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PER SON S of H 0 N


Wherein the queflion is rightly ftated,fevetal objections aniwe .. - red,and the truth further cleared and proved by many arguments newly. added or explain'd..

By Jer. Tayler D.:P~·.


I Printed for 1\!.chtJra ~oJf1oH 16~6~

L LHc~etilll.

I Nlm ntque tam facili5 res ulla efi,quin ea primum., I . DjfikiJi, magis ad credendam conftct __

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r Printed by R. N. for R. ROJfiOll at the

! AngeJ in l~i~-Ll1ne. I 656.


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'DetU JuJlificatUl,

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i !

, 0 R,

A ,Virldicatiol1 0-[ the


glory of the Divine

Attributes in the <lEefiionof


Againfi: the Presbyterian way of Underfranding it.

I' By J E R.. T A Y L 0 ;Il) D.O.

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RI'o H T H·O~NORABL·E lind rtligious Lady, The lady

C :H R 1ST I A N, CountejJe Vowage,r :of Devonlhire.






.A 1,

~ - - 'I. '

. ,t : ,"' .

.,' ,,,'-,'_; .~ ,j, '. :', • '

',T·THen']:' refteti:np,on;tTie: ;: ··V V ',.,inY'1ite dtfp'tfeswbicB~ :-::'; .:, 'b,af[)edroubl:edthe'puli~~

lKitmeetingsofChriftendomcon-,er~ing ';Ori'glualfm., -snd: bow' i11ip.,4tient_, ant!· 'tpe;(t fo11le/ me.' l.tttf{ y!:haru.~,been.",wht1l I itjJer~4! to ';h~Jn,· 111'::.' 'eJtdeit"U""rs, ilbdf

, tl)J1.jea,tlres'C~rniil1g(" that,.·

!i1!!e.foion, with purpofe:t' tzJtr'" diffmngfrom" what w~re [te"z . iii th-e,-faccof other mcR.f.;de-'

}ignes, and bad handled 'it'f~, .tth~'It God might be ·glo'rifi·ed;;1I' floe'; Artide, 'andmen migJ)t· b,.: . injlrufJed and edified.' in order: ·;tQ g()()d.life,;·· 1, could,.: .not b,ut,

A ~3 _-:' - I hin/l;;. ..




!1 The Preface.

thil11t thatrrife Heathen,J.~{~ rarely well in bis littl:etid~~y,t r,eiat-ing"to the' prefent fJtfjJect; El ~ 7TctpcttJO~{ctV e~~Up..if· MttnkJnd

w.aif born to, be' a . riddle, and our nat itzJity· is in -tbe dilrl{ ; for men have takgn. the, liberty t~

t.hin/twhat theyp/eaft, ,,~¢to fay· w.hat·they t,hinl{;.4ndtIJcy, ItfJirme-manj !thing;r;' and. ca.n

prQtzle but.few things. ;4n(lta~

the [ay.ing.f of men for-the Ora .. cles ofGcd,,· and bold' aiJirm4~. tioes. (or convillcing.argumenti;. lind, Saint Pauls text'l1lu} be unclerftood by;' Saint Aufti~s, commentary; and. S ai1ZI.Aufrln !

jhall be heard· inall, 'bec(1ufe ,~e r fpak! againfl·fuch- men who zn

.. pune.

The Preface; ;

[ome tlJingJ were norte be.heard~:,' lind' after all, bec4Jtfo' bi.rDo-· Brine' W41· ta~en for· granted;!

by ignorant· ages, and. b'eing;"· receioed[o I011g;, was' iilc,orpo;.., rsted intothe refolved' DoCirine'

of the Church, with [ogreat't$,'

.fir111ne.fJe, it'became almoft' '!: jhame·· to examine' rvhar the. world believed to ,tnfufp·eCling-· ly; and' he, that jhaltftrfl" at-tempt· it, l1t1tft: refolve. to gitVe:? 1tp' a great portioll' of his' re~· putatitJn to be torn m 'pieces, 6y/

tbe ignorant and by tile rx,eaI6uJ') ,)

by fol11e 0'[ the learned, and hy,' "

all 'the Enuious; and -theY'who:' . ?

ltnreto teab-in q~iet; being' at:, reJJ:;n·tbeir chaires and:p~l~·

A.,4t pjlt If

4 The Preface,

pits will befrowardwbell they are awa~nect, and, r4ther then they will be fuJPecte~ to have taught dl1lijJe, will juJl!fie' an· error ~y the reproacbillg of him that tells tbetn truth, which they are pleafed' to call new.

., .If IIny IHandifers fto1nme in. opInIon, I "" not troubled at it, but tell hzm t-hat truth is in tbe

Iln.derfta~~ing, .~dcharity ~ in. will, ,an~ 1S or lJ~ght to be there, ~efore . either h~ or my opinion; m theft conf.ro'Zlerjies can enteri. and therefore that, we 01lgbt to~. love a/ikg, though we . do not IInde~ftand alik.!; but when I:

.finde that men are angry, at my Ingenuity 41Z.d opel1neffoof dif-' ,ourfo:

.~. ' ...

,. TIle:Prett~;'. .' ~ .... cOIt't{e,an_de1laefl'7/our to hInder' .

, the c'l.Jtntofmy labours j> in .the m~nifletJ'ofS~ull,iinil are·im .. ·, Pdt~e1it o!·co1ftraaiCfion. or l1Ja~ riety'of txplication,41z4 underfl411di~gof 0!.e.fiionof' I' tbm"-

'!'y J elf'conctrnediodefend the Hutb wl)~ch 'l,;havepublifoea;

, tfJ acqltititfrom -the fufpitio11:..

I sf ¢vilapfenda$~s,to.demon~ . jfratelZQI ~nely the truih; but. th~

. piety ofit, and the ,necej]1ty,and thofo great Itd'ZlantageJ'whicb b} this Doctrine fo ultderftooti ~aj he rea.ped,if men;:will b~

l quiet and patient, 'lIoid.of pre-judice . and ,. not · 'Uoia :0{ Ch"'. ·

'" rity.. . .

~. Tbil; (~adam) it; reap.'

i A,rt:; ,(,;Ih'+ ...

7. J'.jS~~;


... ~-=- ~~----~ 1 ____



Tlie·Pr;eHice. . 1: T~e' PrefAce.... '9


WM inwrappedWitb the infold-- ! t/fe;Ladies,c"'n[cie"'el, ... 'tPb'ttlll

iflgs -. of' s Serpent., fubtle-:;and~l t Ji;erfw4t!le· th;'ir Lords, their

[allacioH:f. . " Lords .. wilt, convert their '7fe ..

Madam; lknow the ·4rl./:0['" nants; andfo· tbe World'''isall theft men; and they often put" their OWIt. Iwifothemidlgood mein.mindof what wastold.me: of their profits and purebaft/; .... . b y Mr. Sack vill the ktteEar10f !mtyet becaufe they are'l"eftiont.

Dorfets Vncle; . tb4t the -cun- of Souls, of their intereftand'

, ning S'eCl~ 0ftbe.World·(~e 114 .... , IItltVantages; ; I cannotwifh·they .' i .medtbe Jeluits and the ·Pref. "lay· pretz/ail witb the more s»: . byterian s) didmO're pre'Zl4i1 hy· 1 ligious and Zialou" l' erfonage.r: . I ~hifpering to Ladies; tben.all, lind therefore (Madanl) I IJa'iJe.' .' tbe·Churcb . of England 4nd:the·.· ':' t.a~njhe .. · bolMeJfo to writelhis,

more faber P rorefiaars could do ,,: udioHJ letter to Jour HonoH~)' .. , hy fine force: 4ud·flrength·>{}far...: that;! may give you a 'right un.,,·

.gumentii·. For~:they" hy prejudice:.· I 'derflanding':and anealjexpli~·,

or [earJ'!terriblething.t,and'Ua •. , . cAtion,of th~great ·~eft.ion; as:

'/OIlS nothings, tJ()njitlent{ayillg.l'; conceiving my felf the more

and'/ittle fiorie,l.':, gO'Zlerning· '::': b.ouncl to do;' to JOllr Honour,',

Ihe_': no'.

10 The Preface,

.not onely hecaufe you are 2etl'~. lousfor. the, RelIgion. of tbis. Church,. and, are a perfon 4.1' ~ well ofreafon 41 of l-lonour,but "Ifo becaufe'Jou ba'l/e paffid di'Vers· obligations. rr= me, for,. ..

wb*ch, all inyforvice.r, a.re.tOQ.~ li ttle. a ret IIrn.:


'" ' ' .. . 11.

1)eus, JUflijicatus,




A Vindication . ofrhe Di~, vine Attributes.

I1DC~N Order ,to which, I'will

, ',Ii '.' p,.Iainly d~fcriJje. the gr.~~~ I' lines of difference and dan;.

ger, .which are i~ the e~rors and"~

inifiak'es about this QyefttoD. ,

2. 1 wilt prove the-truth and De .. ceffityofmyown,together with rR.e ' ufefu'lilefs and reafonablenefs ofie.. :

~. .Iwill.anfwer thofe little mur~·· murs,by which (fo far as [can yee learn}tbefe men feekro invade.the . underftandings ofthofe who have' DOt leifure or -willro examine the' tliingit felfin my~ own words and;

argu.ment5~ .. '

4. And if any thin~ el fe falls in by,,·

~he hie, ,in .. -,whicb I.cang~ve faiisfa:;.

. . .. , tl'iotlL

1,·2 A"V' d·· '.

tr. tn. lC_(ltiOl10f, , .

W~~t~? ~Per~on of fourg ,the Divine Attr*lmtes. l;

• lDe!s, I wtllnor.. reat . • .

109 delirous to ha . O~l1t It)as be- · tYt I mean t he Tr~e ofLtfe; he thel.

fr.and as fair in ve this Dotl:rine fell underthe e.dls of alickly bo-

11 . -. your eves. '.. d d ill·· • . .

a usown colo J ... ,·lIstt IS 10 y;an spa 10nate,.lgnontnt, UOID"

ons, ursand proporii:. ftru~ed fo~l; his lin made him lick ..

But lid!: (M d . ly, his lickhnefs made him peeviili,

remember tha: :m) be pI~afed to r his fin left him ignorant, his igno. Whether there ~e e queftion is not Tanct! mad.c .him fooli~ and u~reaa.!.Origilull Sin .e £ny fuc.hthing , fonable:Hls~n left him to hisnatam, and confelfed or It .18. cer- : tare, and by hIS nature, who ever molt. For m a on all hands al'" . was ~o be born at all,.was to be born

. confefs that t~~ r~ .: 1 cannot but . a child, and to do before he could groan under. anct lch I_fed,3nd i \Jn~erfhJnd,&bred under Laws. to World is miferableby whlchall the I wh!ch he was alwayes bound , but

. Ad4m turned hi • . whtehcouIa.not elwllYS be exacted;

Sun, and d welt in tb back upon the and he was to choofe, when he could

fhadow; he lin e dark and the not reafun , and had paJlions mofi:

Gods difpJeafu ned dand fell into> ftrong. when be hadhisuoderftal1d·

ked of all his Ii re .. an. was. made na- lng moO: weak, and was to ride a

ments.and w3s"!ffiDatdall endow';' wilde horfe without 3' bridle, and

ced to death a dame .and Ienten- the more need he had ofa curb, the

means ofJon~I' fi djrIved of the lefs frrength he had to ufe it,and this

mCDt3ndinLUul e,:m of the Sacra- ,.' being tbeeafe of all the World,

mene ofImmortaIi- t what wasefJe" mallS eviU, became

ty, I allmtne greater evi1l;, and thougb

f- . alone·

. ,

Jjfl 'A'V' J'. '

T ' lna~" e' ~ •• ' •

alone it wa wltlon,of ' the Pt tzl me Attrzbute.r. 1)

they ca me. ~o~e:r1eba?, yet \Vh eli oflbein Souls:. !ben it is that every' much worfe' lik r!t- was made ' :dailies agam(\: al1other~and one every one ar~ne he Shrpsin a frorm'lrelation requires what another deto out-ride it '.b arh enough to d~ I pies; and when one fpeaks, anothe!! betides.the eviIJ utt~en they meet: will contradiCt· him; and that which, find the intol: 0 b~ e frorm, the; ; is well:fpoken, 11 fometimes inno~, th~ir mutual! co fa ill caJamitie of I C!ently mHl:aken, and that upon a" illlP that is readllcu on, and every i good caufe,produces an evilleffefr, with the tempefrYis to be opprelfed ~and by thefe , and teo thoafand 0- tc;> every veftf:J1. ~ a. worfe ~em pelt I tber concurrent ca ';Ife!, man is made

VIOlently dallied. ~al~fr .whlch it is- more then mo(\:,mtferable. k~nd,every man ha hO ~ IS in man- But the main thi~g is this~ when ~ IS 0 WO; and ids h t evill enough of Qoe\> was angry. wttli o.A-aalll; the II.ve foberly, tern ard for a 'man to' man fell from th~ fiate ofgrace; for

glouny; btlt w-h pe~tely, and reli- God,wlthdrew. hIS grace, and we re-

and Children b e\ e hath· Parents. tu:rned-'to·the fiate ,of meer nature,

friends and e~e r~t ers and fifter s, ''Of our- prime creation. And al-

Iers , Lawyersmledbllvers and fcl~. though Fam not' of PetrlwDtil&Onrl#

family and a. a~ Phyfitians, a-' his mindl who faid, that· when we \

~ing .ov~r him. n~l~;bou r hood, a' aU fell in Ad am, we fell into the dirt, !

him, a .sllbop t~ r'l .enants under and not only fo, but we fell alfo up- I

Govern rnent f iri~e 1fl matters of. on a hea p of nones; fo that we not

ple to be furdy h .ual.l , and a Peo. on ely were made na~ed; ~ut defiled.

. . nn III the atLires. aleo, and broken all in pl~es; yet,

~. ili~

16' A'YinJictitio1ia!' ,'.. f :iloe·:l)k!!il~el,J.t.~~.D?H!es ~'l.''7:. t'bis:~;·believe_t~,be~~f~3in'!I::th,atr.~lt~getbq _(9:~m.~~f~~le~> ~D:~ .. ~~C;~ by hrs faUre,?e1V~a[ eV'lH-emough :~{~tor;YJ' .w~Jc;\l,.t~~. ~,l!JII#le, ,Qf~le;,'~ undoe. us, .andnune·usall; but y:eta;;~'iQesto:~~,~~ 'e~~ Q.f ~~Il ~

the evill.did ~o defcend uponus.,~~atftQ. •. .: " .

we were left Jnpowers &capactttes:' . . '." ..

t<: ferveand glarifie?od; Gods fer",K}lQf~7r_~~''f~7r!,a.S'a,,· B~8. '7fa.'~~~ ,:

Ylce was made mu.ch harder .but n<?t; ,;p..cU~- ill! .at1l~,~~, '~'. ;'.' ". .. < ImpofIihle; mankind W3.s made rm- \Q'"v .. 'T~- rn-Aa!"nt1,i"o'f~~~&"'~~.;t1r~

ferable.but i1otdefperat'~ ~ we con-: :" !l-'oi'fct~, Clv,~e~v·. ' IV' ' • I'D tracred'an~uaH mortality, but we 1',~ aava,1~ j'vc.:crw TiA(I..!B&1l1 ~l'«.a~:

were redeemable from the :powe-r·-fJ'i'''CLN.~ 'Tit .

of Dearh; f~e was. ea:fie an~:1 _.< ,.., - . .' " ,; . :

ready at the door, but It was re-\, M""~AltheW(}'kJ'f·G(Jd,.JiA»l·4.

fifiable,Our wiD'was a~ufed·~ b~l\ ' '. h,hu handl, .

yet not deftroyed-; our Uhd'erftand~.: .i:IimtliJ the se,p.~nt cheat .lh41 "

ding was cofened, but yetftill ca .. i Je~thsbandl ,

pable of the :be,~ .. infirulttons-; and' -He wtfS {tIPjel1ed.forhu}1I : .fIJI'·

though the.Devill had wounded us" " ·,bit 'B1Il4 ali;.' . ,:.,~

yet God rent'~is Son, who -like tile :. :J!e.tafleel good and evill' 6" :b" go<?d S.:!marttan poured Oyle and' . tAtl.. WIne Into our wounds , and we were curedbeforewe felt the hurt, that might have ruined us upon that Occafion, It is fad eaough , . but not·

. alto ... ··

Butto.this we mayfuperadde tb~t whichP1Hta·rcb- found to be' expell" meataUy true ~ t,M;rlllJl 1HPd peact

. '. -move ...

