Shawn Clark


Jefferson Road Elementary School
15 School Lane
Pittsford, NY 14534
Fax: 585.385.6426

To whom it may concern:
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Victoria Starr. Victoria has served as a
per diem substitute this school year. Prior to that, she served as a student teacher from January
through May, 2015. She is one of the finest student teachers that I have observed in my career as
a school principal and we are extremely fortunate to have her working with our students when she
fills in for our faculty.
Victoria Starr was exceptional in planning her lessons, which included six units in ELA, math,
and science. She devoted a tremendous amount of time creating activities which were aligned
with the Common Core Standards and the Pittsford Central School District’s Strategic Initiative.
Her lessons were cohesive, factored in student interest and allowed for multiple means to assess
student progress and skill mastery. She taught the whole child by incorporating Social Thinking
into her daily work with children.
It is imperative that a teacher develops and maintains a caring classroom environment based on
mutual respect and high standards. Victoria Starr established rituals and routines for a
challenging classroom that included students with significant learning and social-emotional
disabilities. Her skills in classroom management and student relationships culminated in a weeklong period where her supervising teacher was absent. Victoria did an amazing job of seamlessly
supporting all students and managing three adult aides. She possesses wisdom and poise far
beyond her years.
Instructionally, I was able to see Victoria grow exponentially throughout her time with us. She
was able to successfully differentiate tasks based on results from formative assessments and
knowledge of student’s needs. Additionally, she was masterful at incorporating technology into
her lessons. Victoria assisted her cooperating teacher with setting up and using the classroom
interactive SMART Board that was installed in the classroom in the spring. She developed
SMART Notebook lessons which increased student engagement during whole group instruction.
Her knowledge of iPad technology was also outstanding. I observed her using the Plickers
application in one lesson to gather instant formative data on her students. She was able to use this
information to determine which students required additional instruction or academic extension.
Victoria understands how tablet devices need to be viewed as a tool, not a toy.
Victoria Starr began her time with us in the role of a student teacher. At the end of her
placement, she was viewed as a member of our staff. She devoted countless hours attending
meetings in order to better support our students and our school. Her professionalism and genuine
care and concern for our students were a few of the many traits that staff members admired.

Victoria Starr is the best candidate for a teaching position in your district. Her organizational
skills, instructional competence, work ethic, collaborative nature, and passion for children and
education will add significant value to your school community. I would hire her for any teaching
position in my building without hesitation. Please call me at 585-267-1300 if you have any
questions or would like additional information regarding Victoria Starr.

Shawn M. Clark