Dear Spirit Bound fans I work at a book store where we’ve just received a whole bunch of copies of spirit

bound. I am technically not allowed to do this so I’m giving you the first 3 paragraphs of chapter 2 of Spirit Bound to satiate you all till May 18th your welcome!! Alberta sent me onto the field through the little gate, and as I walked my breathing got heavy I was seriously nervous. I felt myself heading for disaster and slowly I stopped closing my eyes trying to focus. Relax. You’re going to do fine, just focus. Lissa’s voice calmly made its way through my head and strangely enough helped me focus. I knew why I had to ace this, for her that was why. And suddenly all of my protective instincts towards her kicked in I was fighting for her. I started to really draw on that thinking of all the times I had protected her. When Viktor Dashkov had kidnapped her, when the school was raided by Strigoi and even last year when I had fought through her. Those were what I was drawing on and what I used as my first attacker came at me. This is all I will give you now you will have to wait. I have nearly finished the book and all I will tell you is that you’ll be surprised in more than one way by this book!

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