Claire Raykovitz
3:1 Assignment - School Assessment
PPE:310 Health Literacy for Schools
February 3rd, 2016



What are at least two strengths and two weaknesses of your school?

Two strengths of Adams Elementary are that the Physical Education teacher tries really hard to start
outside activities for students to encourage healthy habits, as well as healthy choices provided for lunch.A
The P.E. teacher also encourages the classroom teachers to include physical activity throughout the day.
A few weaknesses, in my opinion, would be that there is not enough outside time on the playground for
students during the day, and there are not many resources for families to encourage healthy living. At my
old school, the students were given morning recess and after lunch recess. I wish the kids had more
opportunities to go outside and get fresh air, as well as parent resources.

Describe each strength and weakness based on your observation/experience as well as your results from
the School Assessment Tool.
The Physical Education teachers at Adams elementary school is definitely a strength because they
implements several healthy living programs at the school, as well as providing many resources for
teachers to include healthy living programs in the classroom. The students recently just logged their
health and activity information for a month straight and in PE class they were able to talk about it and go
over the results. The other strength is the healthy choices provided for lunch. The students have unlimited
access to fruit and the salad bar during lunch, and students who purchase lunch are offered healthy
choices such as salads, beans and rice, grilled chicken breasts, etc. The main weakness, in my opinion,
is that students need more time outside of their P.E. classes to play in the outdoors. They have a fifteen
minute lunch recess and then PE twice a week. I would like for them to maybe have one more fifteen
minute recess, such as in the morning. At my old school (Las Sendas Elementary), the students were
offered a morning recess and lunch recess and it was very beneficial to the students.

What are at least two ways to improve the policies in place at your school? Explain
detailed information for each way and what you expect from each way.

At Adams Elementary, the students are to have their agenda books signed every night and it goes to part
of their homework grade. Well if the parents are already signing that, I think it would be beneficial for the
students to log their physical activity each day and have the parents sign off on that as well. If students
are given this assignment as a grade, they will be able to learn what they are doing and strive to make
better choices. I also think that the school needs to eliminate chocolate milk, sugary fruit, and fried foods
in general. These students are given free or reduced lunch for a reason. They are probably not eating
that healthy at home, so school is their chance, and by offering them unhealthy options because they may
be less expensive is not a good choice. The school should give kids the chance to eat fruits and
vegetables, have a protein available, reduced fat milk or water and other healthy options.

What are at least two ways that you can you use this information to engage administration, teachers,
parents, students and the community in promoting more healthful behaviors? Include a specific
description for how to use the results from the School Assessment Tool as well as your ideas for

The first person I would like to discuss the results from the School Assessment with is the Physical
Education teachers at Adams, because they are so involved in implementing health and exercise

programs, and has a strong relationship with the principal in regards to planning health related activities. I
would talk with them about any ideas that they have, and suggest my idea of encouraging the school and
the teachers to include an exercise log into homework daily, as well as starting the process to eliminating
these sugary and not health beneficial foods at our breakfast and lunch. When the health teachers and
myself were able to hopefully come up with a plan to better Adams Elementary, I would be excited to set
up a meeting or PLC with the other staff and administration to show off our plan and what each teacher
can do to help. As teachers and staff, we could even come up with a plan to help us stay healthy as well,
such as a friendly competition, a workout group etc.

How can the information obtained be used to support your potential topic for the Signature Assignment?
I can use this information to analyze the ways that parents can positively influence their children when it
comes to health and health literacy. I could also use it to try and plan other programs and activities to
encourage healthy lifestyles among my students and in the school.

School Name, District, Enrollment – Adams Elementary School, Mesa Public Schools, 801students
% free/reduced lunch – 90.2%
Enrollment - 801 students
Proportion ELLs – N/A
Average class size and grade levels 19:1
Urban/rural/suburban – suburban/Urban
Ethnic makeup and any demographic information of the surrounding community infrastructure

The School Letter Grade (A,B,C etc) or AYP status if applicable - Ranked 809 th.
Title 1 (Yes/No) - yes
Public/Charter/Private - public
Any pertinent information as it relates to your chosen topic for the Signature Assignment (i.e. data
collected on number of suspensions, absenteeism, visits to nurse, prevention programs, health initiatives,
family and community involvement in building healthier schools, district-wide adopted programs that
support sustainability, etc.) - n/a


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