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Scott Petty 

Submitted to Professor Billington
Speech 3: Applied Speech with PowerPoint and Q&A Sessions
Applied Speech: Audience Assessment
Specific Goal:
My audience will understand why sustainability is important for a company’s
I would present this to one of my business classes.
Ethos: Primary Ethos: I am taking managerial accounting and other business related classes.
Secondary Ethos: I will cite 3 references out loud in my speech.
Audience Assessment: My audience will likely have some knowledge of this topic.
Adaptation to Audience: I will use explanation to verbalize the important facts and also visual aid
of the power point.
Pattern of Organization: I will be explaining the topic as a lecture to my class.
Why choose sustainability?
Hook:  cleaner business methods can benefit a company and everything around it. 
II. Ethos: I am currently learning about this in a class I am taking.
III. Thesis: Becoming sustainable can impact a company’s outlook, as well as benefit the society and environment that 
surrounds it.
IV. Preview:
1. First: what is sustainability?
2. Second: Why is it important to a business?
3. Third: Why is it important for our society/planet?

Transition: First I would like to explain what sustainability is.

What is sustainability?

What does it represent in our personal lives?

i. Living within our natural systems means.
ii. Not jeopardizing future generations.   


Same basic idea for business as described by environmental journalist Rachel England.
i. Focusing on business growth as well as the environment.
ii. Obtaining important results through sustainability.

Transition: I would now like to explain the benefits from a business perspective.


Why is it important for a business?

Dina Spector is managing editor for business insider and lists reasons why it is important for a company to 
become sustainable. 
i. Save on costs by being energy efficient/reducing waste.  
ii. Benefits such as tax incentives.


There are also important intangible reasons.
i. Increased employee/customer satisfaction.
ii. Product innovation by discovering new methods. 

Transition: Next I would like to explain the benefits to society and the environment.

Why is it important for us and our environment?

Phillip Sutton, the director of green innovations, lists some important environmental factors.
i. Plant/animal land conservation.
ii. Reduced water/air contamination.


There are also important effects for humans.

Living near less air pollution.


 Effect on our overall well­being.

Finally, to look back at some of the important things discussed. Sustainability is looking at
business and life from a holistic viewpoint, and not doing anything to put future generations, or
ourselves, at a disadvantage. Doing things this way can have real benefits to businesses and to
life in general. Many businesses are already doing this and it is having a big impact, hopefully all
manufacturers will have this mindset in the future.

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You may be wondering, what is an example of a business that is sustainable? xerox
You also may be wondering; how many businesses are currently sustainable? Mckinsey Global
survey results, 57 percent are sustainable.