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Joshua Stewart
Professor Raymond
UWRT 1102 TR-9:30
29th February, 2016
Annotated Bibliography
United States. National Park Service. "Torpedo Junction." National Parks Service. U.S.
Department of the Interior, 2016. Web. 29 Feb. 2016.
This source is a web article that highlights the German U-boat attacks along the Outer Banks.
This tranquil place as we know now today as Cape Hatteras was once a devastating area of death
and destruction. The German U-boats would set out at night and fire torpedoes at merchant ships
causing havoc to the United States and coming close to knocking us out of World War II. By
June the Germans had successfully sank 397 merchant vessels and earned the title “Torpedo
This article will be used to inform the audience about the area of the Outer Banks before Cape
Hatteras was there.
National Parks Service is a government owned association that holds true historical facts about
the past. The organization is particularly known for its historical background and findings.
"Cape Hatteras Lighthouse." Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Web. 29 Feb. 2016.
This source is a web article that highlights the history of how Cape Hatteras came to be. Showing
the building of the previous lighthouse and why it was inefficient through the years. This article
is great for knowing facts before you try to visit and go there. They have designated times to go
and visit different parts of the lighthouse. The tickets are at a very inexpensive cost to all ages.
This article will be used to inform the audience of how the lighthouse came to be.
Outer Banks & Visitor Guide is a well known resource for planning a trip to experience the
locations along the shore. This organization makes it possible for many to visit and become fond
of the area.


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"Cape Hatteras Lighthouse." CarolinaLights. 2007. Web. 01 Mar. 2016.
This source is a web article that relates important history, quick facts, and important engineers to
complete the task of moving the lighthouse. This article does a great job of listing the sequence
of events that happen in the war relating to the lighthouse. Also giving important information
about Chief Engineer Dexter Stetson that will lead to more research about this individual.
This article will be used to inform the people about the war events relating to the lighthouse, and
to give important information about the Chief Engineer.
Carolina Lights is a well known organization that gives news and information on various
lighthouses. They spread their research to cover the North Carolina and the Carolina Coast. Their
group keeps up with the current new things happening in the areas.

By Willie Drye at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, for National Geographic PUBLISHED March
28, 2014. "Can an Iconic Lighthouse Site Be Saved From the Sea?" National Geographic.
National Geographic Society, n.d. Web. 01 Mar. 2016.
This source is a web article that talks about the moving of Cape Hatteras. This article does an
excellent job of telling the process of how the moving took place. Also finding out about the
Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000 to keep the lighthouse active and out of harm’s way.
This article will be used to inform the audience about the Lighthouse Preservation act of 2000.
National Geographic is a world-wide known resource for almost any geographical location
possible. This website is definitely one of the better websites for research and correct research
for that. With it being so large it is very easy to find your topic and find enormous amounts of
information at that.

Carr, Dawson. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: Sentinel of the Shoals. Chapel Hill: U of North
Carolina, 2000. Print.
This source is a book that talks about the dangerous shoreline of Cape Hatteras. Many of the
ships’ captains feared the shoals for wrecking their ships. It then talks about how the captains
demanded a light warning them of the ship cemetery. Thus Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was built.
This source will not be using in my research because there are no significant facts that stand out.
The author Dawson Carr is well known for his three of his writings Andrea Mantenga: the
Adoration of the Magi, Gray Phantoms of the Cape Fear, and Sentinel of the Shoals. Most of his

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writings concern the geographical location and how they came to be. In his writings he reveals
the adaptations of the area that were needed.

"SPOT ON SPOT - A Revisionist Glance at Historic Surfing Locales: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse |
SURFER Magazine." SURFER Magazine. N.p., 22 July 2010. Web. 02 Mar. 2016.
This source is from a magazine that highlights the locals in the area that enjoy surfing. The
lighthouse has had a great impact towards these surfers for some time now. Quickly gaining
notoriety for its top level surf back in the 1970’s, Cape Hatteras began to hold ESA’s. Eventually
they were able to hold the US Surfing Championship in 1974, 1978, and 1982.
This source will be used to inform the audience about events that happen near the lighthouse.
SURFER magazine is well known for its surfing community that goes out to various places
around the coastline. They enjoy shooting footage of the surfers ripping and tearing up the
waves. While being well informed about the area’s they adventure out into.

"Cape Hatteras Weddings." Cape Hatteras Weddings. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Mar. 2016.
This source is a website about marrying along the Cape Hatteras beaches. Many people enjoy
this location for its scenery and heritage of the area. In the website they assist you along with all
the precautionary guidelines you have to follow to actually get married on the beach such as the
National Park Service permit for $100. Other factors they help you think about is the wind,
weather, hurricanes, time of day and lighting.
This source will be used for a perspective of the area and what goes on around Cape Hatteras.
Cape Hatteras Weddings is known for connecting you with all your key components for having a
wedding. The party location, the restaurant and dining services, and also connect you will the
possible designers of your wedding.

Byers, Thomas. "Haunted Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, There Are Plenty Of Ghosts Here."
HubPages. HubPages, 14 Mar. 2014. Web. 02 Mar. 2016.
This is a web source that talks about the haunting ghosts at Cape Hatteras. This author proclaims
that there is a 28-30 pound ghost cat that lurks around the lighthouse. The cat has been reported
for over the last 100 plus years and actually moved with the lighthouse from the old location to
the new location. Also there was a wrecked ship that was found the next morning with a meal


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that had just been cooked and served on a table. The ships life boats were missing, but they were
never found.
This source will be used into finding more ghost mysteries in our lighthouse.
Thomas Byers is a well known member of the website which is a ghost or
mysterious citing website. With having over 1,700 followers Thomas has four of his most
popular ghost citing all in the Carolinas.

""OBXTV" Move of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse." Vimeo. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Mar. 2016.
This is an online video source with an interviewer sitting down with one of the official
photographers for the move, Mike Booher. Mike begins to show us digital images of the process
the crew had to take into moving the lighthouse. He then shows us some very interesting up close
shots of the machinery used into moving the humongous lighthouse.
This source can be use in shorter clips to show some of the machinery that was used in the move.
OBXTV is a network that follows along with any large events happening on the coast. They
started the vlog page four years ago to give the viewers live footage of the new events happening
in the area.

"Keepers of the Light: Generations Honor Hatteras Tradition." – Coastwatch. N.p., n.d. Web. 02
Mar. 2016.
This source is a web article about the previous lighthouse keepers and what the job meant to
them on a personal level. Most of the stories relating to how important family is and its all you
have in this life. Also telling of how they founded such a strong foundation to watch over the
This will be an excellent source to expand on the lighthouse keepers and how they came to have
such a strong bond with the lighthouse.
The North Carolina Sea Grant provides research and outreach opportunities affecting the North
Carolina coast. Since 1970, North Carolina Sea Grant has made itself a valuable resource for
scientist and many others trying to help the area.