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Amber Nicole Capps

3541 Paloma Ridge Drive Ÿ College Station, TX 77845 Ÿ 512-965-2260 Ÿ
The George Bush School of Government and Public Service- Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Master of Public Service & Administration, candidate
Public Policy Analysis with a concentration in Nuclear Security & Safeguards
May 2016
University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
Bachelor of Arts, History

May 2014

Relevant Course Work
Quantitative Methods I and II
• Focused on research and experimental
design, performed multivariate regression
analysis, and understanding how it relates to
t-tests and correlations, and using STATA.
Nuclear Security Systems and Design
• Studied the science and engineering
associated with the design, evaluation, and
implantation of systems to secure nuclear
and radiological materials. It examined
methods used for planning and evaluating
nuclear security activities at the State and
facility level.
Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Nuclear Material
• Studied the civilian and military nuclear fuel
cycles and the application of nuclear
material safeguards to secure these cycles.
Nuclear Nonproliferation and Arms Control
• Studied the political and technological
issues associated with nuclear proliferation
and arms control.

Domestic Terrorism
• Recognized the reasons and implications
from various government agencies’ different
definitions of terrorism. Analyzed the
various motivations of domestic terrorism.
Weapons of Mass Destruction
• Comprehensive study of weapons of mass
destruction and their potential use by a
terrorist group. This class considered both
the political and technological issues
associated with WMD terrorism.
Emergency Management and Homeland Security
• Focused on analyzing the cause and effect
for disasters. Identified the stages of the
emergency management cycle and identified
the diverse threats and hazards that compose
emergency management and homeland
Homeland Security Policies, Strategies, and
• Focused on identifying, analyzing and
evaluating the central concepts, theories, and
practices in homeland security.

Domestic Terrorism
Fall 2015
• Researched and analyzed the Weather Underground Organization’s goals and motivation, the organization,
the group’s operations, and their downfall.
Nuclear Nonproliferation and Arms Control
Fall 2015
• Analyzed and investigated the 2015 Iran Deal and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action from the
perspective of Saudi Arabia.
Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Case Study
Fall 2014
• Class project was to examine the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 and analyze the event for key
problems that occurred.
• Researched using the National Prevention Framework to look at the preparation steps that were taken for
this event and techniques to prevent future events.
Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Research Paper
Fall 2014
• Conducted an analysis on the Boston Marathon using the National Prevention Framework from FEMA.
• Evaluated the event and wrote a research paper recommending what could have been done differently in
the future focusing on the five core capabilities, prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Leadership, Service, and Organizational Memberships
Public Service Organization, College Station, TX
Vice Chair
• Conducted and helped with logistic of the organization.
• Managed and worked with project leads.
Mean Green Triathlon Team
Vice President
• Organized meetings and socials.
• Registered athletes for Collegiate National Championship in Tempe, Arizona.
• Obtained eligibility documents for athletes and submitted them to USAT.
• Organized and set up volunteer work with the North Texas Kid’s Triathlon.
• Helped write, present and justified the UNT Triathlon budget to Rec Sports.
Brazos Pets Alive, College Station, TX
Project Lead
• Organized a 5k with the Public Service Organization and Brazos Pets Alive.
• Designed t-shirts and met up with volunteers and showed them a safety video.
• Raised money through the race and donated it to Brazos Pets Alive.

May 2015-Current

May 2012-May 2013

August 2014-Current

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
June 2015-Aug 2015
• Conducted barrier analysis and analyzed the workforce database for EPA to ensure that offices within the
agency were in compliance with Title VI and EEO.
• Uploaded data to Excel spreadsheets and converted data visuals and charts for PowerPoint presentations.
• Assisted in editing several policies for EPA: sexual harassment policy and a transgender policy.
• Wrote memos for the Office of Civil Rights
• Assisted with the EPA intranet site for the Office of Civil Rights and made it more accessible and user
friendly for the staff.
Mean Green Triathlon, Denton Texas
Volunteered for Ironhead Race Productions
May 2012-March 2013
• Worked with Ironhead Race Productions owner Jack Weiss to organize the Mean Green Triathlon.
• Emailed and advertised the event to various triathlon clubs throughout Texas.
• Earned $1000 from the race for the UNT Triathlon Team.
Olive Garden, Denton, TX
June 2013-Aug 2014
• Analyzed and utilized all the available resources when seating and serving guests.
• Used nonverbal cues to provide a great dining experience for each guest or table.
• Communicated menu items recommending options if guests had any food allergies.
Skills and Certifications
Computer: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Prezi, Microsoft Publisher, Stata, SAS, Social Media including
Facebook and Twitter