Journal 7

Andrew Miron
2/15/16 – 2/19/16
SED 495

Activities of the week:

Teaching full time
o Reading/reading interventions
o Calendar
o Social skill
o Math concepts
o Read Naturally
o Math Intervention (11:30 – 11:50)
o Introduced new sight word activities
o Introduced new money activity
This was a week where the traditional school year and the balanced school year
intersected. I started the year on the traditional schedule and have to stay on it for the
remainder of my student teaching experience. My classroom, however, has three students
on the balanced school year with one student on the traditional calendar. With that being
said I was still busy this week because I was able to see what his general education
setting was like, along with getting prepared for a new student that I have coming into
this class on Monday. I spent the majority of this week getting materials ready for my
new student. I ensured that the moment she walks into the classroom she will have all the
things that each student in the class has. I want her to feel comfortable and safe in the
new setting. In addition to preparing materials for the class, I was able to have her in the

class for twenty minutes today to just explain and show her how the class will work on
Monday. I did this so that she feels a sense of belonging and will be a little bit more
prepared. We will have her every day from 8:30 – 9:35 and 1:00 – 2:20.
The most significant event from this week was being able to be a contributor to this
student’s IEP on Thursday morning. This was the first IEP that I was more than just an
observer. The week before, Laurie and I worked on creating goals and objectives for her
based on her PLAAFP. Laurie, who is on the balanced school year schedule, was not able
to attend the meeting, so I was there in her place. This was a very beneficial experience
because I was able to get a new perspective on an IEP. The meeting was set for 8:05 with
my student’s father. We all arrived a little early so that we could collaborate. We were
able to share data and make sure that we all had a common objective going into the
meeting. When the father arrived we began our meeting. The first portion of the meeting
was reviewing a full psych evaluation. After that as we were going over the IEP I was
able to share the annual goals and short-term objectives that we came up with for his
daughter. The meeting had very good flow to it. Every participant was very prepared and
we were able to give him a lot of data in a time effective manner. My student’s father was
very receptive to all the ideas that we threw out and it was very helpful to see that he was
completely on board with us. At the end of the meeting we gave him a copy of all the
necessary documents and he went home to review them further. It is to my knowledge
that he agrees with all the things that we want to put in place.
This was a very enriching experience for me. Being a contributor to this meeting
helped me visualize what it will look like in the future when I am a special educator. I am
very thankful that I am working with a dedicated team that is also very receptive to

having me involved with all the official meetings. I think that I will now be much more
prepared for future IEP meetings that I may be running sometime down the road.