World War II Final Assessment

Directions: For the next three
weeks, you will be constructing a
personalized project that will
consist of two parts, a final paper
and a visual presentation.

You will research any
part of World War II that interests you,
write a research paper, and make some
kind of visual presentation that goes
along with it. On February 1st, you
will turn in a proposal that tells me
what you are researching and how it
relates to World War II. On February 8th, you will turn in a rough
draft paper, that discusses your topic and how it is affected or
involved with World War II. On February 15th, you will turn in your
final paper, with all corrections on it, as well as your visual

Proposal: This will be a 2-3 paragraph written essay that discusses
what your topic is, why you want to research it, and some basic
● Your Proposal should include a thesis topic describing what
you are researching, the reason why you want to research it, and
a paragraph with some research on it.
● Remember to specifically state what you writing about, do
not say vague statements like ‘I’m writing about sports…’
Instead say ‘I want to focus on how the Olympics in 1936 and 1944
were affected by the Nazi party and World War II.’
● To come up with ideas around your topic, do some basic
research that you will go further into in your Essay.
● Once you turn this in, you will be required to stick with
your topic if it is approved by the teacher. If it is not
approved, you will be given a topic to research.
● At the end of your proposal, at the bottom of the page,
write what kind of visual representation you will be using.

Rough Draft Essay:

This will be a 5 paragraph essay that discusses
how World War II affected your research topic, the research to support
your statements, and specific events in history that connect to your
Your Essay should include:
● A Intro paragraph with:

World War II Final Assessment

A sentence describing your topic
A thesis statement on how the war affected your


○ A few sentences how your research connects to
your topic
Three research paragraphs. Each paragraph should include:
○ One event connected to the war that impacts your
○ A description of the event, including dates,
people involved, and where the event occurred.
○ A sentence on how it impacted your topic and what
that means for your topic
A conclusion that should include:
○ Your thesis statement restated
○ A statement of how each of your events impacted
your topic.
○ A few sentences on how your topic was
changed/impacted by the war.
Full sentences and correct grammar

Final Draft Essay:

This should include:
● Your rough draft, with all corrections fixed, along with
your informational sources correctly cited in APA style.

Visual Presentation:

This should include:
● A Title that relates to your topic
● A description of each event mentioned in your paper. At
least 3-5 sentences each. Each should be readable from a
● Three (3) images that connect to your paper, and small
descriptions for each image.
● A description of how your topic was affected by World War

● This should show effort and time. This is a way to
provide visuals that go along with your paper.
This visual presentation can be in any form you would like. Make sure
you include this choice in your proposal.
Examples of visual presentations include but are not limited to:
-Poster -or- Diorama -or- Painting/Art project

Due Feb. 1st- Proposal: 10% of final grade
Due Feb. 8th- Rough Draft: 20% of final grade
Due Feb. 15th- Visual Representation: 20% of final grade

World War II Final Assessment
Due Feb. 15th- Final Draft: 50% of final grade