By: Diana Rojas

The louisiana purchase.
In April 30th from 1803, President Thomas Jefferson customized what back
then was called the louisiana Purchase (shown at right) which is
approximately 828,000,000 square
miles of territory bought from France.
The Louisiana Territory stretched from
the Mississippi River in the east to the
Rocky Mountain in the west and from
the Gulf of Mexico in the south all the
way to the Canadian border in the north.
The the louisiana purchase cost $15
million dollars.


The birth of Westward Expansion
The creation of the Westward Expansion started in April 30th from 1803. The
United States got bigger when President
Thomas Jefferson bought the louisiana
purchase and then the US got twice as big than
it just to .

Manifest Destiny
By 1840, Americans envisioned a nation that
spread from coast to coast. They felt that it was
their responsibility to spread out across the land.
The belief in young democracy was so strong that
americans wanted to spread it across the entire

Facts of Westward Expansion

Without railroads, there wouldn’t be no way to bring crops and other goods to
the market.
The west was settled by chinese and by Mexican migrators.
Railroads allowed settlers to stay connected with the madinaty that was
becoming the home mark of the of the industry listed world in the 1900’s
The Native American children were forced to move from their family and forced
to be “civilized”.

Westward Railroads
The First Transcontinental Railroad was built crossing the western half of America
and it was pieced together between 1863 and
It was 1,776 miles long and served for the
Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States to
be connected by rail for the first time in history.
The Transcontinental Railroad was also known
as the Pacific Railroad for a while and later on as
the Overland Route – after the main passenger
transport service that operated the line,
According to Transcontinental Railroad.

In conclusion, the United States got bigger thanks to President Thomas
Jefferson who bought the Louisiana
Purchase and made the US twice as big
as it used to be. Even though the
Louisiana Purchase cost $15 million
dollars but it's 828,000,000 square miles
of territory. Which was bought for
Europe, France.