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March/April 2016 • Volume 22-NO. 2

Business Magazine

Why not work in
the same area
you vacation?
See pages 6-7

Mission Statement

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is
a visible business leader that advocates and
drives business opportunities. Through business
alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership
and provide a persuasive regional voice
benefiting our communities.

The importance
of attracting talent

2015/2016 Board of Directors
Kelly Smith, Executive Director
Baker College of Cadillac
Dave Cox, Vice Chair
Wexford Missaukee ISD
Trent Mulder, Treasurer
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC.
Kelly Cater, Past Executive Director
Rec Boat Holdings
Doug DeYoung,
Consumers Energy
Don Schepers,
Schepers Agency, Inc.
Kyle Hogg,
Dental Health Professionals
Melody Hurley,
Walmart Superstore
Stephen King,
Law Office of King & King
Tim Knaggs,
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance
Karl Marcusse,
Dan Minor,
Cadillac Castings, Inc.
Pete Stalker,
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Brian Williams,
Blue Heron Café & Bakery
Bill Tencza, President

Mike Acosta, Great Start Consultant
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant

Paula Jasper, Director of Membership Services
Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations
Printer: Pleasant Graphics
Publisher: Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce


ur cover story captures the priority of talent attraction, but most
importantly how collaboration and
proactive strategies can benefit the
region with an infusion of new talent and
augment job shortages.
As referenced in this column more than
once, there is not enough talent in the
Cadillac area to fulfill job requirements.
Manufacturing and health care sectors
largely have to chase talent outside the
area and even outside of Michigan.
The talent challenge is not limited to
those sectors. Locating individuals and
families to northern Michigan is not an
easy go, despite obvious advantages. What
needs to be promoted in a more comprehensive voice is that good jobs do exist in
our region and the live, work and play strategy does have merit. I applaud the entities
behind the launch the LiveCadillac micro
website and the collaboration by Networks
Northwest in highlighting the advantages
of working in northwest Michigan. The
Cadillac Area Chamber was pleased to be
a resource for both projects. We encourage
our members to utilize or share both websites as a way of promoting live, work and
play in our region and as a larger voice,
why not northern Michigan?
The LiveCadillac website is a next step
attempt from the traditional Chamber
printed relocation guide with a focus
on interactive communication and with
a community and collaborative angle.

The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The
Chamber reserves the right to edit or refuse articles
and advertisements submitted to the Cadillac Area
Business Magazine and reserves the right in its sole
discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other materials to be distributed through the publication.
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
222 Lake Street


March/April 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Chamber sponsored printed materials
certainly assisted member organizations
in the past, but the current direction is a
different evolution. Selling a community,
embracing being part of a community resonates far differently, than here is the job
opportunity, end of communication.
Talented people have options to pursue
not only the best career pathway, but additionally, select a community that matches
what matters to them. What we have experienced at the Chamber is not to predict or
assume what the major selling points are
for the candidate or family. Yes, natural
resources, likely will be high on the list of
wants and a rural living environment, but
so could faith, specific school programs
and relative geography to other parts of
northern Michigan.
Business and organizations need to be
adaptable to the talent recruitment pitch
and consider using the Chamber as a
resource and other community stakeholders as an advantage to secure talent. That
is a different approach from the past. I am
confident selling a community is a strategy
that works, because talented people will
choose a community in conjunction with
the employment opportunity.
The good news northern Michigan has
real advantages and the live, work and
play approach can work. Your Chamber
will continue to work with members and
community stakeholders to advance talent
growth in our region.

Bill Tencza,
Chamber President

Attention Chamber Members:

Visionary Partners:

Share your news! Chamber members can
share their news on our website, this is a great
opportunity to welcome new staff, promotions,
awards, celebrations and announcements that
our members will want to read about.
This program offers a unique combination of
promoting member-to-member buying, boosting
sales for our members, and increasing member
Go to and click on the
Member2Member Advantage Program to get
started promoting your business and saving you
and your employees’ money.
These benefits are part of your chamber membership and are found on the home page
at Please contact the Chamber with any questions or assistance.

Business Directory
Concrete Construction



Cadillac Hospital

Edward Dracht

• Build • Contracting
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.