, • ~ ,0 - . 0 .••. _. -, . ~ •. : ~tbe Divine Attributes. ~'1

~'O •.. A Vznr1zcatz~ll of ." .. '38:1; confeguent mO~fons ~nd'p~otJJDvefu,tt a~ ufo11lra.~tOI11!, 1If11/0iZ~'\ .duC\:ions from the Wrt) It lS an ':1fe~ ,em fr4n~pajJi01Jt!~ : t he ~()P:t 'tll?V~:1\' 'lefs and a groundlefs pro.p:otitiPD jn the'~ommand of the WtUand-by,the. Philofophy, to make the PaffioDs't9

empire of reafon.but the paflionsare 'be diflinlt faculties, and feated in a fiiff even !hen when th~ knee bends, aitferiog region, for' ~s the ,rea f~D: andnobridlecan make the PaffioDsable foul is both fenhnv.e and v~g~regular and te~p.er.at~: ·'A.nd i~d~,edtative, fo is the Will.~leaive aD~ .< Madam) -this lS~10 a. manner ·,the. pafiionat~, the rellloo. both of . fum total of the evill of our abufed choice and paflions , rhatis , When

.and corrupt~d natllre; O~r ~~u] is'jnthe ObjeCt is immateriall " o~ t~e. the body as to a PrlCOD; It IS there 'motives fuch, the aft of the W 11119. ta.ntjuam i~ aliena d01l1(),it is~. fojour-: 'fo meerly intelletl'ual.J,tbafit is then 'Der, anti .lives ,by the bodies mea-: fpirituall, and the a8:s. are proper f~re5 .and loves andhaot~s ~ytbe 00- and Symbolical; but ifthe ObJect:. dies Interefts and Inclinations ; tbat:·ismateriall or corporall, the aCtso~ 'which ispleafing and D~urifbing to the Will are adhzfion and a.erfati ... the 'boay ., the .foul choofes and on.and thefeit receives by the needs delight$ in : that wbich is vexa.ti.ous and inclinations of the body; now and troublefome, it abhorres , and becaufe many of the bodies needs hath motions accordingly; for PaC- .. are naturally lleceffary ~ and the reft fions are nothing elfe bur a~s of are made fo by being thought the Will, carried to or from ma- . needs and by being fo naturally teriall Objeds, and effeCts and i-ni-'~ fleafa~rJ aodtbat,tbis is the bodies preLfes upontbe man, made by fuchday


'~2 AVi~icati~lI Dj',

day, and it rules here in.its o~;, place'and time, therefore it is tba( -,he will is fo greatafpeneofpaffionJ and we fo,:great fervants Of'OUI

bodies, .

~ . T his was. ~tbe great effeCt of

Aaarns,fitlwhichbecame rherrefore toqs ,apuoi{hmeot beca~(e of the appendant, infirmlty :th;tt wen ,a~:' 'long with ·it; for Adatll being fpoiled of all the reditudes and {uper .. naturalheigbrs of grace, 3ndtbm:ft back to the, form ofnature, and' left to derive grace to himfelf'by : anew Oeconomy.cr to be without . it;. and his pofrerity left juft: fo as' :, h~: was. left him((Jf.]. he, ~as per- • mitred to the powerof his: enemy; ~ ,that berray'd him, and :pUt; under .' the .power of his body w ~ofe ap. pentes would. govern him; and when they would ,grow irregular; could Dot bemafteredbyany thing , l thal, was .about him, or' bornwith I

. ' him,

Dioine. AttribJttes. . 23

'him fo tnat his cafe was miferable and' naked, and his Ilare of t hlogs was 'imperfeCt and would be dif-


But now Madam, things being

thus bad, are made worfe by the fuperinduced Dodrines . 'of men, which when I have reprefenred to your Ladifhip and told upon what accounts I reprove them) your Honour will -finde that I have rea-

font -.

There are one fort of Cat uins ...

Scholars whom we for diflindione fake call Sttpra!apfarhtns, who are fa fierce in their fenrences of predellination and reprobation, that th~v fay God look'd u.pon mankinde onely,as hisCreation,and his naves, over whom he having abfolute power, was very gracious that he

was pleafed to take fome few, and fave them abfolutely s and to the other greater part he did no wrong,

B 'though

.~ + AVindi<cation£of :the D-ivineAttribJlteJ. 25

1hough he was pleated to damn 'damn rhems and rhenmof] tyraoni .. :tbem eternally, onely becaufe he ~cally, cruel" and unreafonable; for $>leafed;. for they were his .ow~; it faies that to make a poftnate pre;and ~/j Jltre (utJ utitur nemlnJ tdea renee ofjufHce,it decrees that men injl4riam faies the law of :reafon"-inevitably {ball fin, that they may every onemay do what he pleafe 'inevitably, but juftly, be dan1ned;,,'. ._ with his own. But this bloody and like the Roman Li6l(),s who becaule I' horrible opinion is 'held but by a they could not pu.t to d.ea~h sej~.l few; as rending diredly to the di(- . ntis daughters as being VIrgIns, dehonour of God, charging on Him '£loured them after fenreoce , that 'alone that He is the caufe of mens . by that oJrbarity they might be) flns on Earth, and of mens eternal t capable of the urmof] Cruelty; 1t torments in Hell; i~ makes God to \ makes God to be all that thi.og th~t be powerfull, but hIS power Dot to \. can be hated; for it makes hun nel~ be good; it makes him more cruel \ ther to be good, nor jufi, nor -reato men, then goo.d men ca~ be. to \ {onable; but a might¥ ene~y.to tt.c=. Dog5 ~nd {beep; It makes ht~ give ; biggefr part of man~Jn~e; It makes' the final fentence of Hell ~)th~ut i him to hate what himfelf hat h

any pretence or colour of Jufhce; \ made and to puoiih [hat 10 another it reprefents him to be that which \ which in biInfel(he decreed fhould all the World muf] naturally fear, I not be avoided: it charges the ":1fand naturally bate, as being a God I dom of God with folly, _as having tielighting in the death of innocents; ~ no means to glorHie his j~fti:e, b~lt 'for fo they are when he reCoIves to \ by doing ul1ju{[iy, by bringing 10

damn \ . B 2. that


1~6 A 17indicatiolJ of .

·thatwhich himfelf hates, that he 1night do what himfelf loves: do- , jug as Ttherill1 did to Brtttll! and Ne:110 the Sons of qennanictIJ;

!Varia fraude indllxit u~ Sueton, concittJrcntur ad COli vitia in vita .. et (011dtati .perderentur; liber.c,

provoking them to raile, 54·

~! hat he n1~ght p~~i{b their reproachs lOgS. ThIS .opmion reproaches the \ yvords and the Spir.it.gf Scripture, ! ':ltcharges God with Hypocrify and ; ~ ~ant .ofMerey. ' making him a ' Father of Cree 1 nes, not of Mercie .and is aperfed overthrow of all R: ... ligion2and allLawes.and all Gover':ment; it deflroyes the very being, and nature of all Election , thrufling

a man down to the lowell:' form of-

bea~s and birds, to whom a Spon~tanelty of doing certain actions is' :given byGod.but it is in rhem.fo nasurall .that it is unavoida.ble.Now concerning this horrid opinion, I ..


t'he Divilze Attributes'p, 17-'

for m)' part {hall fay nothing but ,tnlS · that he th~lt fayes there was no" fuch roan as Alexande:, .~~uld tell ~, .honib'elif', and be lDJllrlOllStO nl1 {itory and to [he memory and fame

ofth~t great Prince., but he rhaz

fhoulJ fay .. h is true i here was fuch

_ a man as ~texander, but he was ~\ Tvrant, and a Blood-ru~ker, ~~ue~

and injurious.,falfe ~nd dl(fembllog\

an enemy of mallklD~ , • and f9.r,al1, the rea Cons of! he wort clm be ll~ ted ~nd reproached, would certllmly' t1i{bonour Alexa1Jd~r more :- 3?d ~e' His greatefi enemy:. So I thmlt tn~ this, That the Athelfis ~ho. deny there is a God, do not fo Implotl~Y' again{\: God, as Ihey that charg.c hl~'

w tth foul appellatives, or lnatot31n1 fucb [entences, which if they were . true, God could not be true. ~ut,' t.hefe men (MJdan1 ) have n?t~tng.~

todoin the Qgeftion of OngtnaU,:

Sin' fave:oncly, that they fay that.,

) It 3,1 God:,

2 8 .A 17ind; cation of

God did decree that Ada1Jl. Ihould ': fall, and all the 6ns that he Iinn'd, ; and all the world afier him are no. t effeCts of choice, but of predefti-

I nation, that is, they were the acti .. ; ons of God, rat her then man.

But becaufe thefe men even to , their brethren feem to {peak evil things of God, therefore the more wary and temperar of the Calvi .. 1liftS bring down the order of reprobation lower , affirming that CQd looked upon all mankind in Adam as fallen into his difplealure, hated. by Ood, truly guilty of his lin, liable to Eternal damnation, and they being all equally condemned, he was ple~fed to feparare fome, the finaller number far, and irrefifiibly bring them La Heaven; bur the far greater number he palled over, Ieav:ng them to be damned for the fin of Adam, and Io they think they Ialve Gods jufhce ; and this- was

. the


, Divine AttrifJl,tu·. 29

toe "t the s~-

d figne and device or '. J the e 1 .

d of Dart. .. rr. tt;.eu.

so b " rhis to-paue, u .1'

Now to flog· ." 1 f

" O'r1gma In.

teach concernlo~. . f r firft Pa-

. That by' tillS In o~ 0 • h ..

, 1. c 11 from' their Oflgl.oal fi~ rents re d 01n'muOl0n, With,

teoufneffe an bec~me dead in finne

God, aO~1 fOdefiled in all the facul-

and ~ho Y f foul and body-

ties, and pa~s oft ever death was (lue:

'2. Thfi ft P~r~nts for this fin, th~,

to our tr t of all mankiode1anu·

being ~pe fOh" fin beingimpute~y the g~\\t 0 • t IS ;ied to. all their

h tame IS conv aao

t C • b ordinary genet

pofrenty, Y ,.,.

tion. That by" tbis Or}gi1?al COr;"

3 -0 . are utterly Indlfpofed".:

rupnoD we dade' oppo6te to'all, difabled, cin w~Ouy inclined to' all' good, an . h f m hence proceedt

·11. and tat ro

eVl, . . . eefsions-

au aecu~ltrang · . f'nature re-,

ThO rruptlon·· 0 .

4;. \S: co m31nes.;


30 A Vindication of

maines .in the regenerate, and al- r, thoughit be t~rough Chrif] pardo- \ . ned and mortified, yet both it {elf t and. all the motions thereof, are trulie ,30d properly fin.

5· Original fin being a tran(gret: fion of the righteous Law of God, and contrary thereunto, doth in its own nature bring guilt upon the finner. w hereby he is bound over to

: the wrath of (;od and curfe of the : L~vJ, and .fo ~ade fU,bje& to death with all mileries, fpir-ltual' tempo:alJ, and eternal. There ar~ the fay-

o ; ln~s of the late Aflernb! y at W(~

I i n!/lJfler. ,

Againf] this he.ip of errors. anddangerous'propoutions Lhave made f?Y former difcourfings, and Ilanngs of the Quefrion of Original. fin. !he~e ~re the Do&rines of the, P.!if.6Jf~rlan,. but as unlike truth, as [·hu, a(femblies are to our Churchs : '- for concerning him I may fay.

. N,e'l1iO·


'Nemo 14m prope promlq; lIobY,~

He is the Bkeff and' t heunl ike·{l:·'·., to 'a Son of our' Church in the'world;:\ Be-is neerefr to nsand furthefrfrom" us. and to an the world ·.abroad he:

calls- himfelf our friend, while at~ hOLne,he- hates, us-and dtfrroyc&.~

us .:

Now r (hall firfi" (peak to rhe.

thing in genera l and its' defig~esj. then I iliallmake fomeobfervatlOnsi.

upon tl~e par~iculars.; . :. . "

1;. This device of our 'Pr·efbyte"tt131>

and ofthe·-Syn:od of: Dort is but.an~ artifice to' fave rheir- propofinon l. barml~{s & to flop ,the'out-cries of' Scriptur~ andreafon, and 'o~·,all rhe :

W odd '3g~inft.the'm •.. But tbls· 'V!ay: of fiatingthe 'article of reprobatt--- 00 is as horrid - iBeffeet'· as ·the 0"'-

there .Fort ,

1 •. Is ·it; by a natural confeq'lleot:

B< 5,; thalt

3.' A' 1'indlcatiiJf1.· of

that we are guilty ofAdaln.r fin, or is. it by the decree of God ? Naturallyit cannot be; for then the fins of all r our forefathers., who are to' their' pofrerity the fame that Ad.am·

W~S ro 'his, mufb be ours;' and,'. not onely AdltlnJ firflfin, but his 0" thers are ours upon the fame ac .. · count. But ifit be by the De-

cree of God, by his choice Infoit. I.

and confiitution that· it 3· c. 23-· fuould be fo- ( as Mr. Cal... Sea~l'.·

oi» and Dr. TwijJe (tbat'V Gmdol'\ "

I ,,' fc rat. . I.

. may n~lne DO more or p. J.' di:-

that fid~, do cxpr.efly gref. 4- reach ) It followes , that c·,3. God is the Author of our

Sin; So that J may ufe Mr. calvinll '

wordss "HbW is it that fo many

U Nations with. their Children"

c.c Ihould be involved' in. the fall-

" without r.emedy·., but becaufe God would have it fo ? and if that-

be:t.he'.mattert·" theQ .. :to:G.od·, as to" ~





t13e:. IYiivine' AttrilJutes~3:3'~ t'he caufe" tnuihthat fin, and, that:

damnation be account-ed.. , -, .

And; let it then i be confidered'l

wllether rhis be not" as' bad as the: worn:, For the Stl!ralapfo~?(l,rJs fay,.; God did decree that the gre~teft,' part of mankind fhould pe,rHb )bnl,..r

. becaufe he would': The SNblap(4rl.· 41'1$ fay That God'made'it by his; decree ~ece{fary., that all wee who were born of Adam fhould·be·borni ~uilty ofOtiginaU Sin,and he it waswho decreed to .damne whom',: he; plea fed fOT that fiil,jn which he de..:.oreed they fhould beborn,and both: there he did for no other conlidera-: t10nl'.but; beca\l~e he w.oul.d ... Is" it{ [lot therefore, evtdent, that he abfo-lutely.decreed' Damnation to tber~:; Perron!; ?: For he that decrees the:' end, and he that decrees the, onely.' necclTa rY30d effeCtive.meanesto 't~e;

end,and:dfcreesth:4~,1t (ball be th.e: endofthat.means,4oes:decreeabfo. - lute::;

'34 AiVindication ,of'tJJe " , lutely alike ;. though by feveral diC .. : penlationsr- And then all the evill., confequenrs which I reckoned be-I fore to be the monfirous produGli- J ons of the fir.fr w-ay; are all'Daugh. \ ters,ofthe.other;and ifsolomon were ~ here, he could not tell. which were: , the truer Mother, . \.

