart of
the creation process
- Allow a student if really
necessary to write out what
they would like their skit to
look like instead of working
with a group




Broad Areas of Learning: Cross Curricular

The students will be motivated to explore and
interpret the world using the literacy of
movement and art to convey their message.

-Prepare, rehearse, present, and evaluate
individual and group performances of contrasting
styles of music.
-Demonstrate awareness of how to use language
and negotiate the use of drama strategies to
achieve dramatic purpose.

-get into a group

-listen to teachers instructions
- work with group
- listen while other groups perform



(Reinforce the lesson)

(What went well; what could
be improved)

-students separate themselves into

groups of 4-5
-explain the assignment
-groups must create a slideshow of
a fictional vacation they would take
The group must have a narrator while
the rest of the group members are
characters in the skit. The group
must create a story where the
narrator is explaining a trip to many
places. The skit must include 7 snap
shots where the actors create freeze
frames of a postcard depicting the
specific location/scene of the fictional
-have a conclusion discussion in class
where common themes are talked
- locations used, freeze frame
tactics, plot etc
- This was one of my more
successful lessons. All of the
students were really engaged.
We had meaningful
conversations about why
certain locations were chosen
and portrayed in certain ways
( culture discussion)
- This lesson was great at
getting students to practice
being able to perform drama
without the use of words and
forced them to focus on their
movement and body positions

Other Resources
- Web access
to research

- engage in the class discussion

Additional Notes
Give students
notice about
asking them why
they chose the
places they did.
Initially there was
no motion allowed
but the students
convinced me it
would make their
skits better and
easier to plan if
the characters
were allowed to
move until they
had to pose for the
postcard picture.