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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children  
is a 2005 Japanese computer-animated 
science fantasy film directed by : 

Tetsuya Nomura and Takeshi Nozue 


Cloud Strife


Cloud introduces himself as a
former member of an elite
warrior unit called SOLDIER who
has turned mercenary, and
uninterested in anything beyond
his hired task at hand.

He later discovers the truth about his past
and, with the help of his friends, learns there
is more to being a hero than possessing
physical strength and fame, developing
compassion for the world and people he
fights to protect.

Tifa Lockhart
 is the deuteragonist
of Final Fantasy VII:
Advent Children. Tifa
is Cloud Strife's
childhood friend but
lost contact with him
years ago.

When she meets him again she convinces
him to join the resistance group she is a
member of, AVALANCHE, to fight Shinra
Electric Power Company.
Tifa supports Cloud as his comrade and helps
him fight his nemesis Sephiroth, bearing the
same hatred for him as Cloud does due to
the destruction of their hometown.


one of the major antagonists in
its extended universe.
Before his fall from grace,
Sephiroth was one of the most
lauded success stories of
the Shinra Electric Power
Company's SOLDIER program.

A great warrior idolized by the public and
infantrymen alike for his strength and
discipline in combat, Sephiroth's many
successes in the field of battle during the
conflicts surrounding the Shinra Electric
Power Company's bid for global domination
led to his status as a celebrity war hero and
the poster boy for both the Shinra Military
and the company's SOLDIER program.

the secondary antagonist
of Final Fantasy VII: Advent
Children. Anembodiment of
Sephiroth's will manifested
from the Lifestream, his goal
is to find Jenova, whom he
considers his mother, and
bring about a second Jenova

is a member in the group of
three Remnants of Sephiroth
in Final Fantasy VII. He is
described as being the
embodiment of Sephiroth's
physical strength, as well as
his fondness and emotional
instability concerning
"Mother" that Sephiroth shows
during the Nibelheim Incident.

Aerith Gainsborough
She is the last of the Cetra,
an ancient race with
powerful magical abilities,
and so the Shinra Electric
Power Company hunts her
throughout her life, seeking
to exploit her powers.

Zack Fair
is a 1st Class SOLDIER and is
Cloud's best friend during their
time working for the Shinra
Electric Power Company. Zack
only appears in flashback
sequences which portray him as
almost identical to Cloud Strife.
These sequences elaborate on
Cloud's past and his connection
to Sephiroth.

Vincent wields handguns
in battle and his Limit
Breaks cause him to
shapeshift as a result of the
experiments Professor Hojo
performed on him. Since his
introduction, Vincent has
become one of the most




Cloud is contacted through Tifa and
summoned to a meeting with the Shinra
Company's former president Rufus Shinra,
who was presumed killed in Final Fantasy
VII. Rufus asks for Cloud's help to
stop Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. The trio are
physical manifestations of Sephiroth's
surviving spirit, and are seeking to
resurrect him using the remains of the
extraterrestrial villain Jenova. 

Cloud refuses to help and leaves. Kadaj
confronts Rufus Shinra, who reveals he
possesses the box containing Jenova's
remains. He attempts to destroy it, but Kadaj
manages to save it and flees the city with his
companions. Yazoo and Loz are apparently
destroyed along the way by an explosive
planted by Shinra's agents. Cloud chases
Kadaj down and engages him in battle,
ultimately subduing him.

Outmatched, Kadaj opens Jenova's box and
fuses with its contents, transforming into
Sephiroth. He then tells Cloud that he will be
able to use the life essences of Geostigma
sufferers to achieve complete domination over
the planet. He and Cloud then fight, and

throughout the whole encounter
Sephiroth appears to have the upper
hand, flinging Cloud repeatedly into walls
and finally impaling him through the

He asks Cloud to tell him what he most
cherishes, so that he can have the pleasure of
taking it away. To this, Cloud replies that he
cherishes everything, then pulls out
Sephiroth's sword and deals him a hail of
devastating blows. Sephiroth's spirit departs,
leaving behind the mortally wounded Kadaj.
As he lies dying in Cloud's arms, a healing rain
starts falling across the land, curing the
people of their Geostigma.

Yazoo and Loz appear and confront Cloud,
he charges at them, and they set off a
massive explosion engulfing the three.
Cloud has a vision of his deceased friends
Aerith and Zack Fair, who say that his time
to join them has not yet come. He then
awakens in the church, healed of his injuries
and surrounded by his friends.

Behind them, he sees Aerith and
Zack leaving the church and hears
Aerith's voice say, "You see,
everything's all right." He agrees: "I
know. I'm not alone... not anymore."