. Now that the cafe is equall be- . tween . them, fome of their own \ chiefef] do confefs '" Co Dr. TwijJe'Q, " If God may ordain Men-toHell for \ Adarli.r fin, which is derived unto them by Gods one1y confiitution:

he may. as, well do it abfolute ..

I y. without any fitch confiitution~ ~ The fame alfo is .aflirmed

by-Macco'Vira, and by Mr, Di{p.18. Calvi,; : and the reafon is In)1: lib«. plain; for he" that does a 3.c:ap.23· thing for a realon which Sea· 13-

hi~)felf makes, may as welldo ie ~1thO.ut a .re.a[on,. Or he may make . hIS owneWillto be the reafonvbe- \ caufe the thing, .and the lnoti~e, of'

the. ;

l'i'V ine Attribute!. ~ 5'~ the thing,come in both ~a~es, equal-, ly from the fame prlOclple, and

from thar--alooe,,- .

Now (Madan1)be pleafedtafay,:,

whether l-had not reafon and necef-', fity for what I have taught ~ You are' 3' bappy Mother· o~ an Honorable· poilerlty., your Children and Nephews, are Deare to you as your· r,ight eye, and yf;t you cannot love-, them Co well as 6od'lovestheln,and-

it is poHlb\e that a. Mother fhould' forget her Child'ren ,yet ?od -even' then.will not,cannoti butlfour Fa-:· tber and Mother forfake us.God ta .. : keth us up: Now Mad.am confider; could you have found 1~ yo,:",r heart', when-the Nl1rfes and MtdWlves had bound up'the heads of any- of' your" Children,when·you had born them with pain and' joy upon your knees, could:-you- have been'temptt'd' to"

~ive command: that . murdererS'

. fhould be brou~ht to flay them' a-live" to' p~t them to exquifite to~""·" tures.

~(l' {A' VindiclliIon,of

tur~s, and then in the m·iddefi of: thelrfad~eH: groans .. throw anyone'

. of them mro the flames of a fierce fire.for no other reafon.but becaufe. .he.w3s born ~t Latimers, or upon a, Fr~day,pr when the Moon wasin her' prtme~ orforwhsr other rea ron you. }la? ~)ade'l and they could never aY'0ld .. ~o~ld you h.ave.been deHghted, ]0 their ~or-rld fhrieks andout-cries.. .'n? raking pleafure in their una: 'Vo.ld~ble and their intollerable cala ... ·· mirv ? could you have fmiled, if the. hangman ha.d fnatched your. Elde!l:

Son from his N urfes' breafls ami' dallied his. brains out agaitlfr the'~ pavement; and 'would you not have' wondred.that 3!1Y Father or Mother" co~ld efpie the Innocence and prery. finiles ~fy~ur f ~ee~,babes, and yet; tea·~ t~etr limbs In pieces, or devife. d~vd!{h artifices-to make them roar' with intollerable ccnvulfionss.could' you,defir,c.to.b€.thougl,u\g9od,;and·


ihe.Vivine·Atl·riButt~. 3'7 'Yet have delighted in fuch cruelty?·

t Iknowlmayaafwerforyou; yO\l\ > would firfr have d"ed your, felf. \, And yetJa,y again, Gotllove5man~'''-

kind be~terthen we can love'one another, and he is effentially juft,. and he·is infinitely mercifuU, and be-

. is all goodnefs., and therefor~', thou~h we might. pofiibly do ev!l' things, yet he cannot, a~d yet thiS" doCtrine of the PresbyterIan repro .. bations, fsies he both can and does· thing&, the very appreh!nfion ~fi , w.bich hath·caufed many to defpnlf::,/ to drown or. hang-thcmfelves,.

Now if the DoCtrine of· abfoIllte,:

Reprobation be fohorrid, fo·intole .. c. rable a propofition, fo unjun. and,; blaf pbemous to 6od, fo inlurio~s; and cruell·to men, and'thattherclS-,

tlo~colour or pretence to ju (ti~e it~ .. but bV pretending o~r gUIlt of

Adaml .. fin, and damnatlon to be the .. fUt1i(bment,:_ thell. becaufe. from,

, .. trutll~

I ~

381 . ...1' Vindlcatiolluf' the DitzJine Attributes. B 9' i truth nothing but truth can iLTue;' . reprov.e tb~tdo&rine , which (aid, \

that mull: needs be alie.from which, It was Jufi 10 Oed to damne us for.

fucb, horrid ·.confequences do pro- ~ the finne·of A,d41N·.

eeed. For the cafe in Ihort is,thi~;'·' Though this be the maine error';

Ifit be inn·Jor Godto damne ~ny:l yet there are fome other collatera1t

one of Ad(l1n~s PoHerity for Aa.lnl'S4 things which I can by no tnea~s ap"

fin.then it is jufi in him-to damne- prove, fuch is that. 1. That by the-

a'I:; f{)raU his Ch~ldren are equally, Sin of Adam our Parents beca~e

~U1ltY'; and then ifhe {pares any, it, ' wholly defiled in. all tbe facu\ms

IS Mercy: and- the ref] who ·perHh' and powers of then fouls and bo-

have no caufe to complain, But if dies.And 2.Th-at by this wealfo are

all thefe fearful confequenceswhich diCabled., and made oppofite to all' ,

Reafon and Religion (0 much ab- g{)od, and, wholly inclined to all e-

horr do, fo' certainly follow from 1 vill. And j. That from ~ence pro:

fuch dodrines of Reprobation, and- 1\ ceed all afruall tranfgrefllons: ·A~u

rhefe doctrines, wholly' rely upon' 1\ 4~ that our nat~rall co~ruptton l.n,

this pretence , it follows, that the I the regenerate ihn remaUl~" and IS,

pretence is infinitely falfe and'into!..:· frill properly a fin. " .

Ierable ;,and that it-cannot be jufr A~ainfi: thIs,] oppofed there Pro-

for God to damne us for being in a. pofitio~s; '"!7hat the effeCt of ~da~J:

nate of calamity ., to which flare 'we fin wasin htmfelfbad ~nough,f~r It

entred no w·ay but. by his conftituti- . aevePced him of that ftilte of g~ace"

on and decree; . and favour where God placed him';'

\ Yo.uJee,Madam)I .had reafon to, ~. it threw himfrcm Paradire~ and all'

I . th~.


40. A' Vindication of' t~ea~\1:Hltages of that place , itleft h~m In the fiate of Nature ; but yet' hIS nature was not fpoiled by that. fio!he w~s not wholly inclined to al1:\ evill, nett her was he difabled and t·

made opP?fite to all good; only his \. good was imperfect , it wasnat nrall and fell Ihorr of heaven; tor tnt his nat ure was invefled with a, Dew na-' ture, he could go no further then. - the defigne of his firfl: Nature that' ~,withou! ehriG, without th~ Spi- \ Itt ofChnfi, he could never arrise 1

, at heaven, which is his fupernaru- ; rail condition , But I. There (blt .: remained in him a narurall freedom' ! of doing good or evilJ. 2. In every' \ ~ne .tha~ was born, there are great . Inclinations to forne good. 3. Where- . our Natu.re was averfeto good, it is ; ~ot the dl~ea: pn-o(1'{ature., but the: r Imperfechon of it. the reafon being, , bec~u{e God Iuperinduced Lawes: l ~galnil: our natural! inclination, and: )


yet. ~

( i

tlJe Vi-tiline Attrtvutet. 4' yet there was in nature nothi~g [uf ... ficie.nt'~o make us contradiCt our nature in obedience to God; all thaI being to come from a fupernaturall a.nd Divine principle., Thefe I (ball prove together ,for one depends u ~

on another. ..".

1.. .A nd 6rft, that the hbe.rty of

will did not peri{b to man'k1nd by the fall of Adam is fo evident, that St. eA~flin who. is an a9ver~ary in ferne parts of this ~~fbon, but'n~t: . yet, by way of que{hon and. ccnu-

deoce askes , !2!!u ,"'elll tib.load noflrum: dietlt quod' ~rjm_i;

Bonifac. hominis peeeat' p':rierll i" ..

C.2. Lerum ttrbitrium de hum"~

no genere ? Which' of us-

can fay, That the liberty of OUf Will did perifh by the fin of the firft Man? And be adds a rare reafoo;for it iifo certain- that it did llot.,pe.ri~. in a finner, that t his thingooety 15 1 t by which ~hey do finne:, efpeciall r

. . when:

42 A'Vindication of' •

_when they deligl.tin their finne'; and by the love of(i~ , that l'bing is pleating to them which they lift to do. ] And therefore when we are !. ch~rged with fin, it is worthy of in- .. qutry, whence it is- th~t we are finl1er~? Is it by the neceffi tv of nature, or by rheliberty of o~r Will? If by nature, and not choice, then it is good and not evil.for wharfoever is o ur J'iat u re )~ of Gods rna ~ ing, and

. con :equcntly IS good; but If we are

, finners by choice &: liberty. of will, whence had we this libertie? Iffrom \ ~dam, the? we have not loft it; but \ J~ we had It not fwrn him-then from !.

him Yfe?O not derive all our fin; for by th~s liberty alone we fin.

If It be replied,.that wee are free

to fin, but Dot to good; it is fuch a foolery, and the caufe of the lni-, flake fo evident.and fo ignoranrahat Iwonder any man of Learning or:'

commonfeniefhould awn it. FiE'

the- VitVine AttrivUfes. 43 :ifl be free to evill; then I caifchllfe' 'fvil1,or refufe it; If lean refufe it, .rhen lean do good; for to refufe

rhat evill is good, and it is, in' the Com,mandement I E/chew tviO ] but if I cannot choofe orrefufe it , 'how

~ m I free to eviU ? ,'·F or Yolunt 4S and ,:liberf {f4, wjll and Liberty in 'Philofo-· phy are not.the fame: I may will it, when I cannot will the contrary; as the Saints in Heaven, and God him ..

.. {elf wills . good ;. they .csn .. not.

will e.vil1;bec3ufe.todofo 15 lmper .. feCtion and contrary t-o felicity; but here is DO li herty; for liberty is with power, ro do , ornotlodo; tq do this or the contrary ;{~ndif this 1i~ berty benotio US,we are not in the

ilate of obedience., or ofdifobedience ; which is theftateof all them who are alive., who are neither in

hen nor Heaven. But that our cafe . i~otherwife',lfl had no other'argument in the world , and were never

. fo

4+ A 'Vin.di-catio12 of :the Divine Attr!butel. 4; fo prejudi~ate and obfiinate a per. l'tove: But Iince all Theology. all fOD, I think I fhould beperfeCl:ly 'Schools otle:lrning confent in this, convinced by thofe words ofS.PIIJ that an invincible or unavoidable 1 C IIr. 7. 37. The :A pom e f peaks of a . ignorance does w hall y excu fe fr am

.good.atl: rending not onely to the' :fin_; why an invincible and an unakeepmgof a Precept,but to a coun- "oldable necefliry {hall not a1fo ex .. fel of perfetl:ioD;& concerning that,cufe, I confefIe I have not yet been

.he hath thefe words; IYeverthele!ft, taught: >

,he that ftandeth ftedfajt in hiJ heart, Butl~by, Adam J fi~ne wee be fo

haVing 110 ncceiJitJ ,h1lt hath power 0- 'utterly IUdlf paCed, d1fabled,and op-

,,!er?" own WlfJ, lind hath fo decreed po{jt~ to allgood, wholly inclined

I~bu hear' that he wiD ~ep hiI Pir- to evlH, and from ,hence come a11

gilt, doth we"; The words are plain, aCl:uall Ennes, that is, That by Ada:'"

and need no explication. If this be we a re brought to that pa{fe, that

not a plain li?erty of choice, and a we cannot c~lUfe but fi,nne: it is a

power of WIll, then words meanfuange feverlty,that thts tbould de~

nothing, and we can never hope to !cend upon Perfons '?ther~ife, moft

tmd~rltand one a?olhers meaning. lnnocent~and that this w~lch 15 !he

But iffinne be avoidable then wee mol\: grievous of all evills s pmll"

have liberty of choice. Ifit be un- & maxim./1tccanlilJrtI ptel:14 en pec~

avoidable.it is not im putable by the CII/fi:. (Seneca) To be ~i v en over to

meaf~r~s of Lawes , and J uit.ice; bn, IS the worft calamity ,~he mo~

what It IS by Empire and TyrannY. extreme anger never IOfllfu:d clio"

let the Adverfaries inquire and ,f\, sealy at all for any finne , as I have

. prove : other~



i ;'

'46 A Vindication, of the rherwife proved,and not indiredly, but upon uhe exrrerneft anger ';

which 'cannot, 'be fup~ Dor1r. and pored, unlefle God be

Pract. of • h c.'

R' more angry Wit us lor,

- epent. being born Men ; then,

for choofing to be finners.

. The Confequent of there Argu-. ments is this; That our faculties are;' not fo whol1y fpoiled by Adams fall, ~

I but that we can choofe 'good or e ... vill, that our nature is not wholly i difabled and made oppofire to al! good: But to nature are left and given as much as to the handmaid A .. gar; nature hath nothing to do with the inheritance, but {be and 'her fonshave gifts given them ; and by natu re I we have Laws of Virtue and inclinations to Virtue, and nanrrally we love God, and worfhip him, and f peak good things of him, and love our Parents, and a bflain from incettuous mixtures.and are pleated


Divine Attributes. ' 47 when we do well, and affrighte~f within when we fin:in horrid inftan-' ; cesagainU,God;allltoisis in,Nature, and much good comes frOm,rlillill).' Nature" ntque,enim qua(i Ltffo ep,IZ,li!'"

¢' rjJ£14 n.1.IurA ell, ut ~ih:ljam laft-, { , JabJe parial; Nature IS not fa old, '. fo abfoluteend dried arrunckas

to bring no good fruits upon its ' 0\\10 frock;' and the French-men have a good proverb, ,Bonus.{tt1Jg"'W i 1J01/. mCNtitflr, a good blood never .' lies; and fome menare 'naturally: 'chafb; and fome are abftemious, and many are jufr and frlendl y, and . noble' and 'charitable: and·· rherefore all ~a:ual fibs 00 no.~ pro;' ; ceed . from this, finof'A dam -; fat if" " th~' fin of Adam left us in liberty

to fin, and that this liberty was before Ad~mJ fall ; . then ,.it; i~~not .lpng of eAaAIJIl, fa1-l~ that,we<fiil ;: /by his

fall 'jt" Ihould r~t'ber : ,be" .. that we cannot choofe but do this or that;:

C ., and

48 A Vindication .of I

· and then it is no fin; But to fa't It that our aduall fins Ihould any

more proceed from Adams faU . :!hen .4"~1JJJ fal fbould proceed fro~ ! It felf, IS Dot to be imagined for : what made Ad,lm fin when he 'fell? ' If a fatal dec~ee made him fin, then ; he was DothJng to blame. !

! i

F "ti ifla cIIlp4 eft Nemo fit /al() nOtell1

No guilt upon mankindecaJ lie . For whats the fault of defriny.··

And Adllm might with jun rea-

fan lay the blame from himfelf. and fay as Ag4mef1lllPIt did in H(J!

~er, .

the DittJillt Altr!vuteJ'. 49

It was not I that finned, but it ! was fate or a fury, it was God and not 1, it was not my aCt, but the ef .. fea: of the Divine decree, and then the fame decree may make-us fin t . and not the lin of Adam be the caufe of it, But if a liberty of will made Adam fin then this liberty to lin being frill l~ft us, this liberty and and Dot Adams fin is the caufe of all

our actual.

l Concerning the other claufe in

. the presbyterian article.rbat our natural corruption in the regenerate OOl"remaines,and u fiil' a (i:1,a1td pro .. perly a fin : I have (I confefle)

heartily oppofed it, and {hall b~- t fides my arguments, confute It I with my blood, if God fhall call I me; for it is fo great a repro~ch to 1 the fpirit and power of Chrtfr.')a~nd , to the effecrs ofBaptifine. to Scrip- ! mre and . to right rea fan, that a}l ; good people are bound in Confci- .

