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: English Language


: 4 Dahlia


: 29th March 2016 (Tuesday)


: 10.00 a.m – 11.00 a.m


: World of Stories


: Unit 5 – Rosemary and the Four Gutsy Gnomes

Focussed Skills

: Reading

Content Standard

: 2.2

By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be

able to demonstrate understanding of variety of linear and nonlinear texts in the form of print and non-print materials using a
range of strategies to construct meaning.
Learning Standard

: 2.2.2 Able to read and understand phrases and sentences from:
(a) linear-texts
2.2.3 Able to read and demonstrate understanding of texts by:
(a) sequencing


: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

read and sequence the sentence strips in correct


read and answer guided questions correctly.


: gutsy, strong, helpful, secret, tunnel, sprinkle, rewards

Moral Values

: Be good to others and help each other.

Multiple Intelligences

: linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, visual-spatial, kinaesthetic

Thinking Skills

: knowledge, comprehension, understanding

Teaching Aids

: crown, story sheet, stick puppets, sentence strips, answer sheet,
laptop, speaker, poison ball, question cards, song

Princess Rosemary explains several words to Practice Group work: 1 (20 minutes) Activity: Make It Right! 2 the pupils.15 minutes) 1 Characters:  Princess Rosemary  Monsters  Gnomes 2 Teaching resource: Princess Rosemary  Crown Rationale: pastes the story sheet on To present the story the whiteboard. and gestures.5 minutes) 2 Remarks Activities Teacher wears a crown to Rationale: illustrate herself as To attract pupils’ ‘Princess Rosemary’. Princess Rosemary tells attention towards the lesson.Stage/Time Content Set Induction Teaching and Learning 1 (+/. Each group starts to Teaching . Princess Rosemary illustrates the characters 4 Teaching resources:   Story sheet Stick puppets using stick puppets. Princess Rosemary Rationale: explains to the pupils To test pupils’ about the activity. facial 3 expression. Princess Rosemary understanding distributes jumble-up towards the story taught. Princess Rosemary reads to the pupils. the story to the pupils with correct pronunciation. sentence strips and answer sheet to each 3 group. Princess Rosemary asks the pupils to read aloud 5 the story after her. Presentation (+/. Princess Rosemary corrects the pronunciation 6 of the pupils if needed. the pupils that she want to tell the story told in previous lesson in full version.

4. Princess Rosemary tells the pupils that she needs to be back to her 2 kingdom. Princess Rosemary explains about the activity Activity: Poison Ball Game! to the pupils. Princess Rosemary plays a song and the starter starts to pass the poison ball. with all the groups. 2. Princess Rosemary reminds the pupils to be good to others. 7. 3.sequence the sentence strips by cutting and resources:  Sentence  strips Answer pasting it in answer sheet 4 given. 1. The pupils with the poison ball need to take one question card to be read aloud and answer it correctly. Princess Rosemary stops the song. Step 4 to 7 will be repeated for several Closure To recaps the lesson and to (5 minutes) instil moral values. Rationale: 1 times. Princess Rosemary asks the pupils to sit in a circle. Princess Rosemary sheets discusses the answer Production Individual work: (+/. 5. Teaching resources:    Laptop Speaker Question   cards Songs Poison ball .15 minutes) Comprehension. 8. Princess Rosemary gives one poison ball to one person as a starter. 6. Other pupils may help the individual if he/she gives incorrect answer.

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