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Timea Ric 1- 1020 Cedarglen Gate, Mississauga ON L5C 3P4 647-883-5310


Fluent in English, Hungarian and Croatian with basic knowledge of French and ASL


I am a proactive, extremely adaptable and open-minded Intermediate/Senior English and History teacher with
additional experience in teaching French as a Second Language, Physical Education, and Drama.
Throughout my career I have placed the welfare and success of my students as a top priority and pride myself on
being a dedicated and reliable person who enjoys working as part of a team.
I am seeking a position in a community-focused school that fosters successful and creative learning.
I can make a direct contribution to the attainment of high standards through strong communication skills,
willingness to learn, and a positive attitude towards change, teamwork and development.
I enjoy directing extra-curricular activities such as running, drama, second languages, and tutoring.

McGill University | Bachelor of Education

Intermediate and Senior Divisions: English and History teachables, with a specialization in French

St. Martin Secondary School | Ontario Secondary School Diploma


2010- 2015


Honour Roll and St. Martin Club with an achievement of 90% or over
Graduated with a Certificate of the French Language

Career Related Experience

Self Employed Tutoring

English, History, Hungarian and French Tutor; Ages 6-16
April 2015 2015-Present
Tutoring students of all ages in subjects such as English, History, Hungarian and French
Accommodating to any of the special needs the students have; experience in tutoring students with difficulties in
language perception, ADD, ODD, and auditory processing
Planning and designing special lessons and activities to assist the students specific needs

Royal Vale Academy

| Student Teacher
English, Drama and French Teacher; Grades 8-11

February 2015-April 2015

Took on responsibilities of a full-time teacher; unit planning, assessments, exams, report cards and classroom
Assisted in organizing and directing the school play
Communicated with parents through phone calls, and parent-teacher interviews
Assisted in the writing of IEPs, collaborating with staff in order to ensure efficiency
Created and implemented differentiated and creative unit plans for the second term of the school year,
accommodating the diversity of learning skills in the classroom

McGill CPE
| Special Needs Assistant
Age 4-5

April 2014-August 2014

Timea Ric

Special Needs educator to two children in a preschool setting

Gained experience working one-on-one; fostering growth with children and integrating them into the classroom
Collaborated with parents and staff to create realistic goals and prepare them for success
Created and implemented various assessment tasks with progress charts and journals

Laurier MacDonald High School| Student Teacher

English, History and Resource Classes, Grade 10

Perspectives I Alternative Schools

| Student Teacher
English, History and Science Teacher, Grade 7-8

April 2013-May

Alternative school for students who are not able to succeed within the public or private school system
Taught students from various backgrounds that possess academic and behavioral difficulties
Worked one-on-one with students to foster an understanding of the concepts at hand
Collaborated with staff to discuss and set realistic goals for students
Set expectations for students; created engaging lessons building up confidence and good rapport within students
Assisting in after school tutoring and post-secondary workshops for students

Laurenhill Academy
| Student Teacher
English, History Drama and French Teacher

August 2013-December 2013

Took on responsibilities of a full-time teacher; unit planning, assessments, exams, report cards and classroom
Worked one-on-one with students in a resource class setting; fostering an understanding of material and building
up motivation and self-confidence within students to help them succeed
Created and implemented differentiated and creative unit plans for the first term of the school year,
accommodating the diversity of learning skills in the classroom
Gained experience working on students IEPs
Collaborated with staff during weekly department meetings and resource meetings
Communicated with parents through communication letters and phone calls, as well of parent-teacher interviews
Planned and utilized a variety of assessment tools, including individual and group-based projects
Used all of the Historical Thinking Concepts to engage students; high focus on student-centered approaches such
as: debate, discussion, jigsaw, think-pair-share, brainstorming, assigned questions, essays, kinesthetic games/
simulations, graphic organizers/ worksheets; lecture, explicit teaching, structured overview; high use of


Gained experience in communication and management skills within the classroom

Collaborated with teachers to organize and supervise lessons, often with the use of technologies in the classroom
Taught students from multiple cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds
Observed and participated in the supervising of extracurricular activities like the resource classroom and afterschool tutoring

Additional Skills and Workshops

Timea Ric

Certified Teacher in OCT and Quebec

Babysitting and ESL Tutoring at all ages
McGill University Technological Skills Workshop
EMSB Professional Learning Communities Workshop
McGill University Differentiation in the Classroom Workshop
Vocal Training Coach
Certified in Hungarian as a Second Language

July 2015
January 2012-April 2013
June 2010