C2 ep~

L ~l •

·s 0 A Vindicationoftbe ence to be zealous againfr it.

For when'Chrif] came torecon .. cile us to his Father , he came to take away our fins, not onely eo pardon them, but to defiroy them; and if the regenerate, in whom the fpirit of Chrif] rules, and in whom all their habitual fins are ·dead, are .£till under thefervirude and-in the frock's of Original fin, then it fol-

lows, not onely that our guilt

of Adams fin. is greater then our i own adual, the fin that we never' ! contented to, is of a deeper grain then that which we have chofen ~ and delighted ·in, and God was I more angry with CAin that he was born of Adam, then that he kill'd

his 'Brother; and Judas by defcent from the fir fr Adam contracted that fin which 'he could never be quit of: but he might have been quit of his betraying the fecond . Adam, ifhe would Dot have defpai .. ·


tbe Divine. Attribntel. 5 l red;: I fay ·not. onely there horri? confequences do follow 1 but th~S" alfo win follow; that Ad~.ms fin hath done ferne mifchief that the gr.1ce c:fChri.t:I: can never cures an~ generanon fraines (0 much,. that rfl

generation c~n~ot walh It dean '. Befidc.% all th1s; If the natural corr,up,cion remaines i~ the regen~rate' and be properly a ito, then euher

. Gods hates the regenerat~, or. loves the finner , and when he ~l~S he: mufr enter into Hea\1~n, with that fin. which he cannot lay .down but in the grave: as the vJl~.fi: finnec layes down every fin; and t~en an. unclean thing can go to Heaven, or eire nOlnan can; and la~ly, to fa~ that this natural corrup!lon?thcn~h: it be pardoned and ·t;Jortifte~ ... yet (1:111

remaines~ and is ~lla fin; 1~ per~e~

.fence. for if It be l1JOrtiji ed, It IS'

non '. · . f·· d d

rioi,it hath 110 beings! l~~S par oneo

itwas indeed, but now 1S no fio; f:>.r

C 3- ttlL

5 2,A·Vinaic4tion of .

till a 111~n c~n be guilty of fin with- . out obligation to punifhmenr, a fin l cann?t .be a fin ~hat is pardoned; f that JS, If the obligation to punilh- r mente or the guilt be taken away, a man IS not guilty. Thus Jar (Madarn) I hope you will think I had" reafon.

One thing more I did and do re: prove in their Wiflminf/er articles: , a~d that is, rhar Original fin, Incanmg, our fin derived from .Add.tIJ_

. is contrary to the Jaw ~fCod and' $

! i doth in its own nature bring guilt

~\ up~;;; :~: ~~.ner: b!!!~~~~ ~!~ ~~~:

I to Gods wrath &c. that is, that i the fin of A tUll1t im puted to US is ( properly, formaUy,and inherently \ a Iin, If it were properly a fin in ) US, our jn, it might indeed be dami nable ; for every tranfgrcfiion of 1 t he Divine Commandment is fo: ) b~t becau(e I have pro.ved it cannot

/ . brIng. eternal damnatic n, I can as.


} well

, ·tbe Divine Attribu·'el. ~ 1· wellargue thus': this fi? cant;'0t jqO:- \ ly bring us to damnauoD)dierefor~ II it is not properly a Iirr :)~sto fay; this \ is properly a fin, t~erfore. It can I bring us to damnauon. Either of them both follow well: . but beeaufe they cannot prove It to be a fin pro·perl~, ,?f any: other . wayes but bya ltrotted rmputanon to certain purpofes; they cannot fay: it infers damnation. But becaufe I bav.e pro~:ed, it ~annot infer d~~"" nation, I can', fafely concl ude,_ It IS not formally~ properly~.alld Inhe-

rently a fill in .. us-

5 -4 A Vindication Df tJJt· »« placet a {tIper; VDbis, (11m .: I

tere cuna" \ t

PrOf()ji,um, noflril errori6us sdder« t crimen,

Nor did it pleafeour God, when

that our fiate·· .

Was h "d ..

. c ang )to adde a cnme un-

to our fate.


.. ·lhave .now (Madam) though

klCc!r 'Your trou bl~ quilled my fc £: my PYe_Jbytertan opponents,

o ar as I can judgefitting for the prefent: but my friends a1fo take ft~~~xceptions; and there are Iome o Je. l?nS made, and blows given me .asH h,appened to our Blefled

. Saviour , .l1t dOnla iIJoYltm qui dili~(bant ""). In the h?u:e of my Mother and In the Iocieties of forne of

~ny Dearef] Brethren, For the cafe

lsthlf.. .


.. tb<e-'Di'Vine Attributes. 5',·

Thev joyn with me in all this. tbat 1 have (aid; viz. That Origi-: nal fin is'ours,ooe1v, by imputation; . that it leaves us fiill in our,natural: liberty-,and though itbath devefted us of our fupernaturals, ~;et that our nature is al moft the fame .. and ". by the grace of }e[u9 as c~pableof:' Heaven as it could ever bc.. by de #I . rivation of Ori~inll ri~htoufnetre:: from Adal1l't Ill·theconduB: and in.) the defcription of this O!iefiion,being ufually:eneemed to beone1y'. Scholafiical; I confeffe they (as'alV men elfe)do ufually differ; for i~:' \V3S long ago obferv'd, that ihere.: are 16. feveral famous- opinions, in. thisone ~efiion of Original fioe:

But my- Brethren, are winIng· to. .. confeffe,. that for e.4d~ms fin alone,··~. no m-an did or {ball ever. peri{h. I And that it .is rather to be calleda·-\ fia.to then a ·,fin. If-they were air~; of one minde. and one, voice. in this ;~\

G.,S ) . a.laiclec"

5.6 A Vindicati.on of

! artide,though but thus f:Ar ,.'I would'

; not move a Ilene to difturb it, but , . fome draw one way and (orne an- r

other, and they that are apteft to I underfrand: the whole Iecret, do . . put fetters and'bars uponrheirown.

i underfranding· by an importune ; ! regard to the great names of fome ' : dead men, who are called flJlJflers

:, Ilpjn ellrth, ~nd who~e authority is.

.: as apt to mtflead us Into (orne pro-

pofitions, as their learning is ufe .. , full to guide us- in others: but fo. r it happens, rhae becaufe all are: not of a-minde, 1 cannot give ac-· count of every difagreeing man y, but of that which is rnoft mate-· rial Ifhall; Some learned- perfonsare content I Ihould fay DO man is, .. damned' for· the fin. of. AdAm- 3 ... ·

, !one; but yet that,; we Hand. guilty '. In Adam, and redeemed from this. , damnation by ChrHr ; and if that

:. the article. wtU'c. fo.nated~. it would~ 1 nott

t1Je~-".p'tVi~~, :~t~~ib'uter'~", ";~. nor intrencb upon the,jlljli:C ~r t~e·1 goodnefft of G?d; for bis JuftICe 1 would be fuffictently ,dc,elared, be- ;

cauftl. DO man can complain of; wrcng' dOlle" him; when the evil tbat!be fell intoby" AaatJJ' is taken offby ChrHl:; and' hk goodne!fe is' maniftil: In making' a new Ctn(iH' forus'~ taX10g' and nutnbring us in. €hdfi, and' giving us' free R'e.·;

demrtion by the blood· of Jefus': '1 but yet that ~e ought to con~efs<\ that we'are liable to; damnation' hy Adam, ~nd:ravedfrom thence by·

. chri!l;that,'Gods' jitftice, may . be. glorified in tbllt, and his gfedrI~ff~: in thit, but that w'e are {hU' real'.

finners' till wailied in the blood of'. I!.atnb; aitdwilnout GD? and with.·.,\ O\)t bopes1of h~3ven~ uUtben :',and;ll tbat:if this· article be rhus handled;. the' ~reJb,~piifll: fancie will· difap-< pear;fol' .thCV'. can be confuted': wiiliouc: dCl1y'jng;; AdAms.) fil:l to '~e.~\

. Oa-m~.


5-8 'A."r'.' ·'d .. ·· .. L ~ 'lr

. . .. ' .,n1 .y t~ '. teat: (j,n 'OJ'"< '.:

dam.oable ?\··by· faY-irig it:-~is rp!1tdh~:t

ned 10 Chrif], and In Ch,n,ll: all men: are reflored, andheis the headof

· the Predeflinarion ;_foriJn him {God~

· looked /upon us whenlje,t~efigtledt

· us to.our·· finalflate r- and- this rart the~ lS much for' the honour of ~hn.l1s Redemption. ". ;'.;'

To rhefe things (Madam) rl1aye' much to, fay; forne. thing1}' wil] tr?u~le your Ladilhip withal at" t?JS nrne, that you and all t hat con .. 11der the panicllhus, may fee~' i ' : coul~~not" .do the' ~or.k-of God1alJ(f 1: rrut I~ Iff had' proceededin that me:': .

thod; ,For" .' .. '; '!,' .'

I.'! his obfervablcrharrhofe wi';" kr' ~erfons,who will by no means: a,dml,~ tha~·~ny on.~ i~:~or' ey~:r~all b~.da m,n~~ . forer~gi~&t··fi~.~~~~ ~y: ~J~ means hop~ to f"3I~~e, thejl1fiite' of6od ;-. by which th~ey .t?!~iq.iy ,ilh~ p'ly that to damnusfor tBI,S~ is hahl

a:nd'- .imoler» blei 1 arid' >"therefOi-tj k

. ~ ilie~ I

t1ie Dftv·rne'At,tri"bl~tes. ;'9' t1letfilppOfe they haye decl.ared atemedy'~ B'ut t'h~n. this a~ro' t~ to be confide~cd' ;~ lftt be .10IoJera-. bfe' to d'arnn ch,i1dren for the 110 of Atldin~ :~hen it is·iiltol~r~\ble to _fay ,. ,.' J' ,.' ,t·le·, If that be notJuft

it 1S attPn~a~ , • •

or reafooab1e; then ,this IS alfo un-

. juf\: and, unrearonabl~ f for the feneence '~n4' the esecunon of !·he· fen ... tetlce;areihe fame ema03tlOn and j:ffue 'of jufrice' arid are to be e-

qually accounted of. ~or 7. .

.. -2. I demand:l hadn been Juft in

God to, damn a1l1nankinde to the eter~al pairies' of 'bell, for AJttm; {io, com mired' before they ~ad a being, er could confent ~~' It, or know of it ? if-it could be Juft, then

any t~i.rm in t~e world ~a,;, be ;uft, 'and It IS no matter who ISlnnec~nt, 'or who is criminaldirectly and by 'cheice, fince they may turn De-

~ils in.their MOlhers bellies";.agel it

Ilf~tu~rft; :net.,whethcr- there be any

,',.. laws

.- ,I' --.

., s:» • .I. ~ . ' '.~

60' A.' Yi·lJdic'!fioll of . . laws or no; fince it is all one that; there be no law, and that we donot- : ~nowwhelher there be or no; and' ~ !I ~a~tersnot whether there.beany I

JU dicial proceffe :'. for ~Ci ma,Y" as- \. well- be ~amne~wlthout judgmene; asbeguilry WIthout action: and i, betides, all'· tbo~e arguments, will.;; preffe, herel.whl~h 1 ~lrged:' .in ,my' firfi·dtrcourfe... Now tfit hadbeenunjuft. actually to damn us all.for

the fin of one, it wasunjufl to fenrenee-us to .~t; fo~. if he did give' ~ent~nce agalofi us Jufily·., hecould! Jufily. have executedthe Ienrencev

and this is jufi~ifthat,be;. 'But . .) .

~. <?od did put this, fentence inexecutIon;· for when he fent the' Holy J~[u.s.·j~to ', theworld, todie for us,:;t:nd'to Redeem . us'; he, fatif--

. fied his Fathers- Anger) for Origi. nat. fin as well as for, acrual:" he' . paid ,aU. th!"pri~e of that as~ell~

c ;!S!> o[t.~Js:damg~tlQPi. .aad the hor-·· l

r:ible.;· \ \

the' Vi>vi"eAt~l'iBuw'~ e f rible [entence was.brought.o~ a~d' God'was fo.fati~fied that hIS Jufbce" had full meafure;. for f?, aU men', fay who {peak the VOIce of the Church in the matter of Ch~\frs fatlsfaBion, fo that now, a\thou~h' there was, the gl1odne{fe of Go~, mtaking- the.· evil~ from us; y.et. ho~-. to reconcde this proce{fe wub his"

jufiice, 'Vi~. That for the fin ohno-\ ther their God Ihould {entenc~ aUI the world to the portion of devtls to·: eternal ages; and that be would' not be reconciled to us, of,rake off this horrible fenteo78, ~ltpO\~t 3:·. full price to be paid to bl~1ufl:1C~;, by the Saviour of t~e world. tbll,.,

thisis it that 1. requlr~ . may .be re- .. "ooDdled, to that Notion' which we;'

.haveofthe fUivine jufi:ice~ . ._ ./

4- If no man Ihall eve!" be datn-: ned for the fin of-Adam, al?ne., thentdemaot.tw,hethe.r. are tliey, bornq\lltt troin the gllilt;,;Of wQen tba%',


62-· A=.Vinclication oj

are quitted ? if they be born free;!: agree toit . but then they were De .. ver charg'd with it, (0 far-as to make them lia61e to aamnation.· If they be not bornfree, when are they quitted ?By· baptifine, before,

or :.fter? He that faiesbeforeor 8f-

fer, 'lnufr fpeak \vhol1y by, chance and without pretence of Scripture ' or tradition, or any fufficient warrant; and he cannot guefle when . it is. If in Ba~tifme he is qu!tted, -, , ( then he that dies before baptifme, I is. Ilill under the fenrence, and what. I ihallbecotne of-him?' If it be anfwered) that God will pardon him, feme way or ot her, at Iorne rime \\ or other; I. reply, ye.a, .but who faid.fo t. For if the Scriptureshave faid that weare all in AdAm guilty effin and damnation, and the Scrip-

. tures have toldus no wayesof bejog quit of it: but by baptifme, and ',faithin Chrifi.; :Is,it not plainly con ..... . : r' feqyent:t

Divine At'tribute~. ~3

0\ believe in Chrtfr,

fequent tba~ t\ • we he faith ofotbers,

or at leafr ttl.\ l~d ~ Chrift we are

B Pufe tntO ., .

'we are a . Adant not 10

k d £till 10 ' d r

tee one . £till 'we are un e

Chrift ,that 15, t heires of heaoatnnation~ ,and no 1 ">

ven but of wrath on~~~ bring him-

s. How can any can be

fe\f into a belief ~hat ;o~f.ttbe of damned for <?rigtna1. lO'alk~: us li-

• t: fi n that It m , r.

thlS perlwa 10. • £ r if yOU lay

able to damnation., 0 • n: Qod's

- h· t lS agal0ll

as 1 fay., t at 1 for the fault of~-

junice to aam~ u~ a1[0 agaioft hIS

nother, then It 15 US to that fufIe~ janice t~· fent~n~ a: is injufiice .. .-1f ling wh~ch.to 1l1~:ved u.pon thls ac.you fay It IS bfe Cbri{\: was proml- count, becau k. de 1 reply .. that fed to ,all k.and~fi,a\\ not be_fa,~ed;

yet all maD m ditions requtred 'and there are con· can befa-

and no mao fr

on ant part, Cb . it and be mu

r \Ted· but by n, come,

.. !


