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Students of ESG male college in Al Quwayihah, Saudi Arabia, volunteered
to take part in a community project aimed at restoring and securing an area
in the desert used by the community for recreation purposes. An open
reservoir posing a danger, was secured, litter were picked up and disposed
of, and a fun activity for the volunteers was held afterwards as gratitude for
their service.





As part of an effort to teach tertiary students the value of respect for the
environment and the safety and well-being of others and animals. I
initiated an outreach project geared towards the restoration of a
communal area used by the community for recreation and relaxation. It
is common in Saudi culture to have BBQs in the desert, especially in
the Al Quwayiyah region, predominantly a Bedouin area. The area I
identified was property across from compound, frequented by Saudis
for BBQs. The area is under development and some infrastructure like
roads and street lights, but no homes are built yet. I found ruins nearby
with an uncovered well or reservoir that is no longer used. As the area
is also used by Bedouin camel farmers, the possibility for camels or
goats to fall into this hole, does exist. At night this particular area is not
lit, and a person using the area for a BBQ, may also fall in. The
foundation of a huge building, in ruins now, can be utilsed as a landfill
to dump rubbish that are strewn all over the area, ranging from car tires
to glass and plastic bottles. I held English lessons with the Environment
as theme. I focused on Islams stance on environmental protection.
Other topics covered included littering and recycling. On 27 May 2015,
twelve students and two teachers went to the area. We covered the
open well and picked up litter in the immediate area. The hours
designated were insufficient to clean up everything, which creates the
opportunity for a follow up to the area. Afterwards, the students were
rewarded with pizzas to thank them for their efforts.

The aim of the project

was to teach Saudi
students the value and
importance of a safe
and clean environment
& to encourage
participation in efforts
to take care of the

environment. The
importance of taking

ownership of their own

living environment ,

and the protection

thereof, was

conveyed in a
meaningful and

practical fashion.