11014 S. Morey Rd., McBain, MI 49657 • 231-825-8051
Christopher Schepers, Owner

Commercial • Industrial • Institutional • Agriculture • Churches
Offices • Rubber Roofs • Concrete Flatwork • Complete Turnkey Projects
23350 100th Ave. • Marion, MI 49665



Tuxes & Tastings

Tuxedo, llC

Providing Your

Complete Marketing Solution

At the Cadillac News, we’re about finding a variety
of solutions for the marketing and branding of your
unique business.
Our mission is to learn more about your business
goals, trends and long term objectives and to utilize
a variety of promotional options to accomplish them.
Options include: Newspaper Marketing, Niche
Marketing, Online Promotions & Services, Classified
Marketing, Web Design & Development Services and
Commercial Printing.

office: (231) 825-0035
fax: (231) 825-0038
cell: (231) 357-8718

Cadillac Winery
Tasting Room
Tuxes & Tastings


209 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac

Trusted. Local. Connected.


To discuss a program that’s right for your business.

Call Katheryn Kidder, Senior Sales & Marketing Specialist at (231) 779-4142.





(231) 775-1773 (231) 775-0703 FAX

9051 E. 48 1/2 Road • Cadillac Shop Junction of M-115 & US-131
Craig Johnson, CEO 231-878-3550 • Bonded & Insured

Fax 231-468-3061
Membership • Travel
Insurance • Financial Services

Walkley Agency of Cadillac
919 N. Mitchell -Ste. B
Cadillac, MI 49601
Renee Walkley
Agency Principal

Leadership Partners:
Belle Oakes Living Center Inc.
BorgWarner Thermal Systems
B&P Manufacturing
Cadillac Area Public Schools
Consumers Energy
DTE Energy
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance Agency
FIAMM Technologies LLC
Fifth Third Bank
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Michigan Rubber Products, Inc
Rexair LLC
Walmart Supercenter Store
Wexford-Missaukee ISD

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2016 3

2016 Cadillac Leadership Class visits sponsor, Fox Motors of Cadillac

The 2015-2016 Cadillac Leadership Class: Who we’re not

By Judy Schulze
Articles introducing individuals
or groups often follow a common
theme: Who are they? From the first
meeting of the 2015-2016 Cadillac
Simply the Best
Leadership Class, it was very clear
that we were anything but common.
Given this observation, it only seemed appropriate that this article be
a narrative about who we aren’t.
As anyone who has met, interacted, or been a part of this year’s leadership class knows, the most prominent characteristic that our team
does not have is homogeneity. We are not the same. We are not the
same as past Cadillac Leadership classes, and individually, we certainly are not the same as each other. We are not all males. We are not all
females. We are not all originally from the Cadillac area, and we are
not all originally from the state of Michigan. We are not all financial
professionals or physicians. We are not all educators, business owners, media professionals, or in the manufacturing field. We do not all
serve on the same local boards, councils, or committees. We are not all
married, or single, or parents, or grandparents. We do not all have the
same types of pets, we do not have the same hobbies, and we do not all


purchase the same brands when we shop. We are not all meat eaters,
we are not all vegetarians, and we are not all gluten-free. We do not all
hold the same degrees, nor did we attend the same high schools or colleges. We do not all think the same way, and we most assuredly do not
all agree on the same things at the same times.
If we are so different, what makes us, the 2015-2016 Cadillac
Leadership Class, the best class ever? The differences that we have,
or the things we aren’t, have made us a team of local professionals
who respect the diversity of our group and draw on that characteristic
to promote effective and progressive leadership in the Cadillac area
— the Cadillac Leadership program has brought 24 individuals, with
individual stories, together to demonstrate what amazing things can
happen, when the focus is on what we aren’t.
This year the Leadership Class is assisting in the City of Cadillac’s
Heritage Plaza Project by raising funds for a splash pad and ice rink.
If you wish to contribute to our community service project, please
visit the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce website at to make an online donation. Checks may be made payable to
“Cadillac Leadership, Cadillac Splash” and mailed to: Kathy Cress,
Avon Protection Systems, 503 Eighth St. Cadillac, MI 49601. Your support is greatly appreciated.

At Autumnwood of McBain...
• Rehabilitation
• Memory/Dementia Care
• Skilled Nursing • Hospice Care/Respite

Cadillac Plant

“Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.”



