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At Natures Organics©, our motivation is based on a philosophy of creating environmentally responsible products, of the best quality, at the lowest possible price. Not only to make them more readily affordable to Australian families, but to actually reward and provide incentive for people to do the right thing, in protecting our planet - and make the important shift to more eco-sensitive alternatives. To us, there is no sense (or value) in developing advanced products that ‘don't cost the earth'; then charging a premium that unfairly prevents anyone from purchasing and using them. Across our range of biodegradable laundry and dishwashing detergents, household surface cleaners and carefully formulated hair and skincare offerings, our unwavering aim is to combine the best in Green attributes with product qualities that succeed in meeting users performance expectations. With every item we create, we look to optimize the balance between using natural based plant derived ingredients, with chemical components still deemed necessary for products to work effectively - and in turn, to progressively increase and improve the natural content ratio as quickly as newfound knowledge and technologies permit. At every sustainable step, we also act to minimise wastage of non-renewable resources; produce packaging from recycled materials and strictly ensure that the science behind all of our cruelty free product formulas requires no animal testing or animal ingredients.
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Editorial Letter
While the year has begun, and not without its challenges, it is time to focus on the future and kickoff 2010 with a positive attitude and new goals to reach. With this in mind we’ve included plenty of inspirational articles in our April 2010 edition, interviews that you will not find anywhere else. We bring you Robert Forenza, owner of Hugg-APlanet, a trademark name. He is someone to watch in the 21st century, he brings to you, “A BRAVE NEW WORLD.” We also have an exclusive interview with Stephen Barnett, CEO of The Nickel Institute a nonprofit organization that represents the interests of 24 companies which together produce more than 90% of the world’s annual nickel output. Stephen Barnett. If you’ve never heard of him, the time has come to get to know the leader in the future of stainless steel. Finally we lift your spirits with Michael Burke, CEO of Thinkom Solution, Go-anywhere communications, the latest fashion trends, the Purple Diva, and so much more. Remember that The Suit Magazine is your new paradigm to journalism marketing with stories that compel readers in a way the average advertisement cannot. This issue will cover the future of alternative energy, the quest for solar power and energy efficient structures in 2010. Erwin Kantor Publisher / Editor in Chief

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Erwin Kantor

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Thinkom Solutions, Inc. 20000 Mariner Ave. #500 Torrance, CA 90503 310-371-5486

By Michael Gordon

Eco-Green Entrepreneur: Robert Forenza Hugg-A-Planet Earth is a soft cotton fabric real globe with labels identifying 600 places, including countries, bodies of water and islands that are drawn to scale and color-coded. According to Hugg-A-Planet president Robert Forenza, on the Space Station they will use our globes during educational demonstrations NASA offers to schools and science centers so students can interact with the Astronauts. Which in turn will be beamed to viewers on the real planet Earth via satellite, and online on NASA TV. Students in classrooms all over the world will have an opportunity to see the Vermont-made globes in space and use it to learn about our planet’s place in the cosmos.

The basic idea behind Hugg-A-Planet, says Forenza, a University of Vermont graduate who created the product 27 years ago with his sisters, Patricia and Lorraine. “If we want real peace, we have to start with the children,” Forenza says, paraphrasing Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi. “I’m connecting kids in early developmental stages to be passionate about the environment, geography and caring for the world, this early education lasts a lifetime.” Putting savvy marketing behind his educational outreach, Forenza got Hugg-A-Planets into arms of many influential people. He sent them to the Obama family just before the presidential inau-

Obama family just before the presidential inauguration (one of six Presidents). He shared them with musicians at Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden where all 80 performers received one including Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews. At a Vigil for Peace event in New York’s Central Park, Hugg-A-Planets were be onstage and passed around the crowd. They were even at a White House Easter egg roll, and a reporter took one to the first START treaty in the late 80’s, Forenza says. Now on the space station, the Hugg-A-Planet will make a circuit of our planet 16 times a day over 90% of the earth’s population for as long as the station remains active — until 2016, Forenza explains. “The one thing all of humanity has in common is our planet,” says Forenza. “Just hugging our earth has a empowering affect, and by having generations of people hugging the world, they’ll take better care of it.” Toy companies are beginning to see green in a different light. Sunday is Earth Day, a good time to stop and take note of the world we live in. And yes, even in toy land there are socially conscious companies wanting to do their part. Hugg-A-Planet toys are Earth-friendly items that serve a dual purpose. In addition to being award-winning toys that teach children about the Earth and the solar system, they are environmentally friendly.



Nickel is the fifth most common element in the Earth. But where did all this nickel come from? Billions of years ago, nickel was created in supernova explosions. This is the only place in nature where the temperature and pressure conditions were sufficient for the nickel atom to form.

The accompanying ‘false’ color photo (above), compliments of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, shows the concentrations of nickel isotopes being expelled from a star as it expands in just such a supernova 12 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE

The Nickel Institute provides information for a wide gamut of industries spanning architecture, automotive, chemical, energy, food and beverage as well as human health care and public health care in projects such as water provision, two areas which are going to be of ever-increasing value in the coming decades. The core of the industry, according to Barnett, is the use of nickel as a primary ingredient in the production of steel. Barnett said during an interview

Barnett is a nickel specialist, and that has made him a nickel optimist, as he eagerly told The Suit, “Nickel demand continues to grow with new applications continually being developed – seven percent of all US patents feature nickel

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He is the CEO and President of The Nickel Institute, based in Brussels, Belgium. The Nickel Institute is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of 24 nickel companies which together produce more than 90 percent of the world’s annual nickel output.

with The Suit, “The primary use of nickel in stainless steel accounts for some 60 percent of nickel use. Stainless steel can be used for thousands of different applications worldwide, such as chemical processing, food processing and transport, and is valued for both its physical properties and its aesthetic values, as seen in structures such as the Chrysler building in New York City and the Twin Towers of Malaysia.” Over 75 percent of stainless steel is recycled at the end of its long, useful life.


event. How interstellar nickel coalesced into solid objects and then into planets such as the Earth is the domain of cosmologists and astronomers. But however it happened, nickel has been an important part of the Earth since its beginning, well before life on earth began.

every year.” “New uses of nickel in particular are low-carbon technologies such as fuel cells, gas and wind turbines and batteries for hybrid cars,” he said. This gives he nickel industry a strong position in the movement towards a greener footprint. According to Barnett, nickel is the 7th most abundant element on the planet, and 90 per cent of the world’s nickel production comes from Australia, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Canada. Although 1.4 million tons of nickel is used globally every year, it is responsible for only 0.1 percent

of CO2 emissions. It is environmentally friendly. And nickel is a green contributor not only with a clean process but a process which produces a product with longevity. Barnett observes, “Nickel is corrosion-resistant and plays an important role in structures and materials such as alloys, plated coins and magnets, which last a long time, or even forever”, he explains. “Increasing demand for stainless steel will drive the nickel market to continue to expand into the 21st century.”
By Erwin Kantor

Reported By Michael Gordon Photo By: LAWRENCE LIVERMORE LABORATORY (SUPER NOVA) All images are the property of the rightful owners of The Nickel Institute




Al Gore, President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Sveinn Runolfsson

By Erwin Kantor He sits amongst high officials in government. He advocates for the greening of our environment and works on practical solutions to the problem of mounting greenhouse gases and global climate change. Sveinn Runolfsson, Director of the Soil Conservation Service, in Iceland, has spoken about public policy with prime ministers, diplomats and other world leaders, on a global level. The government in Iceland has now decided to cut down on green house gas emissions to 15% below 1990 levels by the year 2020, and Runolfsson proudly told us, from his office in Gunnarsholt, ”Iceland will be free of carbon emissions and using 100% renewable energy by 2050.” He sees rough waters ahead for the industry, in rising fuel costs, and fertilizer. The economy needs major restructuring.” Last year Iceland began importing workers from countries such as Chile and Poland, which caused unemployment to rise by 7 to 8%, and even the country’s banks went bankrupt. Runolfson said, “The country continues to struggle with sky rocketing fuel prices and budget cuts for the important soil conservation projects.”

Unfortunately, due to tight budgets important environmental issues are on stand-by. So Runolfsson and others, out of their concern for Iceland’s future, recently put in an application to join the E.U. In order to unite the European Union, Iceland needs to meet economic and political criteria such as, a stable democratic government. Runolfsson believes that there are a lot of benefits from joining the European Union such as, progress in the import and export sectors of the country, particularly in marine products and aluminium. Since negotiations were established with the International Monetary Fund, European countries such

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But remaining positive Sveinn said, “We do see positive signs and indications that the economy will start to get better. The public is determined to fight through this crisis even if they lost their life savings. Runolfsson informed us that many Icelandic citizens want to develop new Aluminum plants and thermo power stations throughout the country. It is a case of the citizens of Iceland wanting to do the right thing, but there not being enough money.


Former Iceland President Vigdís Finnbogadóttir



as Norway, Germany and Russia have indicated that they are willing to assist Iceland with an economic bailout package. ”But”, he cautions,“ ”there has been much fear that the E.U. fishing fleet will exploit our fishing grounds”, continuing, “our overall growth in the agricultural and marine industries are important to the development of the country and our devoted conservation efforts. This crunch brings great changes, and opportunity, to improve the economy as an official institution running as a state,” Runolffsson continued, “An increase in tourism will help pump money back into the economy, and fuel tax regulations which have been implemented by the government for energy efficient cars will be used more widely.” Runolfsson also believes in the use of carbon sequestration in order to reduce greenhouse gas levels. He said, “Carbon sequestration in soil , re- vegetation and preventing desertification are extremely important to help reach the 15% mark of reduction in emissions by the year 2020.” Iceland, with professionals such as Sveinn Runolfsson, is at the forefront of the greenhouse battle. Landgraeosla rikisins Gunnarsholti - n851 Hellu Simi: 488 300

BIOGRAPHY As director of the Icelandic Soil Conservation Service, Sveinn has played a major leading role in the development of strategies for conservation of soil and vegetation in Iceland and improving conservation ethics. He has a keen interest in working at the grass-roots level, promoting sustainable land use and increasing public participation at all levels. He sees a great potential in carbon sequestration as a financial incentive for restoring land health. Emphasis has been on the landcare program Farmers heal the land, currently involving 30% of the sheep producers and facilitating the Better farms property planning program that aims at increasing land literacy and planning ability at the farm level and coordinating advice and actions of institutions and others working with the farmers. He has ties with various specialists in soil conservation strategies and land care, especially in Australia, New Zealand and various universities and UNDP in USA. Recently he has initiated cooperation/collaboration with the European Union in a Joint Research Commission on Soil Protection and a collaboration agreement on soil research with Ohio State. Married 1973 to Oddný Sæmundsdóttir, who is a nurse and they have three sons.

The Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.. With a community comprising 78 local affiliates, more than 18,000 member companies and organizations, and more than 140,000 LEED Professional Credential holders, USGBC is the driving force of an industry that is projected to contribute $554 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product from 2009-2013. USGBC leads an unlikely diverse constituency of builders and environmentalists, corporations and nonprofit organizations, elected officials and concerned citizens, and teachers and students. Buildings in the United States are responsible for 39% of CO2 emissions, 40% of energy consumption, 13% water consumption and 15% of GDP per year, making green building a source of significant economic and environmental opportunity. Greater building efficiency can meet 85% of future U.S. demand for energy, and a national commitment to green building has the potential to generate 2.5 million American jobs.

U.S. Green Building Council 2101 L Street, NW Suite 500 Washington, DC 20037

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Greening Structures in American Cities
In an era where “going green” is becoming the norm, best practices to reduce carbon footprints are continuously encouraged. Actions, efforts, and initiatives should adhere to standards of green living. Now, the space we occupy must also meet these standards. The experts on green building assurance, the US Green Building Council are the creators of the LEED (Leadership Energy and Environmental Design) certification system. It sets the standards of human and environmental health, sustainable development, emission control, water savings, energy efficiency, materials that are well emitting and healthier for building occupants, and indoor environmental quality. Marie Coleman, Communications Associate at the USGBC says, “a building should be holistically green not just focusing on one particular area.” The process measures various elements of green buildings. One must attain a certain number of points from the following categories: ties alike can employ LEED green building rating system. Regardless of building type, the benefits of green buildings are abundant. Economically speaking, a green building uses less because less is being spent in turn savings increase. Green buildings save 8-13% of operations and maintenance costs and utilize 2-30% less energy consumption and most of the buildings use 40% less water. These are not just one time costs; the savings occur throughout the life cycle of the building. Building sale prices for energy efficient buildings are as much as 10% higher per square foot than conventional buildings. Green building occupants are healthier and are said to be more productive.

It is often assumed, going green costs more money. In the case of green buildings, the up front costs are approximately 2% more, but results in savings of over 20% over the life cycle of the building. The return on investment will be ten-fold. Green buildings not only benefit our economy, but also our environment and community by enhancing Silver - Gold - Platinum the quality of air and water, protects biodiversity, There is no archetype of a LEED client. Various minimizing the strain on local infrastructures, and establishments that have undergone this rigorous improving occupant health and comfort. certification range from public property such as the Bronx Library in New York City (LEED Gold); It is feasible to convert later in the building proEducation based institutions like West Brazos Ju- cess. It is never too late to transform your buildnior High School in Brazoria, Texas (LEED Certi- ing to meet the LEED certification standards the fied); and even retail organizations such as Chipo- pros certainly outweigh the cons. tle in Gurnee Mills, IL (LEED Platinum). A rigorous process it is, but also one that ensures accuracy. Commercial and residential proper--By Chizzy Igbokwe

ReardonSmith Reveals Unique Subterranean

The proposed development, at Hersham Golf Club in Surrey, is within London’s Green Belt and the architects’ response to the area’s strict planning guidelines has been to place all 200 plus guest rooms underground around landscaped courtyards, leaving just one level of public areas at grade. The proposal is topped by a living green roof that mimics the undulating nature of the golf course and merges it into the surrounding landscape. In total, the ReardonSmith scheme represents in the region of one third less built-up hard surface than the existing club houses and car parking. Hersham Golf Club stands in an area of woodland and

“Our concept integrates hotel, spa and golf facilities into a single architecturally exciting and organic composition below and above ground,” explains Matthew Guy, ReardonSmith’s project designer. “The design fulfils the requirements of the brief for a bespoke five star hotel while returning hard standing to the Green Belt and improving the physical layout and visual attraction of the entire

All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

(London – 9 December 2009) A scheme for a unique, sustainable and innovative luxury hotel and spa, designed by international hotel and resort architects, ReardonSmith, has been revealed by public exhibition prior to the submission of a planning application in the new year.

the proposal respects and reflects this. Car parking, which is currently above ground, will be relocated underground. The existing golf clubhouse and car park will be demolished and replaced by a new clubhouse integrated within the hotel. A dedicated new access road, carefully woven into the landscape, will better manage the flow of traffic onto the site. The proposal also includes provision for extensive on-site re-vegetation and improvements to local public footpaths to further enhance the site.

Hotel Scheme for London’s Green Belt
site. It represents a commercially viable solution to developing in the Green Belt and is, we believe, a world-first.”

