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Subject: Business

Group: 1st

Lesson Plan Number:

Intro to commercial banks


No. of Students: 20
Date: 21/01/2016
9 am
Length of
Lesson: 70 min
What Key Concept(s) (ideas) will I teach in this lesson?
Lodging and withdrawing money
24 hour banking
Night safe
(The number of appropriate Key Concepts will vary depending on the lesson you intend on teaching)

What am I going to teach?
I will examine how to lodge and withdraw money from an account
I will explore what an ATM is and how to use one
I will explore what 24 hour banking is
I will examine what a night safe is and what they are used for.
At the end of this lesson, students should be able to explain lodgements and withdrawals and complete
the relevant slips. They should also be able to explain what and ATM is and how to use one. Students
should be able to give a brief explanation of 24 hour banking and list the services it offers. Students
should be able to explain what a night safe is and the procedure for using one.
How will I know that the learning outcomes are being achieved?
1. Learning outcome one will be assessed by asking students to explain lodgements and
withdrawals and completing the relevant slips.
2. Learning outcome two will be assessed by students writing what the letters ATM stand for and
the relevant steps to using one
3. Learning outcomes three and four will be assessed by using the think pair share method, asking
students to relay to the class all the information they know on both topics.
What prior knowledge do students have about this topic?

From the last class we had I touched on some of the topics in this lesson, although students did not have
much prior knowledge of these. Students may however be familiar with ATM’s and how to use one as I
learned from the previous class that some of them have bank accounts and ATM cards. If some students
come from a business background they may be aware of a night safe if their parents use one.

1. Key
Concept 1

6. Teacher Activity

7. Student Activity

8. Questions

Ask students do they know
how money gets into our
bank account

Students must think of logical
ways in which money can get
into the bank account

Explain that money can be
physically lodged and
withdrawn from bank

Students must listen in order to
understand this concept and how
money can be withdrawn and

Lodging and
withdrawin Explain concept of
g money
lodgement and withdrawal

Students must use their
workbook in order to know what
a blank slip looks like

How does money get into our
bank account?
If it is not electronically
transferred how can it get
Do we put it into a box in the
bank belonging to us?
Do we have to fill in a form to
deposit or withdraw money?
What is the person who takes
in the money called?

Ask students to fill in a
lodgement and withdrawal

Students must use the workbook
or assigned sheet to fill in blank
lodgement and withdrawal slips.

Concept 2

Explain the concept of an

Students must explain to me
what an ATM is

ATM’s and
ATM cards

Ask students do they know
what actions can be carried
out using an ATM

Students must list the many
actions that can be carried out at
an ATM

Outline steps to using an

Students must describe the
procedure involved in using an

Can we now fill out the blank
slips that are in the



Explain what an ATM card

What do the letters ATM
stand for?
What is an ATM used for?
Students must describe and
What purpose does an ATM
explain what an ATM card is and card have?
what it’s used for.
Other than taking out money
what can an ATM be used for?
From beginning to end what
are the steps involved in using
an ATM?

1. Key
Concept 3

6. Teacher Activity

7. Student Activity

8. Questions

Ask students have they
heard of the term 24 hour

Students must think if they know
what the term 24 hour banking

Has anyone ever heard of the
concept of 24 hour banking?
What is it?

How would someone use 24
hour banking?

Students must think of a way in
which people would use 24 hour

How would someone access 24
hour banking?
What identification would you
need to get onto it?

24 hour
Ask students do they know
what services are offered?

Students must offer ideas as to
what services 24 hour banking
would offer
Make a definition and list of Students must assist in building a
services and put into notes
definition 24 hour banking and
the services it offers, and write
this into their notes copy.

What services are offered by
24 hour banking?
How would we define 24 hour
banking from what we have

Concept 2

Gather information from
students of their knowledge
of night safes.

Students must think of any
knowledge they have on night
safes and offer it to class.

Explain to students the
concept of a night safe.

Students must listen and engage
with the class in order to

Night safe
Ask students to think of
examples of business’s or
people who would use a
night safe.
Explain the procedure for
using a night safe and what
happens with money when
it has been deposited.

Students will have to use prior
knowledge and link with new
knowledge in order to think of

Does anyone understand the
term night safe?

Who would use a night safe?
Why these particular people?
How would they access the
Where does the money go once
it is deposited into the safe?
How does the money get
lodged into the persons

How will I differentiate the content knowledge of this lesson so as to include all learners in a mixed
ability class?
As this class is mostly at the same level of learning, this lesson will not require much differentiation;
however I will have to ensure to have extra work for some of the people who may finish the tasks early.
What materials/resources will I need/use?
Computer, projector, whiteboard, whiteboard markers, Eurobusiness book, copybooks,
(Taylor, J. (2011). Eurobusiness. Dublin: Folens.)

What are the essential aspects of literacy/numeracy in this lesson?
There are some new words which I will use in this class, which I will have to write on the board so that
students know how to spell them in case they have never seen them before. Also numeracy is also a basic
requirement for this lesson as students will be using their books on certain pages and also when filling
out the lodgement slips and withdrawal slips they will be using numbers.
This lesson also contains aspects of communication as students will have to present what they know to
the whole class, students must have the ability to communicate aloud with the class.

Were the Learning Outcomes achieved? Why /why not? How do I know they were/were not achieved?

What have I learned about my own practice from this lesson?

What will I do differently in my next class?