6+ A V~ J.. • . .

snatcatton 0'" b D· · A °b . 6

come to hi '} I'" ,e Ivzne uri Ides. ;

him, or it I~ nor be J brought to' .4dllTII, by the opponents in this any one can ha~t to d u~, ~ow f ~efl:ioo)i~ to. ~op~ for. that ~~ and therefore tb e a l?aJt m him, gaIofr whIch hISJuihce VlfibJy 15 us. the confiden. at .wIlI not give ingaged,and for which I hope there If it be atIafr '£'d1S ~ooked for. is no ground, unleiTe this in france in Gods goodnef: . t at we ho{'e: of D~vine goo~neiTe were expref.. take care of' that he will. fed In revelation; For [0 even they .fhall notlDn;,~:ts, and that wicke.d perfons 00 thei~ death-bed that ¥ they b!!' , I anfwer; are bld?eo to hope wIthout ~ule need not appeal t IOD.oceots, we and without reafon or luflictent fer, his jlljlice will oft hIS . goodnefle ,. grounds of truft, 1'3u t . beGdes; they ~e guiir . an ecUic. the~. If , that '!ie ~ope. I~ God.s gm1d-

then It is butY ? not mnocents, neiTe 10 rhis cafe IS not Ill, but I

ad vain to run t G d ..' A" _. ..tr.

go nefle which i hi 0 0 s ask, tS it agamtt Gods gOtlC1 .. neue

. ~_ c 10 tIS- parricul h 11- 1 .J '. I"! C

!s not revealed' wh . ", . en ar tat :m·y sr."" -moii1U per tin tul

juftice which is r:n It;S dgalOfrhis Original fin? if it be againft

hope God will Iave ~ha e ; and to Gods goodnelfe, it is a1fo a";

hates, who are gone· fim w ho~ ~e gain Il: his juftice; for nothing .

• MIl"'. who. are born h°r_n him 1.0' is jull: that is not alfo good.

wrath, fiaves of chene,S of hIS' Gods goodnefie may caufe

vanrs .of tine for tb:feD~t~, fer- his ;ufriceto forbear, a fente~ce,

are given. to all the chi pirhetes. but whacfoever 1~ aga~nfl:

ildren -of Gods g.oodneiTe, IS agalOft

. Adal}::- God

Divine Aft~ibuteJ. 67' G . otherwHe: FQr though .tbe ca ~ IS them heaven is conflfient 'not to glVe d rr: et to . h the Divine goo neue, y

W,ltd them to beU is not._ T~e rea ..

~ of the difference IS .thP.l. Bef to "do contrary rhings mu~ cau e from contrary principles;and come. t the Di-

h tfoc:ver 15 contrary 0 •

~ a dneife is etfentially evilVille goo d fuppofes

n t to do or not to 0, d h

JJU •• • ple: an t e but one 'pofiuve pnnel .' n-

other negative, 'Dot haVh-log1 :l. coo

fe ·may be w 0 Y ian - trary cau , . * egati"e·

eeding'lrOm an·

cent as P~o~ak more plato. Is it a-

bu.t to ~s oodnefe tbat'lnfants tm{~Gbeda!nedfor Originallio?

hou"t could never havebeeo,done, . ~ e~!s efsentially evil, ,and there-

~ uld never have been decreed

~re r:ntenced. But if it be Dot a ... o:inft Gods goodnefs tha~ tber \1 Id per.ith in' hen, thell It ma~ oUen. w' itb Oods 'goodne{$; an

conUu. then

99 A VindicatiolZ of the God.and therefore againft his" juflice alfo; becaufe eVCfY attribute in God is God himfelf: For it is one thing to' fay [This is againft Gods goodnefTeJ and . the contrary is a. greeable to Gods goodnefle 1 What-l foever is againfi the goodnefle of \ God iseflenriallyevil ~ But a thing I may be agreeable to Gods goodnefie, and yet the other part not be againfiit.For example; It is againf] the goodne!fe of God to hate fools and ideots : and therefore 11e can never hate them. But it is agreea .. ble to God~ goodnefle to give hea"en to them and the joyes bearifical: and if he does not give them

fo much, yet if he does no evil 10 them hereafter, it is a1fo agreeable

to his goodnefle : To gi ve them i Heaven, or not. to give them Il Heaven, though they be contradidories ; yet are both agreeable '. to his goodaefle. But in contraries

the f



i -:


~9 .A Vindication of . I the Divine Attributes. 69 then to hope that Gods goodnefstChrifiiao children have over Heawill refcue them from his jl1ll:ice,~~ thens, luppofing them all to die when the thing may agree with\; you~g? for b~i~g br.ed up. in the both.is to hope without ground';[I'· Chr1fhan Rehglon 15 acc1dental. God may be good, though they pe-t and may happen to the children of rifh for Adams fin ; and if 10, and f unbelievers, or ma:y not happen to that he C3D be juft too- upon the l the children of believers; and if account,of what attribute fhal thefe ' :Baptifme addes nothing to th~ir innocents be refcued ; and we 'r prefent flare, there is no reafon.u,!hope for mercy for rhem, \ fants fhould be baptized; but lflt

6. If AdamI poi1erily beonely \' does add to their prefent capacity liable to damnation, but {hall ne- \ (as mof] certainly it do~s very ver be da~ned fW Adam! fin, t~en I much) then that Heathen mfants, all the children 'of Heathens dying- I fhould be in a condition of being

in their infaocy,fhall efcape as well .refcued from the wrath of God,

as baptized Chrillian children: as well as Chriflian Infants,

which if any of my d;fagreeingis 3 flrange unlookt for ~ffir!native,

Brethren fhall affirm, he will and can no way be ,ufbfied or

indeed feern to magnifie Gods . made probable, but by affirming it

goodnefs, but he mull f:111 out with to be againfi: the juftice of God to

fome great Doctors of the Church condemn any for Adams Iin, Indeed

whom he would pretend to fol- : 'if it be unju.fi (as I have proved lt low; and betides, he will be hard l ~ is) then -it will follow, that none

put to it ) to tell what ad vantage ihall fuffer damnation by it. But if

Chri{Uan . the

70 A Vindication of tbe

the hopes of the falvation of Hea .. " then infants be to be derived onelj] from vodsgoodneffe, though f Gods goodneife cannot. fail,. y~t I

. our argument m~y fall; for tt \. will not follow t becaufe God is! good, therefore Heathen infants \ Ihall be faved: for it might as well I., follow, God is good) therefore; Heathens fhal be no heathens.but all : turD Ch ri rtia. OSt. Thefe things do not I \ foHowaffirmatlvely. But negative-

ly they do. For ifi.t were againfl:' I-

. Gods Goodneffe rhae they iliould

be . reckoned in Adam unto eternal death, then it is a1fo againf] his }ufiice, and againfi God all the way; and then, either we fhould finde Iome revelation of Gods. ho- I Dour in Scripture.or at leafl', the~e would be no principle(fuch as is this pretence of being guilty "of damnationin (ldllm) to:COl)~ft -ag~itjft

.It. .. ,.. .,..,!. (

7 Eilt

.the Di~ine Attributes. 71

,. But to come yet clofer to t~~ 'Qgefrion,fomeGood Men and wIfe

fupppfe., that the sublapfaria!, Pre~byterians can be confuted 10 thelt pretended grounds of IIbfolute reprobation, although we grant that Adams Gone is damnabl~ to bispo-:fieri~y,provided we (a~ ,that tho\lgb itWllS damnable , ~et It .{ball ~ev~r .damne us. Now though· I wIlli 1t 'could be done, that the~ and I might not differ fo !D~cb as 1~ a cir.cumftance, yetftrfitt IS certain that the men they f peake of can never be confuted upon the flock o.f G?~S J ufiice.,becaufe as the one faies, It 19 jufi that God lhould aCtually damn all for the finof Adam: So tht:o.ther faies, it is jufi that God Ihould aCtually [entence all ,to damnatloO; and fo there the cafe is equal~: seco~~/J, they.cannot be confuted' upon the

frock of Gods goodn~{fe? becaufe the emanations of thai belog whol-

. D.. 1,

. '

7,'J, A 'Vindicltti"011 of the

.ly arbitrary, and tho~gh there ar,e i negative rneafiires of It, as there is ~ . of'Gods Infioity,30d we know (]ods goodnefs to be inconfiftent with fome things.yet.thereare no pofirive meafures of this goodnefle s and no . man can tell how much it will do for.us : and therefore without are. velation, things ·maybe Corneum es hoped, which yet may notbe prefumed; ana therefore here alfo rhey .are not to be confuted : and a s for .the particular Scriptures,un!e1Te we i have the advantage of eflentiall rea- l (on taken from the divine At- I tdbut~s, they will oppofe Scriptu,re II to Scripture.and have 3S much ad- . vantage toexpound the .oppofire places, as the 1t1rt.t have in their QgefiiQD.softhe·Meffias; and therefore (i meQJ ipfe &orymbqJ "UJe1em , if I might make mine own arguments in their fociety,and with their leave; I .1 would upon that very account fu-

. fpea

Diville AttributeJ'. 7 3 (peel: the ufnall difcourfesofrhe ef .. feas and Oeconomy of Originall finne •

, 8. For where will they reckon the beginning of Predeflinarionrwill they reckon it in Ada1» afier the fall, .or in Chrifl immediately promifed> If in AaJm, then theyreturn to the Presbyterian way, and run UpOD all the rocks before reckoned, enough to break all the World in Pieces -. Ifin Ghrifr they reckon it (and fa they do) then thus I argue. If we are all reckoned in Chrif] before we were borne, then how CaD we be reckoned in .AJ~fJ1 when we are .born If peak as to the matter of Pre ..

deffinaiion to falvation, or damnati on, For as for the intermedial temporal evills .and dangers. fpirituaU) and fad infirmities, they are our nature, and might with Jufiice have

. :, > 0 z·· been

74 A Vindication of

'been all tb~portion God had give~ to AdJm~and therefore may be foto If us, and confcquently not at all to be ~ reckoned'in this inquiry : But cer:tainly,as to-the maine.

.9. If God lookes upon us all ~in

Chrifi, then by him we are refcued from vida",; Co much is done for us 'before we were born. For ifthisis .not to be reckoned till after we

were borne, then A ddm' s fin pre- ~ vailed reall y 'in fome periods.and to ! fome effeCts for which God in ; Chrif] had provided no remedie t far it gave no remedie to children till after they were born, but irre'mediably they wereborn children .of wrath ; For-if ~ remedy were given to children 'before they were born, then they are born in ChriG: not in AJ4t1J; but if this remedy was not given to children before they were born, then it followes, that we were Dot at firft looked

,,;:'"'" upon

~ ..

tve' Vi:vine A:ttribufes. 7,· upon in Chtifr, but in' Adam, an~ eoiit'tquently he was caput p~£d ~ jiillaiioNTI the head of ptedefhnatt-

on) or eIre there were tWO; the one, before we were born, the other after. so,thath£ret lethal", arUllao:, The arroW rucks faft andlt can~ct> be pulled out, unlefie by other ll,!ftrumentS then are commoDly m fafhioo.' 'Ho'wever it be, yet me tbinkS' 'this a very good probable

. '

argument. .' · d .

As Adam finned before any ch~l e

was born, fo was Chrift ~Tomlred

before.; and": tEat out K'cdeetnef' thall not have more force upon children that they fuou\d be born beloved 'and quilted fro~ wrath, then Adam our ProgeOltor {hall have to caufe that we be bor~ .ha .. ted and, in a damnable condl110n, wants fo many degrees o~ probability ~ that it feems to dl{bonOl1r theme.fey of God, and the lep~ta-

D ~ non


~ 6 A Vindication of the tl0n.o£ his goodeffe and the power, of hIS. redemption.

For t~is ferves as an Antidote- ~ ~nd. Aarinomy of thcico great ob~ ,echon pretended .by tbefelearned' perfoni: for- whereas they fa

they t.h~ rather affirm this, b~~ c.Jufe It I~ an honour to the redenlp,,' non which our Saviour wrought

fon us, that it refcued us from the fentc!1ce. of damnation, which we

had Incurred. To this I fay, that

the honour of our blefled Saviour ~ o?es .. no \tvay,depcndu pon.()ur imagtnat1o~s and weak propofitions ~ ..

. and neither can the reputation and honour o~ the Di~inegoodne{fe borrow al~s and artificial fupports frot~ ~he difhonour of his J ufrice;

and It IS no reputation to a Phyfiti- \

3? to f~y he hath cured us of an e~ I

VII winch we never had.; and {balt \

we accufe the Father of mercies- to have wounded us. for no or her res-


tbe Divine A,ttributes. 7·7 (,,0 but that the Ion may have the Honour to have cured us ? I undernand oot that· He tbat makes a lleceffitV that, he may nod.e a remedie, is like the Ronun whom Cat~

found fault withal; be wouldcom- mit a fault rhat he might ~egge a pardon; he hld !ather write bad Greek, tbat be might mak~ an apologie, then write good laune, a~d lleed none. But however; Chnft. hath done enough for us; ev~~ a\1 that' we did need. and fince . it 15 aU'. the reafon in theWodd we {bould pay him aR h~n.our; we may remember. thallt 15 a greater fa"our to us that by the benent of our Blelfed Saviour ,.who ~a~the Lamb · flain from the beg\l\OIn~ o~ t?e

wo rld, we were reckoned 10 Chrl ~,

'and born in t be aeeo unts of t be 01- "ioefiivour.; I (ay. it is a greater favour that we were boro under the redemption ofChrifi, then' under

D.4 the

78 A Vindication of

the fentence and damnation of A.

d: am; and to prevent an evil is a t


grea.ter favour then to cure it; fo r

that If to do honour to Gods good- . i ne1fe and to the graces of our Redeerner, we will fuppofe a need, ' we may do him more honour to, fuppofe that the promifed feed of the woman did do us as early a good, as the fin of Adam could do, us ll1ifchief;and therefore t'h~u in Chrifr we are 'born"quiued from a ..

: ny fiich fuppofedfenrence, .and: Dot ~ , that .we bring it upon our Ihoul- '

i d~ r s mro the W 9r1.Q ~iih 'us. But

: this thing relies onely nponthele

}fu ppofidons, .

, For if we will fpeak of what isreally.true and plaigly revealed:

From all, the fins of all m ankinde Chrill came to redeem' us: He c~mc to give 'ris ,it: Iiipematural bl.rth:, to tell us. all his Fathers wdl i to reveal. to us thofe glo-

. '


tbe~ Divine Attributes. 79 rious promifes upon. the expeaation of which we n,l1ght be. ena ... bled to do every thlO& that IS re-

u;red ;He came to bring us g.raceJ ~nd life, and fpirit; to firengthen us againlt all the J.:owers of ~e!l ' and Earth; to fanchfie our affhlb-·, ODS., which from Atl4mby Natural generation defcended on u S; to'

take cut the fii~gW' f ~eath, to make it an entran e to Immo!tal.

life ;·to aifure usf refurr(lho:'J, to intercede for- us, and to be.:. an' advocate for us, when we by Infirmity cOlnmit fin; .to ~a~don;,us ,; when we repept. NothIng. of which could h,crderived to us f~om " .Aadrn by our Datu,ral. ge~erat1on;·:

Mankinde noW, raking 10 hIS .wh~le coaftitution ~: .. and defigne, IS" like. the: Birds of Pilradice which travel-· lers tell us of in rhe. MolncCt) Ifl.ttnas; born without leg~ ; . hut by 3 ce-

to leftial'power"tDey' 'have ,'.a, recom-

~' ; . ", D,S. r==

8~. .J/.·'VinJic4tiolt·of·

pence made to them for that de-. , felt·;. and they alwayes . hover in ...

r he air, and feed on .rhe dew of,· heaven: fo are we birds.ofPar4dict; .... bl~t cafbout from, thence, and born, . \vlth~ut legs, without firength to, walk 10 the-laws .of God, or.to go.

to heaven; but by. a .. power.from a~ove, we are adopted in our new, birth to a celeflial converfation, we, feed on the de~ of heaven, .thejllf}. does JJ,vt .fJ1 r fdlth " and breaths in, this new life by the; Ipirir . of God •... ' For from the firfi Ad:Jm nothing.

de fee nded to us butan infirm body: and a naked foul, evil exampl~, and a body of. death, ignorance snd-pailion, hard labor" and a curfe~ field, a captiv~,f9uLandan im-, pnfoned body) that i$, a foul .na-. tur~lly apt to comply with the ap-: petues-ofthe. body, and irs.defires w-bctber. reafoaable or, exceffiv,,: 1 @1~ ·.though c-befetbings ·.wert:t\Q~ jW

. dircctr

. .,'\.

the DitzJine Attribl,.,eJ'~ 81;diretl: ·6ns to us in rheir natural' a- . bode and firft· principle, -yet rhere are proper inherent miferies' .and;' principles of fin to' us i~ rbeir e~ rn.an:ltion. But· from thIS fl.at. e, Chrift came to redeem us all by his'-'grace, and by his fpirit, by his life and by his death ,by' his Doarine. and by. his Sacraments., by, his prom.t.fcs and by his revelatlons,

by his refurretlion and by his afcen-" fion, by his interceding for us and· judging of us; and ifthis-·be nora conjugation. of glorioustbiogs gre~t enough to a maze us, ~nd to merit . from. us aU our fervlces, and aU' o~r love, an'daU 'the gl~rifications . ofG.od, I am fare nothIng can be add~p to it by any f u ppofed need of which ·we have no revelation:: . Thete is as much done for us' as we ; CQuid Ileed~~nd more then we could i .

askc'" ..