Roof Plan

The two underground levels of the hotel comprise three “rings” of guest rooms, each built around large 800m2 garden courtyards, allowing light to permeate the fully glazed façade. Public spaces, including high quality restaurants, will be contained within a single level at grade. Contouring mimicking the undulating nature of the course will conceal this level and merge it with the natural landscape. The entire development is set back from the local residential area and is positioned within an enclave of existing woodland in such a way that it is hidden from view for local residents. Carefully framed views from all the hotel’s public areas of the golf course and woodland will make for a unique dining, hotel and golf Notes club experience. The total area of the hotel and new golf club will be approximately 16,500 sq. metres. Reflecting on the implicit challenges of the brief, Patrick Reardon, executive chairman of ReardonSmith, says: “The question was how to design a hotel of significant size that would not disturb the Green Belt environment. In fact, our solution attempts not only to preserve the essence of Green Belt amenity but also to improve it by the removal of existing and highly visible buildings and hard standing parking zones. The process required to achieve this proposed hotel will be expensive. But, the client accepts this and is to be congratulated for his willingness to invest in a solution which clearly responds to environmental, as well as commercial, imperatives.” Both hotel and spa have been designed to minimise their carbon footprint by using combined heat and power generation, heat exchangers and ground source heat pumps together with grey water recycling and rain water harvesting. It is confidently anticipated that the building’s resource demands will be significantly reduced in comparison to conventional five star hotels. Mr. Cahit Atasoy, CEO of Arkin Group, the owner of Hersham Golf Club, says: “Our vision is to create a stunning boutique hotel and spa destination that will be truly unique and prestigious. It will blend into the natural woodland setting and enhance and increase the level of green landscape.”
ReardonSmith Architects ReardonSmith is Europe’s leading architectural practice specializing entirely in hotels and resorts. Its work encompasses the master planning and design of new destinations around the world as well as the restoration and refurbishment of iconic hotels and heritage buildings and the complete spectrum of new business and leisure hotels. Current projects include: The Savoy and The Four Seasons Park Lane, both in London; a new Four Seasons and a JW Marriott, both in Baku; Travelodges in London and Spain; Porto Montenegro; Estrela Santiago Resort, Cape Verde; and a new ski resort in Courcheval. For more information about ReardonSmith Architects, visit: www.reardonsmith. com

The Arkin Group The Arkin Group is a major player in the international leisure and gaming industry and undertook its first property development six years ago with the construction of the five star Colony Hotel in Northern Cyprus. Since then, the Group has gradually been building a land bank by acquiring prominent sites and properties with a view to expanding its development operation. The Arkin Group acquired Hersham Golf Club in 2008. For more information about this release, please contact: Gillian Cake or Su Pecha, ESP Business Development +44(0)208 374 6320/4476



uclear Power and Uranium View from Australia
By Erwin Kantor

The Suit interviewed Dr. Clarence Hardy and asked him his views on nuclear energy in general and Australia’s role in the world nuclear industry. See his responses to a series of questions below. Dr Hardy has had a distinguished career for over 30 years in senior positions in three well-known national nuclear laboratories at Harwell in the UK, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA and Lucas Heights in Australia where he was the Chief Scientist. He is currently the Secretary of the Australian Nuclear Association, and Immediate Past President of the Pacific Nuclear Council which represents over 60,000 nuclear professionals in 12 countries in the Pacific region. He is Managing Director of a consulting company in Sydney and a director of two other companies in the nuclear field. He is prominent in giving talks on nuclear matters to wide ranging audiences in Australia and overseas. Dr. Hardy has published two major books on nuclear energy Are the peaceful uses of nuclear energy increasing worldwide. Yes, the peaceful uses are increasing worldwide with the major increase being in China, Japan, Korea, India and Russia and moderate increases planned in the European Union, led by France, Finland and the UK. President Obama’s recent encouragement of the US nuclear new build by giving substantial loan guarantees will help the industry develop and the President said “This is just the beginning”. What role should nuclear power play in the
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world’s energy future. Nuclear power should play an increasing role in the world’s energy future since it is a mature, economic and safe technology for production of baseload electricity with very low emissions of greenhouse gases. It is increasing replacing fossil fuels in many countries. What are the current and future challenges of the use of nuclear energy and how will these shape the future growth. The current challenge is to build new nuclear power plants on time and on budget and to ensure that

they are built to the highest possible safety standards. The future challenges are to demonstrate that nuclear waste is minimized and can be disposed of safely and all suitable nuclear products are recycled, so that plutonium in spent fuel is used sustainably to produce electricity and any potentially long-lived waste is burned up to minimise its danger to future generations. Are nuclear power plants perfectly safe and how can the industry dispose of nuclear waste. No one can give an assurance that nuclear power plants are perfectly safe and no accidents will ever take place. Nuclear power plants are built to very high standards and closely monitored by regulatory bodies. The new generation of nuclear power plants being built have even higher standards of safety than previous generations as well as being hardened to withstand terrorist attacks by land or air or aircraft accidents.

benefits and risks of nuclear energy is essential starting in the schools. I spend a lot of time giving talks on these issues to a wide variety of audiences. What role will Australia’s uranium play in the next 10 years in the global market. Australia currently has the largest low cost uranium resources of any country (about 40%) and currently produces over 20% of world production with every indication that this production will increase considerably in the next 10 years. Therefore, Australia’s uranium will play a major role in the worldwide expansion of nuclear power and help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels.

When will Australia build nuclear power stations It is ironic that Australia, with the world’s largest uranium resources, has so far not built a nuclear power station. The main reason is simple to understand. Australia has very large resources of high quality coal located near All nuclear plant vendors and responsible govern- major cities on the east and south coasts and can ments are encouraging a high level of safety cul- produce base-load electricity at a cost which is well ture in operation of plants. below the cost estimated for nuclear power. HowThe generally accepted way to dispose of radioac- ever, no account is taken of the very large emistive waste safely is to encapsulate it in carefully sions of carbon dioxide and if a cost was placed by selected containers and bury it deep underground government on emissions from coal, then nuclear in stable geological formations. There is an in- power would become more attractive. Nuclear creasing movement away from a once-through or power is economic in comparison with coal, gas “throw away” fuel cycle and to reprocess spent fuel and renewable sources in many other countries to recover and re-use valuable materials. Unwant- and this in one reason why nuclear power is being ed long-lived fission products and transuranium expanded in those countries and well as because of elements can be burned up and thus reduce the its very low carbon emissions and greater energy volume and toxicity of the waste to be disposed of security. underground. Are there any public perceptions and mis- To contact the ANA Committee please email conceptions about the use of nuclear en- ergy. Yes, there are many public misconceptions about Our mail address is: the use of nuclear energy. Some of these are that it Australian Nuclear Association is not safe enough, costs too much, is a proliferaPO Box 85 tion risk and that the radioactive waste cannot be Peakhurst disposed of safely. All of these misconceptions can NSW 2210 be answered and better public education about the


In A Tough Economy New Technology is King
By Michael Gordon added, “for example, our trading markets are booming in tourism and shipping while the small businesses of this economy are absorbing the impact for the rest of us”. Dastgir said Bee Tech Inc. has been facing a number of new challenges. He said his company has had to revamp the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems service and maintenance, and the maintenance of manual toll systems. With these new challenges for the upcoming year, Bee Technologies has managed the toll system software and hardware, including turnkey products for network and database management. “We focus on the fundamental needs of our customers’ integrating toll and traffic system management with creative solutions and flexibility,” he said.
Greece Nemeseos 6, Metamorfosi Athens Ph: +30-210-9885201

ama Dastgir Chief Executive Officer of Bee Technologies (Bee Tech) S.A., in Athens Greece focuses particularly in the field of Intelligent Transport solutions (ITS). The firm’s niche market has drastically changed due to new business trends. “Our goal is to be number two since we have grown 20 percent up for the year from third place as rated in the industry.” Dastgir said during a recent interview in late November. “In fact, policies in Greece are rapidly changing and they are not business friendly,” he added. The company provides network solutions for highways, road tolling systems and operations; principally, in transport, infrastructure and system supply coordination. The projects include post offices, the ministry of defense, Athens International Airport as well as work with Pireaus Bank, Dastgir said. “Greece has not yet felt the financial impact as the rest of the world,” he


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Intelligent Solutions
By Eric Daniels Michael Burke is the brain trust behind his intelligence solutions business. And he believes that in the world of high-tech innovations, intelligent wireless broadband solutions have remained cutting edge over the years. He serves as the CEO of ThinKom Solutions, one of the leading providers of innovative highly-affordable compact antenna and product solutions for aeronautical, On-The-Move (OTM), and manportable applications. “These antennas are sleek, small and dynamic making it cost effective and affordable for executives,” explained Michael Burke, President of ThinKom Solutions, Inc. “We have created an innovative and unique design with capabilities in superior performance.” It was back in March of 2009 when ThinkKom introduced the world’s lowest-profile antenna technology for affordable Ku-Band Satellite Communications (SATCOM) On-The-Move (SOTM) integrated antenna systems at the Satellite 2009 Exhibition which was held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. ThinKom has been featured in Business Week and Entrepreneur Magazine. The firm has been rated number 253, as one of the fastest 500 growing companies in the United States. The company has made great strides in “developing and manufacturing antennas that offer airborne and mobile communications solutions for both commercial and military use.” According to Burke, “the antenna is capable of receiving internet connectivity throughout the continental United States and southern Canada. This technology can be used in the air, land and sea, with limited connectivity options.” Established in 2000, and headquartered in Torrance, California, the company employs 35 professional staff members. ThinKom has made an estimated $6 million annually. “The demand is there and we have an excellent product,” Burke said.

Thinkom Solutions, Inc. 20000 Mariner Ave. #500 Torrance, CA 90503 310-371-5486

By The Suit Staff Writer

The quest for solar power continues to thrive in the modern world, where technology and society are constantly advancing. The way we live our lives is affected in a subtle and significant way by the evolving technologies present. The future of alternative energy is relied heavily upon the natural resources that the earth provides. Civilization depends much on natural resources such as oil and coal in order to create the very energy to sustain humanity here on earth. The solution is to begin investing and exploring more about the use of wind, solar and hydro power. Solar power comes from a well known resource, the sun, that contains an infinite amount of energy. Solar, wind and Hydro power are the way of the future.

example countries such as Denmark or Germany, they extract 95 percent of energy from fossil fuels and 20 percent of their electricity comes from wind. Germany has constructed the largest solar park plant in the world, costing an estimated $48 million US dollars. Germany demonstrates new standards in costs-efficiency for solar power. Solar energy is at the cusp of a historic turning point. This is our wake up call because the future is closer than you could imagine. The worldwide community and its developments of electric-powered vehicles and other important solar energy breakthroughs in the solar industry are greater than ever.


All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

It would require a well devised, costly and timely There are numerous benefits that come from using economic plan to be used by the nation’s leaders solar power as compared to the use of oil and coal. in order to properly harness and distribute this Solar energy is a renewable resource, although energy accordingly throughout major cities across we cannot use the power of the sun at night or on the United States. Scientists, while considering stormy and cloudy days, we can certainly count on many obstacles, also find that they have to jump the sun being there the very next day. Solar cells other hurdles in implementing solar power. This are totally silent and while extracting energy from factor thus demands that we come to either one the sun they also help keep noise pollution down. of two solutions; a government sponsored plan to Solar energy is also a non-pollutant, this perhaps is install solar panels for all homes and businesses the most important aspect considering that when or an advertising campaign focused on turning a oil is burned it releases carbon dioxide, hazardous significant percent of energy used in the United States into solar energy. There are already heavy greenhouse gases and carcinogens into the air. amounts of advertising dollars that go into the This type of energy also eliminates the need for “green”, or environmentally friendly movement constant supervision and work. Energy is har- that strongly supports the construction of solar vested automatically and the home owners do not panels. A government plan would create a much operate these systems any more then they oper- better effect, but due to an increasingly volatile ate their oil, gas and/or electric heat. Solar panels political climate and down-turned economy, may also create new jobs for our economy. Thanks to not be as easy to accomplish. While it comes with tax credits and rebates people can now make in- its fair share of disadvantages, solar power is the expensive and simple decisions to use and install way of the future in the modern world. The future solar energy panels every day. With global warm- belongs to renewable energy and its reduction on ing on the rise, people are becoming environmen- pollution and the preservation of fossil fuels. tally conscious about the way they live. Take for

water is normally found in air and the airflow measurement doesn’t work right because the weight of the air becomes heavier, which translate into high airflow,” he added. Ypenburg studied in Holland. The Dutch native had the opportunity to work for Phillips, studying quality of components, in South Africa he had the opportunity to study wind flows inside cement chimneys 50 meters in diameter. “That’s when I learned about air flow, he said, ”I had the ability to play in wind tunnels and learn about airflow.” He adds, “Because wind and air is naked to the eye, which gave me the time to research and experiment with wind.” He said it took him a long time to understand how air flow current travel,” But I learned electronics and airflow dynamics in South Africa because you cannot ask many people for answers,” he said. Tests were completed in the CSIR wind tunnels and that Vortex Airflow Meters will now be sold to mining companies in CANADA.

By Eric Daniels

Frits Ypenburg, Owner of Safdy Systems Company, a South African based company specializing in underground airflow instruments particularly for the mining industry. “My instruments transform air speed to electrical currents, these mining companies use a telemetry system called SCADA which measures the standard output of airflow,” he said. Safdy was established in 1990, manufacturing the solid-state air flow systems used underground to help monitor ventilation for South African mines; which is so crucial for a healthy environment. SAFDY solid-state airflow sensors were originally designed for the South African diamond and coal mining industries. This underground instrument determines whether enough air flows through the ventilation systems, making it crucial for human life functionality. “What is very often used for airflow measurement underground is the so called anemometer,” he adds, “This principal is to heat the resistor by an electrical current and the airflow cools it down. The end temperature is than a measure for airflow,” Ypenburg said. This airflow theory is widely used in many of the mining systems in South Africa to determine air flow ventilation. “That there is a large draw back especially in coal mines, for instance


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-- J. Michael Gordon “Now I’m waiting six months to be paid for old work.” Manferdonia cut his teeth in the business and has come a long way, in the cost estimating industry. After college started working for an estimating firm and climbed through the ranks eventually finding his niche in the industry. Currently Manfredonia handles commercial, residential, institutional and specialty projects

illiam Manfredonia is the founder and President of Cost Calculations, Inc. A firm specializing particularly in construction, cost estimating, cost control, management, conceptual cost estimating and insurance just to name a few. He said, “The economy is tough, but the bubble had to burst.” Manfredonia has been burned in the cross fire of clients not being able to pay on time. His clients have been put on a payment plan, he said,


All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.


William Manfredonia

Cost Calculations, Inc.
such as, Diesel Construction, Morris Park Contracting, Jeffery Brown Inc., A.J. Contracting and York Hunter just to name a few. Sitting at the helm for over 47 years, he said, “I’m a man who wears many hats,” he adds, “I know the inn’s and out’s about general construction, carpentry, drywall, acoustical ceilings and EIFS.” He serves as a cost consultant for the New York State Department of Economic Development and as an arbitrator in construction and insurance cases. He has also served as an expert witness for the federal government in construction fraud cases. Manfredonia said from his New Jersey business office, “We perform estimates for many insurance companies such as AIG, State Farm, Travelers and Prudential. Currently he is working on a 232 million dollar undisclosed project in New Jersey for 2010.

“We are experienced in all construction projects.”

