Giliany Guardia

December 14, 2015

Personal Philosophy
“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the
poor.” Sholom Aleichem. I believe that all people can achieve incredible things in life just by
having a clear and eternal perspective of who they are and who they can become. Each
individual has a divine potential that is reachable if he/she has hope and patience. These two
divine attributes are usually mentioned in conferences, debates, classes and many other meetings
but humans do not put them in practice. I believe that hope and patience can take us further of
what we can imagine.
We were born with divine qualities and an eternal potential. However, not all individuals
know it. Some people believe that after this life, there is not a life that follows. Others might
believe that were destined to live in misery and poverty. My beliefs are different from those with
that mentality. I believe that there is a plan for each one of us. I believe that things happen for a
reason and that our actions follow consequences. Sometimes those consequences are not what we
are expecting and we might disagree with the path that our lives are taking. We think that we
deserve more, we think that life is unfair. When I get to this point in my life, I think about hope
and patience. People think of hope as a knowledge that you can get but rather, hope is an abiding
trust that promises will be fulfill if we do our part. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “Hope has
the power to fill our lives with happiness.” (Uchtdorf, 2008) When I first read this statement, I
thought to myself, if hope brings happiness, should not I have hope? Hope helps me to think that
there is light at the end. Hope helps me to realize that there is something greater ahead if I do the
right things. Hope does not make things easier but it makes things lighter. Whatever trial that we

might be going through will not go away just by itself. However, if I have hope I know that the
trial or difficulty will not last forever.
Additionally to this attribute, hope is linked to patience. Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin said,
“Dictionaries define patience in such terms as bearing pain or sorrow calmly or without
complaint; not being hasty or impetuous; being steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or
adversity.”(Wirthlin, 1987) I believe that patience is the virtue of waiting for the great things to
come. It does not means to suffer in sorrow and pain. With hope we can have patience and
endure to the end. People patiently hope that the feeling of losing a loved one will diminish as
time goes by. We patiently hope that we will receive a good great in a class if we study and work
hard. Personally, I patiently hoped to learn a language to be able to go to college. Patience can be
frustrated many times but hope helps us to see things happily. Through personal experiences, I
have learned that patience is a divine virtue that we learn when we wait with faith for the things
that we desire the most. These two attributes have contributed to my life as I see the future.
Hope and patience give me comfort and support. I have been able to take the next step no matter
how hard it might be because I know that at the end everything will be alright. I might not have
the house, car, money, friends of my dreams realized right now but through patience, hope, and
hard work I can see things different and in a happier way.
I would like to make a comparison where we can see how hope and patience work. I like
to think as a farmer who has planted corn. The first days or weeks required sowings the seeds
and spending many hours under the sun working hard. The farmer only see how he puts the seed
on the ground hoping that it will grow and give fruit. As days, weeks and even months go by, the
farmer keeps nourishing the ground with patience, hoping that he will soon see how the plant
starts to show its first leaves. Patiently the farmer keeps thinking that at the end all the work will

be worth. The first days are frustrating, the farmer does not see any progress but with hope he
knows that underground the seeds are flourishing. He has to be patience. He has to work hard.
He has to wait until the end. Finally, the first weeks have passed and he sees how the plant has
grown but the fruit is not ready yet. It requires more waiting and work. He could give up and say
that it is taking too long but the knowledge that he will receive the fruit keeps him up. At this
point hope helps him to see things in a happier way, he sees that he has done a good job and that
his actions has brought him good consequences. Hope and patience has helped him to rejoice as
he sees that the plant has grown. As he sees the changes, he rejoices. So it is with our lives. I
believe that we have to work hard if we want to see the fruits. It does not happen in a day, it
requires hard work and sacrifice. But as we go in our journeys we can rejoice in the small
changes that come as consequences of the hard work. Hope gives me the confidence to wait so I
can receive the blessings of my work. Patience helps me to go through the journey knowing that
hard work brings its rewards.
Without a doubt, I believe in the power of patience and hope. Through hope, I patiently
wait in the things to come. The bitter moments will not be sweeter but patience and hope help me
to see that from the bitter moments, I will learn and gain something. These two are divine
attributes that take time and experiences to develop. But once they become part of our lives, I
know that people can live happier. I strongly believe that these two characteristics can take us
further than what we can image.

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