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Swot Analysis of Company finwizz

Swot Analysis of Company finwizz

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Published by: abhayaalpana on May 02, 2010
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Term paper Of 4 sem On finwizz adversiory service Delhi



About company

Finwizz offers all products of General Insurance , life insurance and personal loan , business loan under one umbrella. finwizz comprises of a team of distinguished professionals from insurance, finance and other management disciplines who have vast business & managerial experience. Finwizz team evaluates the client's business environment and studies the risk profile. based on the results of these evaluations, finwizz team then suggests the most cost effective , integrated insurance package that is perfectly suited to the client's risk profile. Finwizz has a nationwide network of branches all over India, equipped with top quality infrastructure facilities, to provide you prompt & efficient service..Life Insurance .Finwizz offers you a Peace of Mind by offering various life insurance plans for your unique & specific needs. Our philosophy is that for every financial problem, there is a solution also. And we are here to give you complete financial solutions. At the same time we offer you very Prompt & Reliable Policy related service for enduring relationshipWe offer a very wide range of products to fulfill your particular requirements. You can always have an access to our 83 Branch Offices situated at prime locations of the city, or you can call our Relationship Manager to guide on your InvestmentsFollowing is the glimpse of Life Insurance Plans: finwizz Investment Solutions is one of the most revered and fastest growing financial services powerhouse having several accolades to it's name. We are determined to provide the best and state of the art basket of investment products & solutions to our esteemed clients.

swot analysis of finwizz
Stregenth  Company has a lot of products (life insurance , general insurance personal loan, business loan)  Smooth relation with employee.  Good working environment.  Free-rein Leadership theory is applicable in the company  Customer get dual services facility firstly the company provide service , secondly the parent company provide service.  Rich experience of the management.  Good brand equity  Giving the very good return from inception  Stabilized and loyal clients.  Well combination of new energetic and experienced employees.  Wide variety of insurance product to match with every level of customer

Weakness:      There is lack of proper control in the organization Not suitable H.R department There is no proper control on the organization . No working environment Not a systematic chain among the the employee . 

Insufficient office equipments.  Not all employees have his/her cabin.  Work place (back office) is quite congested.  Not very popular in rural area

Opportunities:  Company exist in very financial products (life insurance, general insurance, personal loan, business loan) it¶s provide a better opportunity to the company.  Company has tie up with many company like HDFC , BARLEY FINANCE , BAJAJ ALLIANCE ,APPOLO MUNICH , BIRLA SUN LIFE , BIRLA GENERAL INSURANCE .  Company has power to lead their competitor like SMC GLOBAL, UNICORN INVESTMENT, and INDIA INFOLINE with their high products line.  Company has options for the choice customer  Stability through increased brand awareness, market penetration and  Service offerings  Across all categories of financial services.  Increase in customer¶s wallet share.  Leveraging the latest technology for providing quality and client centric

Threats;  Increasing interest rate scenario.  Execution risk.  Competition from local and multinational players.  Rising inflation could reduce savings and investments  Company has lack of proper control in the origination .  A lot of company has enter in this field .  Easy to start such organization  Increasing interest rate scenario.  Execution risk.  Competition from local and multinational players.  Rising inflation could reduce savings and investments

Porter five forces analysis

Barriers New entrance


Bargaining power of buyer

Rivalry competito rs

Bargaining power of supplier

Threats of substitutes

1. Entry of competitors. How easy or difficult is it for new entrants to start competing, which barriers do exist. 2. Threat of substitutes. How easy can a product or service be substituted, especially made cheaper. 3. Bargaining power of buyers. How strong is the position of buyers. Can they work together in ordering large volumes.

4. Bargaining power of suppliers. How strong is the position of sellers. Do many potential suppliers exist or only few potential suppliers, monopoly? 5. Rivalry among the existing players. Does a strong competition between the existing players exist? Is one player very dominant or are all equal in strength and size. Sometimes a sixth competitive force is added: 6. Government. Porter's Competitive Forces model is probably one of the most often used business strategy tools. It has proven its usefulness on numerous occasions. Porter's model is particularly strong in thinking Outside-in.

Threat of New Entrants depends on:
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Economies of scale. Capital / investment requirements. Customer switching costs. Access to industry distribution channels. Access to technology. Brand loyalty. Are customers loyal? The likelihood of retaliation from existing industry players. Government regulations. Can new entrants get subsidies?

Threat of Substitutes depends on:
y y y y

Quality. Is a substitute better? Buyers' willingness to substitute. The relative price and performance of substitutes. The costs of switching to substitutes. Is it easy to change to another product?

Bargaining Power of Suppliers depends on:
y y y y y y y y

Concentration of suppliers. Are there many buyers and few dominant suppliers? Compare: Kraljic Model. Branding. Is the brand of the supplier strong? Profitability of suppliers. Are suppliers forced to raise prices? Suppliers threaten to integrate forward into the industry (for example: brand manufacturers threatening to set up their own retail outlets). Buyers do not threaten to integrate backwards into supply. Role of quality and service. The industry is not a key customer group to the suppliers. Switching costs. Is it easy for suppliers to find new customers?

Bargaining Power of Buyers depends on:
y y y y y y

Concentration of buyers. Are there a few dominant buyers and many sellers in the industry? Differentiation. Are products standardized? Profitability of buyers. Are buyers forced to be tough? Role of quality and service. Threat of backward and forward integration into the industry. Switching costs. Is it easy for buyers to switch their supplier?

Intensity of Rivalry depends on:
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The structure of competition. Rivalry will be more intense if there are lots of small or equally sized competitors; rivalry will be less if an industry has a clear market leader. The structure of industry costs. Industries with high fixed costs encourage competitors to manufacture at full capacity by cutting prices if needed. Degree of product differentiation. Industries where products are commodities (e.g. steel, coal) typically have greater rivalry. Switching costs. Rivalry is reduced when buyers have high switching costs. Strategic objectives. If competitors pursue aggressive growth strategies, rivalry will be more intense. If competitors are merely "milking" profits in a mature industry, the degree of rivalry is typically low. Exit barriers. When barriers to leaving an industry are high, competitors tend to exhibit greater rivalry.

Corporate Social Responsibility 
This is direct customer base company, so the social responsibility of such company is automatically increase here at.  To provide fact and actual knowledge to the people  Awarwe the people about the benefit of the insurance y , why insurance is necessary for the society  Sell to the product on their actual merit  Employee of company is satisfy for the company

Competitiveness and Corporate Social Responsibility in the adversiory service Industry (2008)
The CSR component exclusively focused on the adversiory service industry in the Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs). Its main objective was to assist the Government of Jordan to develop policies and incentives to reduce inspection and private auditing burden on manufacturers, while promoting systemic improvements in labor practices and continued competitiveness.

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