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Non-verbal reasoning: Cubes practice

Working with the nets of cubes can be tricky, but lots of
practice will boost your confidence.
The colours and shading on cubes can appear different when you’re
examining the net (vertical lines become horizontal and vice versa when
folded), so take some time to make and play with these 3D cubes and
see how they change as you move them and put them on different sides.

It’s also helpful to learn to identify the common nets of
cubes at a glance, so here they are:

Even though a cube
has 6 faces, non-verbal
reasoning questions will
only ask you to relate the
3 faces presented in the
different cubes.

1 2 3 4 . the figure shown on the left is a 3D object.CUBES PRACTICE EXERCISES 1-8 In these questions. Find the top view of the figure from one of the choices.

5 6 7 8 .

2 Use the grey side. and E (there aren’t three adjacent white sides on the net). It can’t be option B. and it fits. which appears on all five cubes. look at each cube and discount it when you realise that the 3D view doesn’t match the net. C. On cube A the H side. so that is the right answer. A and C (there aren’t two adjacent black sides on the net). Check the cube to confirm! 6 Discount option A (the net doesn’t have two white sides). D and E can be discounted immediately as the net doesn’t have grey sides or two white sides. D.Answers: 1 Start by discounting obviously wrong answers: B (features a spot side that isn’t on the net). The spotted side and black sides aren’t adjacent on the net. The correct answer is E. as your anchor. Working from left to right. because the sides we can see on the cubes don’t match their placement on the net. . so B can’t be the correct answer. Working from left to right. Check your answer and move on. dotted side and black side all appear in the correct position. so option E can also be discounted. The correct answer is D. test option B first. C and D are also incorrect. D). it must be C. The correct answer is A. E. C. 7 A and C can be discounted (the net doesn’t have two white sides or two black sides). 3 Discount the cubes which have sides that don’t appear on the net (B. because the dotted side wouldn’t be visible if the adjacent black sides were both visible. 4 Discount the cubes which have sides that don’t appear on the net (B. to see that all the sides are in the correct position (which they are). The net doesn’t have three adjacent white sides. as we can’t discount any options immediately. By looking at each cube individually you’ll find the only potential answer. Check your answer. E). 5 A. 8 A tricky question.