By Michael Gordon Naseer Ahmed serves as the Managing Director of 4PAL Ltd, a retail products and pharmaceutical company. Established in 2003 and headquartered in London, the company has maintained strong ties in the Middle East and is currently planning to expand not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the financial, banking and legal industry as well as the investment holding sectors. With strong focuses on property investments and development particularly in the Middle East, 4PAL is on the forefront for innovation and growth in the international arena. Ahmed explains, that it is very important to seek out new acquisitions on a global basis. Recently having accepted a personal invitation of membership with the Institute of Directors (IOD) based in Pall Mall, London, he will now have the opportunity to network and forge strong alliances with a myriad of world renowned conglomerates such as those listed on the FTSE 100 and its equivalents globally. “I have been able to successfully fullfill my position even while simultaneously serving as an Investment Advisor with the Kingdom Holdings,” Ahmed said. A position which he began in 2008 and still currently holds. The Kingdom Ahmed plays a key role in the business plan de- Holdings is a prestigious multi faceted investment velopment of the company for the long term and company with substantial holdings in all sectors, future of the organization. Ahmed said, “I fulfil ranging from finance to media. As an investment a motivational role, I motivate and mentor mem- Advisor he focuses on a core strategy through bers of the management team.” Ahmed leads the growth and research in investing in high perforcompany and strives to develop a positive corpo- mance companies and extracting value from unrate culture and setting. He oversees all of the re- dervalued and under performing Assets. sources making sure that the company continues to maintain growth and profitability. He said, “I Ahmed takes time out of his day to work as a also oversee all company affairs, which include consultant for Chiltern Group, a civil engineering proper audit procedures, making sure the com- company where he specializes in accounting serpany doesn’t break any trade embargoes and deals vices to a broad range of companies. His current with the legalities of goods and services.” goals include taking his career to a new level in


All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

the international arena where he would spend far more time travelling and connecting with other key companies with which he can establish mutually beneficial partnerships. Highly satisfied with his position, Ahmed is looking ahead to the future growth of the company and new business challenges in 2010. Ahmed’s future plans include searching for other companies which will share synergy and who will collaborate with 4Pal, Ltd, with efforts to expand both nationally and internationally. His next imminent steps are to pursue dynamic avenues of growth and development in the area of Banking and Finance on a global turf. He credits his success thus far to his extraordinary ability to network and connect well with others, as well as his hard work and dedication over the years.
The Suit: Are you optimistic about the economy? Ahmed: The economy has been through quite the down fall, due to over leveraged financial institutions together with bad leadership. Businesses and people have suffered greatly from an employment and monetary perspective to state the least, which in turn has affected people on a massive level as the economies of scale shift. People assume the worst is over. Is it..? Well, different policies relevant to different countries around the world are brought about into action relative to the individual statistics of that country in aid to taking it out of ‘recession’. I believe its not something that will recover over night; as time and patience will be the key to bringing about opportunity for new entrepreneurs through good genuine leaders in the business world who can set the stage for a brighter and more solid future. The Suit: What is your vision on the new green age? Ahmed: We now know that what we’ve done over the past 100 years has caused an astonishing amount of damage to the world. It can be believed that we did not know any better, but now we do, and it poses a climatic problem to say the least. There are certain things we know will occur in the next 30 to 50 years. So we have to start acting now. Every marathon begins with a first step. From the likes of the west where extreme efforts are being made upon bringing about polices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by the year 2020, a reduction in the carbon content of transportation fuels, to the east where, the building of ‘Masdar’, a city being built by Abu Dhabi with zero waste and zero carbon ecology. Whereby residential homes, shops and businesses will be built and connected through capsule shaped pods made from recycled concrete, steel and aluminium, in

which all waste will be converted into energy and trees being watered by treatment plants. Alongside the worlds largest hydrogen plant. The vision is to play an active part in bringing about synergy in the different types of businesses on all continents to collaborate their expertise and visions to help restore and build a new infrastructure which will allow for an energy efficient way of living. By implementing the above I believe together a greener future is achievable. The Suit: How does the new green age affect both your business and your clients? Ahmed: More often than not when people talk about green. The concept of money collides with the issue. As the cost factor is inevitably an underlining issue affecting most people in becoming more green. The green age doesn’t really affect the business or the clientele of such on an immediate basis, but is encouraged within and all the businesses it collaborates with in order to see the bigger picture, in aid of a cleaner and healthier way of life.

Naseer Ahmed 37 Warren Street London, W1 6AD United Kingdom Tel:+44 2085250214 Email:


CASL™ designation, which takes roughly 18 months to complete, has enabled Rosemary to provide even more client-centric services to her mature clientele. These services include age-based investment strategies, untangling the complexities of longWith a genuine interest in term and health care insurance, spreading financial literacy to understanding and streamlinconsumers, she regularly hosts ing the full range of older client educational seminars for pre-re- needs, and navigating the intritirees and retirees at local librar- cacies of estate planning. ies, churches, and senior citizen clubs in and around the Bucks “One of the biggest reasons for County area, and she is sought our success is that we take the after by local media as a leading time to make our clients ‘eduexpert in the financial industry. cated consumers,” says CaligiAmidst her busy work sched- uri. “I teach our clients instead ule, you can find Rosemary on of talking at them, and when you the airwaves hosting her weekly educate a customer first, they radio show – “Financial Issues feel comfortable with their un& Answers” – which focuses on derstanding of their options, and consumer education and perti- in my opinion, there’s no better nent financial issues in today’s way to do business.” economy. Her show is broadcast Rosemary has earned the Elite every Tuesday morning at 9:30 IRA Advisor designation from a.m. on WBCB 1490 AM, and lis- Ed Slott & Company – one of the teners can also access the show nation’s foremost IRA experts. live through the Harvest Group Slott is host of the Public Teleweb site at www.harvestgroupfi- vision Special “Stay Rich For & Ever with Ed Slott” viewed by millions of Americans, and his Rosemary has earned the Char- Elite Advisors are kept abreast tered Advisor for Senior Living of the very latest tax law changes (CASL™) designation through concerning IRAs, 401(k)s, and the American College of Finan- other retirement accounts. cial Planning. The esteemed tation for excellence in her industry. For the past 12 years, in addition to advising thousands of valued clients, she has been a national speaker conducting various educational programs for other financial professionals.


She may not have entered the financial services industry the way many advisors did, but that’s exactly how Rosemary Caligiuri’s clients would distinguish her from other advisors they’ve worked with – “Rosemary’s completely different.” After graduating with honors from Adelphi College, Rosemary spent the next 10 years living out a childhood dream in the medical field as a nurse, caring for the physical needs of her patients. When her entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to move on, she set out to care for people in another way – by helping them meet their financial health needs. Rosemary subsequently formed Harvest Group Financial Services – an award-winning, comprehensive financial services based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Rosemary has earned a repu32 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE

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Madeline C. Gerwick Contact: 877-524-8300 Madeline C. Gerwick is an internationally recognized and certified astrologer, specializing in business and personal astrology. She has a BA degree with honors in economics, many years in industrial sales and marketing, and she’s listed in several Who’s Who books, including Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in America. Her unique combination of credentials makes her an in-demand speaker regarding economic conditions and business trends. She consults with individuals and businesses of all sizes to guide them to higher levels of prosperity by working in harmony with the Universe. Ms. Gerwick is heard weekly on The Dr. Pat Show on broadcast and internet radio. She writes a column for Promise Magazine and she annually writes The Good Timing Guide and Newsletters. Her 30+ years of astrological experience and study enable her to provide in-depth, multi-dimensional insights and analysis. She also teaches prosperity training, Eight Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business, so businesses and individuals can learn new ways to attract money, sales, and abundance. While working in business, she observed the synchronicity of astrological cycles associated with sales, project development, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, legal issues, travel, contracts, and more. Her combined experience in both astrology and business led to the development of this Guide, with the aim of providing better productivity for all types of businesses. Hundreds of new companies have used her highly successful dates and times to start, ensuring high growth and strong finances. She has also provided many good dates and times for contract signings, product introductions, new hires, facility changes, legal actions, web site launches, and many other important business activities. Ms. Gerwick co-authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology, and The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Horoscopes, both published by Alpha Books, a division of Penguin Group Inc. She recently joined well-known authors Steven Covey, Tom Peters, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Thomas Moore, Scott Peck, Robert Kiyosaki and many more as contributing authors to the new business anthology, Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence in the Workplace. This book is available through the Polaris store and in major bookstores and sites. She has served on two Boards of the Washington State Astrological Association and is a past member of the Board of Trustees for the Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. She’s a member of the International Society of Business Astrologers and the International Society of Astrological Research. She co-founded Polaris Business Guides LLC, originally Astro Cycles Consulting in 1995.

“When workplaces become “work-tribes” that create nourishment for life and we learn how to partner with the Universe, our creativity and productivity will accelerate exponentially, and we’ll all live in a truly abundant Universe.” — Madeline Gerwick


-- J. Michael Gordon

Mr. Houck related that the recent high profile Ponzi schemes have crystallized the truth of his fundamental beliefs: “every matter requires foreknowledge” and “knowledge is never too dear”. The tentacles of fraud have indiscriminately targeted individuals, businesses, banks and even state governments. This has changed the trusting environment wherein only corporations conduct due diligence. Clients are now more prudent, wanting their own due diligence – a second opinion, if you will. Mr. Houck relates the most frequent regret expressed by his clients is, “I wish I knew about your services earlier.” Often, the client’s dilemma

He has travelled globally on business, is an avid reader, enjoys athletic fitness, is a government and believes the key to happiness is discipline.

10151 University Blvd, Suite 178 Orlando, FL 32817-1904 800-677-3307

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Harold H. Houck , President of Houck & Associates, Inc. provides corporate troubleshooting services and asset assessment on a global basis. His firm counters or resolves issues concerning embezzlement, fraud and corporate espionage. The firm’s success in international financial research and creative problem solving has earned Mr. Houck his unique reputation.

was entirely preventable through competent research prior to investment. Mr. Houck suggests in considering financial research, avoid anonymous entities, check for licensor and status, ask for a contract, and finally, meet the responsible person if possible. That person should be able to knowledgeably answer your prepared questions. Houck & Associates has provided an amalgamation of services to a variety of clients. Cases have ranged from the exotic such the currency crisis in Venezuela, or tracking priceless artwork, to more ordinary such as a short term con or a contentious divorce. This is what Mr. Houck expresses he likes most about his business – ever changing challenges. Mr. Houck came to understand the need for his particular niche while serving in naval intelligence and working for the FDIC and the FSLIC during the 1980’s banking crisis.

Dynamic Financial Consulting
-- Gary Stevens Managing Partner Pascal Vieilledente, as a principal in the dynamic financial consulting company, Eurohold, has been able to steer his firm through the troubled waters of our recent economic turbulence. His foresight has enabled Eurohold to continue to make deals throughout the crisis; the performance of Eurohold serves as a lesson to other financial professionals and serves as a reason for potential partners and clients to do business with Eurohold. As opposed to many financial consulting firms, the future looks bright for Eurohold, in no small part due to the diligence of Pascal and his partners. “Eurohold was established in 1989 with its headquarters in Spain and does extensive business throughout the country,” he adds, “But over the past twenty years I have helped Eurohold to develop a network of business partners that places the company at the hub of financial activity in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and Germany,” Vieilledente said. With large clients such as Madaus, Kerry, Aegon and Indra, Eurohold’s key to success has been the ability to maintain long-term relationships with quality firms in key sectors of international business. Those sectors include: Information technology and telecommunications, Pharmacy and Health, Food & Beverage, Distribution, Business to Business services, Retail, Transport and Logistics, as well as the rapidly growing area of Environmental technology and consultation. The primary focus of Eurohold’s business compass points in two directions: Mergers & Acquisitions, and Strategy Consultancy. Currently, Eurohold is one of the most active Mergers & Acquisitions companies in Spain. And that portion of the business has been a key to their success over the past eighteen months, when world financial markets have constricted and deals have been harder to make. Vieilledente, on the other hand, was able to complete ten deals in the fiscal year of 2009. That is an incredible rate of success given the economic environment. The reason Eurhohold was able to have that success is a testament to the insight and adaptability of Pascal and his partners. Instead of looking for mega-deals, Pascal instead concentrated on making smaller deals that were highly leveraged. That enabled him to put together financing, with smaller capital requirements, while still providing the potential for large gains. Primarily using their own capital Pascal and his partners were able to cope with the recent general down-turn in financial activity and create a very positive and profitable economic investment model. Vieilledente said, “I am optimistic about the future, both for Eurohold and the world economy.” He sees the current problems as a short-term anomaly in another-wise growing world market. With leadership that is able to discern profitable pathways in today’s financial markets, Eurohold is poised to become an even larger player in the business of international trade and finance in the future. Pascal Vieilledente’s business acumen and his ability to maintain trusting and profitable long-term relationships with his clients, large and small, is a big reason why Eurohold has enjoyed so much success.


Dean Briggs President & CEO Briggs Engineering Inc. -- J. Michael Gordon Dean Briggs has an uncanny way of running his engineering company. But, one thing is for certain: he garners big results and big returns as an entrepreneur on the rise. In fact, Briggs Engineering Inc. operates a boutique company providing a full-range consulting services in urban and land-use, said Briggs during an early morning interview, ensconced in his office. “My father influenced me greatly in my engineering career,” he said. The company offers comprehensive services which include the preliminary investigations, reports, studies, and the preparation of design drawings and specifications. They consistently provide professional project management tailored to their clients’ specific concerns. Briggs said his father schooled him well in finer points of “drafting, printing, and I even worked with a survey crew,” he added. Briggs noted that BEI Inc. included preliminary investigations,

Briggs said his projects includes in all types of terrain, scale, land uses and jurisdictions for both private and governmental section clients.” “BEI’s highly trained survey department,” Briggs noted, “he has extensive experience in performing with various boundaries, topographical surveys for residential and commercial subdivisions developers, government agencies, and private individuals and organizations. One survey team uses CAD-based staky plans and produces electronic coordinate files that can be easily loaded into the data collectors, for the total station units and FPS receivers, for our field crews,” he said.

All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

reports, studies, and drawing-out designs. He said his projects are modified to clients’s specific concerns. “We are dedicated to performing the best work possible – for our clients and for our organization!” he said. “After all, we are in the business of building dreams!”

Just Bucket Excavating, Inc.

-- Eric Daniels For more than twenty -years, Willie Davis Jr., has literally worked in the trenches, hauling waste by the ton, earning a decent buck. As President of Just Bucket Excavating, Inc. said his company uses state-of-the-art equipment. “Just Bucket Excavating, Inc. is involved in many aspects of excavating construction, including but not limited to, earth moving, culvert replacement, ecosystem restoration, and paving,” He said. Davis said he “retains overall responsibility for all facets of the company’s administrative functions.” As a business professional, he manages business negotiations, handles contracts and requisitions, and organizes marketing and strategic planning initiatives. Davis said he’s dedicated to the growth and development of the company. Davis is hopeful that President Barack Obama’s health plan will change the way small business owners look at health benefits for employees. “As an African American contractor there is serious debate on the insurance and health care system in this nation,” Davis said.


-- Eric Daniels

Lall and Company Ltd. has established a dynamic and diverse team of thirty-five (35) members of staff, inclusive of two (2) Customs Brokers and one (1) Grade III Customs Clerk, who are highly trained professionals committed to delivering efficient and quality service.
Percy Lall, Owner and President of Freight Forwarding Brokers are no stranger to international services, operating his business with family. Based out of Trinidad & Tobago, the company offers a full range of services. however we are stilling managing to run the business with a positive future on growth.”

The company depends on the work of other companies both private and individual on the importing and exporting of goods and services. He claims, that the countries values have fallen substantially with clients importing and exporting less then what they are accustom to do over the years. Lall states, “income has fallen and continues to fall,

“We are stilling managing to keep aboard despite of the up’s and down’s in this volatile economy.” The Freight forwarding Service Company will continue to do well and are keeping up with the demands in the market. Lall expresses with confidence, “the business is moving forward, we are still managing to keep alive in this economic fallout.”

“Quality service never goes out of style!”

All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Freight Forwarding Brokers has not made any major changes since the downturn and still maintains a full staff, unlike other companies who have had Grossing an estimated annual major layoffs and cut-backs over net income of 1.8 million dollars the last year. Lall says, “We are annually, Lall says, “Business has doing well enough to weather dropped a little due to this eco- the storm,” sitting at the helm. nomic down turn; but as a cus- He states, “Keeping clients sattom brokerage service we depend isfied is hard work, but my famupon the importers and export- ily has assisted in the day to day ers in the industry to stay in busi- operations to make things easier ness.” He comments, “This means on me.” Lall has one son and over the next couple of months two daughters who are currently our income depends largely employed by the company, “we on the amount of work we do.” are a big family.” he chuckles.


