Algebra 3/4

Mr. Garner
Course Description:
This course will begin with a brief review of Algebra 1-2, and build upon those concepts
working towards an understanding in various topics in Algebra, such as polynomial functions,
matrices, probability, and reasoning! This course will focus heavily upon preparing students to
take the Algebra that they use within this course and apply it to everyday life, while striving
towards making their community a better place to live in. Students who successfully complete
this course with a grade of “C” or higher will have met the prerequisites for taking Advanced
Algebra, or Trigonometry.
Required Textbook, Materials and Resources:
 [Insert Textbook]
 Loose Leaf Paper
 TED ED Video
 Sticky Notes
 Khan Academy Videos
 Spiral Bound Notebook
 3 Different Colored Highlighters
 Graphing Calculator
 Pencil/Pen

 Evaluation:
 The grade breakdown for the class is as follows:
 Assessment Type
 Percentage of Final Grade
 Homework
 25%
 Exams
 20%
 Projects
 15%
 Participation
 15%
 Term Exam
 25%

Grading Scale:
A – 100% - 90%
B – 89.9% - 80%x`
C – 79.9% - 70%
D – 69.9% - 60%
F – <60%


[Fall 1]
[Fall 2]
[Fall 3]

 Exams
Exam Type
Exam 1
Exam 2
Term Exam 1

[Spring 1]
[Spring 2]
[Spring 3]

Exam 4
Exam 5
Term Exam 2

25% of Exam grade
25% of Exam grade
50% of Term Exam
25% of Exam grade
25% of Exam grade
50% of Term Exam

 Assignments:

Students will be required to practice mathematical concepts learned in class at home.
Homework assignments are not meant to take an exceeding amount of time, as students
will be busy with their other activities. Homework will NOT be given every night;
however, students will have access to homework problems to work on to further their
understanding of mathematical concepts. Homework is for the students benefit of
achieving success within this course and is used to practice and master a concept.

Exams/Term Exams:
There will be a total of 4 Exams and 2 Term Exam. These exams will be used to check for
mastery over previous course units covered throughout the year. All Exams and Term
Exams will be cumulative (including all information that has been covered) Please be
certain to attend class during the dates that we have an exam. Make up exams will be
given if you must miss class, but must be completed during office hours. Please make an
appointment if you need to take a makeup test. These tests will also be different than the
exams that have the dates set on the current dates. The makeup window for the exams is a
maximum of two days upon returning to school. Exceptions for this will be made on a
case to case basis.

During the school year students’ will be asked to complete various projects designed
around the concepts and mathematical process that will be covered within this course.
These projects are meant to promote students understanding of math, each other, and the
community in which they live and go to school together. This project will be covered
further in class and will be posted upon the class website throughout the year. If there are
any problems with the projects, please feel free to email me, and together we will be able
to find an accommodation.

Throughout the year students will be asked to speak with their peers and develop their
understanding of a concept through communication and participation in class. This grade
is to take into account one’s effort put into class. Not all student’s need to communicate
day in and day out with their peers if they don’t feel comfortable in doing so; however,
communication plays a key role throughout life and as such will be playing a key role
within this classroom. You cannot make up participation points if you were absent from
class for that specific day.

Extra Credit:
Extra credit will only be given out at five distinct times during each semester. These will
be posted on the classroom website and be discussed in the classroom as well. These
extra credit assignments will focus around school sponsored activities such as sports,
drama, arts, clubs, and various other activities. Other extra credit examples will be shown
in doing community service around the school to beautify the school, and brighten the
educational community. Of course I will be participating in these events as well,
including community service. Please stay tuned to the classroom website for further
Classroom Expectations/Rules
Show Respect towards
Be on time.
If you have spare time in
class work on homework or
read from the classroom
Be as enthusiastic about
others success as you are of
your own.
Keep an open mind when
Ears open mouth closed
while others are speaking
Everyone can succeed with a
good work ethic.
Everyone learns differently.
Work towards using logic to
solve problems

mathematically and in real
Inspire each other to exceed
Take ownership of your
Work with me towards
crafting your education.
Learn why mathematics is
Aim toward bettering yourself
in one way every day.
I want to see you succeed
after your education is
finished here.
Finding ways to apply
mathematics in various real
world applications

Code of Conduct:

Academic Dishonesty:
Academic honesty is required of all my students. If any individual who engages in
academic dishonesty for any reason or in any manner will be referred to the appropriate
administration, and will be subject to any penalties deemed fit by the school.

Late/Incomplete Policy:
Late work will be accepted within the classroom for all students. However, students will
not receive full credit for any assignment that they turn in late. Late work will NOT be
collected 5 school days before the end of the quarter, unless absent one of the final 5 days
in which the only homework that will be accepted is for the day in which they are absent,
and must be turned in 2 days before the end of the quarter.
Incomplete work will not receive full credit for the assignment. Homework is meant to be
used as a tool for additional practice to study for exams, as such please use these
assignments to help further your study.
Make Up Work:
Students are required to turn in their assignment two days upon returning from being
absent from the classroom to receive full credit. Any later than 2 days and the student will
be subject to the late policy.

Disability Accommodations:
In compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), all qualified students enrolled
within the course are entitled to “reasonable accommodations”. These accommodations
will be decided on an individual basis.

Calculators are encouraged to be used in the classroom. The students should work out the
problem using each step during their homework to practice upon learning the concept, but
may use calculators when they feel confident about the concept. Calculators are used in
everyday life and as such they should not be excluded from the classroom. However, if
on the test it asks to show your work to show how you conceptualize the mathematical
concept, it will be required. Please keep this in mind as you study for your exams this
coming year.

Academic Resources:
Students may use multiple academic resources within the classroom to help them reach
academic success. I will be available for students before and after school, as well as
during lunch to receive the help they need within the class. Please also take advantage of
any tutoring that the school may offer throughout the year. Tutoring will be
communicated to the students and through the classroom website. If you have any
questions, feel free to send me an email.

Further, students will be able to gain a grasp of various concepts through multiple means.
Students are encouraged to reference their textbooks as well as watch videos on Khan
Academy, as well as TED ED videos, or go to Wolfram Alpha.
There are extensive resources on the internet in which students can further their
development of mathematical concepts, if you have any questions please contact me.

All syllabus material is subject to change at educators’ discretion due to changes during
the academic year. If any change occurs the students AND parents will be notified in the
classroom or on the classroom website. Thank you for your time and I look forward to
the coming year!
Contact Information:
If you, or your parents/guardians have any questions or concerns please feel free to email
me. It is more difficult to reach me by phone, so if possible please email. I look forward
to the great and successful year we will be having and the learning that will take place by
all of us!
Logan Garner – Math Instructor