( tneD'ifVine,Attrib)uteJ\ 8"3'·':

For thus what Ah~fuerNJ faid to E-· fier VttercJ·titer4J mutJ, change ,he· old ';ttcrs;, is done by the. birth of our Bleffed' Saviour. Evais c}lan-

ged into Ave, and alt~ough It be' true what Benjirach [aid, From the woman is the begtnning If jiil,and 61. her lVC all die, yet it is nowchangdby the birth of. our Redeemer, from, a woman is the beginning of ~ur reftitution, and in him we all h\ff; .

. j thus are allthe four quarters oftbe,·

To thee 0- Lord-Ife pa]' my.- World renewed 'by the fecond A-

vow dam: ' Ava.7 01\.~, l::i.J O'l·;".Ap7t1 0;, Ma ...

MY/zllcel.in th4nkstothee Cfi1(h(6p(a., TbeEaJt,w~,North'j an~,

/hall boW, . Soulh, are'reprefented m the fecond

Ear-tho» my, life k§epft fl'oiJI~ Adam as' well as the firft; and. ra ... ··

Ihegra'lJc ther, and to better purpofes,be ..

And do}} 'my foetfro11l/al-. caufe iffin did', abound; G1'3ce·ihaU :

. ling flve,' Hipe,raboun'd. ';'.. ".' '. . ..

Tkat~ith-tf#'livi1Jg ip'16y·:.-~' lhaveoow Madam given toyour'

. fight. ,.' . .!. • '. . honour ((Job accounts,as Lhope be-·

LmAJ.(njoj eterrMllght.: t,' i~g added:.to my other. pap~.rs}p1~y~

Eor{ fatistie'notOnc:lY'your Laddlnp,but· .

• . ',,'f -. thofe~


A' Vindicdtion of'

Ntmpe quod ofI411/; Divum'l ,Jmil'-·

~ tere nem(J . t

Asderet, vo/venda dies en attu/it-

idtro ! .

14vite !£ticeJ a1Jim£ IJ.HibllS·ejl for,

tHf1dtper4{1tt. .

Jant· fo4-- the meaning of which words I render) or at leaft recorn pence with. the verfe of a. !falmo

PIal. 5' 6. bY·Bp. King •.


oJ. .


8+: A~ VindiciltiOJfl of' ~

thofe to 'Yhom this account may be' l communtcate?. IfhaH onely now beg your patience, Iincc your Ho- t n?ur hath ?een. troubled with Qge\'! [ {hons.~and mqmnes, and objedions . and .little murmurs to hear myan~ , fwers to fuch of-them as· have been brought to me •.

I.I am complained of,that I would trouble the World with a new

t .. hing ; which Jet it be never fo true yet unlelle it were very ufeful, wid hardly make recompence for the ~ trou?le Lpur the world tOI in this inq-ulrY_ .

~,anfwer; that for the. newneffe of It; I have already given accounts tharthe opinio~s which.I impugne,

a.s they are-no dued' parts of the .article of Original lin,. fo they are newer then' rhe truthwhich I have a{ferted. BQt let what- I (ay feem as new as the reformation did, .,when I LMther fij:fi.preached aga.infi, indul .. - l'


tlJe Vi~ine .Att,ribJttts. g S:· ~nCfs, the ptefetice of Novelty aid not, and .we. fay, ought Dot to. . have, afftighted him; and there ... · fore 1 ou~· a1[0 rolook to what I .. fay,that it b~,true. and the truth. will prooVe.lts ag~. But to .fpeak freely Madam, thotlgl\ I .h.ave. a. great reverence for1~nt!qutty, vet

it is the. prime antiquity. of the,. Ghurch; the ages"otMartyrs and '\ HolioeiIc, that. 1 m.ean; .a~d I am ~ fure.~hat in them, my Op.IOlon.hath much more warrant then th~ con~ rrary s But· for the de~cendlng.;l~ g,es.l give that veneratiOD to th: 9\fcat names of them that went be:

fore US~ which .tbemfc\ves . g_ave t.~; their Predeceffors; 1 honour .~be!r " memory, lre~d·their b?oks, I.lml~ ' ..

tate their piety, I 'examlDe thClI 3!p.uments; for therefore they, dsd ! .

w:ritc them" and' wbere.t~~ .reafons : . of the Moderns and tben s fceme!

~all. , ..... 1, t\lr.n the. baltance t:~

86' AIVindlc4tionof'

. the elder fide, and follow them, but ,i where a fcruple ora grane ofreaton! is evidently in the other ballance , I

" muf] follow that. Nempc qui ante

, : no! ifla mouerunt ; non Domini noJiri,

fed Duces funt. Senecs, ep. 53. They that taught of this Article before" me, are Good Guides1but no Lords. and Maflers, for I· mull acknowledge none upon earth :. for fo am I commanded by my Mafler that is in, Heaven; and 1 remember what we are taught in PAlifJgenill4 swhen wee. were' boyes •.

~icquid Arijoleics, vel qllivu dicat'/

'. ,

eoram.,' . ,

DiCla nihil moroy a1Jer~etlll~f(Jrte're- .

cedlJnt; .

s£pb.g~A.i;e~ iltJgn,ifq; virIJJ jfomaiJ

o .' vcrfl1dIJJ·.· . . ' "

Errtlre'&'!ahi coiltil1git,p!urimaficlltn. Ingtnia in lenebrtH. ,o»foe~i n~m;f)f4,;

, alt' 'J '.' .' '. ' .' , '. ', ~I.: ' ~ !: ,: . :'

" • .' ' .. 1' .

Authoyei uhi t~fJfli1;~nl_ tJ(dIlCeriL'~;"; . Ilrdent~. If~'

,he Divine Attributes'. 87 ·IJ·: l be deceiv':d ". and~.L1y If Ar',to' e

that's tru~, r.lf nQr others ever What nor hlm\e , ,.

knew? d let his Schollers·

II eave hIS text, an

talke r r weary in

Till they be hoar1e 0

their 'Ya1ke :' . though their

When wife men er,re.,

C'. • g like BeUs, ... '·h · '.

. lat~erln ' .. h 'I leave' ~ elt

Ifcapea'daDg~rw en, " ';.

fpells.. \

. .', h"'h that ate dead '.

For althoug t ey were borne, .

fome ages before we '", '. . t,

, d¥ e to them, ye bave !. reverence ub that filall ne-

InorelS due to, trut . g' to

. d G d i not wanttn

ver die. an 0 IS C then to :

our. indufh~I:Lfls ;~~ age with· thetIs 5 but d' fhis truths . ..-Etathe unde~fian ln~ h h minihtl! com'.ibIU omn,~us'Olnnt. U1 :Ua1Jt ceu r»: .

II/IC1U,,';'" tap,entl4 eff ,ne c l' ~ All

'if ,,., ,#,,, J" .' tl grdtlt afl.

lillmJicet tllzttqlJll.t. ages -,

88 A Villdicatiol1oftbe

, ages, and all men have their advan .. : rages in their inquiries after truth;

neither is wifedorne appropriate to . our Fathers. And becaufe even wife i men may be deceived.and therefore: .\ thlt wbep I find it, or fuppofe it fo

(for that'sall oneas to me and lny' \ dutie) 1 muf] go afier truth where

! ever it is·; certainly it will. be.1effe expected from, me to' follow the popularnolfes and thevoices of the'

. people.who are not to teachus.but eo be taught by us:andl believe my felf to have reafon- to" complain': when men are angryat a doctrine: becaufe it jg not commonty taught-r that is, when they are impatient to' betaugbt a trurh.becaufe mofl.men do already believe a lie; rc./1j aplIJ n,1S'()C~m I~ntt error uhi p,'th!icHJfJOul efl~ So Se1J!~tt (iZptft·l ~3.) complain-

. ed in his tim: : it is a firange tide to· ;, truth which error can pretend, for itsbcingcpublick; and.we refufe to fullow.i

Divine Attributes. 89

. 1 h · qllaji ho-

foUoW an unufua\ ,tr~t 'd· deed. (i . ~ tquenttta,nn in

~efl'u& It 1111'141 '.d fo inthofe propoit were .we to 0 h.· them'

. h h ve no' trut Ul

fitions w 0- a .. from mcns

but what tbedy bOlfO·:ot.hing tolle-

opinions) an ,are or f'.uall

bl b hat they are Ul1 • •

fa e~ utt But what neceffit'Y 1S

obJeEl. 2. .. f this- QO-

. pubhcatlon 0

: the.re lo·my it were true; for·

arlne., fuppofing be f poken at aU

i a\ltruths·a~efnot-tob g\~esoffence, it : ,. · and 1 a rrut d· •

\ urnes, 1 alone then to 1.

, is bette r to. et men .,

I fiurb the pea~h b labouring mans \, ' I an(wet WIt t eworth of eafe is

:, Proverb; a penny an time; and, a \ \v.orth a Pe~ny at th ~1ittlePeace,e~

tittle truth IS \Vot k . &..ct£tt1U pa-

I dav of the wee e. c.

ver,~ . r h. bepreferre.d bel ore

.' Trut tstO b

runll., -, . fiio trut I to. a

Peace:, not e ... er;~:I. bu~if the truth confider~bl\e r,e . kes recompence, be materta , It rna. t nolCe along

t though it brings, a grea with.


90 .A Vindication of' :'h' 'pitzJine Attribut:el.. 9 ,(

.te ,'_ ... , {\:

with it; and if the breach of Pe • "be brought out already, It mu

be nothing but thatrmen talke It t bedefert,ed pofitivcly" -,thOUbgh

Private, or dec1ame a little in pub- n~ , '\~iay in its fread, So t at

1· k I h (M d )". peace go~s a , \ ' J h any

ic ' e; tru y t en aa am - It]S a,,:, eace is rather tolleaifertta,t en. .

very pi tt ifull little propofition., the ~:: h [hould be rtfJ(}unced or denIed, difcovery of which in tru th willnot trut . h be procldred or

but Peace IS rat er to "h - tr.' 'd.

make recornpence for the pratling "Rued. then fQ~e t.~ut- Oller

of difagreeingPerfons. T,uth and '~n.~' .': .l"it.'j . eM dam)wben tbe

Peace make an excellent yoke ," but, '\ This ~~,~y ,e,~~e --ha '1' tuppofe it '''r; .• ' otherWlfe t, en·,

the tluthofGoa isalwayes to be-pre- \ ~a~b·~,~Sat prefent For as'for the Phl'eferred before the' Peace of mefJ; and, \ to e'- {l bowen

thereforeour Bleffed Saviour came \ fchnt c~fe, ;~ii:g::t o sea ~ac~l?ronot tofond Peace,but a rword; That is, If t er'~{'~II~d' ',ll~"-" \r. .-, e'~ I "~ill f~cure it

J' r. keo; an tuerelor , · f om

he knew his doctrine would caufe nQW;. ~o~ let, a~y ,mao., olffetnbte t~OU-

~reat devifions ~f~~~::;, :~:y.~~,~;.. me in'thlS A~ttc~e,~ WIll DO. "with li-

came to perfwade us to Peace and bled at him; hemay do~ It 1 an

Unity. Indeed if the truth be oleate, ,berty" and with PlY cha~~J~Y~ c~tr:e.' Y1

d fIX :.a. I" '<f - f' , \ .-- · 1 COnle_a.

an yet 0 no great effect in the ives ,'[nan is o my Opl~I~~;;~,: • f he re-

of men, in government, or in the love bimthe.~etter; ,I:!~.t 1 llteaf-

honour of (J09, then it ought not "futes it;\1 wil1"oot love ~~ ~e that

to break the 'Peace; That is, it ter then 1 did berore: u~uft e)t~,

may not run out of its retirement, d,ffents,and reviles me~ d' "~ but'

I to difquiet them.to whom their reft ea from me' no other, k~~ !t:l~ ~s. ,

I is better then that knowledge. But if ~\iat lforgiY'e bilri,alld pray for b:a.


92 A Vindi.catiollofthe

and offer1oreclaim him and that refolve nothingfhall e'v~r make eitherhatehim, orre.proach him a~d th at '{lin 'in the greaten: of difference, I refufe not to give t~e communion of a Brother; I 'be-

" Iieve Ifhell be chidden by rome el: other for my eefinefle and want of: ~~rcencfs, which theY cailZeal; bill! , It IS a f~u:!t of my nature ; a 'partofl

my Original fin : ' \

. \

P"lJiclli ~ dedit vitlHIi? Natj~i4 < I

Creato ,. '-. " . '. ,

, "

. . }ttl; 1'1 4'lIrd41i.q~lidje1JJper Jmare ' "

dedit., ':.·r' Propert ..

1.... ..:

. So~e ~~akneffe~'~'>.~~Ch man by

, birth defeends, ,,' " ",'; ,

To me too great a ldndneife'Nat' ure '

lends' ' . ." ' , '

• ' I


. But if the Peace can be broken no I

morcchcQ thus; I fuppofe tbe tjIth Which

-, -I.

Vi'v,ine Attt~j1J1lteJ. 93 which I pub\i{b will domo~: then make rec01llpence for the noife tha~ inClllbs and CotWcnticles is made

over and above. Sotong.as. I am thus tefolved;there maybe Injury .done to me, but there canbe no·duell, 'or torre of Peace abr9ad• For a fingle -anger, or adifpleaftire on ODe fide,

-is not a breach ofl'eaceon bot.h;and

A ,Warre cannot be 'made by fe~er, ,then a bargain can; in which alwaies

there mufihetwO at lea ft. .' ,

(}bjtil •. ,. But, as to the th,~g ~ If •

it be inqulr~d ''J'J~ A6j'@V ~~, OLX.O (;of't{ fL~ xptl ct.~; ,,:bat. profit ,what ufe, whatcdificauOP IS there, what good to fouls, w~at ~nour to God by this new eltpllcauon -of the ~r-

ticle ? .. an{wer; that the ufuall D~£trines of Original! 60ne are 'm.ade the great foundation of the bClr.rrble

. propofition concerning abfolute

. Reprobation; the cooreq~e~ces. of < itt reproach Ood With lo,u1bce,

, lbc1

;9 + A Vindica·tion of

they charge God foolifbly ~ and de. ny his Goodnefs and his Wifdom in many inflancesrand whatfoever can upon the account of the Divine Attributes be objected againfr the fierce way of'Abfolure Decrees;' all ' thar can be broughr' for the reproof

,of their ~f:uan Pr.(J'pofitioDs concerning Originall finne. 'Fortheconfequences are plaine ; and by them the neceffity of my Doctrine.and its

u[efulneffe may be.nnderftood, ,

it - For r.':JfGod decrees. tIS to be born finnerssThen he makes' us to be ,Unners' : and then where is his

. goodnefle}

; '·2.- If God does' damne any for ·tht!t"he ,'damnesus for what we i , could nothelp, and for 'what him- i

felf did, and then where, is his J u-

, . 'fiice ? : . ,;

'3~ If God fentence us -to that Damnation, which'he eannot in jufiice iofiiet, where is his Wifdonte ~

, 4. If

the Divine Altribltte.r. 9~

4. If God for the (jane of Adam brings upon us a necefliry of finning; whereis our liberty? where is our Nature? what is become of all Lawes, and of all Vertue and vice? How can men be diftinguifh'd from Ben fis: or the ,., Vertuous from the

. . 2

VIllOUS. ,

; 5. Ifby thefall of ~d41Jt;~We are

fo wholly ruined in our faculties, that wecannot do any good , but mufldo evill; .how {ball any man- '.: take care of his wayes > or how can

it be. fuppofed he {bould frrive a-_ gainft all vice, when he .can excufe

fo much upon his Nature? or indeed how fhallhe Ilriveae all? for ifall afrualfins are derived from the Originall, and then is unavoidable, and yet an Llnrefiftable caufe , then no man can take care to avoid any acr.u-

all Iinne, whore caufe isnaturall.and not to be declined,' ·Andthen where

is his',providence and Gcvernrnent ?