Colin M. Cameron Attorney at Law, ESQ PA

A True Gator
-- J. Michael Gordon Colin Cameron is a practicing general lawyer in the greater area of Okeechobee, Florida. He said, “My grandfather was a judge and my father was a lawyer, so I followed in their footsteps.” Cameron has been in the business for thirty years now. This upside-down economy is creating entrepreneurial opportunities, so long as you can deal with a situation about as stable as the stock market. Even in finance, confidence and risk tolerance are on the rise. Cameron said, “There is serious debate about the insurance and health care crisis, although I’m, optimistic like the rest of us,” he chuckles, “My clients are struggling to pay me even though they are on a payment plan with me.” Cameron specializes particularly in property, probate and divorce law. Since 1979 he has been a member of the Masons and Old Fellows Association as well as member of the 5th and 11th circuit court of appeals. Cameron achieved his Jurist Doctorate from the University of Florida in 1978.


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Kaleh Mana enterprises

Entrepreneurs tend to spot opportunity where others see dead ends. One such person is Mohammed Dantata Ndus. Upon completing his studies (he holds a post-graduate degree in Financial Management from the University of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and an M.B.A. from the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria), Mohammed found opportunity in the area of government policy, developing experience in that field over the course of thirteen years. Dr. Ahmad Tabassi, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Persia Petroleum In March 2006, he established Kaleh Mana Enterpris- Services, has cornered the international es in 2006, and has been serving as Director ever since. market, particularly, in the oil and gas Today, the company is a specialized consultan- industries. Persia Petroleum Services cy firm for governmental policies and programs provides a range of “upstream services with an estimated $10 billion in annual revenues. to international oil and gas companies”, Located in Gomba Nigeria, the firm also offers local Tabassi said. The company’s primary and national government ministries financial manage- goal has been to invest and support “Irament advice in such areas as communications, agricul- nian companies which provide equipment ture, banking and finance, as well as expertise in gov- and services to the Petroleum industry in ernment relations, policy, opinion research, strategic Iran”, he said recently from his office in corporate communications, organizational development Australia. and procurement to Nigeria with international clients. PPS has five subsidiaries in Iran. The company focuses on seismic acquisition, drilling, geological and geophysical project management, procurement and supplies. Tabassi provides strategic leadership and guidance while at the same time, setting the tone on the day-to-day operations of We offer total project management and develop- the business. PPS works closely with the ment that will see you through the entire planning, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). design and construction phases. This will preserve Tabassi has been in the oil industry for the integrity of your needs throughout the process. over twenty years. He was the co-founder of RBT Petroleum Associates in 1995, a Your project will come in at the right price, be- project management company, which he cause of our strong networks and strategic allianc- later sold to a United Kingdom firm. es allow us to put the right people on your project. We'll evaluate lean construction and design management techniques to better address your needs without over building, over budgeting or over extending your team. Implement sustainable concepts to facilitate both initial and long-term savings for you while fostering a cleaner – greener tomorrow. 1615 West Shore Drive Delafield, WI 53018 Phone: 262.244.7272 In 1976, Tabassi left Iran before the 1979 revolution, after graduating from Isfahan University, and later moved to Australia in 1981. In 1996, he returned to Iran. Tabassi has a Ph.D in Exploration Geology from Leeds University. He’s also a former Federal President of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia. “I am an entrepreneurial geologist”, he said. “I travel to many countries; it is demanding work – but very rewarding”.

Dr. Ahmad Tabassi Seasoned Petroleum Executive

Veteran Shooter and Professional Photographer

-- J. Michael Gordon Bill Barley carries a Nikon around his neck as a professional photographer. He’s taken over 5,000 rolls of film as a veteran shooter, capturing gritty images for Life Magazine, and countless others, during the 1960s, when New York had more newspapers than candy stores. “That’s when the newspaper industry was booming and I made more money than ever before,” he said. “I miss those days.” The veteran shooter said he’s walked the streets of New York as photojournalist. He worked with several news outfits in his time, including the New York Times, several tabloids, and a small stint with UPI. “It was John Dusniak, the Photo Editor, who virtually extended my freelance contract for more than a year. That’s was a nice run,” Barley said with a chuckle. Today, as chief photographer of Bill Barley & Associates, a company he founded in 1966, he specializes in commercial and industrial photography. He provides “full-service cinematography,” including advisements, lighting, and state-of-the-art camera equipment. Barley handles corporate accounts, including special catalogs for small and mid-size companies. Barley is even proficient with a computer and handles graphic design assignments. “I’ve been doing graphic design for a long time now,” he said.

The history of Photojournalism is very interesting. According to the Rochester institute of Technology, “Photojournalism is the visual reporting of news for publication in newspapers and magazines,” they served as the eyes and ears, as true eyewitness and observer of history. In the old days, “most photojournalists were not collegeeducated. They became photojournalists by working an apprenticeship system. First, they worked as lab technicians in a newspaper’s darkroom and then being promoted to shooter.” “That was the general rule,” Barley said, “photojournalists back in those days were not college educated.” For years, many photojournalists worked in an apprentice system. They labored long hours in the smelly dark rooms of newspapers across the country, before being promoted to “shooter.” They later earned the nickname “writers with the light,” because many of their photographs reported the news visually. As it turns out, photojournalists were the great adventurers and interpreters of history. That’s why Barley is honored to be called a veteran shooter of his era. “I captured a lot of photos in my time,” he said with slight guffaw. “I did a lot of good photography.”
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Jimmie R. Phillips President/Owner Washington Acoustics
-- Gary Stevens Right out of high school Jimmie Phillips operated a forklift. Thanks to his family, they cut their teeth in the construction business. Washington Acoustics is a 3rd generation construction business which specializes particularly in home & business services. As a general contractor Phillips handles acoustical services, ceilings, drywall as well as home remodeling and businesses interior improvements. Phillips offers acoustic ceiling installation and interior finishes inhibiting surface growth of mold and mildew. These materials used in wall and ceiling insulation provide excellent sound absorption. He said, “The economy can be challenging,” he adds, “people are not spending money.” The struggle continues……

-- J. Michael Gordon

A Golden Opportunity in The Sign business Alan A. Bartizal, a second-generation entrepreneur, who’s cut his teeth, watching his father runs the business, he said. He said he admires his fathers’ business acumen. “It’s my dad’s work ethic that has carried me through the rough times as a business owner,” Bartizal said. Bartizal has worked hard since 1969, virtually building a strong reputation as “The premier manufacturer of electrical signs in the San Francisco Bay area.” He believes his success has been based on “Familybred ethics, fair dealings and technical know-how.” The Oakland based company has grown and evolved into what has become the Golden Gate Sign Company. As a family business, Barizal said, “We understand the consumers and utilize our many years of knowledge and experiences to provide high quality products and affordable pricing.” For more then 40 years, Barizal said, “we have been providing outstanding services as we continue to build our reputation and are looking toward the future as an integral part of the Sign industry.” Bartizal said, “He’s learned a valuable lesson in business: To respect three elders, who came before you. “My father taught me everything I know today. That stays with you for life.”
Golden Gate Sign Company, Inc. 1455 Third Street San Francisco, CA 94107 510.336.3838

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Paul Dwyer Owner Dwyer Milk Transport Thanks Obama, For High Fuel Costs in Milk Transport
-- Erwin Kantor CEO Paul Dwyer and his Partner as acting Board Member and Secretary of treasure have owned Dwyer Milk Transport, since the 1990’s. Located in Tomah, Wisconsin the company operates three 5,800-gallon milk trucks, servicing over 40 different farms across Wisconsin. “We’re experiencing high fuel costs and the price of new equipment has gone up, affecting our operating cost, impacting our bottom line,” Dwyer said. sion standards.” Over the last year there have been high demands for new diesel engines. The prices of diesel engines have gone up from roughly $17,000 to $40,000 US dollars in the course of a year and the Dwyer Milk Transport Company lost 60% of its business in less than two years. Trucking companies are now restricted to three manufactures that produce diesel engines, such as Detroit/Mercedes, Volvo, and Comon’s. “These companies are all in cahoots Due to the economic down turn the lo- together.” He said. cal government imposed new user fees on The government has been placing new regtrucking, transporting and truck drivers ulations on the transport industry, by inindividually. The economy has a got good creasing costs and adding new user fees, grip on Dwyer Milk Transport, “We lost a which has directly affected out of pocket big account, along with three milk trucks.” expense for small businesses. “The forDwyer said. “Surely the economy will re- eign companies own the markets and their bound like in a year and a half,” he adds. crushing American businesses,” Dwyer He feels that president Barack Obama has said. spent way too much time on the health care bill and bank-bail-outs. “We are still standing around wondering what happened with our hands in our pockets.” He said, “Obama gave out tons of money to big banks and insurance companies instead of helping us, the people” “We opened our doors in 1990 and this year marks our 21st year in business.” He said, “Me and my wife started the business together.” The Dwyer family originally owned a dairy farm in 1986, and bought the milk transport company in the spring of 1990, after selling their farm. He said the “We are for the new green movement and company plans to expand into areas such its environmental importance,” he adds, as construction and excavation. “We are adapting to the new laws on emis-

Marketing comes first…Sales comes second.
David Saxby Business Innovation Professional Founder Spark Communications Inc. David Saxby, President of Spark Communications Inc. is an international speaker and trainer and a sales and marketing consultant with over 30 years experience. David’s first company grew from one man to a full service advertising agency in less than two years. He followed that success with a company he nurtured through a major recession and grew into one of Western Canada’s leading marketing communication firms. David delivers thoughtprovoking and inspiring presentations that provide insight into how individuals, teams and organizations can ignite innovation and achieve unparalleled success in their marketplace. He combines hard-learned lessons from his experiences in the marketing and advertising world with his deep knowledge-base as a visionary business leader. David knows how to connect with audiences. He inspires, motivates and challenges people to look beyond the status quo and to seek answers outside their comfort zones. As a consultant David facilitates the innovation process by helping clients discover their unique talents and business value. E-mail:

He shows them how to find creative solutions, and to identify new sources of business through utilizing innovative marketing and sales approaches. He has worked with a wide range of industries including: beverage and liquor, communications, land development, real estate and construction, media and marketing, education, professional services (legal, medical, financial) as well as the small business sectors. David is the co-author of two books:
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1. Customer Service Goldmine 2. Sales Gurus Speak Out

Barbara Williams No Obstacle Too Great to Overcome
--By Gary Stevens With her heart seeking a connection to others, with her mind searching for a better way to accomplish whatever task is put before her, Barbara Williams has displayed an attitude towards life that most of us can only hope to embody. In 2007 Williams had her left leg amputated below the knee. Despite a multitude of possible scapegoats, she chose not to look for someone to blame, instead opting to go on with her life in the only way she knew how, with positivity, perseverance and perpetual activity. That perspective has enabled Williams to make innovative and lasting contributions throughout her life. ting. And it was here that Williams realized, as she put it, that “I was born to teach.” As a result of the success of that program, which reliably increased the productivity and accuracy of its pupils, she was then given the task of supervising the entire midAtlantic region for ARA Services. Stretching from Virginia to New Jersey, that region encompassed many hospitals and hundreds of employees, with the task of managing and administering all of the employees involved.

In 1985 Williams career took another turn when she returned to the clinical arena. She was given the responsibilities of executive dietician for the Initially, Williams professional career was fash- north-Atlantic region, spanning Maine to New ioned by the degree she earned at Wayne State Jersey. Her duties involved the supervision of University in 1968. Majoring in dietetics, she was clinical dieticians in all of the major hospitals. soon working as a dietician intern at Metropolitan She soon realized that there were no standards Hospital, the first unionized hospital in the United governing the evaluation of clinical dieticians’ acStates. After a short stint at Metropolitan, she, al- tivities from hospital to hospital. As a result, hosways looking to be at the center of activity, gravi- pitals were not living up to the standards set by tated to what she calls the “medical Mecca of the both the states involved, and the JCAHO, the Joint world”, Philadelphia, landing a post at the pres- Commission on Hospital Accreditation. Williams tigious University of Pennsylvania Hospital, in said, “I developed a peer review program wherein the Presbyterian Division. There, she honed her dieticians between different hospitals were able to skills, taking on the responsibilities of a clinical di- monitor one another.” Her system introduced a etician. However, it was in a future position where structure and objectivity into the process of evalWilliams first displayed the combination of talents uating clinical dieticians through standardized that make her so unique. forms and procedures. All of the hospitals which After working as an assistant food service director have put her system into practice have since been for a short time Williams was promoted to district able to meet the standards set by their state and by supervising dietician at ARA Services. During that the JCAHO. The peer review program Williams time she realized that the food service technicians developed in 1985 has been so successful that it is under her direction lacked the proper training to still in use today. carry out their duties as effectively as she thought Empathy, reliability, communication and innovapossible. It was here that she put both her com- tion has hallmarked Williams professional career. munications skills and her analytic skills to work, Unfortunately, she has not been treated with the by developing a training program for food service same level of professionalism by the medical pertechnicians that replicated a formal classroom set- sonnel who have handled her own care.


ods as the tests change from year to year. She is committed to providing her clients with effective test training skills at an affordable cost. ETM increases test scores, study and study skills. The program helps students to familiarize both content and formats of the SAT and ACT exams. The program is designed to give them 27 hours of classroom instruction and practice tests with exercises to do both in class and at home. ETM also provides students with test-taking strategies and guessing techniques. This confidence gives them a competitive edge for college admissions and increases their chances for an academic scholarship. Budinger said, “These practices help to relieve test anxiety.” The testing methods used have exceptionally high passing records for qualifying athletes nationally for the N.C.A.A. requirements. Test scores have gone up by 20 to 30 points on average on the SAT and a 3 to 5 point average on the ACT exams. ETM formats are perfectly suited for classrooms, teachers, tutoring businesses and private sessions as well. We recognize the fact that many of the same concepts are being tested. ETM addresses the uniqueness of each test. This dual approach is extremely important because colleges today will accept either test. • ETM has a Flexible Format: Classes can be taken once a week for three hours, or 1 1/2 hours twice a week in a span of 9 weeks. It can be inAll other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Barbara Budinger is President of Educational Testing Methods, Inc., a test preparation program geared towards thousands of students across the country. ETM has been a leader in test preparation, always the first to have current materials and information. Established in Springfield, Illinois in 1979 and started nationally marketing their program in 1983. Budinger said, “We had to cut down our fees’ to make it more affordable for my clients.” She has extensive experience in education, high school counseling, and career development counseling. As and author and teacher, she knows what it’s like to take exams under pressure. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. degree in education and earned her Master’s of Education degree at the Boston College where focusing in counseling psychology. She has extensive experience in education, high school counseling, and career development counseling. Barbara has designed a training program that caters to both the SAT and ACT formats. It involves an extensive work book with program materials that prepare the student for all aspects of the testing process. She has personally visited students and their families in all parts of the country, from California to Florida. She has developed a unique program which can maximize a student’s score for both the AST and act continually updating her work book, and her training meth48 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE

corporated into the curriculum as a 6 or a 9 week daily course, one period a day. ETM can fit into your particular design and needs. • ETM Teachers are Imparting the Same Information: ETM's manual for the teacher is written in a "Do - Say" format much like a script. The teacher's preparation time is kept to a minimum. • ETM helps meet NCAA Requirements:The Federal Trade Commission of Boston says coaching courses are only effective and make a significant difference if they are 20 or more hours in duration. • ETM is a Totally Comprehensive Program: Each session contains 1 1/2 hours of verbal review and 1 1/2 hours of math review. Interspersed in the program are many test-taking techniques and exercises to help the students to become "testwise." It is an academic approach to testing as well as skillful training in "techniques." • ETM's Program is Implemented by a Teacher in a Classroom: Students need direction and respond most favorably to a teacher-related, structured course. ETM recognizes computer programs only as good supplemental material. • ETM is Exclusive: The student workbooks are only available through ETM and cannot be purchased in bookstores. Owning your own business - and succeeding at it - has never been quite this simple. Educational Testing Methods, Inc. of Springfield, Illinois -- the creator of the most comprehensive review course for college entrance exams --now offers the course as a business opportunity for individuals just like you. By offering the course to students in your community, you'll be providing a valuable service while making substantial income. It really is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Make an investment: After making your initial investment to purchase the ETM program for your area, you'll soon be making an investment into the lives of your students. The cost of the program includes a detailed, step-by step educator's Manuel complete with "script" and overheads, plus a supply of student workbooks for your first class. 2. Make a difference: The ETM program has a successful track record nationally. Eighty percent of ETM students raise their test scores by an average of 120-150 points on the SAT and 3-5 points on the ACT. The Federal Trade Commission of Boston has said coaching courses are only effective if they are 20 or more hours of duration. With the ETM course, students receive nearly 60 hours of preparation. 3. Make a living: By purchasing the ETM program for your area, you become an independent business owner. You'll determine your own hours and fees, even your marketing and advertising strategies. Many ETM business owners only work at the business part-time, yet earn full-time income.


