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net Email: Special Issue 2007 for Banjo

Banjo was rescued from a kill shelter. His cheekbone is fractured in three places. He had a torn eye which has since been removed, a broken hip and bite wounds over 90% of his body. Blunt trauma with a baseball bat, club or tire iron would have caused this type of damage according to medical experts. He is only a year old and must have endured a living hell during his short life being beaten or kicked. One can only guess why he has dog bite wounds all over his body. Was he used as a bait dog too? Amazingly, even through all of this Banjo remains a sweet and loving Rottweiler who still loves people and just wants to be loved in return. Here’s where you can help. Banjo needs hip surgery and physical therapy. All of this will cost approximately $3,500-$4,000. Money that NCRR does not have. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE “BANJO FUND.” YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN GETTING BANJO ON THE ROAD TO A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN. HE STILL HAS A LONG LIFE AHEAD OF HIM AND LOTS OF LOVE TO GIVE.

Please help make Banjo’s dreams come true by sponsoring him. Designate your funds for the BANJO FUND. Did you know you can be a Rottie Angel for as little as $10.00? Your sponsorship dollars will help pay for Banjo’s hip surgery and physical therapy – crucial to his full recovery. Sponsorship dollars are Tax Deductible! Rottie Baby for $25.00/month. You’ll ♦ receive a framed picture of your sponsored dog and a monthly update of the dog’s progress in foster care. ♦ receive a sponsorship certificate with your sponsored pet’s name. Your name will be posted on our website under the dog’s information and in The Stormy Times. ♦ subscription to The Stormy Times. Rottie Paws for $50.00/month. You’ll ♦ same as Rottie Baby plus a paw print magnet! Rottie Stars for $100/month. You’ll ♦ same as Rottie Paws plus a NCRR-T shirt in size Large unless otherwise specified. Rottie Love for $1,500/year. You’ll ♦ same as Rottie Stars plus a beautiful gold frame to display your companion pet’s picture. Click on the Sponsor or Donate Button on – this makes donating a BREEZE or cut out the section below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I WOULD LIKE TO HELP BANJO! MY CONTRIBUTION IS ENCLOSED in the amount of $______________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ My Name, Address, City, State, Zip _________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number This donation is being made In Honor of:__________________ belonging to _________________________________________________ Dog’s name name, address, city, state, zip In Memory of:________________ belonging to _________________________________________________ Dog’s name name, address, city, state, zip I would like an acknowledgement sent to the above ____yes ____no

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