Sales History & POV

Marketing Research: Industry trends, Consumer research, Channel Strategy. (Director of Marketing)

Model Line Strategy Director of Marketing

Review ML Strategy w/ Sales Director of Marketing + VP Mkting + VP Sales

Feedback & Revision

Model Line Strategy Kick Off Marketing PD Team

Inspiration Boards Product Development (if applicable)

Approval Marketing

Style Guide / Asset Development Graphics + Marketing

Approval Marketing

No Review Style Guide & Inspiration Boards Sales and Retailer (if required) Develop Model Line - Concepts Mkting + PD + Sales Line Strategy Template commmences Model Line Concept Approval Mkting + Sales

Feedback & Revision

Product Design and Development (2D) Phase I Rough Art PD + Graphics

Approval Marketing

Product Design and Development (2D) Phase II PD + Graphics

Sales/Retaile r Review

Revise PD + Marketing

Sample Request PD detailed product design instructions

Approval Marketing

Sample Request to China PD

Conf. Call / email review of rqst PD + China

EMAIL that FTP assets are available PD

Sample Design Layout China 2D design / layout China + US PD

Approval PD

Sample Production China Jr. Designer (alt.) Buy Mtg / Trade Show Sales Revise ise Straetgy Wksheet

Revise Samples Sales + Marketing

Preproduction begins Sales w/ support from PD as required

Reference: Marketing PD process timeline - 60 - 90 days Solid Pink Sales key process milestones Solid Blue Checks & balances. Other Pink Y-SBU Marketing & PD Role definitions & accountabilities at each phase "Marketing" = Director of Marketing "PD" = Product Design Mgr

Sales or Retailer approve line strategy worksheet changes

Product Design and Development: Includes graphic design and interior product recommendations

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