Terry Dowel CEO Natures Organics Pty, Ltd.
-- J. Michael Gordon Terry Dowel grew up on a rural dairy farm in Victoria -- the second largest state in Australia. He later moved to New South Wales to a sheep farm across the border. During his high school years, Dowel and his brother Colin trained 6-10 miles every week for the regional inter school sports Championship finals. Dowel won the 100 yard and 220 yard sprints as well as the high jump. They were chosen to compete in the NSW Junior Athletics State Championships in Sydney in 1957. The way Dowel entered the corporate world – at first – seemed tragic. It was in the late 1950s, and Dowel was involved in a motorcycle accident, suffering severe head injuries. Dowel overcame his tragic fall from his bike, and healed himself holistically, and eventually formed his own company – Nature’s

Organic, Pty, Ltd. Dowel admits that his “natural foods and holistic remedies,” have turned a profit while also serving as principal products of the “Green Revolution.” He worked in Melbourne as a chemist’s assistant with a cosmetic company. He took a liking for machinery quickly and was promoted to Production Manager. When the company was closed and sold to the Drug Houses of Australia, Dowel was retained as a consultant. In 1965 Dowel formed his own direct marketing company Cyntila Cosmetics. Cyntila sold everything from lipsticks,

All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

makeup, perfumes and many other products. In 1969 DHA offered to sell the business to Dowel. This would come with the Australian rights for The Nestle Le Mur New York product range. The main activity of the business by this time was predominantly manufacturing fragrant bath cubes. At its peak four million cubes were produced annually for Yardley, Cyclax, Bronley, Coty etc as well as

cattle and sheep stock marking spray, bale mark, Chlorogen foot rot spray, “Rippa Strippa” the first Australian aerosol paint stripper and many others such as fly sprays, repellents, hair sprays, antiperspirants, shaving foams, fragrances etc. His booming business took off. Dowel built two aerosol filling machines during this period as well as a further two machines designed and built for a wholesaler friend selling into male hairdressing salons. This assistance enabled that company to expand into the aerosol contract filling business. Today Aaron Laboratories P/L is a key supplier of aerosols to the major supermarkets and other retail chains. Today Natures Organics was then and is now Australia’s only genuine pioneer developing “close to nature” and environmentally responsible formulations. Dowel believes it is not enough to just replace harmful chemicals with organic alternatives. It has become more and more important to move products away from suspect packaging and into more acceptable and more readily recyclable materials. The early installation of Natures Organics PET bottle moulding plant in 1991 produced the first dedicated PET shampoo bottle in the Southern Hemisphere. WWW.NATURESORGANICS.COM.AU

retail stores Coles and Woolworths. In the late 60’s bath cube sales began to decline becoming less fashionable and were finally discontinued in the mid 70’s. After purchasing the assets he set about designing and building the first Australian built twin head rotary aerosol filling machine in his garage at home. The machine was commissioned inside three months and immediately used to produce Nestle Streaks ‘N’ Tips colored hair spray which had been previously contract filled. Other advanced aerosols that Terry formulated and filled were

at the University Of Chicago Pritzker School Of Medicine where he worked as a medical student in laboratories. Dr. Devoe said, “You don’t get into medical school ….without the hard work, but I kept that in front of me until I got into my medical studies.” He went on to complete an ob-gyn residency and maternal-fetal medicine fellowship at the University of Chicago’s Lying-In Hospitals and Clinics. After graduating as a medical doctor over 40 years ago he has advanced in the Department of obstetrics. He said his grandfather and Dr. Fredrick Zuspan were his life time mentors, “I couldn’t have done it without them,” he said. He has authored over 200 scientific articles, abstracts and book chapters on a wide range of topics in maternal-fetal medicine. He is editor in chief of the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Devoe also served on the editorial boards of Journal of Maternal-Fetal Investigation and Journal of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. He is also an ad hoc reviewer for most of the major journals in obstetrics and gynecology, including Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. His research interests include computer applications in fetal monitoring, intrapartum and antepartum fetal assessment and labor induction. He personally advises several medical students each year, telling them their choice of specialty is akin to choosing a marriage partner. “These economic challenges I have seen them come and go, its cyclical, it happened in the 70’s and 80’s and it’s the same phenomena.” Dr. Devoe said he’s also a member of the NIH Special Study Group on Fetal Behavior and the NIH Study Section for SBIR and Technology Transfer. He is a reviewer for the FDA orphan drug section. He served as senior examiner for the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Devoe was acknowledged in Best Doctors in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, America’s Teachers, and Medicine.

--Michael Gordon Dr. Lawrence D. Devoe has finally passed the torch, after retiring on June 30th as Brooks Professor and chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Devoe practices Maternal and Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology in Augusta, Georgia. “Basically, when I was 5 years old I had a good role model, my grandfather that was during the horse and buggy 20th century era.” Devoe said, “I would go to the hospitals and watch my grandfather operate with his white coat.” Inspired by the medical industry, Dr. Devoe’s original dream was to be a surgeon just like his grandfather, but faith took him in a new direction

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The National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada's premier organization for research and development. We have been active since 1916. In this section, you will find more information about how NRC is organized, where we are located across Canada, our mandate, recent success stories and links to corporate publications. We have also compiled a number of lesserknown facts about our organization, including a list of other organizations that have grown out of NRC over the years. We trust that you will find these facts informative and impressive.

How green is your building?

Drive the Hydrogen Highway

A Day in the Life of an NRC Scientist


The Progress of Cancer Treatments
By Robert B. Wickman, DO For the past 50 or so years, orthodox treatment has more or less stayed the same with a very poor cure rate. Why? They only have Chemotherapy, Radiation, or Surgery and maybe a combination of the three to work with. By now you would think that cutting out a cancer tumor for a cure would be known as impossible since the tumor is just the symptom and not the cause. It is very important to get at the cause and most institutions are happy with removing the symptom and somehow weave into the mix the chemo or radiation to round out the treatment plan. With this routine there is less than a 2% "cure" rate. If they can slow the progress down for 5 years, it is considered a cure. Really, how could it be a cure if only the symptom is removed and the body is poisoned or radiated after the surgery? Sure, there are different techniques in the surgical suits being tried each day. After a work-up before surgery, it is determined how much of one's body should be removed never or almost never taking into consideration how he will live with what remains behind. To this, another attack will take place with a poison (chemotherapy) being infused which is another obstacle for the patient to overcome or maybe a series of powerful radiation treatments will be considered. A relatively strong patient is soon turned into a weak wimp too sick to get out of his own way. Is this the way a person should go on living? Is this progress? Let me digress a bit. We now have the technology to make automobiles that don't use gasoline. Either they are electric or they burn an alternate type fuel or even water. Why is the gasoline engine still around? Could it be for the commercial benefit to the oil companies? What would this world be with no more gasoline produced? Have you seen a Polio, Small pox, or Tuberculosis patient lately? Why not? Maybe it is because those particular diseases have been cured or drastically controlled to not appear in society or on the horizon as they once did. TB Sanatoriums, foundations, or any other medical connections to these diseases have been eliminated due to lack of use. This is the good news! Today more and more cancer centers are built and being built to take care
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-- J. Michael Gordon

Stamwick was founded in 1996 which serves has a medical practice using alternative treatments. He specializes in diseases such as diabetes and multiple scleroses. Dr. Wickman has patients visiting him from all over the world, such as France, United States, Canada and even Australia. “I use Insulin Potentiating therapy and oxidative medicine using the ozone, as well as chelation therapy and various frequency generators,” Wickman said. He treats cancer degenerate diseases without the clinical drugs, and has an 80% success rate. Because of his research Dr. Wickman has found out that all diseases have a frequency and he has been able to zero in and get rid of the disease. “I consult and treat patients with various illnesses and diseases, which I provide them the alternative medical care they deserve,” he said. “I track the problem and not the symptoms,” he adds, “In order to determine what and where the cause of the diseases is, I always do a blood smear and then a DNA testing,” Dr. Wickman said. The DNA will show everything that needs to be known about these diseases. “I analyze the Electromagnetic frequency from the blood smear to heal my patients, he said. Dr. Wickman has been practicing holistic healing and medicine for 40 years, twenty years in the United States, and twenty years in Quito, Ecuador. He said, “I wouldn’t have been able to do it with the support and medical guidance from my mentor Dr. Robert Ripley.”

of the patients who have cancer. We have the technology related to the elimination of this disease so why is cancer still with us? Is it too difficult to put the patient's health first instead of cashing in on his disease? What is more important, the recovery of the patient or the wealth made by the "health" institutions including the pharmaceutical companies? What type of barbaric people are we that money comes before health? I know the technology exists to cure cancer because I use it everyday and see the results of patients returning to health. Families are kept together, the work place prospers as no losses occur from a death or disability of the worker with cancer, and friends continue seeing each other instead or remembering each other.

do we put up with this? We are all entitled to the good life as long as the Good Lord gives us life to live including the air to breathe. No one can be immortal in this world, but we sure could enjoy Due to our soil depletions of vital minerals, our im- a better quality of life that is not provided for us. mune systems are compromised and do not func- All tumors are not malignant. Some are benign but tion as they once did to protect us. Our defenses are still ooze the life out of us through pain, quality of down. Cancer is on the increase world wide. Why? life, and inconvenience. Dr. Simoncini in Rome, A few minerals are put back into the land occasion- Italy has found a fungus association with cancer. ally. Isn't that enough? In fact, he calls fungi and cancer one in the same. How can we, as intelligent, thinking, and a producing population put up with this picture? Something is very wrong! America is the number one country in the world for everything except health care where we rank number 56. How can 55 other countries be ahead of us offering better care for their people? Do they care about their people more than we do our own and do they provide better standards of living for their people? It is preposterous that we actually have a cure and it works, but is hidden from the public for financial reasons in many aspects. Why Here in America we treat them separately and end up losing the battle for life. His treatment using Bicarbonate of Soda is probably too inexpensive for us. We go for the expensive treatments and the insurance companies pick up the tab except for those without insurance and they go without the possibility of having a quality life to look forward to. Go to Dr. Simoncini's Treatment with Sodium Bicarbonate and read for yourself. See the before and after slide show presented there. This is exciting! An oncologist has broken the cancer sound barrier. He has put the "cure" into treating cancer. I have followed his findings and believe me, they work and patients get well. If a physician looks at an x-ray film containing cancer cells and fungi cells, he can't tell the difference and more than likely calls them both cancers. He tells the patient, "Your tumors are growing." He does not take the time to differentiate or even consider there might be a difference between cancer and fungi. What if they were the same thing? Let's face it; a massive FDA cover-up is in progress. Specimens from cancer patients in a hospital treating traditionally were confiscated and destroyed if the patient did not recover. They were called hazardous waste! These specimens were quarantined until destroyed. As a result this orGREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 55

ganic material could not be examined to determine what effect the chemo or radiation had nor could it be subjected to further testing using alternative treatments to find out if other methods were more effective. Bicarbonate of soda helps to cure cancer cells by destroying them in a very short time. The tumors decrease in size and a better quality of life is put back into the patient. Putting bicarbonate of soda into an injection form all of a sudden makes it a drug by FDA definition. Still, it would be far cheaper than any chemo drugs on the market today. Besides, it would be a cure rather than a palliative treatment because the cancer cells are dead. Tumors in areas with less circulation can be attacked with frequencies as each type of tumor has its own frequency. Through a combination of sodium bicarbonate and electromagnetic waves the tumors can be dealt with and eliminated. Low level laser with specific frequencies helps eliminate the pain and inflammation caused by the growing tumor. Actually, traditional therapy should be called alternative therapy as it came along after the original "alternative therapy" was the standard of the day. Medicine or procedures that can't be guarded by a patent are not profitable. These non-invasive therapies are available if you know where to look for them. The important thing to remember is that all living cells have their own frequency and when a positive challenge is encountered it should be taken care of before more serious problems develop. Invest your money into alternative therapies instead of giving to large institutions or drug companies if you desire good health in the future. All drug companies have stock holders and these people want to make a profit on their investments, naturally. But it will come at the expense of health because no giant companies are out there producing alternative, natural procedures using supplements because a patent cannot be obtained. All their research would be available for everyone to use. We could have a very healthy America if we were willing to stand for our rites. This would move us toward number one in the world instead of where we are now. The bottom line is that cancer is a financially lucrative disease. It benefits stockholders, pharma56 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE

ceutical companies, drug stores, hospitals and other treatment centers, and workers who depend on a livelihood in these areas. The losers are the people that can't take advantage of the alternative cures and go on believing the lies told them. We must get out of our boxes and look around.

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-- Chizzy Igbokwe & --Erwin Kantor Dr. Pamela Gumbs, known affectionately among her patients as “Dr. Pam,” earned a Doctorate in Pharmacy and a second degree in Geriatrics from the University of California in San Francisco. Dr.Gumbs is a consultation specialist, advising patients about natural and traditional approaches to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. Her distinct role has served as an inspiration for The Wellness Store - an on- Allergy Consultation Specialline natural pharmacy. ist. Dr. Pam also spends much During her time at the Univer- of her time out in the comsity of California, Dr. Gumbs munity, serving as a Pharmatook a few classes in Asthma cist Representative for the and Respiratory Health, and Alameda Alliance for Health discovered that specializing in and working with homeless Respiratory Health would give shelters to increase awareness her career a more focused di- about the proper use for diarection. betic needles. In her words, “Stick with one In addition to her community thing, and you’ll have a lot involvement and consulting more fun.” The online plat- services, she works as a staff form allows a greater patient pharmacist for Berkeley Unitreach throughout the United ed Pharmacy. States. As a specialist Dr. Gumbs is living proof, “if you For any patients that would learn one thing about one part like to arrange a consult with of you, now you have learned Dr. Pam, visit www.Conone thing about every part of to find you,” she said. Since then she out how to set up an appointhas become an Asthma and ment.

Professor James J. Bason: The Science of Surveys in Academia
-- J. Michael Gordon

Dr. James J. Bason, Associate Research Scientist at the University of Georgia and Director of the Survey Research Center, anxiously hunches down at his large table with tall stacks of statistical reports as he crunches numbers, and studies large chunks of data collected over time as he prepares for another Georgia Poll. The survey is conducted at “least once a year by the Survey Research Center,” he admits in a scholarly voice. “From a very early age, I always enjoyed working with numbers.” His bookish ways have earned him the right to sit in the helm of academia, inputting intricate formulas, concocting statistical calculations, and spinning out algebraic equations like a wizard investigator. Bason is in charge of the Georgia Poll, which is a statewide survey of 500 Georgia residents conducted by the Survey Research Center. He said “It is a service offered by the center to clients whose need for data do not justify the cost of conducting an entire study,” Bason explained while working out the details of his next project. “The poll gives policy-makers, researchers, managers, and other interested individuals and organizations an opportunity to gather high quality data in a timely and relatively inexpensive manner.” Looking back during academic years, Bason found his passion for data collecting intriguing. Ironi-

Founded in 1982, Bason said the University of Georgia Survey Research Center is a “full-service research and development facility. The organization continues provide services for universities, faculty, students, and administration. They also conduct surveys on a local and national level.


