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Drexton J.

Sportel | (269) 290-8860 | 6614 S. Greenwood Apt. 3 Chicago, IL 60637
Michigan State University
Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education

East Lansing, MI
May 2015

K-5 General Education
Internship Field Experience
Andrew Carnegie Elementary School
Chicago, IL
Grade Level: 4th
August 2015 May 2016
Title 1 School - 98% African American, 2% Hispanic
created and differentiated instruction in a 4th grade classroom
modified and implemented learning goals for small and large groups
analyzed and used data to confirm success for students of all levels in both literacy and math
Teaching-Related Experience
Andrew Carnegie Elementary School
Chicago, IL
After School All-Star Teacher
November 2015 February 2016
Grade Level: 4th
identified student needs and created individualized lesson plans to help 20 students meet their
differentiated instruction for students in both math and literacy using iReady online
instructional program
worked with individual at-risk students, based on NWEA results in both math and literacy
Andrew Carnegie Elementary School
Chicago, IL
Long-Term Substitute
May 2016 June 2016
Grade Level: 5th
offered and accepted position in February 2016
responsible for creating and differentiating social studies unit plans for three 5th grade
accountable for classroom management, grading, and conferencing with parents
Pre-Internship Field Experience
Wilcox Elementary School
Holt, MI
Grade Level: 2nd
September 2014 April 2015
implemented hands-on lessons in all four content areas for small and large groups of students
worked individually with students to assess reading comprehension and fluency
created and provided assessments for students to determine baseline knowledge of content

Red Cedar Elementary School

East Lansing, MI
Grade Level: 1st
September 2009 December 2009
observed and collected data from students to better help formulate instruction
provided extra assistance to students in literacy, writing, and mathematics
aided English Language Learners with individual and small group instruction
Professional Development
Learning through Collections 101, Field Museum, Chicago, IL, September, 2015
Exploring the Next Generation Science Standards, Field Museum, Chicago, IL, October,
I-Ready Curriculum Associates Workshop, Chicago, IL, October, 2015
The Art of a Good Question, Field Museum, Chicago, IL, November, 2015
Discovery Education, Chicago, IL, December, 2015
Nearpod, Chicago, IL, February, 2016
Proficient in:
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Classroom management technologies (Kahoot, Nearpod, Discovery Education, ClassDojo)
Honors and Achievements
Deans List, Michigan State University
Keynote Speaker, Responsibility of Teachers in the Wake of Racial Violence Teach-In, East
Lansing, MI
Creator and Director of Share the Burden Video/Event (Focusing on Linguicism)
Member, Urban Educator Cohort Program, August, 2009
Member, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, East Lansing, MI, 2013-2015
Study Abroad Participant, Teaching and Learning with Technology in Europe, Summer,
Director of Social Media, Andrew Carnegie Elementary School, August, 2015 May, 2016
Online Teaching Portfolio