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Importance of Eye Exam

Importance of Eye Exam

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Published by: Vit on May 02, 2010
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Importance of Eye Exam

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that most people have to an eye exam for one to two times in a year depending upon age and health. An annual eye exam is one of the most important diagnostic and anticipatory measures you can take to protect your vision and health. The necessity of optometric examinations varies with age, race, medical history, family history, occupation and other factors. Individuals with visual signs or symptoms require prompt examination. In addition, the presence of certain risk factors may necessitate more frequent evaluations based on professional judgment. The people, who suffer from diabetes, need regular eye exams. The people, who involve in welding work, have a necessity to check their eyes regularly. People of all ages need regular eye exam. Newborns are typically tested at birth for inherited eye disorders and disease. In addition, all infants should receive an assessment for vision problems and eye disease by a doctor of optometry by 6 months of age or sooner if abnormalities or risk factors are present. Early analysis and treatment are important to pledge proper visual development, to prevent vision loss due to eye disease and to manage genetic or hereditary eye disorders such as lazy eye or crossed eyes. School going children generally suffer from a common visual problem which is called nearsightedness. Regular eye exam can prevent this problem. The increased visual demand of our technology based society during adult ages increases the necessity of eye exam. The adult people suffer from various eye problems. Nearsightedness and long sightedness are the common problems for adult people. The people who suffer from diabetes have the necessity of eye exam. Otherwise long time or permanent damage can be occurred to their eyes. Regular eye exam can solve these problems. Many people are interested to check their eyes regularly but they cannot do that because of high cost of eye exam. The eyeglasses of good quality are very expensive. So it is not possible for everyone to take care of their eyes properly. Some vision centers come forward to remove this problem. They offer discounts and coupons on eye exam cost. Eyemasters Eye Exam Coupons, walmart eye center etc are such companies. One can visit these centers and reduce eye exam cost.

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