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Developed by

Grade 7 Band
Liam Hertzsprung

Grade Level
Time Frame

Grade 7
55 min

Stage 1: Desired Results Program of Studies

Content Standard(s)
Enduring Understandings/Big Ideas (Program of
To interpret rhythm, melody, harmony, form and
expression as they appear in musical notation through both
cognitive and psychomotor responses.
To develop the ability to make aesthetic judgments based
on critical listening and analysis of music.
To discover, develop and evaluate their talents and abilities
relative to playing a musical instrument, and to establish
and reinforce correct techniques and skills.
Knowledge objectives (key outcomes):
Students will know . . .

Essential Questions (Program of Studies):

Content specific . . .
How can we interpret Water Music, and Banana Boat in
such a way as to display this grade 7 class' unique skills and
musical ideas?
Prior Knowledge:
What do students already know . . .
-How to play their instruments
-How to read music
Skills/Attitudes objectives (key outcomes):
Students will be able to . . .

How to approach and perform DYNAMICS within both

Banana Boat and Water Music.

Interpret a piece of music in such a way that not only accounts

for correct notes and rhythms, but also engages with dynamics
and articulation.

How to approach 2-note slurs in Water Music.

Baroque music is lighter, danceable, not heavy.

Listen not only to their instrument, but to others as well, so as

to play more cohesively.

Stage 2: Assessment Evidence

Performance Task(s):
Warm up on Bb and Eb major.
Practice both Water Music and Banana Boat.
Spend time looking at dynamics and articulation.
Remind band to listen to each other.
Materials and Resources:
Sheet music, instruments, keyboard.
Differentiated Instruction:
Explain how music should sound, demonstrate using keyboard as an example, use similes, etc.
Formative Assessments
Summative Assessments
Constantly listen to the band's sound, and evaluate and
change based on that.

Stage 3 Lesson Outline

Key Outcomes

Stage of Lesson

Set up

Get your instruments out and



5 min


15 min


Warm up on Eb and Bb concert

Work on Water Music

15 min


Work on Banana Boat

How has learner differentiation been

How does the lesson include a variety

of teaching?

What changes would I make for next


Build tone, warm up

instruments, get focussed.
Learn about 2 note slurs,
articulation, dynamics.
Work on dynamics

How does the band

How does the band
How does the band

Stage 4 Reflection
Each student has the opportunity to play a different instrument
Students can engage with the music visually (sheet music), aurally (listening), and
kinesthetically (playing). In fact, they should be doing all three. And I believe it is a
neuromyth that some students learn better visually, kinesthetically, etc; we should
be teaching students using all learning styles (

Most of the lesson will be instructor led some time will be given perhaps to
students to work individually on portions of music.