February 15 – February 19


Block 3 Physical Science
Block 4 P.S. Honors



Newton’s 1 Law
Car Crash
75 minutes

Newton’s 2 Law
Galactic Games
80 minutes

Newton’s 3rd Law
Amusement Park
80 minutes

Objective(s): SWBAT
* Write and solve word problems
asking for solutions for
displacement, velocity and
*Define Friction
*Identify different kinds of
SC.912.P.12.2 Analyze the
motion of an object in terms of
its position, velocity and
acceleration as functions of time.
SC.912.P.12.3 Interpret and
apply newton’s laws of motion
Essential Question: How is the
motion of an object affected by
the forces that act upon it?
Due Today:
-Motion Homework Questions
-Revised Research Topics

Objective(s): SWBAT
*Define Newton’s 1st Law of
*Define Inertia
*Give examples of Inertia
*Draw and Label Balanced Force
SC.912.P.12.3 Interpret and
apply newton’s laws of motion
Essential Question: How is the
motion of an object affected by
the forces that act upon it?

Objective(s): SWBAT
* Define Newton’s 2nd Law of
*Calculate the effect of Mass on
Acceleration for a particular
SC.912.P.12.3 Interpret and
apply newton’s laws of motion
Essential Question: How is the
motion of an object affected by
the forces that act upon it?

Objective(s): SWBAT
*Define Newton’s 3rd Law of
SC.912.P.10.10 Compare
Magnitude and range of the four
fundamental forces
SC.912.P.12.3 Interpret and
apply newton’s laws of motion
Essential Question: How is the
motion of an object affected by
the forces that act upon it?

Bell Ringer/News and Views:
5 minutes During DEMO
Guiding Questions for Demo:
What is the difference between
the behaviors of the two eggs?
What might be the reason for the
How would that reason impact
the motion of the eggs?

Bell Ringer/News and Views:
5 minutes
Why is it easier to slide an object
across the floor when it is on
wheels instead of flat on the

Think Pair Share
5 minutes After DEMO



Forces: Friction and
Balancing Forces
80 minutes

Bell Ringer/News and Views:
5 minutes
If you were presented with a line
graph where time was
represented on the x axis and
velocity was represented on the y
axis and there was a line crossing
the plane at an angle what would
you be able to say about the
Bell Ringer/News and Views
5 minutes
Two coins are knocked off a table
at the same time by different
Forces. Which coin will hit the
ground first?


Think Pair Share
5 minutes

Due Today:
-Research Paper for Research
Project 100 points
Bell Ringer/News and Views:
5 minutes
If a big heavy truck crashes into a
tiny smart car, which vehicle
exerts more force?
Think Pair Share
5 minutes


Quiz on Motion
25 minutes
(See Tuesday Files)
Newton’s Cradle with Pennies
10 minutes
Take out a sheet of paper and
write your name at the top.
Write “Penny Observations” and
be prepared to write your
observations for our activity on
your sheet of paper.
With your Shoulder Partner take
four of the five pennies I have
given you and line them up next
to one another in a straight line.
They should be touching each
other, no gaps.
Take the fifth penny and slide it
across your desk so that it hits the
end of one of the pennies at the
end of the row. Don’t slide it so
hard it flies off the desk.
You should each try it at least
once but stop once you have seen
enough to write your
observations. You will have 5
minutes to write your
observations, and then try to
write an explanation for why this
is happening.
-What do you think caused the
pennies to move after the
-Why didn’t the pennies move
before the collision?
Talk with your partner to see if
they have any ideas.
Students can then share as a

Spinning Egg Demo
5 minutes
Spinning two eggs on their sides
on separate plates one is hard
boiled one is raw. If touched on
the top the boiled egg will stop,
the raw egg will stop then resume
5 minutes
Students must turn to shoulder
partners to discuss possible
explanations for the difference in
the two eggs.
Use to introduce Newton’s 1st law
of motion: An object at rest
remains at rest, an object in
motion remains in motion unless
acted upon by an outside force.
AKA the law of inertia.
Pass the water
10 minutes
Activity so students can try a
relay race to pass a full cup of
water from one end of their team
to the other before the other
team. Students stand in a line
facing the front of the room, so in
order to pass to the next student
the first must turn around.
Remind students to use their
observation skills during the
activity and do their best to think
about how to describe what they
see in regards to the water’s