E 6. If


96 A 'Vindic~tiDn oft'he

'6~ IfGod.dO~s call: -Iofants iota Hell for the finne of others, and yet did notcondemne DeviUs, but for 'their owne {inne; where is his love ·to mankind ?

7. If God choofeth the death of fo many Millions of Perfons who :2fe nofinaers upon their own fioek, and yet fweares that he does not love the death ·of a finner, 'Vi'L. fin'Ding with his owne choice; how can tbat be credible, he fhould love re kill Innocents, and yet fhould love to fpare the C·riminall? where then is his Mercie , and where is his Truth?

s. If God bath given us a Nature by derivation) which is wholl y corrupted, then bow can it be fhat: all which God made is good ? for though .Ad4l11lcorrupted himfolf,yec in propriety of fpeaking, we did not;buttbiswas thcrDecreeof Ood; anclthen while is the-excellency of

~ !liB

Diville Attrib"tes. 97 his providence and Power, where is the glory of the Creation?

Becaufe therefore that God is all gDoinejs , and jllftice , and w!feaOI» e ,and I()ve, and t hat he governs a 11 things , and all men wifely and holily, and according to the capacities of their nature-s and Perfons, that he gives us a wife law, and binds that law on us by' promires and threamiogs, I had reafon to aLfert thefe glories of the Divine Majefrie, and remove the hindrances of a good life; Iince everything canhinder us from living well, but fear cely can all the Arguments of Godandman , andall the Powers :0'£ ~e~v~n and bellp,rfwade us to Jlrilbic:ife and feverity.

. .'

".. ~. - i ~,

~., ' ~, .

98 A 'Vindication "of

patce ru"os,jilicffJUl. rtreect B 'b'

VI ~f ,ifJ J" .' cern.

nova rtJgt.gravH·Ceres eat.lib·3·


'He thatwill fow 'his field with

hope full feed .

Mull: every bra~ble, every thi ... file weed:

And ~h~n each bindranceto the gratae isgone

;A fruitfull crop'fhall rife of '

'alone. . . "corn





, .

. Whenthereforeih~re' were (6 many ~!yc:s made to the'Devm ,I was w.l.lhog .amongf] ma."y· .'.· ... b

to ft . his 'lr' - .... 0" ets

op, t IS a lo;.a'ndI date'flt; .. £".;~~~

.AI'e./'L.' . • CbJ•·· i; . .' .;l!'1ejvy

~ ul0os'ln.; .ldt~ndopl.e\~~~q·~(~t

balfro much 10 Julbficatto'o of their

owne ufefulnelfe.and '. oecefsit •

I knowCMadam) thaJ'tb ' w~o a!eof~he, O.ther fid~"'~<¢ a~ will dtfavow ,01.0{\: of th~fe" CODrequences; and fo doe all theWorJd,

. all

tfieVl'VineAttributcs. 99 'allthe evils which'their 'adverfaries fay;dofoltowfrom;thei.r opinions; butyetalhhe World of men that perceive fuch evillsto follow frf)m

a piopofition , think themfelves bound to Itop the progrefsioo of -fuch opinid~s from whence they be'leeve fuch' evils may arife. If the

Churchot Rome did believe that aU thofe horrid things were chargable 'upon Traolubfhotiation, and upon -worlhipping of Images , which we

: charge upOlHhe DochinfS, 1 doe not doubtbut they would as much

difowne the Propofition 'I as now ,they doe the conf,quentS; and yeti ooe:as little doubt but: that we do

: weUta,difowothe:firft, becaufewe efpythe latter: and though the Man be not, ye~ the doCtrines are highly char,gable with the evils thatfoHo\v it may be the ~en efpy thetn not}

)'l:tfrom the'doCtrl11cs,they do certainly follow; and there are not it

E 3 the

100 A Vindication Qf t6e

the yvo~ld many men who owae that IS evil in thepretence.but many doe fiichas .are dangerous in the effeCt; and this dodrine which I have repro;ed, I take to be one of them.'

Op]etJ, 4. But if Originall Iinne be.not a finn~ properly, why are children baptized rand what benefit comes to them by ha,ptifme ?

I Anfwer ~ as much asthey need, and are capable of: and it may as well be asked, Why were all the rons of AbrahiWI circumcifed ,whep .~

In .t~~t rrz: there wasno re- \-_' m ~ls1on 0 fins at aU; for linle-

thIng: ~nd legal impurities.and irre-. ~ulantJes t~ere were; but there ,"elog no Iacrifice tbere but of beans

w hofe blood could not take a~ way finne, it is certaine and plainly taught us in Scripture , that no Rite

, ~f Jl.1o!eJ was exp!atory of finnes, • But ~econdly. Thl" Obiedion can t pre~e nothing at.all s fOf, why was ,.


,~e Vi'l)ineA4trilmtu. lot Cbriftbaprized, who ko~w no none? But vet fo it beboved him t~ fu16~ all Kighteoufndfe. 3' B;\ptlf~e 15 caUed rt gtnet 4lioll, or the ~ew birth;, .and therefore. {lace 10 eAdam

Children are borne ondy to a na' U· rall tife and. a l'bnnaU d~atb.and by this they can nevel artlv·e at ~eaven thereforelnfants are baptlzed"

bec~\lre uotil lthey b~ borne anc:W, theV cao never bav~ title to the ~romifes of Jefus ChIlO:, Of be heus of heaven, aod coheir's of Jefus• 4. By Baptifme Children ate made pattakersofthe holy GhoO:, and of the.

grace of ~od; whie? I defue to ":. obferved 10 oppofitloo· to the pela gi4n Herefy, who did fUPPQ(e Na-

tuteto 00 fo perfeCt, that the G,rnce of God was not necdfary, and that·

by Natureal?oe, they could go to

heaven ;.WhlCh becaufe 1 a~rm t? be impoffible, and that Bapufme ~s

therfore ne.ceffary,beC3ufenat?re rs

E ~l tufuf ..


10 ~ AVindlcati-on'o! ~

infufficient, and Ba ptifme is the great chanel of grace ; there ought " to be no envious and ignorant load ];1 id upon my Dodrine, as if it com" pI i ed wit h the Pelagian , againl] which it is fo eflenrially and fo mainly oppofed in the main djfFe~ renee of his Doctrine. 5; Children are therefore Baptized, becaufe if . they live they will Iinne.and though their fins are not pardoned before hand, yet inBaprifme they are admined to that flate of favour, that they are within the Covenant ofre .. pentance and Pardon: and this is exprefl y the Doctrine of Sr. Atlftin~lib. I .de nupt. & concup. cap. 26. & C{IP. 33· & tr 1J11. 114. in Johan. But of t-his I have already given larger accounts in my Difcourfe of'Baj tifrne •. fart.2of. 194. in the great Exemplar. 6. Children are baptized for

. the Pardon even of Originall fin; this may be affir med truly ~ but- yet nn.

,.e. Di'Vine Attri'ntte.so '. 103 r • I : for Co far as ~t IS lO:Pll-' tf11proper Y lr" re.mlffible, for

:J fl fafr a 10 It IS . II,) I 1

tee- 0. .' done by AdAm, IS a •

the eV'1\l that lin ChrHt; and it is im-

(0 taken awa)' . evil\ purpofes.as

.1 to' 1:\ s to very "

puteo \.I 0·.. ( 11cated :.but as It·

l"bavealrea~Y~~~F ' 'ho believed

g the.Jewt's. W

"as amOD . t be taken aWilY.'

tbto· the finne 0 "{b t l'S ta-"

'\1 fpUOl men

when t~e ~Vl °i ina\1 fin-oe taken a-

kC(1{)·ff; fO·1S·9r.g: £: though the.

w~~i"in. ~~pU~,ne:, ~~~\r is not ta~

Material p~rt of the 0;'. all tbe::

" et: the cune 1tl .

~til',a\Vay 'd'Y. t~tn~d into a b\efslng,

(oP's.~fGo, l~occafion oforewar~t

a'n(ll5 mad~ a . s , .' N w "0 all thlS .

• J ' ... • to it < 0·'

otiaa e-tltr~Qc~:·.. and all'lhat

. . 'cc\ o.e aU thatls tl'ue , . r:

~_aln~Ql. 1 "for. in the famefeo1C,

Is·probaq ~ nil.' • a finne . fo does

. 0 °gi'llall,ualoe rs . '1· 0 ~ .. r~ " .... the Pardon. t lS a

~~puf~e.~r~ng~ "ll~ that is:)becau~e,.· rinne, metoll¥JD1Jca ... J\' . . d the'

':1'l-"!"!" ,~ •.. " 0 f Il finne an

~itis.th~:~ea: 0 :OP 'dr .~.:, fl..1. "10. ba"~-

~ ... 0 f · an J U lL 10 r

l caufe ~ !Dan!·, a that it is nOW

~, tifll1e.l t ls'ta ken a ~ Y'J \ he::

\ E s'"


IO'-f1., A~'ViJ1dicatjonof II'

. thema~·rer ofagraee , and rheop ... portullllY of glory; and 'upon thefeAccou~ts the Church Bapiizes all: her Children -

. ."

ObielJ 5' B' t t ,d'" ().. - '

Ii I' • ., U - 0" eny- flgrnallt !

rnne to be ~ finne properly and in- ~

herently IS expref to" • fi' h :

d' ,IS Y. again . t re-

wor S ofS p r h

th R ' • au 10 t e s·Chaptc-1 to" ,

e oman lr~' b ' h :

1. (J,' I 11 ee I j, ue dose«:'. ,

vut thdt it, ",.no,'· l.hA'~'La t,,,,~f::. th' '! /. , _,. ""V~ IJ~J e In!;s J().I -

l~lJ ". J. Ifrhe ',!ords be, capableof" ; any mterpreration ,,3ndtan be permitted to figni6c!_ot-herwife then -is.; ~ vulgarly pretended I~ f . r.

f 1 f ' .' "upf'Olemy·,'

fh to~a\7e,.gtv~~,reafons- fufficient"

w y. they., ought, 'to be·.'· l~or. an1t. -1·'n

te . '. U'r-'

• rprc_t3tJOO: that dces violence to

lIght Re~fon, to ,Religion , to HoBnetTe of life, and. the. Divin€._-Attri .. , b~tes of God·,. is- dJerefere to' be reJea~d, and "noilJe.r'chofen-;R'()r-~1 all Scriptures .. all'good ,and~l:all/wife'·

men doe it. . .' ~

a,~_T.he WOlds in ~enion: .fjin}, t andl

the 'DzvineAttributes. 1'05 and [/inner] and [Io»dt~natio~ l are frequently ufed inSCflpture'lll·

the terr. fenfe:, and

[Jin] is taken for the 1 K;1IgJ.I.2I;

ilb t of en·· Zech.14·19.-

punl m~n : Y..' 2 Cor.5;21•

an.d [fin Is··taken. for" Tfai.53' 1 o. hun who bore tbe e-" Hebr.9·2.s.

vil ot the finne, and 1,Kjng;.1.1~;'

[fin] is taken for te- . ,

gal impuriIV'; and for' him who' could' not be guilty , even' for €hrifthimfe\f; '. as' 1 have proved 31ready : and in . the; lik~ tn~nner;' [{I'll/SIrS J ;s u fed ,bY' the rule ofCo~. jup:ate$ and denominatives ; .but It . is foalfointbe cafe" of B'tlIhJbeb' . the Motner'Ofsolomon• 3,: For the;:

word [Cotl·delJlnal!On.;i. it is' by !he' ApoiUc himfelf hmlted to figOlfie' bis', temporal death; for' ~hen the "

Apoftle fayesVc"b' pll/pd"lIpon all mell in·ttJ much (JI ,all men haVe> (inlltd;';\

be ~uft'mean- tt1tJpo""ldeat;h;~for eo. .. tefnaldeath didnot;p~ae:upon an 1


'106) A Vindication of'

men ; and ifhe means eternal delll!, he muff not mean that it carne for: .Adams fin; but in-as nUlth m·aB men have jilJ'lted, that is, upon-all tl~ore· up0_n whom eternal death, did come, It came becaufe they alfo: r ~avc finned. 4. The A-pofHe here' [peaks of lin impliltd; therefore not of fin i;.1h~rent.:, and if imputed' " onely to filCh purpofes as he here '; fpeak~ of, =. to temporal death, '. then It 1S, neither a', fin . properly ,

• J t .

nor yet imputable to Eternal death '

fo far as- is or can be .inplyed by. the, Apoflles words, 5'. The A~ poflles fayes~ by the difobediel1ce of ~JJe·: man.'Y wtfe·madejinl1err: .roth-at' It appears thatwe in. this. have no' fin of our own, neither· is it at an our own, ff)rm~il)' a~d inherently;;

. for thoughefficiently ttwas his.and. effechvelr ours ~sto' certain .pur-: I pofes of unputanon, yet it, could: i.l;t;>t be a. fin. tQ;lJ5JormaUy;becaufe!



tIJe ViIVine·Attrib"uteJ.. 1'07'

~it was Vnius inobedieniia, the dif" obedience of one mall; therefore in no fenfe, could it be properly ours •. 6-. Whenl.oever another mans fin' .is imputed' to his relative,' th~re"

fC'fe becaufe it is anothers· and rmputed, itean go no further ~ut to (!,ffect certain evils to affilct the' relative, but to pllnHh tl~e caufe.; not formally to·.denomloatethe . defcendant or, relative to be a finner; for it is as much, a contra.difrion to fay that I 'am fonnal~,

. Iy by. him a f;nner.·, as' tha~~ I'. did'really do ms alh~n. N~w ,to impute J inScriptnFe,. It fig~15esto reckon ssifbe had' done1t; Not· to impute is, to treate. him fo at if he had' not done tt~; So far' then as-the imputation- is·.,fg·,far weare -, reckoned asfiooers; but ·A'" Aif111S fin being by the, Apofile fig .. nified to· be imputed'. but to the condemnation 01 fentence.to a.-tem~·

. poral .

