Katelynn Marie Hayward

• Cell: (989) 598-4497 • Email: Khollerback4047@gmail.com, holler10@msu.edu


To inspire children and instill a love of learning and knowledge through student’s unique
learning styles.


Michigan State University,
Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum, Expected Spring 2016. GPA 3.94
Bachelor of Arts, May 2011. GPA 3.64
Major: Elementary Education; Teaching Major: Language Arts


Teaching certificate obtained in June 2012
Highly qualified K-5 All Subjects
Highly qualified 6-8 Language Arts

Teaching Experience:

Bangor Township Schools, Bay City, Michigan
July 2012- Present, Kindergarten Teacher
 Taught core subjects in whole groups and small groups
 Differentiated literacy and math instruction through an RTI model
 Involved in districts current curriculum development
 Communicate regularly with parents, community, and colleagues to create a positive
work environment for students
 Involved with school improvement and school climate committees
Lewton Elementary, Lansing, Michigan
August, 2011- April 2012, Yearlong internship in an all day kindergarten.
 Observed a variety of lessons and classroom management techniques
 Taught all subject areas to entire class and in small group format
 Planned units and weekly schedules
 Employed classroom management skills
 Differentiated for individual students
 Took full responsibility of the classroom for 7 consecutive weeks
Murphy Elementary, Haslett, Michigan
September, 2010 –April 2011, 4thGrade student assistant. 4 hrs/week
• Observed classroom activities and management techniques
• Helped students with Individual work
• Taught a Social Studies, Science, Math, and Literacy lesson to the entire class
Forest View Elementary, Lansing, Michigan
January 2010 -April 2010, 1stGrade student assistant. 3 hrs/week
• Worked at a literacy center with small groups
• Read books to the class and asked comprehension questions
North Elementary, Lansing, Michigan
January 2009-April 2009, Special Education student assistant. 2 hrs/week
 Observed and applied a variety of strategies based upon student needs
 Worked one on one with students to complete work


Twistars USA, DeWitt, Michigan; Gymnastics Coach
January, 2009 – May 2012, 4 years
• Taught recreational classes age 18 months to 16 years old
• Frequently the coach with the most gymnasts reenrolled for the next session
 Highly sought after by students and parents
• Coached competitive gymnasts and followed them to competitions
• Managed parent meetings and sent out informational letters
Camp Fire USA, Midland, Michigan; Day Camp Counselor
Summer 2008
• Responsible for outdoor recreational activities
• Planned and supervised daily art activities
• Monitored students on field trips
Perry Woodard School of Dance, Bay City, Michigan; Dance Instructor
September 2003- August 2008, 5 years
• Growth of responsibility over 5 years
• Taught dance technique to students
• Choreographed dance routines for yearly recital that exceeded parent expectations
 Communicated with parents on a regular basis about students progress
 Connected well with young students, even ones with separation anxiety
 Recruited to be an assistant for veteran instructors
 Became an instructor with assistants of my own

Other Work



Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union, Saginaw, Michigan; Teller/Assistant
Summer 2009, 2010, 2011
 Waited on members as a teller and in call center
 Plenty of practice working with adults on a professional level

• School Climate Committee
 Kindergarten Steering Committee
 March is Reading Month Committee
 School Improvement Team (SIP)
 Promoting academic success for Boys of Color (PAS)
Proficient in:
• Word
• Personal Blog
• Digital Stories

Power Point
Basic Website Design
Smart Board

Wiki Spaces
Promethean Board