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Service & Asset Management Solution

Milton Navarro
Product Manager, Software Applications

Product Overview
SAM application

Cloud-based solution non premise based

iOS device support (iPad and iPhone)
Service Portal interface via web-browser app
Field Trial Success

iPad App

Equipment Search, Inspection, Reports

iPhone App

Equipment Search, Inspection, Annotation

Service Portal

Integration to SAM, Service Life Cycle, Customer Management, Repair Workflow, Equipment Add &
Upload function


License Model
License Management


FAQ - knowledgebase
Proprietary and Confidential

2015 Scott Safety


What is SAM?
SAM is a simple-to-use, customizable app that simplifies a firefighters daily
equipment inspections, keeps a permanent digital inspection record and allows
for direct communication between the station and the Service Center

How will SAM help me better manage equipment inspections?

Smarter Solutions
Easier to explain service issues with the ability to send pictures and notes
directly to the Service Center
Automatically alert the Service Center when equipment needs pickup and

Using your mobile device to perform inspections makes them simpler,
faster & easier
SAMs intuitive interface guides you through your inspections, step-by-step

Peace of Mind
Be confident that your equipment is in full working order and ready to
respond to an emergency

Cloud-Based Solution

Fire Station Environment

Service Portal

Field Trial Success


3 departments (Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie)

Feedback produced over 60 enhancements/new feature request
Service Portal connection feedback (Clareys Systems)
Kevin Fox Deputy Chief at Minnetonka "Scott Safetys Service & Asset Management app
gives me real time access to key data such as how my Service Provider is performing. For our
department it is important to monitor the average time an equipment is out for service, know
specifically what failed (regulator, pass device), and how long did it take Clarey to fix it (based
on SLA)."

West Chicago
Hugh Stott, praised the app

St. Louis FD
Sean Hill, quickly deployed SAM

Unionville Volunteer FD
Immediately saw benefit

Hemby Bridge
Indicated 50% time saving
Test re-serialization process
Keith Starnes Deputy Chief at Hemby Bridge "The value that SAM provides to our department
is directly related to accountability. SAM provides clarity with no ambiguity as to who performed
the inspection, what was observed during the inspection, and tags it appropriately. Performing
inspection using SAM is approximately twice as fast compared to our paper method currently

Demonstration iPad App

Proprietary and Confidential

2015 Scott Safety

Demonstration iPhone App

Proprietary and Confidential

2015 Scott Safety

Demonstration Service Portal

Proprietary and Confidential

2015 Scott Safety


Yearly subscription pay only for what you need

One time charge setup and training fee
Share resource bundles with other Scott products (Imperium)

Part Number
8000760Resources Bundle - qty. 25 (firefighters)
8000761Resources Bundle - qty. 50 (firefighters)
8000762Resources Bundle - qty. 100 (firefighters)
8000763Resources Bundle - qty. 500 (firefighters)
8000765General assets: spare parts
8000770Product asset:
8000771Product asset:
8000772Product asset:
8000773Product asset:

Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece - qty. 10

Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece - qty. 50
Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece - qty. 100
Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece - qty. 500

8000775SAM Application Module - per station

License Management

View and track licenses issued to department

Activate/De-activate individual user license
View total, used and available licenses
Logs all user action(s)
Export and Report to PDF/CSV format

How-to-videos guide you step by step:
Perform Inspection
Perform Test
Batch Test/Inspection
Track Equipment
Run Reports
FAQ knowledgebase
Get answers to most asked questions
Collaborate with other SAM users
See examples from training library

SAM Launch January 2016

New License Management Utility

Customized presentation deck
Fire Chief, Firefighter, Service Center, IT Admin
Demo script
Live Webinars
End Customer
Pricing configurator
Sandbox Environment
Setup for each zone
Provides an opportunity to demo and learn SAM

Service Compliance & Asset Management

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