Differentiated story problems - Grade 1

The story problems include students’ names and interests to increase motivation and
engagement. The problems are academically differentiated based on the value of the
numbers and the story problem structure.
There are 3 versions: ready (#’s 0-10), set (#’s 10-20), and go (#’s 0-100).

Name __________________________ r
Luca bought some footballs from the Buffalo Bills Training
Camp. He got 2 more from his dad. Now Luca has 8 footballs.
How many footballs did Luca buy at the Buffalo Bills Training
Defend your answer. J

Name __________________________ s
Mueen had 20 lego pieces. Mueen gave 12 lego pieces to
Nathan. How many lego pieces does Mueen have now?
Defend your answer.
Please draw tens and ones for your picture. J

Name __________________________ g
Aidan practiced taekwondo for 20 minutes on Monday, some
minutes on Tuesday, 30 minutes on Wednesday, 10 minutes on
Thursday, and 28 minutes on Friday. By the end of the week
Aidan practiced taekwondo for 100 minutes. How many
minutes did he practice taekwondo on Tuesday?
Defend your answer. J
Please use the combination of tens and ones strategy to show your