SAP FICO Interview

Daily how many tickets you are getting? You can answer the number tickets/issues raised and routed to you for solution In your career, have you face any critical ticket? What is that ? Can explain? Explain any critical issue faced. What is difference between company code & business area? Company Code and Business area are the Organizational units in FI. But Company Code is a must where as Business area is optional. Company code is the Org. unit under which all the activities of the finance takes place where as the Bus. Area can cut across company codes.Company code is a legal entity and the books of accounts are maintained at this level. What is enterprise structure of your client? Explain the ES of your client, the structure of the company and the organizational units defined under the client What is the use of "Relevant cash flow check box? This check box in the GL account helps u to take the account for cash flow analysis After run the depreciation. can you reverse of that transcation? Yes, it is possible While transcation entry you are given the cost center & internal order so, where it will be effected -- both or one? The posting goes to Internal Order and from there the settlement goes to the Cost Center. The Cost Center gets only the Statistical Posting. We can have any number of statistical Postings, but only one real posting to the CO object Can you forward the controlling number ranges to next year? Yes, we can continue the existing number ranges What is valuation class ? Can you change the valuation class after transcation posting? The materials are assigned to valuation class through the account determination happens How many GR/IR a/c's are created? They are provision accounts, and the balance becomes zero after the completion of the cycle. This is done in order to care of the good /invoice received in advanceov vice versa How many retained earning a/c's are created? Generally we have one retained earnings account. We can also have more than one also. This is usually done for having different financial statements based on the depreciation areas for tax, Costing etc. *-- Jaggu

What is the significance of Posting Key? (OB41) Ans: Posting key is a two charecter numberical key, which controls the entry of line items. It specifies the accounting area to which an account belongs to. ex: Customer, Vendor or GL etc, It controls Field Satus (Supress, Recquired and Optional) It also controls its reverse posting key also. In summary, the Posting Key has control functions within the line items. It controls: i) On which type of account the line item can be posted to ii) If the item is posted as a debit or credit iii) The field status of additional details What is the use of Account Groups in GL? Account Group Controls the Master records. It controls the number range of Master record and Field status group (Supress, Required, Optional and Display) also. SAP follows a Grouping principle all throughout SAP to handle the Master Records that may be in GL, AR AP any thing. See to create a GL Account group you define at OBD4 there itself you assign the Number Range or those groups which also controls Field Staus of GL Master Records. And for Creating AR and AP Master Records you create at OBD2 and Vendor at OBD3 which will also controls Field Status Group of And Number range of Master record. The only difference between GL and AR/AP is assigning of number range. For GL will specify at OBD4 itself but for AR/AP we need to create a number range at FBN1 then assign to AR And AP at OBD2 and OBD3 respectively. One more thing. Remember only Field Status group of Master recard (OBD2, OBD3, OBD4) only contain Display option but not to Posting Key or Field Satus Group (OB41 or OBC4). I am so specifing becoz I commited this mistake in one interview. *-Satish In summary, the account group controls: i) The number ranges of the accounts, ii) The status of the fields in the company code segment of the master record. Since a chart of accounts contains many different types of accounts, they can be bundled into different "account groups ". Usually one account group bundles accounts with the same tasks within the general ledger, e. g. cash accounts, material accounts, asset accounts, profit and loss accounts,... Give a summary of Product Costing? The purpose of Product costing planning is to arrive the total planned cost of the product. It is integrated with the following modules in arriving the Product cost and supplies the information to other modules 1. MM to arrive at the raw material and semifinished goods cost based on the price indicator in Material master record.

2. PP to arrive at the cost of Operations required for producing the Finished product with the planning based in Cost Center Accounting. 3. SD to pass the information of COGS to COPA based on the Value fields linked to condition types. Two manfacturing scenarios are there in production one is Repetitive manfacturing (e.g Pharma industry) costing type is Product cost by period and Discreet manfacturing (Order based industry) costing type is Product cost by period. *-- Ratna

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