1. Legally –free child to be adopted
- Must be proved by the following documents (to be submitted to the
o Child study
o Birth certificate / foundling certificate
o Deed of voluntary commitment / decree of abandonment /
death certificate of parents
o Medical evaluation / history
o Psychological evaluation, as necessary
o Recent photo of the child
(Sec 8 of RA 8043 otherwise known as the Inter Country Adoption
2. For the applicant adopters- to be filed with the Board or the
intermediate agency in the country of the prospective adoptive
o Birth certificate of applicant(s)
o Marriage contract, if married, and divorce decree, if
o Written consent of their biological or adoptive children
above ten (10) years of age, in the form of sworn
o Physical, medical and psychological evaluation by a duly
licensed physician and psychologist
o Income tax returns or any document showing the financial
capability of the applicant(s)
o Police clearance of applicant(s)
o Character reference from the local church/minister, the
applicant's employer and a member of the immediate
community who have known the applicant(s) for at least
five (5) years; and
o Recent postcard-size pictures of the applicant(s) and his
immediate family;