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Biblical Perspective 11. Advantages and Disadvantag es 10. References . Example(s) 8.OUTLI NE 7.

have changed. and Morton Deutsh also made contributions. Besides in the decades of the 30 'and 40' some philosophers like John Dewey. and Mead began to implement some features of cooperative work. Shaw. . Some psychologists such as Allport. Watson. In 20th century. it progressed till the educational practices and thought.Backgr ound In the mid-1960s. CL was relatively unknown and largely ignored by educators. John Dewey promoted the idea of building cooperation in learning into regular classrooms. In1994 Johnson and Johnson published the 5 elements essential for effective group learning. however. Kurt Lewin.

.Definiti on Cooperative learning is an approach where students of mixed levels of ability are arranged into groups and rewarded according to the group's success.

Types of CL  Formal  Informal  Cooperative Base Group .

Individual Accountability 4. Face-to-Face Interaction 2. Group Processing 5. Positive Interdependence 3.5 Essentials / Basic elements 1. Collaborative Skills .

Characteristics and Strategies .

Application .

Team-Assisted Individualization . Team-Games-Tournament (TGT) 4. Student Team-Achievement Division (STAD) 5. Jigsaw 3.Examples 1. Learning Together 2.

Students will be able to learn by themselves in group. Student need to go at different speeds 2. 5.Advantages and Disadvantages 1. 2. 1. Some student may not feel comfortable 4. communicate and develop their self-esteem. Each student will contribute their knowledge into group. Learn to interacting. Student will be able to helping each other. The time spent talking about irrelevant topics is unbelievable . Sometimes student just do not get along 5. 4. Responsible. Student may try to take over the group 3. 3.

Biblical Perspective Everyone is the Body of Christ (1 Chorintians 12:27) Helping one another (Matthew 5:42) .

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