Behavior Management - Adaptations

Review page33 of the textbook.

Review CARA’s Kit: Creating Adaptations for Routines and Activities (pay particular
attention to page 4).

View CARA’s Kit power point.

In any classroom, you will encounter difficult situations with children. Adaptations can be made
to the environment, activities/routines, materials, requirements/instructions, and assistance; to
help children resolve difficulties. Read the scenario below. Using the information from the
textbook and CARA’s Kit, determine what adaptations you would use to help the students
overcome difficulties and display age-appropriate behavior.
How can you make adaptations so that the children will participate fully and as independently as

Determine what type of activity (or similar match) is described in the scenario below.
Activity choices are found on the top of pages 6-16 in CARA’s Kit – the first one, page 6,
is Language and Literacy Activities. State the type of activity and the page number(s)
it is found on.

The adaptation suggestions are in the five colored columns under the heading labeled
“Try This Adaptation”.

To resolve the behavior problem in the scenario below, choose at least one of the given
adaptation suggestions for each of the five levels of adaptations. For each of the five
areas, choose solutions listed in the book:

Responses should include complete sentences for each of the five levels of adaptations.
Remember to state the type of activity and page number from CARA’s Kit. Then list the
adaptations for each of the five levels. This assignment is worth 20 points.
It is 11:20 in the morning, and Ms. Artis informed the children that in five minutes the class will
be ending the classroom activities to prepare for lunch. After five minutes, she informs the class
that it is time to clean up for lunch. She walks over to Rosa, who is painting, and tells her that
she will have to stop painting very soon. Rosa tells the teacher in anger, “You are not invited to
my birthday party!” In reacting to Rosa’s angry comment, Ms. Artis responds, “You sound angry

and disappointed that we have to stop playing now. I’m sorry too. But we can paint again after

Name the activity and page number: Small Group Play page 10
List an adaptation solution from CARA’s Kit for each of the areas:

Environment: Inform the children that it is okay to ask others for help.
Activity: Exchange painting with another activity where the same goals can be met.
Materials: Provide pictures along with verbally informing the children what to do.
Requirements/Instruction: Ask the children to repeat or demonstrate what you asked them
to do.
Assistance: Pair the child with another child or “buddy” who can serve as a role model
and have them complete the activity together.

Think of two other solutions that are NOT found in CARA’s Kit:
1. Set a timer and tell the child when the timer goes off it is time to clean up and move to the
next activity.
2. Have the children sing a song, do a dance, or repeat a saying/rhyme when it is transition time.