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Krystal M.

9596 County Hwy. 5
McCutchenville, Ohio 44844
To obtain a position as an elementary teacher within your school district.
The University of Findlay
Bachelor of Science
Major: Early Childhood Education
GPA- 3.38
Kappa Delta Pi Educational Honors Society
Licensure and Praxis
Pre-K through third grade licensure
PLT- score 197/200
Education of Young Children- 178/200
Special Education Pre-school/Early Childhood- 530/670
Reading endorsement Expected to complete Fall 2016
Teaching Experience
Our Lady of Consolation School, Carey, Ohio
Pre-school teacher
Plan weekly themes to teach 21 students.
We have two every other day sessions for pre-school.
Implementation of multiple modalities is shown in lessons to reach all student
learning abilities.
Communicate daily, weekly and monthly with parents and guardians through
letters and meetings.
Teach and plan religious education lessons using Seeds curriculum.
Almost Home Daycare, Findlay, Ohio
December 2013
August 2014
Pre-school Teacher
Planned weekly themes to teach 12 students.
Communicated with parents daily and also sent monthly and weekly newsletters
Implemented multiple modalities in instructional lessons to reach all areas for
student learning abilities
Student Teaching
Hopewell Loudon Elementary, Bascom, Ohio
December 2013
Mrs. Burns second grade class
Planned and taught all content areas for eight weeks


Literacy by Design, Fundations, and Everyday Math programs were utilized to

write lessons and create activities
One-on-one and small group student interaction was used as intervention tools
and assessing student for further evaluation

Junior Block
Longfellow Elementary, Fostoria, OH
December 2012
Mrs. Curlis preschool class
Planned and taught a unit on Thanksgiving
Taught six additional lessons throughout the semester


Sophomore Block
Jacobs Elementary, Findlay, Ohio
Mrs. Drerups kindergarten class
Planned and taught one-week unit on Earth Day
Conducted assessments in DIBBLES
Used one-on-one and small group student interaction in the classroom.
Related Experience:
Almost Home Daycare Summer Camp Teacher (June-Aug 2015)
During summer break I work at Almost Home Daycare as their school age
teacher. Field Trips and themed weeks were planned throughout the summer to
involve learning into each day.
Junior High cheerleading coach at Hopewell Loudon (Dec 2013-March 2014)
Participated as a University of Findlay Clubhouse tutor in Reading (2013)
I tutored five students going into kindergarten over the summer. We met three
times a week for two hours a day. Lessons would revolve around a given book for
the day and contained phonics and reading skill activities.
Participated in math tutoring at The University of Findlay (2012)
I tutored one child going in second grade on math skills. We met once a week for
two hours. Lessons were hands on activities based on the second grade math
Volunteered as a religious education teacher at St. Wendelin Parish (2009-2010)
I had a classroom of six kindergarten students. We would meet once a week on
Wednesday nights for an hour and a half. We used our parishs religious
education books and based hands on activities on what was read for the day.

Krystal M. Brant
9596 County Hwy. 5
McCutchenville, Ohio 44844
Allison Baer:
The University of Findlay Education Department Professor
Michelle Burns:
Second grade teacher, Hopewell-Loudon
(419) 937-2804 (school phone)
(567) 207-6801 (cell phone)
Jan Runion
Our Lady of Consolation kindergarten teacher, RE mentor
(419) 957 1218 (cell phone)
(419) 396 6166 (school phone)
Toni Poling
Almost Home Daycare owner
(567) 208 6710 (cell phone)
(419) 427 2721 (work phone)
Barbie Curlis:
Preschool teacher, Longfellow Elementary
(419) 436 4135 (school phone)
(419) 722 5422 (cell phone)
Judy Hall
Our Lady of Consolation Principal
(419) 603 9825 (cell phone)
(419) 393 6166 (school phone)
Laurie Miller:
Almost Home Daycare Administrator
(419) 427 2721 (work phone)
(419) 957 5753 (cell phone)