220 Hughston St., McBain

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center



March/April 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Thermal Shutter


January Lecture Luncheon
Connecting businesses with
new business opportunities
The Pure Michigan campaign
isn’t just attracting tourists. It’s
also drawing the attention of buyers and suppliers of Michigan
goods and services.
Terry Vandercook, manager for
Michigan Buyer Development,
showed off the Pure Michigan
Business Connect website during the January Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce Lecture
Luncheon Series.
“The entire intent of the program
is to connect Michigan businesses
with new business opportunities,”
Vandercook said. “Every Michigan
company can utilize the system,
but only Michigan companies can
register. We want the supply chain
we develop to come from our

Pure Michigan Business
Connect is a multi-billion dollar initiative developed by the
Michigan Economic Development
Corporation connecting buyers to
suppliers of Michigan goods and
services. Michigan companies sign
up for free to access the businessto-business network.
Vandercook said the program
was designed to drive the economy through connections with
small and medium-sized businesses. He added that every $200,000
of a multi-year contract facilitated
through the program equals one
new job in Michigan.
More than $2.8 billion in new
contracts for Michigan companies
has been made possible by the
program since 2011.


Simply the Best

If you would like your
child to experience


then this is a program they
should attend! Students will
have the opportunity to work with
their peers, participate in activities
relating to problem solving, team
building, trust and communication.

L.E.A.D. & L.E.A.D


Save The Dates!

L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Ed

ucation and Develop
ool students, grades
9 - 12)

workshop for high sch

Thursday, April 28

L.E.A.D. JR. (Leadership
workshop for junior

, 2016

, Education and Devel
high students, grade
s 7 & 8)

Friday, April 29, 20

These programs offer
full day training for stu
dents in leadership
skills and personal dev
elopment. Since 1999
, 2,055 students have
attended L.E.A.D. and
1,929 students, L.E.A.
D. JR.
Sponsorship Opport
unities Available
representing any school
district within the We
xford Missaukee ISD
For more information
, please contact
Deb Gillies at 775-977
6 or leadership@cad

Entering today’s high-tech job market is difficult without
the hands on work experience that employers are looking for.

MAT2 matches students’ career goals with the needs of industry partners to produce a pipeline of
educated and highly qualified technical employees. During the three-year program, students will
alternate between classrooms, labs and the work site, gaining hands-on, marketable skills.

MAT2mechatronics Program Sponsoring Industries Include:

• Avon Automotive
• Avon Protection Systems Inc.
• FIAMM Technologies LLC
• Rec Boat Holdings LLC
• Kalkaska Screw Products Inc.

• Skilled Manufacturing Inc.
• Rexair LLC
• BorgWarner Inc.
• Cadillac Castings Inc.
• Hutchinson Antivibration Systems Inc.

Visit or Contact the MAT2 Team: . 1-888-522-0103
To become a sponsor or apply for the program, call Baker College of Cadillac: 231-876-3149
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2016 5

A needed connection

Connecting northern Michigan
lifestyle with professionals
Many people know that Cadillac is a great vacation destination. The
Cadillac area offers year-round outdoor activities, hotels and restaurants and a family-friendly community. Now those fun vacation amenities can be a key element in recruiting workers to the area.
“There is a misperception regarding the availability of good jobs in
our area,” said Janie McNabb, COO of Networks Northwest. “People
from outside our region see our service-based economy when they
come to visit, and don’t see the many high quality, family-sustaining jobs. There is a huge pool of talent who want to live and work
here, because they love to play here. A recent initiative of Networks
Northwest and many partners, including the Cadillac Area Chamber
of Commerce, attempts to address this issue.”
In addation, a group of business leaders have launched a new website, as a way to highlight what the area has to
offer in recreational activities, job opportunities and help tell the story
of living in the area.
“The LiveCadillac website developed after a brainstorming session


between local manufacturers and businesses focused on how we
could work together to attract new talent to the Cadillac Area,” said
Eric Baker, CEO at Wolverine Power. “We determined we needed a
better way to highlight Cadillac’s broad professional career opportunities and unique lifestyle opportunities for prospective recruits and
their significant others.”
The LiveCadillac website is one tool being used as a micro site that
potential employees can use to research the area, the amenities as well
as job prospects.
“The site features Cadillac’s opportunities to live, work and play, and
it features local bloggers, ambassadors and links to jobs, visitor information, and recreational opportunities,” said Baker. “The idea is for
area businesses to have a single website to direct traffic to, allowing
the user to explore his or her specific areas of interest.”
Recruiting talent is the key to growth for the Cadillac area, said
Bruce Schafer, Vice President of Manufacturing at Rexair in Cadillac.