All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

cally, it was when he was studying for his master degree at Appalachian State University that he discovered his penchant for mathematics and statistical formulae. Soon after that, he got the bug to become a research scientist. He said he has capitalized “20-years of total involvement and extensive practical experience in research.” In fact, he’s responsible for managing the dayto-day operations and oversees the contracted projects. Bason said he’s in charge of writing all funding proposals. In addition, he directs social scientists, researchers and individuals to countless study management projects at the university. He said the Georgia institution will continue to be a beacon of light in education. He said his unwavering commitment to research science will change the way society looks analyzes statistics. “The items submitted by the contributors to the Georgia Poll are incorporated into a large interview which is then administered to a representative sample 500 Georgians. The resulting data become the property of the client,” he said.

-- Eric Daniels

Theodore Reese started Corporate Benefit Consultants, Inc. in 1996, based out of “The Windy City” of Illinois. In January of 2009 Barrack Obama was inaugurated as the first African American to become President of the United States. Rees said, “There was much over reaction to the Obama, thing,” He adds, “After the presidential election, we experienced double digit inflation and 40% layoffs across the board.” The expansion of CMC came to a Halt Two hundred clients panicked, feeling the economic tsunami and Arizona had to wait. Rees specializes in employee benefits, plans such as medical, dental and life. The company has developed personalized plans designed to fit and deliver cost saving methods. He said, “We have roughly 25 employees who are all over taxed.” He adds, “The top 6 managing producers for Blue Cross Blue Shield are helping to explain the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) payments to people.” Cobra is a system that helps employees continue their health care coverage after being terminated. Cobra is a program built to help people who are currently experiencing difficulty affording health care coverage. BCBSA recommends the government take the following actions: Expand the Government Safety Net, Provide Three Types of Targeted Grants of States, and Provide Four New Types of Tax Assistance:

1.Tax Credits for Low-Wage Workers in Small Firms 2.Tax Credits for Individuals Struggling with Health Costs 3.Tax Credits for Those between Jobs 4.New Tax Deduction for Those Without Access to Employer Coverage For this reason, Corporate Benefit Consultants, Inc. has developed a new solution, serving as an extension of the Human Resources Department. Rees said, “We provide a personalized service.” He adds, “We cover the gamut of industries in multiple areas.” THE HEALTH CARE CRISES CONTINUES……..


Teri Gillian is leading the change in the “gray panthers” providing quality health care services. The CEO of Senior Citizens Services, “we are a very caring service for seniors,” Gillian said, “I always been working from the ground up in nursing, that’s where I received my training.” With over twenty years of experience, Gillian launched her company “With a passion that I have always had for helping seniors. They are precious and deserve the best care we can provide. We are here to help any way we can in this huge confusing world,” she said. Stay in the comfort of your own home and not have a care in the world. • • • • • • • Full service, one-stop shopping for seniors. Senior Citizens Services is here to make seniors and their families lives easier. We take the headache out of daily living activities. Senior Citizens Services works closely with family members to insure quality of care and to meet all their needs. Senior Citizens Services is a state licensed, insured and bonded personal support service agency. We provide service to upper East TN and southwest VA. We have over 45 years Experience in senior care giving in homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals. All Senior Citizens Services employees are trained and go through an extensive Background check including criminal, sexual, abuse and more. You can always be assured you or your family members are in safe hands.
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Dr. Christine Faulk-Miles Senior Pastor Shabach Christian Centre The heart of an angel
Dr. Christine Faulk-Miles, a senior pastor for the Shabach Christian Center has a heart of an angel. For the last twenty years she has provided extensive programs for the community, which includes counseling and educational outreach programs. These programs help prepare children and families to live a happy and healthy Christian life. Miles is someone to watch, a well respected author, teacher, pastor and counselor. The Shabach Christian Centre is located in Norwalk; Connecticut serving the greater area if Fairfield. Miles has dedicated her life to helping others. “I felt I could make a difference in people lives,” she adds, “It was during these tough times when communities learned to stick together,” Miles from her office. She had mentioned during the phone interview, “My parents and siblings were instrumental in my life, allowing me to be who I am today.” 37 Center Ave. Norwalk, CT 06851 Contact: 203-846-2048


Q&A: Peter Joehnk CEO Interior Design
recession we were able to keep all our staff and focus everyone’s energies on entering design competitions and acquiring new projects. It was an expensive exercise, but we are happy to still have our complete team and that we could honour our efforts to keep everybody on board. 2. What drew Peter Joehnk to this particular industry? After my studies I was, in principle, open to working on any kind of project. But since my first job was at a practice that had recently started to design hotels, I ended up becoming a “specialist”… and then just stayed in the hospitality industry! At JOI-Design, we strongly believe that design should reflect the brand of the hotel. It should be relevant to the location, authentic and inspire the guests. Hotel design is really a tool for creating an atmosphere which suits the overall project parameters. Clearly it is not a piece of art which only expresses the thoughts and feelings of an artist – the design must be used and accepted by the people for whom it was created!!! 3. Germany is in the forefront of the green movement, is the U.K. following Germany's lead? Germany is a leader within the green movement – but at the moment “going green” isn’t a reality, worldwide, especially in the building industry. The most international certification system now is “LEED”, which is much more relevant

1. How has the downturn of the economy affected business, and what have been some of the challenges over the last 18 months? The last 18 months have been a bit of a rollercoaster. Business was great in 2008, but while we finished several hotel projects in 2009 there was a significant lack of new projects coming on board. Since the end of last year though, we have once again been receiving inquiries, sending out fee proposals, and now the first projects are starting up. The challenge is always for a company to be flexible in downturns as well as in upturns. This is especially true in the design industry, since when business is booming we cannot simply speed up production equipment - people are not machines so there is a limit to what we can do. To plan hotels we need highly qualified and experienced designers, so it was fortunate that during the 2009

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than the “DGNB-Zertifikat” - especially as only Germans can spell it! Hotels constructed in the UK are increasingly following “BREEAM” guidelines for lessening their impact upon the environment. But indeed there is substantial interest in sustainability within Northern Europe that is greater, I believe, than in the rest of the world. 4. What are the some of the new innovations in green architecture and will nickel be widely used in the future architecture? Although many technical innovations have been invented to save energy or heat and cool a house with heat exchanging devices, I think a more important observation about our industry is the growing request to emotionally create a “green” connection. To do this, JOIDesign tends to use natural, locally-sourced materials, sometimes in an “archaic” manner. We mix rough-hewn textures, native timbers, and stones from regional mountains or seashores with warm wools, soft cottons, and rich leathers crafted in neighborhood mills and tanneries – but then of course add in the “modern” contrast of smooth, shiny, hi-tech surfaces. Although nickel is a beautiful substitute for chrome or stainless steel and has a much warmer appearance. The principle it is a good idea to sometimes substitute nickel for “poisonous” chrome but, it should not be used in large quantities. 5. What is Peter's vision on the new green age? I strongly believe that although the “survival of the fittest” concept in human evolution explains how we (our bodies) have perfectly adapted to nature, our species has not yet had enough time to adapt

to electromagnetic smog and chemistry. Of course this is very much a generalization but I cannot imagine that artificial surroundings are healthy for people. If it is at all possible, we should avoid being poisoned by our own inventions. For me it is not only a question of saving energy and being sustainable, but also a matter of creating “healthy” spaces through interior design. 6. Any major goals or projects for 20102011? My personal goal is to have more time to spend with family and friends – and for our business, we

would like to have more luxury and “green” hotel projects. As I mentioned earlier, the year has started very well and we have been awarded a “design hotel” in Kaiserslautern, a new Hilton property in Split, a Doubletree project in Oradea and a Starwood Luxury Collection hotel in Cologne – plus since there are some other interesting projects in the pipeline, let’s hope the new “upturn” will hold on for a while! Our address: JOI-Design GmbH Innenarchitekten Medienpark [k]ampnagel Barmbeker Str. 6a, 22303 Hamburg, Germany Tel.: +49 40 68942110

JOI-Design Wins 2010 ADEX Platinum and Gold Awards
(London – 8 April 2010) JOI-Design, a leading European hotel interior architecture practice, has won both Platinum and Gold awards for Interior Design in the Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) competition, sponsored by Design Journal magazine. “The ADEX Award has recognized many outstanding designs over the years, and JOI-Design Interior Architects’ Park Inn Krakow and Restaurant VLET in Hamburg have earned their place in that elite group.” said John Platter, executive director for ADEX. The Park Inn Krakow has been honoured with a Platinum ADEX award for its design which balanced the need for brand recognition of one of Poland’s first Park Inn hotels with the for delineation. The strong modern forms of the lobby’s décor are expressly drawn from the radiuses and angles of the structural envelope. The curves found in the lobby’s lounge chairs, wall covering pattern and interior columns mirror the rounded edges of the exterior windows, while the vertical mullions are reflected in the pendant lights hung above the stairwell. The building’s strong horizontal and angular lines are interpreted through the inlaid pattern of the floor tiles, the racetrack inset of the stairwell enclosure, and most evidently, in the black lacquered reception desk that doubles as a monolithic sculpture. The front desk provided an ideal opportunity to integrate Park Inn’s icon-

Park Inn Krakow Lobby

trendsetting vibe favoured by its younger market segment. JOI-Design, in partnership with Krakow-based Ovotz Design Lab, was charged with conceiving an interiors style that seamlessly intertwines with the bold shapes of the new-build structure developed by J. Mayer H. Architecture. This was masterfully achieved through the concept “Inside Out”, or creating a design that transports the powerful visual language of the architecture to the hotel’s public areas. As the lobby has very few interior walls, the varying functions of its spaces rely upon the furniture and flooring shapes

ic red, blue, yellow and green stripe into the lobby design without necessitating that the other public areas’ colour palette adopt these hues. The chain’s vibrant emblem is interpreted as a column of backlit colored glass which, when placed behind the desk’s inky ebony, becomes a singular focal “punch” against the neutral background. This visually exciting contrast creates a youthful, energetic atmosphere that contributes to, but does not dominate, the complementary colors in the adjacent lounge. Restaurant A Gold ADEX award has been given to JOI-Design’s scheme for Restaurant

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For Hotel and Restaurant Designs
VLET, located in the old “Speicherstadt” of Hamburg the “Warehouse District” that is home to the city’s historic port. The neighborhood’s brick construction, steel pedestrian bridges and prolific canals have an industrial charm that is being rediscovered as the area regains popularity. JOI-Design understood the need to celebrate this personality when designing the restaurant. Its solution was to translate these architectural influences into a chic, Hanseatic urban space that feels like settling into a friend’s comfortable downtown loft. Located in a building nearly a century old, JOI-Design saw the beauty in the original construction techniques and chose to expose these components rather than hide them. The graceful intensity of lime green back-lit glass behind the bar and on its counter surface. The emotional response of the guests to these “opposing” styles is one of excitement that creates a buzz in the restaurant’s atmosphere. In Old High German the word “Vlet” meant a fleet, or a channel in coastal cities. The context of the restaurant’s name was introduced into the interior design through the gigantic golden fish sculpture that greets guests at the entry. The space plan also capitalizes on the “stream-like” ripples created by the curves in the barrel-vaulted ceiling to create a directional flow though the dining area. Reminiscent of the richness of the traders’ treasures of coffee, carpets, spices

Restaurant VLET Hamburg
arches of the barrel-vaulted ceiling, steel beam supports and silks stored in these former warehouses, JOI-Deand textured brick and plaster walls are enhanced by sign has created a canvas that allows the vibrant cunewer design elements such as the rustic timber plank linary creations to be the true artistic masterpieces. floors, rich leather chairs and driftwood “sculptures” lit from below to define their shadows against the irregular Our address: wall surface. The heavy, rough-hewn natural finishes of JOI-Design GmbH Innenarchitekten these structural design features are offset by the smooth, Medienpark [k]ampnagel shiny modern materials of the stainless steel dining taBarmbeker Str. 6a, 22303 Hamburg, Germany ble bases and barstool frames, clear crystal wine glasses and sparkling translucent pendant lights. These visually Tel.: +49 40 68942110 exciting contrasts are further emphasised by the bold

London’s Newest Destination Hotel Opens Designed by RDD

(London – 16 December 2009) – The Arch London has opened its doors to immediate acclaim as one of the capital’s most delightful and individual luxury hotels. With interiors conceived by awardwinning hotel designers, RDD plc, the hotel combines contemporary London design influences with the architectural heritage of the Georgian Grade ll listed townhouses in which it is accommodated, to create a unique hotel and a glamorous new destination in the city’s West End. This is a lounge very much for “coming home to”, comfortable and relaxed. Just a few feet away, the reception area creates a change in tempo with a desk in Nero Portoro marble and a deep-buttoned upholstered leather front.

In the small lounge, a working stone surround fireplace strikes an immediate note of welcome, the artwork is humorous and the sofas and chairs designed to sink into after a busy day in London.

The cocktail bar, Le Salon du Champagne, Kitchen restaurant and Martini Library form a family of inspired spaces for eating, drinking, meeting and relaxing, named HUNter 486 after the Maryle-

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Behind the desk a real time projected artscape offers a constantly changing collection of video art according to the time of day and, facing this, an electric blue wall sculpture and vivid crimson leather bench provide a counterpoint to the hypEntering via an elegant Portland stone portico, notic quality of the video images. The study is difguests are immediately offered intriguing glimps- ferent again with sumptuous black and silver hand es, through dark stained timber and glass screens, printed wall covering, bespoke red lacquered writof the reception, lounge and study. The confident ing desk and a deep red and black sofa accented mix of bold original artwork, sumptuous finishes with black and cream geometric cushions. Here, and elegant, modern and classical furniture be- as throughout the hotel, the designers have fully gins. Ahead, at the end of the entrance lobby is a utilized every square millimeter of space, gently striking “signature” collage, “New Shoes”, a two teasing it into areas with a specific function delinmetre high Technicolor homage to the hotel’s eated by charming details, lighting and furniture Marylebone location. pieces.

bone direct dialling code of the 1950s. RDD collaborated with bar and restaurant branding specialists, Gorgeous Group, to create and design this remarkable collection of areas that revolves around classic glamour and the timeless values of warm hospitality.

ray of light over the bronze and mirror detailing of the bar, and, towards the kitchen, industrial-style pendants define a more down-to-earth, inclusive tone.

The open Kitchen is part of the dining experience and the flame from its Stone Hearth’ oven can be Le Salon, Bar and Kitchen restaurant areas are glimpsed invitingly from the farthest corner of the carefully blended together, each with their own room. With a dark gloss brick façade to the oven environment and each needing to play a different and charcoal riven tiling to the other walls, the role through day and evening. As a result, there is open servery provides a dramatic backdrop to the meticulous attention to detail . Yet, the space flows theatre of cooking. The servery itself is finished harmoniously with areas carefully delineated by a in a bright polished stainless steel; this, together rich array of devices, from voluptuous semi-cir- with a playful collection of hanging pots and pans cular floor to ceiling banquettes with shimmering creates an intriguing array of reflections. Among sheer curtain surrounds to a dark gloss brick wine the many other delightful design features there dispense for wine tasting and a pewter fronted are: brushed silver bar stools by Philippe Starck, cocktail bar specially designed to provide unhin- jewel colored Tom Dixon armchairs and a specialdered views of the cocktail-making drama. ly designed glass over bar that is layered and lit to A procession of joyfully contrasting light fittings create a misty display and give a seductive glow to leads the eye through the story of the room. In the space. Le Salon, cascading columns of lit glass rods illu- The Martini Library is set apart from the other minate each dining table; in the central Bar area HUNter 486 areas, along an elegant corridor where , three large clusters of brosilicate lamps are sus- the heritage backdrop incorporates contemporary pended from a pressed tin ceiling casting an ar- highlights and forms a transitional zone between


the buzz of the bar and the tranquillity of the Library. Of all the public spaces, it is the Library that is most reminiscent of a private townhouse drawing room with its charming “collectibles” – coffee table books jostling for space with small paintings propped on bookcase shelves, clusters of vases and other ornaments, a delicate glass teapot display and a series of pencil-going-for-a-walk line drawings of urban streets.

