Lesson Plan Format

Three day writing process!!!

Your Name: Hailey Papa
School: Lincoln Date/Time: February 8-10,
Cooperating Teacher: Karen Bernyk Grade: third
Subject: Writing
Lesson Description/Topic/ Number: Persuasive Writing
Unit Plan: Writer’s Workshop
Driving question: Have you ever tried to talk your parents into something
that you wanted very badly?
Theme/Title/Lesson Number: Letter writing/persuasive writing

Standards/Benchmarks/addressed in this lesson•


Introduce the topic or text they are writing about, state an opinion,
and create an organizational structure that lists reasons.

Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with

Student Learning Objective/Outcome: Through these learning

activities, the learner will demonstrate the ability to:
-introduce a topic or text, state an opinion, and list my reasons in an
organized way.
-provide reasons to support the opinion.
-provide a concluding statement or section.
-with guidance and support from peers and adults, develop and strengthen
writing as needed by planning, revising, and editing.

Instructional Activities
Introduction- (time: 2minutes)
Engagement/ Activating Prior Knowledge: Have you ever wanted
something so badly that you had to convince your parents that they should
get it for you?
Anticipatory set- (time: 10 minutes)
Exploration: We read the book Can I Have a Dinosaur, Mom? by Lois G.
Gramling and we know how badly the little boy wanted a pet stegosaurus. We

watched him try and convince his mother to let him have one. Today we are
going to read Dear Mrs. LaRue. In this story Ike LaRue tries desperately in
letter writing to get Mrs. LaRue to come and get him from the BAD DOGS
school. I want you to notice how Ike tries to convince Mrs. LaRue.
Building Inquiry Skills- Students will elbow share a time when they wanted
something very badly and their parents had to be convinced to get it for
them. After reading Dear Mrs. LaRue students will elbow share their ideas
from the story and make connections to their own experiences. How did Ike
convince Mrs. LaRue? (letter writing) How many different ways did Ike try
to persuade Mrs. LaRue? (Several, he used supporting details to try and
convince her.)
Instructional Activities/Providing Information: (time: 40 minutes) Modeling:
Teacher will model the elements of a persuasive writing using an anchor
Guided Practice: The teacher and students will write together a persuasive
letter convincing parents that they should adopt an unusual pet.
Independent Practice: Students will write their own individual persuasive
letters to their parents convincing them to adopt and unusual pet.
Explanation: Students will be able to write their own persuasive letters to
their parents using the anchor chart developed for this lesson.

Interdisciplinary Approaches:
Accommodations for differentiated instruction for:
Resource Students- Students will receive extra support from
resource teacher with their writings.


Formative Assessments: Rough Drafts of writings. Students will follow
Writer’s Workshop and will conference with the teacher to enhance their
Summative Assessment: Final writings using rubric

Conclusion/Closure: At the end of the week, we will be able to
write a persuasive piece and maybe even have a special new pet!

Assignment/follow up: Students will write another persuasive piece next
week. Students will create a Michigan Brochure persuading tourists to visit
Extension: This is an extension to our Social Studies unit on Michigan.
List of Materials/ Class set up:
• Carpet area for instruction/modeling
• Dear Mrs. LaRue
• Anchor Chart
• Markers
• Paper
• Pencils
• Writing Binders
• Spelling dictionaries, dictionaries, word wall

Safety/Cautions: Students will remain criss-cross at carpet time and remain
in seats during writing.
List of Resources: I Can statement cards