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! Education Act (EA) 1961 forming from the
Rahman Talib Report 1960
! As we know Razak Report 1956 was suited in
system of education by Rahman Talib 1960
and next become as Education Act 1961
! Therefore (EA)1961 has similar contents like
Rahman Talib 1960 points and contents

! o fees for lesson in primary school
! Primary school become Sekolah Kebangsaan and
Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan
! Schooling until age 15 years old for continuation
! Automatic up to next level class for students
! At least 15 students for subject Agama Islam in
! Lesson for moral values is important

! Even the purpose and wish of the (EA) to
integrate all racers in Malaysia, but in practically
is hard and get many obstacle to achieve it
because different polar home places.
! Malay people live in village, Chinese people living
in mine area and India people living in rubber
! Therefore many report was reported such like
Hussien Onn report 1971 and Mahathir report
1976 for examine again Dasar Pendidikan egara
base on Razak Report and Rahman Talib Report.