UNIT OF STUDY: State and National Parks Multiple Intelligences
I enjoy reading, writing & speaking

Create a data base of what the parks have in common and how they are different Discover how many parks Australia has with the world heritage listings. Why do they have the listing Compare and contrast two parks from different geographical locations Design a program to teach students rules and responsibilities associated with your park Analyse the sound effects in rainforest music

Stage 2
Create a conservation plan for the park, taking into consideration any tourism issues Discuss whether we should spend public money on national parks

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
List parks and categorise according to State or national How much does it cost to maintain your park for a year

Explain why you chose your national/state park as well as the ir importance for conservation Rank parks in terms of importance to our Australian heritage and give reasons for the first three Draw scenes from your national /state park

Design a promotion brochure for your chosen park On a map of Australia, mark your top 5 parks

Design a promotional poster for your park

I enjoy working with numbers & science

Design an add campaign for your park

I enjoy painting drawing & visualising

Make a timeline of the establishment of national parks in Australia Mime a park ranger activity in a national park Learn some songs based on the environment – Rainforest etc Prepare a group presentation on a national park

Draw a map showing the location of your national park and create a collage around it Role play a park ranger talking with visitors to the park Write a RAP about park rules

Evaluate some of the promotional material you have seen about your park eg internet, magazines Create a small play about damage to a national park by human interference Make a sound map of a walk through your national park Carry out an X chart on an endangered animal from a national park Interview a state or national park ranger Perform your play

I enjoy doing hands-on activities


Act out a camping scene

I enjoy making & listening to music

Write a jingle to promote your national / state park

I enjoy working with others

Discuss the problems faced by national parks

Write suitable questions to pose to other groups about their projects

Prepare a survey and interview parents about your groups national park

I enjoy working by myself


Discuss the importance of maintaining the environment

Visualise and write a description of a scene in your park

Write a story about a visit to a National park

Self evaluation of your promotional poster

Prdict the effect of global warming on our parks

Carry out a SWOT analysis on National and State parks

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