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Kameron Grier

Senior Exhibition
Science Reflection

Science was a key course in my journey to become an Automotive Technician. I enjoyed

science in high school due to the fact that it was more hands on which was why I enjoyed it so
much. Science in my opinion has always been more of hands which kept my interest. Science is
right up my ally because I used my motor skills which were why I enjoyed every minute of it.
In science I learned key things that stood out to me. I didnt know biology is the study of Order
Regulation Growth and development Energy utilization Response of the environment
Reproduction Evolution.
When working on this those are general ideas of the properties of life that related to our life and
they can be divided into many levels. For example, Biosphere is the highest level based on all
environments that can be found on earth and molecules and atoms that make up cells. Biology
divides living organisms into three domains; Eukaryotic, Bacteria and Archea. Eukaryotic cells
are the most complex .Eukaryotic cells are the most complex cells due to organelles giving
eukaryotic cells more functions than prokaryotic cells .This course taught me the skills to get me
ready for physics college courses to become an Automotive Technician.