March/April 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

“Growth and prosperity require talent in the new technology-driven
economy,” Schafer said. “Few jobs can earn a living with just a lunch
box and those job numbers are decreasing rapidly. A great living can be
achieved with a talent tool set. It is not an either or choice. Without talent for the area the prosperity will undoubtedly be less. The community
either grows or it dies.”
Filling the openings will help maintain the economic base already in
the area, but can also help fuel growth, McNabb said.
“There is opportunity to improve the employability and occupational
skills of those who are unemployed in the region, and also attract high
quality talent from outside the area,” she said. “Either way, this is a benefit to the community.”
Schafer said many potential new employees have a misconception of
what Cadillac has to offer and have backed away from relocating to the
“This issue is addressed with assurances that the city is stable and
has significant growth potential; that the outdoor life is abundant with
a friendly community atmosphere,” he said. “The young professionals
group is also emphasized and efforts are made to get newcomers introduced to other people. It is very important to form a community for new
people to the area.”
Another website (
is dedicated to promoting the northern Michigan lifestyle. McNabb said
the site was recently updated with the “Work in Northern Michigan”
section, which lists job openings from Pure Michigan Talent Connect,
features “Cool Companies,” and highlights northwest Michigan. The site
also features a video, “Live, Work, Play in Wexford County.
“The MyNorth Media machine has an audience of more than 1 million
visitors to its site every year — visitors from around the state, country,
and world,” McNabb said. “Their email newsletters have distribution
lists of 50,000 to 80,000. Everyone they engage with has a love for the
area, so MyNorth is committed to directing the audience to the many
quality jobs available. Also, the website, videos, and feature articles are
tools that communities and companies can use when recruiting potential candidates from outside the area.”
The community plays and important role in attracting and retaining talented employees, said Tonya Smith, President of Munson
Healthcare Cadillac Hospital.
“Organizationally, we spend a lot of time wooing candidates to
choose Cadillac as a place to live and work,” she said. “Once they get
here, it really takes more than the job to keep this talent in our community. The more we can engage and welcome new people to our community, whether through support of the young professionals network
of the Chamber or through simple things like inviting them to church,
then the more likely they are to stay and contribute to our community.
It’s really all about making connections and creating an environment
that feels like home.”
Janie McNabb, COO of Networks Northwest, gave other options for
spreading the word on northern Michigan living and working:
• Peer-to-peer mentornig where a young professional currently working in the area is paired with a young professional considering relocating
to the area
• Raise the awareness of in-demand jobs. Network Northwest has
released a Hot Jobs Report online (
• More and better training. “MAT2 is a great example,” McNabb said.
“People around the state should know that we have fantastic CTE and
postsecondary options.”
• Trailing spouse: “Although the web site, Pure Michigan
Talent Connect, and Michigan Works are all available to help trailing
spouses, there is no facilitated program to support them,” McNabb said.

Get the expert attention and advice
you need to keep your business
moving forward.

FirstMerit Merchant Services
As Olivia’s business continues to grow, so does her need for
advice from the local merchant service experts at FirstMerit
Bank. By knowing and understanding Olivia’s needs, their
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And with access to a 24-hour support desk and online credit
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many more years of forward momentum.


John Alef, Vice President, Business Banking,
at 989-344-4003 or
Follow the latest market trends
Member FDIC


Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2016 7

January 2016

Rise Up! Cadillac
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

23rd Annual Briefcase
Open Golf Outing
Friday, May 20, 2016

Evergreen Resort (Host Course)
& Cadillac Country Club
Team and hole sponsor registration
can be found at

Hosted by:

Cadillac YMCA

For more information please contact
Paula at the Chamber 231-775-9776.
*Proceeds benefit Chamber programs,
services and legislative advocacy.

Your Chamber is now on Social Media! Find out
what we’ve been up to and join our upcoming
programs by visiting our Facebook Page.