Again, artwork plays a key role with original works by several young artists. These include a charming series of images depicting love letters that trace the lives of a couple separated by World War II.


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The Arch London has nine suites, each one unique. The ABBey 222 and SULlivan 785 have small sunken courtyards leading off the Guest Bedrooms. Each courtyard has timber decking and wall heaters to ensure these areas can be enjoyed even on Here, too, working fireplaces, with period stone the chilliest of starlit nights. Black and white wall surrounds, generate a relaxed, clubby feel. Tradi- mounted canvas artwork depicts forest scenes, tionally inspired leather wing chairs are joined by which can also be glimpsed through the window a mix of contemporary furniture, including a large from the comfort of the luxurious contemporary circular table with hand crafted silver powder four-poster bed. The WHItehall 944 meeting coated base and dark stained timber top, and by a room includes a state-of-the-art media wall and a blend of modern and traditional light fittings. The fully programmable colour changing lighting syscenterpiece is the beautifully crafted martini cabi- tem to suit all occasions and events. However, lonet. Using a discretely located call button guests cated in between the two suites, it is also designed are invited to “Press to Refresh” and a waiter ap- to convert easily into a large sitting room with acpears to serve a martini or afternoon tea. cess from one or both of the suites. When used as a There are 82 guest rooms over six floors and 10 lounge, the media wall’s double 52” plasma screen different design schemes. However, the reality of installation offers a host of additional entertainplanning bedrooms in a series of old townhouses ment facilities including Playstation 3, Nintendo meant that RDD had to individually design each WII and full Sky HD. room to incorporate modern technology without Situated nearby is the fitness gym, which ofimpacting the natural charm of the carefully re- fers the Guest a carefully chosen and well-balstored architectural detail. The ground and first anced selection of the latest fitness equipment, floor guestrooms retain the traditional high ceil- including the fully featured Kinesis vision, ings and elegant original casement windows. Bold which provides a unique workout that restores wall coverings and luxurious fabrics combine to the right balance between mind and body. create rooms with individual flair and character. The fitness gym cleverly makes use of the existBathrooms are well appointed with large Volga ing basement vaults to create a functional but also Blue granite vanity units, bevelled glass mir- intimate fitness experience and incorporates rich rors and flat screen TVs recessed above the bath. macassar ebony timber panelling and deep black

back-coated glass panels, which softly reflect the dramatic interiors. For RDD, one of the delights of the project was in being able to develop and create the complete guest experience. . “We have aimed to make a story out of every nook and cranny at The Arch London,” says Jeremy Scarlett, the RDD director leading the design team. “But it is not overwhelming because there are many areas and spaces within spaces where guests can withdraw and be private. I hope the overall experience seamlessly blends excellent service and attention to detail with comfortable and stimulating interiors. The experience should not be unlike being in the home of a good friend who is both generous and has innate sense of style. This person understands the value of a good kitchen; he or she also knows how to throw a good party and then, for the end of the evening, has made sure that the guests enjoy a very comfortable night’s sleep.”

RDD Plc was founded in London in 1985 since when it has become one of the industry’s leading international hotel and leisure design practices. Recently RDD won the European Hotel Design Award for Best Bar 2009 for Tom‟s Bar at The Augustine, Prague. A progressive and efficient organisation, RDD has been instrumental in the successful completion of a large number of projects both in the UK and overseas, ranging in size from £100k to £12 million. Recently completed projects include: The Augustine, Prague; Browns Hotel Mayfair, Guoman Tower Hotel and InterContinental London Park Lane Urban Spa – all in London; Hotel Amigo, Brussels; Dart Marina, Dartmouth; and Burhill Golf Club in Surrey. For more information about the company, visit For more information about this release and high resolution images, please contact: Su Pecha/Gillian Cake at ESP Business Development +44 (0)208 374 6320/4479


The kitchen remodel of a 1945 house utilized some easy, inexpensive ways to be sustainable.

Two years ago Lin attended the introduction of REGREEN Residential Remodeling Guidelines at the ASID National Conference. It is the ongoing work of the ASID Foundation and The Green Building Council. The most important

The firm’s business is devoted to residential interior design and sees a clear future in renovation in the residential area. She always shares those sustainable options with her clients. The question always is, will this decision be worth the investment. After the fiscal crisis many home owners have tightened their belts. “We see a growing business in remodel and renovation. People are holding on to their houses in this market and want to make their house the home that they will enjoy in the changing world,” Lin explained. “They want to update and live in the 21st Century. We are there to realize those dreams and see where the sustainable options are.” Another aspect that is burgeoning

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Lin Lee, ASID, embraced the Green Movement from its inception. She has watched as the movement took hold of America and has been on the cutting edge of educating herself and her clients about those products that are sustainable. There are always choices to be made and Lin wants her clients to make informed choices. “We need to think about the social responsibility and the economic reality. Green Design is holistic. It is the new standard for designing the built environment,” Lin said from her studio in Castle Rock, Colorado. “We are now looking at how the product goes from raw material to installation. For instance, in the photo, the cabinets were locally made, eliminating the transportation cost to the environment.”

take-away was to look at every decision in the building process as a choice for sustainability. Lin Lee & Associates is a recognized leader in innovative interior design in the Rocky Mountain Region. “We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations,” she said.

Low Voltage lighting, with Color corrected LED under cabinet lighting is a smart update. Painting with low or no VOC paint is also a sustainable option.

in her industry is “phase renovation.” Lee noted that many of her clients are not doing whole house renovations; rather they are updating area-by-area. This allows the family to remain in the house, make decisions in phases and keeps the stress level lower. In fact, Lin encourages this approach. “People tend to be overwhelmed by the decisions,” she continues, “This approach allows my clients to see the results with each phase and are excited to move on to the next phase.”Lin believes that the Green movement will enhance her interior design business. “With the Green Design Movement, we need to rethink everything,” Lee said. “But certainly the positive benefits should always outweigh the additional up-front costs. There is tremendous potential for significantly lower operating costs on systems throughout the home and office. Another aspect is improving human health and well-being. The benefits in using paints with low/no VOC’s alone is a big first step in sustainability.” Lin Lee, ASID, is a graduate of UCLA Interior and Environ-

mental Design. She also holds a B.S. Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in Secondary Education. She has won numerous Interior Design Awards regionally and nationally.

Using Energy Appliances.


Hipps & Company, Inc.
See what you want...

6858 NW 20th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Main Office: 954-977-6850

Bob Hipps: A leader in the Shady Motorization Industry
-- J. Michael Gordon

Bob Hipps, President, of Hipps & Company, is a third-generation business owner, provides state-of-art technology in interior and high-end window fashions. “It’s in the blood” Hipp said, referring to his grandfather business which was later passed down to him. “It started out as a venetian blinds company. The father took it over and expanded the business.”

Moreover, the Hipp Company serves the greater Florida area, as well as the Bahamas and “You can count on our relentless attention to the Caribbean Islands. Hipp said the business details, our passion, creativity, and our impecbased out of South Florida. They train and pro- cable manufacturing standard,” Hipps said.

vide experts in motorizing shady solutions and in motorization integration programming for homes, offices and yachts. Hipps said the company is recognized and internationally known as the “Leader in the Shady motorization industry.” His staff includes two staff design consultants; four Hunter Douglas Professional installers and a work room manager.” Hipp’s expertise has made one of the top leaders in the business.


-- J. Michael Gordon

Hair has been an important commodity for Veronica Forbes. Earning her credibility in the hair business, Forbes was suddenly thrust into the limelight, when Chris Rock gave her a key role as a true-to-life hairdresser in the film “Good Hair.” She knocked it out of the park. But Forbes said, “the movie explores the relationship young African-American girls have with their hair.” She claims “it’s no secret that many African-American women struggle to tame their tresses.” The newfound actress gets pleasure from all media attention she has received over the movie. Certainly, business has picked up at Veronica’s Beautyrama, a salon based in Harlem, New York City. She takes a philosophical position about her work. “The reason we have put so much time and love into our hair is because our hair texture is different. It’s all about texture,” she comments reflecting on the high celebrity wave she experienced over the last eight months. “I love to do acting. I love to do hair,” she said, her voice dipping slightly. “I’ve enjoyed the ride. I have over thirty-years of experience.” School has always been important to her. Forbes has earned her sheep skin and graduated from


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Award Winning Hairstylist Veronica Forbes: Earns Pay Day in “Good-Hair” Movie

★ ☆

a prominent (name) beauty school in New York where she currently manages one of the most lucrative, and yet, award-winning hair design businesses in the country. She has business savvy and a solid reputation. That’s how she launched Beautyrama more than three decades ago. “I could have done without Lillian Forbes,” she said. “She gave me the seed money to start this business.” Forbes has gained the respect of her peers as a strong business woman in the community. She said she has competed in several

shows, such as the Bronner Brothers World Fantasy Competition in 1993 and 1997. She later won the International Beauty Show as the first African-American to win the 1st place and 2nd place in a hair fantasy competition in London, England in 2001. Forbes admits that business is thriving during a difficult economic crunch, but remains humble and yet ambitious. “I’ve done television interviews and have been photographed for many newspapers and magazines,” Forbes said with the honest of a real ham. “And that’s including Life Magazine.” She was also featured in the stunning book: “Queens: Portraits of Black Women and Their Fabulous Hair,” by Michael Cunningham. Some things change, but for Veronica Forbes' “Beautyrama” will remain in the Harlem. “I love it here,” she said before hanging up the phone after a lengthy interview with the Suit Magazine. “New York is home.”

urple Diva

Methods Clothing is an art driven street wear company based in Brooklyn. It’s 100% independently owned, striving to bring you the most original designs at the highest quality. Its arsenal of artists spans the globe and they work with many well-known names,as well as up-and-coming trailblazers. e brand opened their Flagship store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in June of 2008.

Steele of Smif N Wessun, Jahdan, Louie Skaggs, and Methods Crew


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CONTINUED ON PAGE 80........ Borgore @ Bass Massacre NYC



It all started back in 2004; a friend and I were graduating college in VA and had no idea what we wanted to do. All we knew is that we wanted to live in New York. He had a T-shirt press in VA and was doing a lot of freelance work. I was graduating with a Business Administration degree and had a background as a party promoter and record shop owner. I talked him into moving to NYC with me. The plan was to do freelance work here until we had enough money to start our own line. I quickly realized that there were too many established printers in NYC for us to compete with. So, we sold the equipment (which we still were paying off) and started Methods with that money. The first year we were in Times Square every night selling our shirts. We would talk to promoters at hip hop shows and raves that would let us set up vending tables in their events. After the first year, after we paid off our debts from the printing equipment, we started doing trade shows and acquiring retail accounts around the US.

Over the years, business partners have changed and the art that we push has evolved. I currently work with my partner Serge aka Vandal who is the creative director for the brand. He went to school for Media and is an extremely creative human. He has had is hands in anything you’ve seen us release in the last couple years. We’ve both been doing well for over a decade and have extensive backgrounds in Hip Hop and Bass culture. The brand has been even more music oriented since we teamed up almost 3 years ago. Methods is not just a clothing line, but a movement. In the same way that we support visual artists, we are also deep rooted in the music world and support recording artists in numerous genres. In the past several years, we have worked with major Hip Hop artists Jeru the Damaja, Smif N Wessun, C Rayz Walz, Jahdan, LIFE LONG, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Body Count, Heltah Skeltah, The Beatnuts, Adam Deitch of Break Science, and Afrika Bambaataa just to name a few. In the past year we’ve been working with world renowned DJ’s: Rusko, 6 BLOCC, 12th Planet, N-TYPE, Stenchman, Noah D, DZ, Borgore, Reid Speed, JS-1, Evil DEE and DJ Hype. All Partners and employees at Methods are DJ’s and/or producers. We also throw numerous events each year in NYC and have been responsible for some of the most memorable authentic Hip Hop shows in the city over the last 5 years. Methods has also become one of the primary Dubstep promotion companies in New York City. Don’t try to pigeon hole us though! You will also catch Hard-Core Bands, Reggae Artists, Athletes, and Movie Stars rocking the gear. We are one of the few brands that can make that crossover into different subcultures and we are very proud of that.

The main goal of the company was to showcase original artwork from young artists all over the globe and push their works to the masses. Over the last 5 years, Methods has featured artists from Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, the UK, Puerto Rico, and all over the US. Some artists that we’ve worked with include Superblast, Cycle, Dizmology, Toofly, Bodie Chewning, Bishop, KOA, Dekore, Amier Inkz, and many others.

All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

We were running the company out of our houses and storage facilities for the first couple years. In 2008, we out-grew that and needed a real office. We all live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and love our neighborhood. So, we decided to look for a place around here. It just made sense to open up a shop with an office in the back so we could sell our gear at retail prices and host events. We didn’t want to have to travel to Manhattan everyday, so we found a place in Brooklyn around where we all live. We found a 400 square foot run-down shop and spent about 6 weeks with about 20 of our friends fixing the place up. We gutted the whole place and rebuilt it from the ground up. The shop has become a cultural hub over the last 2 years. We host art shows, record release parties, radio shows, video shoots and other

types of events at the shop. We also sell concert and party tickets out of the shop and have guest dj’s playing here on the regular. Great art and sounds are you what you can expect to find when you visit Methods. We also have shop exclusives that we only sell here.

We are very focused on expanding our product range at the moment. For Summer 2010, we’re offering a couple different plaid button-ups, dj/ laptop bags, a few fitted hats, and full tee line. For Fall 2010, we’ll have Jackets, Flannels, crewnecks, hats, and tees. We’ve been happy branding ourselves with tee’s for the last few years and now its time to expand the line and take it to the next level. We are located at 162 Huron St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Make sure you check us out when you’re in Brooklyn. If you can’t make it to the shop, check us out at Our blog is updated daily with sales, dj mixes, party info, and more.


Super Dubstep Producer DZ

Mindeli xer

Methods has also become one of the primary Dubstep / DnB promotional forces in New York City, but dont try to pigeon hole them ! Hard-Core Bands, Reggae Artists, Athletes, and Movie Stars rocking the gear. Methods is one of the few brands that can make that crossover into different subcultures (very rare in today’s street-wear market).

Jeru the Damaja @ Methods Photo Shoot

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Cappadonna of Wu-Tang @ Methods Store

Keith Murray (Def Squad) @ Methods Store


dW Worl

e Kn

Tek (

NWe Smif



ell & Jo


Brandon London of the NY Giants

y C Ra


t r Me lz fo Wa


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All the partners and many of the employees at Methods are DJ’s and/or producers. ey throw numerous events every year in NYC and have been responsible for some of the most memorable shows in the city over the last 5 years.


Mr.Metalheadz himself, Goldie in gold Methods logo tee.

