Rob McNealy Opposes Colorado House Bill 1284 Libertarian Candidate for CD6 Opposes Job Killing Restrictions in House Bill
Aurora, CO – April 26th, 2010 - Rob McNealy, candidate for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, expressed his opposition today to HB 1284 and Senator Chris Romer's (D-Denver) attempt to put a majority of medical marijuana dispensaries out of business. “It should never be the state or federal government's job to decide which law-abiding companies or industries should be in – or out of – business. Colorado voters have approved the use of medical marijuana in our state-it’s in our constitution, and no legislator in Denver or Washington DC should ignore the will of the people of Colorado because something isn't to his liking.” “HB 1284 is just another example of government meddling in another area of people's lives where it really doesn't belong. It's very arrogant of Senator Romer to believe he knows what's best for Coloradoans when it comes to their health and medical treatments. This is just one reason why I'm running for Congress - almost all Democrats and Republicans have limited people's freedoms and choices about how they live their lives.” “Right now, our economy needs government to get out of the way so small businesses can rebuild our economy. Senator Romer is trying to enact legislation which will put more people out of work, and that is irresponsible.” McNealy remarked: “I also condemn the individual who left a death threat on Senator Romer's voicemail. I believe that you can disagree with someone in a reasonable manner, and should never threaten someone's life over a political disagreement.” About Rob McNealy Rob McNealy, is a small business owner and community activist. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Geography and Marketing from Central Michigan University, and his MBA from Colorado State University. Rob and his wife Kristie McNealy, MD moved from the Midwest and settled in Colorado a decade ago to fulfill their dream of living in the Rocky Mountain West. Together, they run their family business and homeschool their four children while enjoying the Colorado lifestyle. For more information: Rob McNealy 720.235.8683 ###

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