Find us on
Sponsored by:

Chemical Bank

Save t

he Dat


Variety Show
Sponsored by:

Shultz Insurance Agency — Farm Bureau
Save the Date

Annual Meeting &
Awards Dinner

Wednesday, June 15
, 2016
at Caberfa
e Ski & Golf Resort


March/April 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Saturday, April 16,2016 • 7PM
Cadillac Community Schools Auditorium

February 2016

Rise Up! Cadillac

Hosted by:

Sponsored by:

Munson Health Care Cadillac Hospital

Wexford County Road Commission

Ambassador Club
Ribbon Cuttings
Cadillac Tuxedo and Cadillac
Winery Tasting Room

March & April Health Tip:

What are some examples
of healthy fats?

209 North Mitchell

Authority Accounting
317 North Mitchell

Healthy fats include monounsaturated fats found in foods
such as avocado and olive oil, the polyunsaturated fats
found in plant-based foods such as corn oil and pumpkin
seeds, and omega-3 fatty acids including those in salmon,
soy and walnuts. Nuts, beans and dark-green veggies are
also sources of healthy fat.
Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 are
especially important because the human body doesn›t
naturally produce either nutrient, although not all
researchers agree on the health benefits of omega-6 fatty
acids, as of 2015. Foods that are high in omega-6 include
eggs, cereals, whole-grain breads and most vegetable oils.
Fatty fish are the best source of omega-3, particularly
salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and trout. Ground
flaxseed, canola and soybean oil, sunflower seeds, and most
nuts are good plant-based sources for this important healthy
fat, but it isn›t as useful to the body as the omega-3s derived
from fish oil.
The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend
that adults receive 20 to 35 percent of their daily calories
from fat while limiting the consumption of unhealthy fats to
less than 10 percent of the total. Unhealthy fats, including
trans and saturated fat, are found in most meats, animal
fats and dairy products, as well as some plant-based oils
such as palm oil, coconut oil and vegetables.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2016 9

“Pursue the success you desire”
“The world outside of you is
simply a reflection of the world
within you, which is governed
by the mind. Within you is all
the wisdom, all the power and
all the answers; an infinite
supply waiting to unfold at your
command.” — Coach Camille
Camille is an international
speaker, author, master success
coach specializing in mindset,
master trainer, teacher and radio
show host. As president of Successful Living Seminars for
over 19 years, she has worked with many organizations
to improve their sales, productivity, teamwork and
customer service. She has also worked with thousands of
individuals empowering them to improve every area of
their lives.
Coach will share with you how and why you get the
results you do, how to get “unstuck,” how to blast past
any obstacles you
believe are holding
Save the Date
you back and how to
7, 2016 • Noon-3PM
create the results you
Baker College of Cadillac.
really want in your
Online registration is available though
life, personally and
the chamber website

in business
a program of the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce

Self Defense: Simple
but Effective Strategies
The February Women in Business Luncheon’s topic was women’s self
defense strategies. Our guest speaker was Chad Boolman, a Martial
Arts Specialist |2nd Degree USTF with 19 years of training. In the
United States a women is attacked every 3 minutes and women who
fight back gain an 86% chance of avoiding an injury. Chad provided
basic flight or fight scenarios and key components of self defense.
Everyone enjoyed Chad’s talent for presenting a serious topic with a
sometimes humorous twist. We would like to thank Chad for his useful
presentation. The Women in Business Luncheon is a quarterly chamber
event; please check our website for the latest details.

Program underwriters: Consumers Energy, FirstMerit Bank/
Donna Weaver and Joni Holly/ Homewaters Recreational
Real Estate.

Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride!

2016 Jeep Cherokee
Stop In &
Latitude 4x4
Check it out!


Since 1917, Chemical Bank has helped businesses thrive with abundant
financing options and a full range of business banking products. Our
financial experts have everything you need to help your business succeed.

Honesty and Integrity are the Foundation of Our Business!
1110 N. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI • 775-2413
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5:30 PM, Sat. 8 AM-2 PM, Other by Appt.


March/April 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce


Do you know someone deserving?

