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NAME: ________________________________________ SCHED: 2-3 MWF

SCORE: ______/80


1. The base of a cylinder is a regular octagon
inscribed in a square having dimensions of 18
cm x 18 cm.
a. If the altitude of the cylinder is equal to 20 cm
high, determine the volume of the cylinder in
cubic meter.

3. The radius of the base of a cone of revolution

is 32 inches and its altitude is 54 inches. What is
the altitude of a cylinder of the same volume
whose diameter of the base is 48 inches.

b. If the cylinder is full of oil having a unit weight

of 670 slugs/cubic meter, determine the weight
in kgs.

4. A regular hexagonal pyramid has a slant

height of 4 cm and the length of each side of the
base is 6 cm. Find the lateral area.

2. A hole 10 cm in diameter is to be punched out

from a right circular cone having a diameter of
16 cm. Determine the volume punched out if the
height of the cone is 24 cm.

5. The volume of a regular pyramid whose base

is a square is 551.67 cu. m. If the altitude of the

pyramid is 16.55 m, find the slant height of the

lateral sides.

6. The base of a regular pyramid is a regular

hexagon, whose sides is 6 cm. If the altitude of
the pyramid is 5 cm, what is the lateral area of
the pyramid?

7. Two equilateral triangles with 12 cm. sides

overlap each other with the overlapping area as
a hexagon. Compute the volume of the prism
with an altitude of 20 cm. with the overlapping
area as its base.

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