Discussion of Force
10 minutes
So what caused the pennies to

Clean up
5 minutes
Return desks and clean spilled

Galactic Games
30 minutes
In groups students will complete
the galactic Games worksheets.
Using a tape measure students
will collect data for long jump,
high jump, paper ball toss and
soup can throw. Each person in
the group will pick an activity to
compete in and as a group they
will use that persons data for that
event so that each person
“competes” in a different event.
Students will take an average and
multiply by the gravity factor to
see how their performance is
affected by different gravitational
15 minutes
So what is gravity anyway?
Gravity is a force?
Why would the force be different
on different planets? What is
different about those planets?
What is the same about some of
Size? Mass maybe?
Ok so we have mentioned before
that acceleration seems to be a
key part of the idea of a force
right? Cause it changes an
object’s motion. Seems like the
Mass of an object might be
involved too.
What do you think?
So if something is larger then it is
harder to move. If you apply the
same force to two objects but one
is more massive than the other do
they move the same way?
No, ok.
So the acceleration seems to be
reduced when the force is applied
to a larger mass. If I was going
to reduce something in math

Baloon Rocket LAB
40 minutes
(See Separate File)
Lab Discussion
15 minutes
Why does the balloon move?
The air escaping exerts a force on
the air behind the balloon which
pushes back, but since the mass
of the balloon is decreasing the
acceleration increases causing the
balloon to move.
How did adding pennies affect
the distance your balloon
traveled? Is that what you
We have talked about how before
that large heavy objects are
difficult to get moving or to stop
once they are moving. Consider
objects that are moving quickly,
would an object’s speed affect the
difficultly of stopping it from
moving even if it were easy to
stop at a slower speed?
Foldable Pt. 3
10 minutes
Students add a third panel to the
Newton’s laws foldable about the
third law of motion.

move? (I anticipate a student will
use the word force at some point)
Force (Writes on board) “What is
a force? What does it do?”
“Imagine you are walking
outside and it is so windy, it’s
just crazy out there. And all of a
sudden a big gust of wind hits
you and it gets harder and harder
to walk at your normal pace.
What is that wind doing to you?
How is it affecting your
-cause something to move
-cause something to stop
-cause something to change
-cause something to slow down
or speed up
Ok so what other term have we
talked about that results in a
change in direction or speed?
Yeah, this force thing kind of
sounds like acceleration so
maybe they are related?
Skateboard Loading
15 minutes
In 4th block I want to engage
student: C.U. because I know he
is a skateboarder.
Going Outside for demo with
some student participation.
Students bring clipboards with
paper for observations
Bringing out a skateboard and a
cardboard box and a bowling ball
that fits in box (If I can find
Have a student sit on the skate
board and another can gently
push the skateboard forward on
the sidewalk. Ask student to push
less hard. What happened?
Skateboard didn’t go as far.
Ok, move skateboard to grass.
Same student sits same student

Pass the Water Discussion
15 minutes
At the end of the race after clean
up and everyone is back in their
seats ask students:
-When did the most water seem
to spill? (Water will spill most
easily when stopping and
-Why do you think the water
spilled more easily in those
transitions? What was
-It was moving faster, or slowing,
or changing direction.
-What do we call a change in
direction or velocity?
Good, So it seemed like the water
was a bit like the raw egg to me.
How did they seem similar to
Both wanted to keep moving.
Can you think of something that
we might have seen yesterday
that didn’t want to move?
The cardboard box with the ball?
Why do you think that was?
Friction? Ok so was friction the
only thing?
The weight/mass? Yeah, the
more mass the object has the
harder it is to move. What about
if there is a heavy object moving,
maybe something like a car? It
doesn’t have to be moving
quickly but moving at a steady
walking speed let’s say. Do you
think that would be easy to stop
or hard to stop? Why would it be
hard? Because the car is heavy.
Right it has a lot of mass.
So we have a special name for
this quality of difficulty to move
or stop an object, we call it