Outstanding Citizen
Spirit of Community Awards

The Outstanding Citizen Award recognizes and
honors individuals who strive toward the highest
level of professional accomplishments. Men and
women, who excel in their chosen profession, have
devoted significant time and energy to improve the
community’s quality of life and have provided leadership to assist others in becoming involved in the

The Spirit of Community Award recognizes and
honors individuals who have devoted significant
time and energy to improve the community’s quality
of life and have provided leadership in development
and/or expansion of volunteer projects, which have
benefited members of the community.

Submit your Nominations for
2016 Outstanding Citizen and
Spirit of Community Awards
Forms can be found at
due Monday, May 23, 2016 by 5 PM.
Awards will be announced at the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner,
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
at Caberfae Peaks Ski & Golf Resort.


Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2016 11

Houk leads Cogent
Technology Solutions

Patent issued to Terry Umlor
for Springfield LadderAnchor

New Chamber member, Rich Houk introduces Cogent
Technology Solutions, Inc. CTS was created in a transition of the
technology division from Baird, Cotter & Bishop PC to a separate and independent company. Houk is CTS President and sole
owner. Cogent Technologies delivers a full spectrum of computer
related services for business.

The Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
has issued a U.S. patent to Terry Umlor for his Springfield
LadderAnchor product. The SpringfieldLadder secures an extension ladder to the roof of a building in order to keep the ladder
from slipping sideways along the roofline or slipping out from
the wall at the ground level. Findings of the Bureau of Labor
Statistics study of 1,400 ladder accidents indicate 53 percent of
straight ladders had not been secured or braced at the bottom,
and 61 percent had not been secured at the top.

Joni and Jessica Holly,
Homewaters Realtors for
Wexford, Missaukee counties

Brian and Cater promoted
by Groupe Beneteau

For the past decade Joni Holly has been working with sellers
and buyers in the Cadillac area and has now joined Homewaters
Recreational Real Estate. Joni’s daughter Jessica has also joined
the company, bringing her expertise in technology and the lending process.

Following last year’s purchase of Rec Boat Holdings of Cadillac
by Groupe Beneteau, some organizational changes were
Dianne Brian, the key finance contact for Rec Boat Holdings
of Cadillac, will continue to be based at the Cadillac facility and
has been promoted to the position of Director of Finance, North
Kelly Cater, after being the leader of HR for the RBH Cadillac
Facility, has been promoted to the position of Director of Human
Resources, North America. Both were promoted in February.

Finding skilled talent is THE number
one issue facing Michigan companies.
The Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT2) Program is an
apprenticeship model that allows your company to create highly
skilled employees and ensures a future pipeline of qualified talent.

To date, over 40 companies
are investing in more than
130 MAT 2 students!

Baker College of Cadillac:
MAT2 mechatronics program sponsoring industries include:
• Avon Automotive
• Avon Protection Systems Inc.
• FIAMM Technologies LLC
• Rec Boat Holdings LLC
• Kalkaska Screw Products Inc.

• Skilled Manufacturing Inc.
• RexAir LLC
Rexair LLC
• Borg Warner Inc.
BorgWarner Inc.
• Cadillac Castings Inc.
• Hutchinson Antivibration Systems Inc.

To become a sponsor or apply for the program, call Baker College of Cadillac: 231-876-3149


March/April 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

announced new
Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative
announced the following departmental
changes and promotions:
Don Heffelfinger has been promoted to
oversee all maintenance-related engineering,
and Jim Dietlin will coordinate all maintenance and operations logistics. Tim Martin
has been promoted to Vice President of
Engineering & Construction of the newlycreated Engineering & Construction division. Klint Weaver has been promoted to
Construction Manager and will report to
Martin. Zach Anderson has been promoted
to Manager of Power Supply and will oversee
all of Wolverine’s generating plants and the
Merchant Operations Center, recently combined into a single Power Supply group.
Also, Dawn Coon has been promoted to
Manager of Administrative Services and will
oversee all corporate administrative activities
as well as buildings, grounds, and maintenance.

