Seton Hill University

Greensburg, PA 15601

Daily Lesson Plan for Student Teachers

Teacher: Ms. Plute



Plan approved by:
Rationale for lesson:
 The students have been working with protractors and angles for a few days now. The students will now be able to
draw angles during an activity given measurements.
Behavioral Objective(s):

The students will be able to create angles using a protractor and measurement specifications.
 The students will be able to identify angle degrees where a protractor is measuring an angle.
 The students will be able to estimate and measure angles using a protractor.
 The students will be able to classify angles as obtuse, acute, or right.
Pennsylvania State Academic Standard(s) or Common Core Standards:
 CC.2.4.4.A.6
 CC.2.3.4.A.1
Materials and/or Equipment:

Smart board
 Interactive website (
 Interactive activity website (
 Paper and pencil
 Protractor packets
 Task cards
Modifications for Individual Differences:

The students will work in whole group or small groups for this lesson so either the teacher or a peer can help the
student with any trouble or misconceptions.
 Also I will have different tasks for the students I think really get it and are ready to move onto something more
challenging, the students I feel are just getting it but could use more practice, and finally the students I feel aren’t
getting it and need extra help.
 Students who are really getting it: Race around the world activity and a find the shapes and angles in a famous
building activity if finished.
 Students that are just getting it: They will find the missing angle activity and if I feel that they are really getting it they
may move onto the Race Around the World activity.
 Students who need extra help: New task cards and if I feel they are getting it they can move onto the missing angle
Anticipatory Set/ Lesson Opening:
 The teacher will start the lesson with a review. The students will draw an acute, obtuse, and right angle. They will
then measure their angles with the protractor.
Lesson Sequence:

The teacher will then go back to if needed at this point.
 The teacher will then go to alienangles math activity website and do the activity. These do not have protractors like
the other games so the students will need to know the set up of a protractor to be able to estimate where the right
angle would be.
 The teacher will then have the students group together to do task cards for identifying/classifying angles,
estimating/measuring angles with a protractor, and identify angle degrees.
 The students will then individually do an activity called race around the world. The students will receive a paper with
a globe on it and a series of cards with degrees on them. The students must draw the angles on the globe using the
 The teacher will then lead a discussion about protractors and angles.
Formal/Informal Evaluations
Formal evaluation: No formal evaluation.

Informal evaluation: The teacher will evaluate based on the interactive activities, the discussion, and observing the game
activity how much the students are able to do in regards to protractors and may need to adjust future lessons or provide the
student with additional supports.