Daily Lesson Guide

Subject Area: Art
Siera Speer
Lesson: Teepees
Preparation: I will have precut brown paper bags for them to cut to make the shape
for their teepee. I will also have sticks for the to attach to their project.
Lesson Aim for Today: Today we will learn about teepees and different Native
American groups associated with them. We will look at teepees discuss what they
are used for. By completion of the lesson the students will be able to name different
things associated with teepees that we covered for the lesson, and they will also be
able to create their own teepee.

Student Learning Objective: By completion of the lesson, the students will be able to
name the different things associated with teepees and Native Americans. They will
be able to cut, decorate, and weave together a teepee of their own. Those who are
finished with their teepees first will go around the classroom to assist the other
students that need help.
SOL Identified:
● 2.2 The student will incorporate unanticipated results of art making into works of
● 2.4 The student will create works of art inspired by a variety of concepts, themes,
and literary sources.
● 2.10 The student will create three-dimensional works of art, using a variety of
materials to include clay.
● 2.11 The student will identify symbols from various cultures.
● 2.12 The student will identify works of art and elements of architecture of other
● 2.13 The student will compare works

● 2.21 The student will explain ways that the art of a culture reflects its people’s
attitudes and beliefs.

A. Introduction
● 1st- Anticipation
○ The students will learn about Native Americans and some various things about their
cultures and how they lived and traveled.
○ We will look at teepee pictures.
● 2nd- Realization
○ The students will see the finished products of their projects and be able to
distinguish the different things about Native Americans and their lifestyles.

B. Text Set:

Native Americans
Lakota (70,000 registered)
North and South Dakota
great plains



What cultures of Native Americans are you learning about?
What are people called who do not live in one place?
What did the Native Americans live in?
Where could you find Lakota Indians?

What kind of symbols can you put on your teepee?
What colors do you think you should color your teepee?
How were teepees held together?
What were teepees made of?

● What did you put on your teepee?

● What was the tribe we learned about today?

Teach the Lesson:
A. 3rd-Contemplation
B. Activities:
● The students will look on the board to talk about some different things found in the

Lakota Indian culture.
We will view different teepees.
The students will then cut out the design of their teepee.
They will draw and color different symbols on their teepees.
They will crumble up their paper to look like old buffalo skin.
They will then adhere sticks to the inside of their teepee.
They will put the teepee together to where they can adhere it to stay in place.
The students who complete their project first will go around the classroom to help
others who need assistance.

Materials Needed:


brown paper
Check of Understanding:
Completion of the project will help to check for understanding. Questions will
be asked at the end about the project to assess learning.
Lesson Closure

A. Reinforcement:
Questions will be asked about what we covered during the lesson to check for
understanding of the material covered.
Self-Evaluation of Lesson:
The project went very well. I think next time I will show them on the project
how to assemble their teepees so they can see it in front of them to do on
their own. Instead of using actual sticks from the outdoors, I will use popsicle
sticks because they are easier to tape down. I realized that the hole punch

method to weave the teepees together did not work too well, so I determined
to use tape on the inside instead.