what two operations might I have
to choose from? Subtraction and
division. Ok, so does it make
sense to subtract mass from
force? Think about the units, do
we even know the units for
Force? We didn’t figure that out
yet, but we know the units for
acceleration right? m/s^2, so do
you think the unit for Force will
change into m/s^2 if we subtract
mass which has what units?
Kilograms, not grams not
pounds. Ok so we will divide it.
Let’s write that out.
Acceleration=Force/Mass. Well
wait if we multiply by mass on
both sides we get force by itself.
Force=Mass*Acceleration which
would have units Kg*m/s^2.
Foldable Pt. 2
10 minutes
Students add a second panel to
the Newton’s laws foldable about
the second law of motion.

pushes skateboard. Suggest they
push as hard as the first time.
If board doesn’t move ask what
do you want to do? Push harder?
Have someone else push with
Ok. Let’s try that.
Now how about the ball?
Rolls on sidewalk.
Tries to roll in grass (might roll?
Not sure would have to try)
Put ball in box, push box along
Ask why is it different in the
What is keeping it from moving
like before?
-Friction? What is friction?
-A force? And it’s opposing the
force you are putting on the
Round Robin
10 minutes
Students will read Section 12.1
on an introduction to forces.
Students must answer reading
questions (See Tuesday Files)

Inertia (write on board) and that’s
exactly what it means the quality
an object had to resist any change
in motion be it starting or
This brings us to the First Law of
Motion, which is often called the
Law of Inertia: The state of an
object’s motion does not change
unless there is a force acting
upon it.
Do you think that force needs to
be balanced or unbalanced to
change the motion? Unbalanced
right, because we have to cause
the object to accelerate in some
Real World Examples
15 minutes
On your own sheet of paper
imagine any real life scenario
other than the ones we have done
in class where you see the law of
inertia in action. Maybe you
might write about objects in
space or a car crash. Take 5
minutes then do a round robin
where you read your descriptions
to your groupmates. Then we
will share as a class.
Foldable Pt. 1
15 minutes (See Foldable Design
Students start to create a foldable
mobile about Newton’s law of
motion using the pyramid
foldable. Starting with the 1st
Law. Each group will produce
one and they will be displayed
from the celling in the classroom
(maybe in the science lab?).
Students need to illustrate an
image for the law on one


Post-It-Note Exit Slips
5 minutes
Why might Falling leaves not fall
in a straight-line path to the
*** Students post on door and
reclaim if they gave correct
answer to keep for extra credit
to be added to future Tests***

Bowling Ball
Cardboard box
Motion Quiz
Newton’s Cradle ???

pyramid, title on another and
write a description on another.
Pyramids will be hung vertically
when finished so that the title
pyramid is on top, the illustration
in the middle and explanation on
the bottom. Students are
encouraged to make three panels
similar in style or color so they
will match clearly and not be
mixed with the other panels they
fill later this week.
Post-It-Note Exit Slips
5 minutes
If the amount of force applied to
an object is the same, but the
mass of the object is doubled.
What will happen to the object’s
*** Students post on door and
reclaim if they gave correct
answer to keep for extra credit
to be added to future Tests***
Foldable Design Plan
Eggs boiled and raw

Post-It-Note Exit Slips
5 minutes
During a crash test, the air bag
inflates to stop the dummy’s
forward motion. The dummy’s
mass is 75Kg. If the net Force on
the dummy is 825N toward the
rear of the car, what is the
dummy’s deceleration?
*** Students post on door and
reclaim if they gave correct
answer to keep for extra credit
to be added to future Tests***
Galactic Games Handouts

Post-It-Note Exit Slips
5 minutes
Explain why someone who tries
to jump from a canoe to a river
bank may fall into the water
using Newton’s Third Law.
*** Students post on door and
reclaim if they gave correct
answer to keep for extra credit
to be added to future Tests***