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Legends of the Jews - Vol 1

Legends of the Jews - Vol 1

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Published by: Bot Psalmerna on May 24, 2008
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When Adam was cast out of Paradise, he first reached the lowest of the seven earths, the Erez, which is
dark, without a ray of light, and utterly void. Adam was terrified, particularly by the flames of the ever-
turning sword, which is on this earth. After he had done penance, God led him to the second earth, the
Adamah, where there is light reflected from its own sky and from its phantom-like stars and constellations.
Here dwell the phantom-like beings that issued from the union of Adam with the spirits." They are always
sad; the emotion of joy is not known to them. They leave their own earth and repair to the one inhabited by
men, where they are changed into evil spirits. Then they return to their abode for good, repent of their
wicked deeds, and till the ground, which, however, bears neither wheat nor any other of the seven
species.[34] In this Adamah, Cain, Abel, and Seth were born. After the murder of Abel, Cain was sent back
to the Erez, where he was frightened into repentance by its darkness and by the flames of the ever-turning
sword. Accepting his penitence, God permitted him to ascend to the third earth, the Arka, which receives

some light from the sun. The Arka was surrendered to the Cainites forever, as their perpetual domain. They
till the ground, and plant trees, but they have neither wheat nor any other of the seven species.

Some of the Cainites are giants, some of them are dwarfs. They have two heads, wherefore they can never
arrive at a decision; they are always at loggerheads with themselves.[34] It may happen that they are pious
now, only to be inclined to do evil the next moment.

In the Ge, the fourth earth, live the generation of the Tower of Babel and their descendants. God banished
them thither because the fourth earth is not far from Gehenna, and therefore close to the flaming fire.[35] The
inhabitants of the Ge are skilful in all arts, and accomplished in all departments of science and knowledge,
and their abode overflows with wealth. When an inhabitant of our earth visits them, they give him the most
precious thing in their possession, but then they lead him to the Neshiah, the fifth earth, where he becomes
oblivious of his origin and his home. The Neshiah is inhabited by dwarfs without noses; they breathe
through two holes instead. They have no memory; once a thing has happened, they forget it completely,
whence their earth is called Neshiah, "forgetting." The fourth and fifth earths are like the Arka; they have
trees, but neither wheat nor any other of the seven species.

The sixth earth, the Ziah, is inhabited by handsome men, who are the owners of abundant wealth, and live in
palatial residences, but they lack water, as the name of their territory, Ziah, "drought," indicates. Hence
vegetation is sparse with them, and their tree culture meets with indifferent success. They hasten to any
waterspring that is discovered, and sometimes they succeed in slipping through it up to our earth, where
they satisfy their sharp appetite for the food eaten by the inhabitants of our earth. For the rest, they are men
of steadfast faith, more than any other class of mankind.[36]

Adam remained in the Adamah until after the birth of Seth. Then, passing the third earth, the Arka, the
abiding place of the Cainites, and the next three earths as well, the Ge, the Neshiah, and the Ziah, God
transported him to the Tebel, the seventh earth, the earth inhabited by men.

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