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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ‘THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ct STATE OF rR 3 COUNTY OF MACENES OER JOSEPH GENTZ'S [SWORN AFFIDAVIT IN re ROBERT BASHARA 1, JON JOSEPH GENTZ, do hereby “suear under the penalties of perjury” pursuant 28 ML 600.2187, and 28 U.S.C. § 1765, that all the statenents herain this affidavit ace true to the best of ay knowledge and belief and stetes as follows 1, That I possess full comand of mental abilities to attest on my free will the "ruth" concerning the case against Mr. Robert Rashara. 2, That Twas born on January 12, 1964, and was forty-nine (49) years old at the tine of the events involving the murder of Mrs. Jane Bashara vho resided at 552 Middlesex in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mchigon. At the tine relevant to Mrs. ‘Jane Rashara's death, Tuas a resident in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. 3. ‘That on January 30, 2012, officers from the Grosse Pointe Police Department contacted me and asked if 'T would consent to an interview and T did. During the said interview T confessed to the officers that T was mad at Me. Robert Aashara because he refused to pay me for twonjobs T performed, i.e., 7 fixed a pipe on the backyard of his house and a painting job. T ‘knew fir. Bashsara ‘as not in his house. So, T broke into fils howe, walked into the garage end Mrs. Jane Rashara eaught me and I lost control. 4, That during the interview, the officers stated their hosses prontsed to help'ne out to get'a lesser sentence if T cooperated with then by agreeing to their version of shat happened, which was not the truth. Upon their insistence Tageeed 1f they would allow ne t0 go hone and take care of fev personal things. 5. On January 31, 2012, T walked into the Grosse Pointe Police Department and turned myself in a3 agreed. Chief David Hiller and Sergeant Reducio [sic] Grilled me for threa days coaching me about whet T should testify against Me. Bashara, "and st one point T asked then vhy vhen in fact T, and T alone did it. Chief Hitler stated: “We're going to help you ard you will get a lesser sentence LE you help us get Robert Rashara." Sat. Reducto then stated: ‘We want him, not you.” T asked then both wat sentence and Chief Hiller stated: "T have spoken to the prosecutor and T can prontsed you a five (5) year sentence. Soth assured ime the prosecutor vas avare and had agree with then. Tt was then that T agree to perjure myself. 6. Once T agreed to implicate Mc. Rober Rashara, T asked then Uf they would help me get commissary and they did. T again asked Sgt. Reducto vhy they Nanted Robert fashara and he stated: "We have been after that mother fucker for ‘a long time. You don"t need to know more beyond that." 7. ‘That on January 24, 2012, T helped myself into Robert Bashara's hone