Samantha L.

4826 Duvernay Drive Lansing, MI 48910 /(989) 573-1094 / /

Elementary Education
Integrated Science (DI)

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
College of Education, Michigan Teaching Certification
 24 Graduate Level Credits in Teaching and Curriculum
College of Education, Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education
Graduated with Honors
 GPA 3.78

April 2016
May 2015

Teaching Experience
Hope Middle School, Holt, MI
September 2015-April 2016
Year Long Internship in 5th Grade Classroom
 Designed and implemented daily lesson plans in all 5th grade subject areas
o Math
 Scaffolded understanding of new approaches aligned with previous
methods of content until autonomous practice was achieved
 Differentiated learning through opportunities of independent and higher
level practice for advanced students and guided learning for students who
were struggling
o Language Arts
 Lead a novel study over Sign of the Beaver with daily writing prompts,
whole class discussion, and vocabulary connections
 Modeled practices of the writing process such as using brainstorming
maps, introducing the topic, transitional use, creating rough drafts, and
the editing process
o Science
 Directed discussions based off of student observations of fossils to guide
understanding that fossils highlight the major events of time
o Social Studies
 Engaged students with critical thinking discussions over dilemmas that
West Africans faced during the slave trade and the reasons behind the
choices people made
 Utilized positive behavioral management systems
 Conducted student surveys to determine motivation, background knowledge, and
preferential learning styles
 Proctored students using MCOMP, RMAZE, and R-CBIM
 Developed weekly math centers to address lagging skills of students

Hiawatha Elementary, Okemos, MI
Year Long Experience in 1st Grade Classroom

October 2014-April 2015
4 hrs/week

Facilitated Literacy Circles to foster skills in phonics and fluency
Conducted student interviews of prior knowledge to inform instruction
Collaborated on a lesson study of student understanding of measurement
Implemented differentiation strategies to improve student fluency in reading

Riddle Elementary School, Lansing, MI

October 2012-December 2012

Semester Long Experience in 2nd Grade Classroom

2 hrs/week

Mentored a student in reading fluency
Observed the implications of diversity within the classroom

Other Work Experience
NSF Research Grant

May 2014-July 2015

Designing an Integrated Framework for Genetics Education to Develop Innovative Curriculum
and Assessments
Michigan State University-Undergraduate Research Assistant

Contributed to a Professional Development Session over 5th grade genetics curriculum
Assisted and supported 5th grade teachers implementing the genetics unit
Analyzed 5th grade student work to determine mastery of genetic concepts
Edited 5th and 9th grade genetics curriculum using backwards design on WISE online

Science Education Research Team
Michigan State University- Undergraduate Research Assistant

May 2015-July 2015

Inspected pre-service teachers’ work samples for misconceptions of scientific
Designed and implemented experiments to be used in elementary classrooms related to
impact of environmental conditions on growth of plants

Professional Development
No Nonsense Nurturing, 2016
 Engaged in an session over ways to properly set expectations before a lesson
 Explored proactive management tools to reinforce behaviors
Go Math, 2015
 Collaborated with other 5th grade teachers on methods to improve instruction and
alignment of tests with Common Core standards
 Discovered mathematical tools to integrate technology within the classroom
I Am A Teacher Expo, 2015
 Developed strategies to facilitate relationship building with students