Wiz Khalifa performing in Methods

Total Eclipse of e X-ECUTIONERS

You can check out our events, new products, and projects on our blog at: CHECK OUT METHODS AT:

Methods is not just a clothing line, but also a movement. In the same way that they support visual artists, they are also deep rooted in the music world and support recording artists in numerous genres. In the past several years, they have worked with major Hip Hop artists Jeru the Damaja, Smif N Wessun, C Rayz Walz, Jahdan, LIFE LONG, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Body Count, Heltah Ske ltah, The Beatnuts, Adam Deitch of Break Science, and Afrika Bambaataa just to name a few. In the past year they’v e been working with world renowned DJ’ s: Rusko, 6 BLOCC, 12th Planet, N-TYPE, Stenchman, Noah D, DZ, Borgore, Reid Speed, JS -1, Evil DEE and DJ Hype.

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William Rivera, President and CEO, of E.N.I. Urban Wear has cut his teeth in the fashion business. From his home in NY Rivera said, “As a child I could remember riding the NYC trains and experiencing graffiti for the very first time.” He added, “I fell in love.” Since then Rivera has been involved in various projects and art events in the New York Tri-State area. Struggling for the past 15 years in the fashion and arts industry, Rivera rubs shoulders with the best in the business. He said, “There was never a dull moment in my life,” he adds, “I have always done graffiti work and professional murals.” His graffiti work has been recognized by the Phun factory in NY, which is now formally known as 5Pointz.

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5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc. is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca,” where aerosol artists from around the globe paint colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot factory building. This is where Rivera learned the tricks of his trade.

His work is known and viewed as an up-in-coming new trend. With a twist of faith Rivera has found a viable niche in the fashion industry and has put his paints to work. His new urban line E.N.I. (Everything Never Imagined) brand will take him to the top of the fashion chain.

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Contact Will Rivera for further information regarding ENI Wear @ Facebook fan page ENI, Inc. 347-692-9856

BRYANT DAVIS, WHEN DID YOU GET THE FIRST SPARK OF INSPIRATION FOR MUSIC? When I was about 4 my Dad and Mom were invited to a party where Sammy Davis Jr, was doing a benefit in Harvey IL at the liquor store, not too far off from the high school Robert Frost, as an awareness and kick off for the new store. I remember walking in and there he was, there were a lot of folks around him. I was about 4 feet tall to the best of my recollection. I had been walking for about 2 years. My mom and Dad introduced me to him. He bent down and picked me up over his head and said something like little Davis and a few other things I can hardly remember. But I remember he made me feel like I could do anything. I think this was the first big spark. YOU PLAYED WITH PRETTY BIG HEAVIES IN THE MUSIC SCENE, HOW CHALLENGING WAS THAT EXPERIENCE? One of the more challenging roles was when I was understudy for Morris Day in a play called ‘Lawd Ha Mercey’. I worked and worked on my lines I had them down, but Morris never got sick. It was a requirement to be correct with my ego as there were some really great singers, like David Whitfield and many others. This experience gave me some theatrical background and gave me a chance to really sing out loud based on natural acoustics not quite like in the studio. WHAT YOU LEARNED, WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU PASS DOWN TO A YOUNGER MUSICIAN? I would say to younger musicians that it is a business just like any other professional position. I would caution them to beware of the image conflicts, like the rock start party image with what in my opinion it really takes. A clear

mind always looking to seize opportunity with a sense of preparedness coupled with one’s own ability to be successful in the unknown. So like last night I went to a mixer, I got a chance to talk with Sheila E, as it had been years since I spoke with her in Prince’s Studio (Paisley Park) – got to meet her father, too. We had the Jazz in common, plus my daughter plays the drums, too. I also posed for a publicity photo with Jodie Watley. I will probably follow up with her to see about a collaboration. There were several others over the years that I have either worked with like Stanley Jordan, Baby Face, Jamie Foxx, Ben Verene, Herbie Hancock, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Tatyana Ali, Dave Koz, David Sanborn, Al Jarreau, and Prince, Morris Day & Jerome, Kenny McCloud (Bones Thugs & Harmony), Aaron Ballesteros – 7-time Grammy nominated, Amochip – Grammy nominated. Most recently I reached out for management and Al Gomes reached back. The deal is going to be finalized today and I am looking forward to working with him as he has helped many artists like Christina Aguilera, Katharine McPhee and Chicago. The big secret is that in orGREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 87

der to really be successful, you cannot party all the time, because that time could be spent developing new talents from the ones you already have. The slope of the music industry is changing right into the cell phone at the current moment along with several other software related models in my opinion. The biggest constant right now is change. I do believe that the cell phone model will position the entertainment industry to rebound and soar to new heights. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND? My undergraduate degree was from the University of Wisconsin- Madison, where I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have also completed post baccalaureate studies from Illinois Institute of Technology, Berklee College of Music, and now I am completing my Masters of Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. There are people in the business that do not need a degree to understand their money, but I humbly admit that I needed the education. I will finish up later this year. I do this to assure my investors’ money is safe. So many decisions come at me about how funds should be allocated, etc, that it was a no brainer for me that school would help, as to date, I have been my own biggest investor. The good news is: that is all about to change as I have finished up my business plan and it is ready. In a nutshell, this business will create jobs for people who want to work in the entertainment industry. The sky is the limit. I would give you the web url right now but there is still some coding on the backend that needs to be completed, so in the meantime updates can be found at www.dbreeon. com on the publishing tab (future feature). WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR MUSICAL MENTORS? My mother was a concert pianist. Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington definitely influenced me. Also, most recently Dave Koz. HOW DID THEY INFLUENCE YOU, AND DID IT TAKE YOU ON A DIFFERENT PATH IN MUSIC? Yes, Dave Koz really encouraged me to be more myself as this is where it is at. You can hear it in the new CD I will be releasing “The Art of Pleasure”. It was a positive thing. WWW.DBEEON.COM

The Feel Of You By D'Breeon

Now available!

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Robert Mwamba, The Next George Benson
but try as I might, I couldn't escape the music. I was miserable without it. As one great and very wise jazz pianist told me "You don't choose the music - the music chooses you!" Did your upbringing in Ghana influence the way you view and play music today? Not really, I wasn't playing music back there. The one thing I must say though is that I come from a large family - there were 8 of us, and everyone had different musical tastes! And my father had a great record collection - so I was exposed early on to Jazz, Country, Pop, Classical, Reggae Latin, Funk, R&B...... etc - which might account for my musical openness & versatility. Jazz guitarist Robert Mwamba performed You played with pretty big heavies in the before President Barack Obama and P. music scene, how challenging was that exDiddy's "All White Party" Mwamba is now perience? What you learned, what advice can you pass down to a younger musician? playing at the Sugar Bar in New York. It is both very challenging & liberating at the same time. I've been very privileged to have performed Robert Mwamba was born in Zambia, Africa and at events for diverse people like The past 2 Secstarted his career as a guitarist. While attending retary Generals of the UN - Ban Ki Moon & Kofi Baruch College in New York, Mwamba's musical Annan, The British Billionaire and founder of The career started heating up. He came under the tu- Virgin Group - Sir Richard Branson, the Oscar telage of legendary bassist Milt "The Judge" Hin- Winning Actress - Mira Sorvino, Hip Hop Mogul ton and the bassist widely regarded as the most - Sean "Diddy" combs "All White Party" to name a recorded musician in history took him under his few. When you are playing with the heavyweights, wings. After graduating from Baruch College with they set such a high level in their playing, that a double major in Finance and Economics, he when you follow them, you can't afford to come joined Bank of America working in Management up with some weak or lame stuff. The challenge is and Investments. Mwamba also spent time study- to maintain that level. If you don’t, they get bored ing first at the American Institute of Guitar in and won't want to work with you. Conversely, if New York City with principal jazz instructor Peter you do, they’ll constantly want to work with and Mazza, and then with the legendary guitarist Rod- support you and that’s a great feeling. My advice to ney Jones. He performed at events for the past 2 younger musicians is to be always ready. Practice, Secretary-Generals of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon and Kofi Annan as well as British Billionaire founder of the Virgin Group - Sir Richard Branson and President Barack Obama. Robert Mwamba, when did you get the first spark of inspiration, your musical muse, if you will? Like just about everybody, I've always loved music since my childhood. In my case though, there really wasn't a "Eureka" moment if you will - it was a gradual evolution where the music slowly drew me in. I had so many other safer or more secure options and even people in my own family would ask why I wasting my time in such an insecure line of work,

listen - another wise musician told me- “God gave you one mouth & two ears - so you should always listen twice as much as you talk! “ , be focused, and don’t stop growing. You come from a business background. How difficult was it to move from structured setting to a more unstructured environment, such as music? I must say there was some degree of difficulty. I spent years in Management & Investments in Corporate America Where everything is pretty much regimented and cut & dried - you got goals to meet, everything is pretty much spelled out in black & white terms, you toe the party line, orders are barked and everybody falls in line. Whereas in music, particularly jazz, its the total opposite, where traits like spontaneity, originality, individuality, uniqueness are highly valued. In the beginning it was a shock to me as I would have some grand plans and would communicate them to other people expecting immediate feedback, but then they respond in their own sweet time or on their schedule, but I remember something the late great Isaac Hayes told me saying “ In life you got to be flexible - if you look at a stiff branch on a tree - if a strong wind blows, it will break right away, but if its loose, it will go with the flow of the wind” That’s life for you everything changes - nothing stays the same - I believe the more receptive you are to change, the better yours odds are to be successful in your endeavors

then the legendary Organist Seleno Clarke was dropping me home and on the ride home - he kept urging me to play music fulltime and this really floored me as Seleno is a master musician who not only is very close friends with the master guitarist George Benson, but has played with many of my musical heroes. He told me not to waste a talent God had given me - coming from him, that was really deep for me and really got me thinking about diving into this deep pool and making things happen musically. Who are some of your musical mentors? How did they influence you, and did it take you on different path in music? The legendary guitarist Rodney Jones and bassist Lonnie Plaxico are my musical mentors. They are no finer musicians on their instruments than these two. They are true masters of their craft and art. They epitomize the highest standards of professionalism, groove, swing, musicianship, intelligence - I could go on & on. Plus they’re both hilarious & spiritual too.


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I also would like to add - even though he’s not with us any more - my first musical mentor - the late great bassist - Milt “The Judge” Hinton who embodied all those qualities. These three gentlemen have had a profound influence on me not only musically, but also personally. If I may add, please don’t forget to support my upcoming deTell me about educational background. Was but CD “Coastin’” which features both my musical there a life-changing moment that opened mentors Rodney & Lonnie coming out early 2010. a door to a different vision? I have a degree in Thanks. Economics from Bernard Baruch College, CUNY. I also studied at the American Institute of Guitar with the Principal Jazz Instructor - Peter Mazza and privately with the legendary guitarist - Rodney Jones. Like I mentioned my evolution to become a musician was very gradual. To be honest it really wasn’t a goal of mine - but l happened to be one of the early victims of the economic recession when they Started downsizing Investment Bankers in 2005 and within 2 weeks of this the Grammy Award Winning Trumpet Player - Wallace Roney asked me to travel with him to Europe as his Tour Manager. I spent a year travelling all over the USA & Europe with Wallace. At the same time I kept getting offers to do my own music. I remember doing a gig in Brooklyn one night and

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Karen M. Chastain-Haughey The Art of The Spiritual Heart
-- J. Michael Gordon

Earlier in her life, Louise Hay touched her with a spiritual path. Karen Chastain-Haughey put her brush to water colors, and painted artwork “guardian Angels,” which turned out to be a spiritual book dubbed, “Guardians of the light,” by Louise Hay. She says she’s been an artist her entire life. Her work has been featured in prestigious art galleries and shows worldwide. In 1989, the artistic entrepreneur founded “Karen M. Chastain-Haughey.” She works in a variety of mediums; including water color, pastels and collage. “She (Louise Hay) was my mentor, “Chastian-Haughey said, “she taught me a lot about

the spiritual path of life.” Haughey has acquired a unique talent of being able to see a person’s angel, bringing this vision out through paint on canvas. She has a clinical background. She’s a careful counselor, “trained to open client’s minds, “in fact, hosts a weekly television show for holistic practitioners. She travels extensively, visiting different holistic healing centers’ in the San Francisco area, as well as throughout the United States. “My counseling background has taken me all over the country,” she said. Ordained minister, and certified Louise Hay motivational teacher, as well as Author and Artist.




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Burning Desire for the Quaker Movement: Harold Confer---A Trail Blazer in his Denomination
-- J. Michael Gordon

Few events in recent memory have ignited the African-American community’s imagination like the recent rash of church burnings throughout the Southeast, explains Harold Confer. He said the burnings fueled fear and anger by many in the African-American community. He said now there is renewal of respect for human dignity that began with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Confer said he remembers when there were more than “126 arsons of African-American churches in the south between 1995 through 1996. The fires raised national concern for many reasons. He said, “Southern rural Black churches were the rallying points for many galvanizing demonstrations that ushered in modern Civil Rights Movement.”

spiritual healing. He’s a spiritual missionary. Back in the 1960’s, Confer served Tanzania for the AFSC from 1963-65. Eight years later he served from 1973-76, as Human rights legislative Secretary for the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Confer received the USA racial justice and domesttic tranquility partner in achievement award. He’s a peaceful brother. The award was given by the National Council of Churches of Christ.

In 1996, Confer was given another prestigious award – the Southern Christian leadership Conference’s Kelly Miller Smith Interfaith Award. He’s been serving as a volunteer and leader of workcamps for more than half-a century, an amazing feat for such a spiritual warrior, using his ChrisThat’s why Harold Confer has been dubbed: “a tian faith as a “shield.” He’s changing hearts and living Angel,” a good Sheppard for having led the minds one workcamp at a time, using interfaith charge of a non-profit organization, called “Wash- and international volunteers in recovery and reington Quaker Workcamps.” He formed a coalition building after disaster. of Unitarians, Presbyterians, Quakers and Menno- Confer said the “AFSC also responds to the needs nites into a “ministry to burned churches.” Confer and concerns of African-Americans and other peonoted that “he raised money to pay the coalition ples of color both here in the United States and staff. That’s about $7,000 a year.” As a leader in abroad. He’s a worker in “Disaster Recovery.” In disaster recovery, Confer said, “We rebuild or- fact, he keeps this quote close to his heart. “Jesus phanages, homes and churches.” He has authored came to teach us to hear more honestly and rea book called, “Finding and creating saints.” (Find spond more intelligently and deeply the voice of it on God within ourselves.” He touts it as his spiritual book, a manifesto, for

WORK AS IN WORKCAMPING Building is the quintessential act of civilization --Tracey Kidder Most of my volunteers are most proud of what they have built with their own hands and energy. To be able to see with your own eyes a concrete manifestation of your hope for a better world is a blessing and often a transforming experience. A home for a family struggling to escape poverty. A clinic for people seriously ill or wounded. A school in which knowledge is passed. A house of worship burned by arson. The real leaders are those who put us in touch with building at its dream stage People like Bob Scholz, and John Frisk, who sent me to others like Judy Wyant and Dana Jones. People who see needs and can organize resources to meet those needs. My job is simple. I recruit and bring those will learn by doing, those willing to serve others using their own hands and sweat, building a structure. Bringing hope to those hoping beyond hope they can recover from their tragedy by building.


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Mrs. Maria Daniel, MLIS Media Specialist Sts. Peter and Paul School Librarian/Chief Information Officer Marie Daniel is the Chief Information Officer and Librarian in of the oldest church in St. Thomas. The institution was founded in 1924 and has been providing education in the areas of religion, academics and discipline, grades pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. But, still the church has managed to with stand hurricanes and other treacherous island weather conditions. Daniel owes her gratitude to her family who were the role models one can look for. She said, “A good education is essential to a productive life.” The church empowers the students to be creative, productive, responsible and well diversified human beings.


31 Cornhill Street Ferntree Gully VIC 3156 Australia Tel: +61-3-97536972 Fax: +61-3-97535177 Email: Website:

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