New Members
Cadillac Wexford
Public Library
411 S. Lake St.
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 775-6541
Cathy Tacoma

Maggie’s Tavern
523 North Mitchell
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 775-1810
Maggie Jones

Cogent Technology Solutions
134 West Harris Street, Suite 2
Cadillac, Mi 49601
(231) 324-8398
Richard Houk

Moses’ Window Cleaning
2215 North Jacobson Road
P.O. Box 222
Suttons Bay, MI 49682
(231) 271-4243
Jorje Camacho

eWholsaler LLC
111 West River Street
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 775-1322
Fred Moomey

Northern Strategies 360
148 East Front Street, Suite 203
Traverse City, MI 49684
(517) 449-6453
Gabriel Schneider

Ina Store, Inc.
10035 21 mile
Tustin, MI 49688
(231) 825-2575
Dean Smallegan

Northwestern Regional
Airport Commission
Cherry Capitol Airport
727 Fly Don’t Drive
Traverse City, MI 49686
(231) 947-2250
Kevin Klein


231-775-9000 - Cadillac Downtown
231-779-8954 - Cadillac North

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2016 13

Does your business or
organization need a website?

We can do that!

Thirsty Thursday YP mixers

are held the first Thursday of every month at alternating
locations. Please keep an eye on the Chamber’s
facebook page as we will share the events when
the dates and locations
become available.

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“We are very fortunate to have a place
like The Lakeview in our community.
Highly skilled medical professionals,
caring upbeat attendants, and committed
therapists make the facility one I would
recommend to anyone. I can’t say enough
about the terrific care I received.”
~ Don Samardich
Longtime Attorney & Cadillac Resident


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Josh Bailey,

Gracious Rehabilitation, Memory Care
and Skilled Nursing Services
by Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
th l k i
f dill
| (231) 775-0101
460 Pearl Street | Cadillac, MI 49601


Sales & Marketing Leader


March/April 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Cadillac Area YMCA
Receives Loan Forgiveness
In 2009 the Cadillac Area YMCA opened its doors. Baker College of Cadillac played an
instrumental part by providing the land with a 99-year evergreen lease for $1 per year. It
also donated $1,250,000 toward the YMCA’s construction. The Baker College System, parent company of Baker of Cadillac based in Flint MI, continued the investment by loaning
an additional $1,018,745 to help complete construction.
With the new year came some big news. “The Board is pleased to announce that the
Baker College System, in its continued dedication to the Cadillac area community, has
informed the board that it will forgive over $817,033 of the outstanding loan,” said Jason
Elmore, Chairperson for the YMCA Board of Directors. “With a commitment from the
YMCA to pay $175,000 over the next 5 years, Baker College System will in effect donate
the remainder making the YMCA debt free.”

West Michigan
Credit Union
receives A+ rating
West Michigan Credit Union, recently
received an A+ national financial health rating from, which places
it in the top 10% of the approximately 13,000
federally insured banks and credit unions
nationwide, in terms of financial health.

Data track 2015
Wexford County Jan. 15 Feb. 15 Mar. 15 April 15 May 15 June 15 July 15 Aug. 15 Sept. 15 Oct. 15 Nov. 15 Dec. 15
Labor Force
14,613 14,603 14,575 14,523 14,979 15,003 14,850 14,598 14,386 14,370 14,412 14,541
13,379 13,483 13,465 13,628 13,891 13,990 13,830 13,805 13,637 13,599 13,679 13,775

Unemployment 1,234 1,120 1,110 895 1,088 1,013 1,020 793 749 771 733 766

8.4% 7.7% 7.6% 6.2% 7.3% 6.8% 6.9% 5.4% 5.2% 5.4% 5.1% 5.0%
Missaukee County Jan. 15 Feb. 15 Mar. 15 April 15 May 15 June 15 July 15 Aug. 15 Sept. 15 Oct. 15 Nov. 15 Dec. 15

Labor Force
7,131 7,140 7,226 7,014 7,344 7,400 7,337 7,217 7,095 6,972 6,887 6,962

6,534 6,583 6,666 6,560 6,856 6,915 6,862 6,851 6,752 6,632 6,575 6,614

Unemployment 597 557 560 454 488 485 475 366 343 340 312 348

8.4% 7.8% 7.7% 6.5% 6.6% 6.6% 6.5% 5.1% 4.8% 4.9% 4.5% 5.3%
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2016 CadillaC SRX CRoSSoveR
Challenge youR peRCeptionS.
eXpeRienCe a CadillaC foR youRSelf.


2016 CadillaC SRX

South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac •

(231) 775-1222 • 1-800-828-9852
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2016 15


Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce
222 N. Lake St.
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874

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