Lesson Plan
Class: Nature and Need of Individuals with Cognitive Impairments
Student: Andrew Miron
Title of Lesson: Rocket Math Multiplication
Grade Level: Elementary CI
Common Core State Standards: N.MR.03.09 Use multiplication and division fact families to
understand the inverse
relationship of these two operations, e.g., because 3 x 8 = 24, we know that 24 ÷ 8 = 3
or 24 ÷ 3 = 8; express a multiplication statement as an equivalent division statement.
N.FL.03.11 Find products fluently up to 10 x 10; find related quotients using multiplication
and division relationships.

Lesson Objective: The student will be able to show their multiplication using base ten blocks.
The student will be able to complete 15 assorted multiplication questions in one minute.

Assessment: Samples of student work and documented student work (worksheet), after guided
practice and after the independent practice.
Materials Needed: Base ten block, Rocket Math worksheet
Anticipatory Set: To warm up and review multiplication facts, we will use base ten blocks to
group and visualize problems.
Instructional Input: In the instructional input, to further familiarize the student with the base
ten blocks, ask them to create several double digit numbers so they have to use the ten blocks
and the ones.
An Opportunity to Practice:
Guided Practice: Give the student simple multiplication problems written down on a piece of
paper. The student must use the base ten blocks to show you their work. This will ensure that
they understand the concept of grouping in multiplication.

Independent Practice: The student will do the Rocket Math worksheet as their independent
practice. First, they will receive 30 seconds to warm up with the questions on the outside border
of the paper. After the warm up they are to answer as many multiplication questions as they can
in the center of the paper in one minute.
Multiple Intelligences and/or Learning Styles:
 Visual-The student will need to see the different types of base ten blocks and the Rocket
Math worksheet
 Tactile – Students will be using and manipulating the base ten blocks to aid their
 Bodily-Kinesthetic – The student will work on their fine motor skills as they manipulate
the small blocks
 Cognitive-Students will need to transfer their knowledge from the use of base ten blocks
to the worksheet.
 Affective-Students will be rewarded a penny to put in their jar if they provide good
 Psychomotor- Students will need to work on their fine motor skills when handling the
base ten blocks.
 If students are unable to manipulate the base ten blocks they will have someone move
them for them.
 If students are nonverbal, they are able to use a communication device.

Closure: At the end of the lesson be sure to tell the student of their score as well as what their
goal is.
 Teacher Notes:
This activity went very well. Typically when the student does Rocket Math their isn’t as an
extensive warm up to their worksheet. With having the extensive warm up and the use of base
ten blocks the student was able to answer 21 questions correctly which was 6 questions above
their goal.
One strength from this lesson was the use of the base ten blocks and the student being able to
transfer that knowledge to the questions asked on the worksheet.

If I were to do this lesson again I would search for larger manipulatives for the student to use just
so that it is easier to handle.