1'0-8 A'-Vindication ofi

poral death; fo far, we are linners in hi rn, that is, fo as 1 hat for his fake d.eath W'3S' brought upon us; A~d indeed the word [imputareJ' to Impute Jdoes neverfignifie more, nor, alwayes fo .much. ImputAYe: -urro fieeqH811ter 'lid jigJ9ijic4ti8l1em ex-

probranti« dtceaif,[ed titr« reprehtn., fil.lne-'}J, [ayes L'tI#Jrenlim vlIUa; It islike an exprobation, but fhort of' a reproof;' fo if2.!_lintilian. 1111/JltttH'i nobupropitioi 'lAent()s, & focllndHIN' • marc, ac civitatis optllcntdJ liheratilll-· I to», Thou doef] impure, that is;. upbraid [0 us our profperous voy-' ages., and a calm Sea,~ and the ]i.,

lkr ~ Iity ~f a" ~ich City. Impllt are fignJfies .ofientimes the fame thatt &Ompuf4.re ;:.to reckon or' account:

NA1'IJ bee il1 fJ1l",ta 1I()n im/'H'411ll1r" ray the~a\vY'ers, thCJA1' 1HJ' implt ... ttd"lthat:J~,they are not computed Of"

reekoned.Thua AaamJ' finis.impu-. ted ro. m,\bat is", it is p~ut intoourreo-

tlje Di'Zline ·AttribUteJ\ 10'9:,1 reckoning, & when we are fick and. die"we' pay oureSy~bols,. the For-;:. tion of evilthat IS Iaidupon \~s. all~' what Mar";lJ faid, I ~ay fay1~ thiscafe w.ith a little vanetyleg,tatlJ. he« 'lditatf?-~p'(iveteg?-tum alltum fit hIJ,-"" rldJ,ji!V6 . pmlpm,. ~'1Jt dedllctr~.vet' 'ttiYJerepajJNs eft~ tl t":putant~r. the »» the legacy. w~ethe.r It, be gtven 01.\

left t.?the helJe!w~el~el".he m~l take' '1t or· keep. It, '.ls~t11 ~tnp'ut ,e.

to him ;, that,,15, n. t4 'WltbllJ b14_:.

nc~olli#.g', • '.

But ·no.rearon, no" Scnpture', 11~'~

,n. 1· .'. .J ..... .0:115· 1· nforce · ·and no .di .....

"",e ,tgl.on lfV'o Xl . 'e

~ne~_Attribute, does",perm-tt ~hat:we .

fuou\d' fay that God did ~fo-ul1p\lte" ,Adams 60 :to-his pofienty,that. he.

di really dreem them to be gudty of. Ad;in.:r: fin ;' eqa~I.1~;cu1:pable~.: .e nall, ltateful~,For lhnthtsfenf~. :-i{be -true that In h1~ we ~mne~ :l)"

then.we.finn'd 'asbe.dtd,that lS,wn_h 1 .die fame.·'ma\i.ce~_in ~,.tbeJame.aih: •. (In,·:;.

1r 1·0' A'Vindication.of·

on;. ~ndthen~w~ nreas much gu i);;, , ty as hC;·b~t if we have finned lefle; then ~e ~ld not jin in him; for to' fin~e ·!O him.could not-by him be I ~rren d h_~' us ;. fer what we did in, him we did by him, and therefore.

as much ~s he did; but lfGod imp~ted, t h is- fin le1T'e to' U 5 then to' ~lm~lhen this imputation fuppofes

~~. oneJy to be a ct)lla.te-r~13nd· IndireCt· account' to, f~~h . purpofes as, !, ~e pleafed r of which purpofeswe ') Judge by the an~]ogy of-fa-ith,by i the.~ords:of Sef! pt~re, by, the pro.. II portion and ncricesof.the Divine' Attributes "7. There.isnotlring i~: the defigne or purpofeof tl1e 'A~ poftle rhae can or ought. to .infet al?Y ot~er·thi.ng.; .forhis .purpofe j'g

.to fjgnl~e that : by: mans. ,.ftri<de~tb ' entred Into rheworlde.whichthe fon of ~irack·Eccl1H. 2: 5'. 3'3 l:eipreff'e:s thus; . a ;mkJ~ere " f~ailm.' eft ~ inililtm/ .

Jcccal". & ind« efl''1~Qd':marimtlr;. I from:

tTJeDi'Vine Attribute!. I II

· h b·· f from the woman 15 t e egto01ng 0

tinne; lind from her it is that we all die: and a gain, E c clus. P-4. h J , the envieoF the De vil deat!} came Into the fIlo/td; tbis evil being Univerfa 1, Chrirl: came to the world, and became our head', to other p\lrrofes, even to re'deem us from d~ath;

which he hath begun and will fininl and to become to us our Pareo: in a new birth, the, Author 0.£ a fpiritrillllife; and tbis b~oefit 1S of far more efficacy by Chrlft, then

the evil could be bV Ada"'; and as by Adam we are mac\e G,Doers: f~ by Cbrifr we are made nghteous, not juft fo; but fo and, more, and therefore as our be mg , made finners.. fig,olfies that by hl~n we die fo being by Chri{t made rlghteou; mufl: at leafr figoifie th~t by

hitn we live! and tblS is fo ~vldent to them wh.o readSaint p.u11 words; Bom·s·

1:1" ~ V· da . . '.

n In ieati« .~ 1~ ..,.'

Rom.,. from r. "oJ tfl'. Dt'Zllnl Attr,b-utel. 1t3

. 1 vern! 12. to fi ' I b b ·da

me ulively, that I wond ver e 19. )fP·5· U. AJ I A~ Y t e ,fo-

fhould make a f ' h er any man hI one, 711f1" ftnne I bedlence of .A~

concerning them .a~~ er. quefiiott entfed iBIO the \ dAm.' {i~ had i~'9 Era/mIlS and Groti:U Jhccl3lly fince 'PIorld, ,na Death ~ begmntng; ane) reckoned amongft th 0 are to be by jitt : and fo\ by lin deatb,that the heft expofitors e freat~fr, and, death p41ed upon I is. the fentetlee

, that any age fince 0 Scripture, .U men, fur thlft \ and pr.eparat~~

and their immediat fithe tpofiles' ,11ha.ve[iNnea. J onS, tbefolenm-

brought fmth h ecce ors hath ties 8t addrerresftood and; rcndredv~. fOB under- ef ~eath, fickneife, cal am ity, di~i" dam. that your H' ut Ma~ pUllon of ftrengths, Old age , mlf-

,read the words andono~r may f()rtun~s, and all the atfem~ns of togeiher , and fee tb thell", fen Ie ~brtahty, for. the deftroy,lllg QE vl~lence they {ig~ifie atb. Wit hou; PU! temporaUl1fc? ~nd fo tbls morfald,' and no more ',' i at I have- . tallty, and' condItion or {\:ate of (ubJoyned a paraph' fc har here death pafsdaaual1y upon all mao-

In which if I ute ra eo, them; kindJor Ada'" be\ng tbrown out of

1 can very; eafil y be, any VIO lence par~dife, and forc'd to live with b is

,reproved., ChIldren where they had no trees

ofUfe ,ashe had in Paradife, was

remanded,to his morlaU, natllrall ftilte;and therefore death pa{fed up-

, OD tbem, mortally feized on al1;Jbr £0111. • tb,d Atl ha oe finned; tha tis, the fin was-

A V· d" · if :p'" '. Attr£butes. 11,

11-4 . In icauon O,he IVlne . d' ttl,

.. ". 1 b t does not ire ,Y

was rec~one?' to all, not to'ma~\"es Ru eS, • U But death came

them gutlty like Adam; but'1 'bind to penalnes. h Law for A .. Clnne. pa{fed upon all, imprinting :upon rhem befof.e hth~n God being this real cal ami ty on us all: But YCli/al1ls fin; ftr ~ld to cur [e him al fa death defcended alfo upon Adams -angry.,was p.ea e d leave them a1(0 Pofi.erity for their 0 wn ~ns;for fi~ce in his ~o{\eJ1ty ,an raIl condition. to all did Iinne, all Ihould die. '.' . . 'in thelrmeere. n.da~~s~d 'themfelves,

. "., '.' b· h etthey IlpO h b

. W ic Y d G d but teo muc Y

13· For untiU the? An4 tl)ar.. and ha? . e erv~ll things; to which

law. fin WIH in the, velJ not lh~t commlttloghevl zb before the ~aw, . '~orld:l 61it !In' 11 no~( Death dl~ ·~hiogs., a~t o,?greatoed, yet for the . tntjiuted where/here 14) prefently de- !death w!1~,n~t ~h d had IIgainfi: Illan-

. no law. .: .... fcend. on aU I I:ltJgtr wlllchllO~at deathWhicli.he

. . m~nklnd, e- i kind~ he le t t d"tll ex refly,) by lm.-

v~n before a Law was given th~m !fl:ir~a~n~dt01: ll'upln the pofterl-::

with an appendant penalty , """Z.ptlC~tW.~ .. ' t()~:, .' .'. ;~.'. ". .'

With the exprefleinrerminarlon of ~~l~.:;·'~·l"; .. : ~ ,; :.;: ~~{,;~,~, ;." ;

death; For they did do aaions uri- r d.l' n i: ".; . l'

narurall and vile enough, bur llet' L: :\'"~ ..

thefe things which afterwards up- .'}

on the publication of the La W were . imputedto them upon their per .. I fonall account .even unro'death.n-err t pot yet (0 ilJJpN/ca. For Nature alone

, J gives


-," ,


I I 6 A Vindication of the Vi'l:liNe A ftrtb"tel • 11 1

, 14. NC'lJe1the-1 Aodthe ..... · _ _. Benj.tmin, wbo ti~ed~dre, aod in

lelfo a'tllth reign-I it was that d the midfi: of all then dlfad\,antages,

ed from Adam to I reigned from -were left eo fall under the Iame fen-

Mofes, eoe» O1Jer tlII1II to Mo 1Cllce; and this, betides that it was

them thilt hlld no' I from the -,he prefent Oeconomy at the Di-

fin1led after the ft· I law to the ~ineProvidence and Government,

tJlilit!!ae of A.? cond , from it did alfolike JallHJ locke 'll"f61111!il

dam s tranfgref. time tbat a La xltl hil1l1'" , it looked forwards as

fOil. who if the was giV61 to 0 weU as backwards, aod became a

Jfg~re of him ml1l, till the typeofChri1t,or of him that yt3s ~o

'Wb#h 'W1fJ 10 t a Law was . . come. Forasfrom"AeLsm eV1U dId

come. I to tlne.",tio.;amJ .defc.end upon hisnaturall Children,

. ,_ J although meg upon the account of O~s enter-

had Dot flood fo grievollflyas A- <coutfe with Aall!'»; fo did good dIm did. who bad DO eia:ufe, many defcend upon the fpilituall Chil-.

helps>excel1cotcu;'d~wmeQts,migb- .dreoof- fccond Aa41fJ.

ty advan~ag'7' trl~lng temptatioPs, :,

com~unlCa!10n. WIth God bimfelf, DO dlfor~er In h~s faculties,f!ee will, ;, p,er.f~ct l~mUll1ty from Ylolence, . Orl~lDall rl~bteouf~e{fe,perfea po- ' w.e·r over hIS faculties; yet thofe "

men,fucb as dhel,and Seth.N"h,aod \

A""bJ,11I,1{4A& and }aco~, iojeph,and \

BtlJj~ I

II'S A Vindication of

15. But not tIS) . This fhould '.he (;jfence, ./0 alfo have been the "! the free gIft: for latter part of a

. if thrflllr~h the 0[-, fimilimde , but fence of one "}411}) upon further

be dead much 'more ~ confidcration it the gy~ceofGod,& is found, that 'as the _/?,1-f! hy grace,in -!dam we die, . whtch.u hy one man j (0 In Chrifr we Jt"(t14 Chri/l hath a- I live, and much voulJatd IInto ma-' rather and 'vy, ... .. J much . 'more, therefore I cannot fay ,As ~l one ~an [ verf.1 2· ] 10 hy one man [ verfe 15. J But much '!lore; for not as the offence, fo a1fo is' t~e· free~gift, for . the offence of one did run over unto ! many, and thofe many, even as it were Jll, all except Enoch, or fome verv few more of whom mention peradllFoture is pot made.are already dead upon that account, bat i wh~n God comes by Jefus Chrift. \ to Ihew mercy to mankind, he I •


Divine Attributes- 119

. does it in' much more abundance; he may be angry to the third and fourth generation, ill them that hate him, but he will {hew mercy unto thoufands in them that love him; to a thoufand getlerations,and··

and in ten thoufand degrees; fo that now although a comparifon .proportionate was at ~rfi inteod:e?,yet the river here rifes far hlgher

then the fountain ; and DOW no ,argument can be drawn fr.om the .fimilitude of Adam aDd Chrif], but .l.hat as much hurt was done to hu-

mane nature by .Adams fin, fo very much morc ~ood is. done to mankiode by the 1ncarnatlon of the

:Son ofOod.

. ; "

s :

I: 0 A Vindication :of .

16. And nOI} And the s-n dir.: as it WJS by one parity' and exceffe tb.1t./inned~fo is is in this pariicuthegi/t; for the} tar: for the judg-

jfJdgementwaJ~ t?ent 'Yas d't ~v@v

by one to con- Clf-tClp1YiO'ctv1@V, &

demnalion, but f~ ~v@v 7l"(l,pam'1oothe free gift k Of} p.~1 @V, by one· many offences man Cloning- one unto juftiftc4tion fin; 'that one fin

". :. was imputed;but

by Chrifl , 'not onely one fin w~5 forgiven freely, 'but 'many offen~ ces were remitted unto juftifica\. eionisnd fecondly, a vail: difparity there is in this; that the defeendants from AdtlmWere perfeeHYjIike··hirn in nature.his own rea] natural pro.duction, and they finned (though' not fo .bad) yet very much, and ,

therefore there was a great parity I, of reafon that the evil which w~s ~ threatened to Ad~1NJ and Dot to his i

. children I

the Vi!Vine Attributes. I~l h'\dren {bould yet for the likenefs ~fnature and of fin defcend upon

b But in the other part the.

t em. c. Ch oft

cafe is highly differing; lor .. n

b' our Patriarch in a fplf1tual hllO~ we fall infinitely Ihort of

bi~: ana are not fo \ike him as ~e wereto Aclam,and yet that we. to

. rer unlikeline{fe fhould receive

~re:eater favour, this was the ~x..

c;!fe of the comparifon, and this IS

the free gift of God.

.. .,'

, .


. ~ ...

. 17' For

'I~ 2 A 'Vindication oftbe

'I,. 'For ifbyl And this is the

.one ojftnce I fo it third degree, or i& in the Kings meafnre of ex,cYUs. or,] if by cefle of efficacy one mans offence on ~hrifis part,

.death reigned hy lover It was on the .one, much m(),t r part of Adam. they whith re- ~ For if the fin of . ,eive ahunaance rf Adam alone could

of grace, And of bring death 'upon the gift of rigb- the .w?rl~, who teoufneJJe, j/Ja/t by rmiranon of reign tn life hJ I hIS tranfgreffion one ]e/us chrijt.J on the flock of

their own natural .choice did fin againf] God, though Dot 'after the Iimilitude of Adams ·tranfgrcffion: much more fhall we, who not onely receive the aides of tbe f pint of grace.but receive them alfo in an abundant meafure, receive a1fo the effect of all this, even so reign in life by ODe J efiis Cbrift.

, 18. There-

, ~

tbe Divi.ne Attributes. l,l3 'b ,I'.re a J' ~,"'\ Therefore

l,g. ~ ercJO • d _ \ DOW to re-

fb-e offence of one~1"m~1I turn to the ment came upon.. • e- \... other part to conde~na~lhn. {- ( of the 6" vcn fo b~ the rti tei;ee \ nlilitude neffe of one, t ail men where t gift ,Ame Up9~ fl:l'e I began; at-

unto juftirc4tlon fu~~~the great ex" though Id ba~e dance of grace by

,ce{f~ an a un evil that did tieChrt(tl over th~, et the proporfcend by, Ada"", ¥ron lies in the tion and co?,parfdeath from one. m1in emanation 0 . r · udgunent

d'l' ~ . from the other,~] b' r. "

an t e ..] that IS, 1 e ten-

unto condemnatton n aU men,

, f d th came upo r: '

eeuce 0 ~ f one; even 10, by the ouence.o d difpen ..

by a like. oecoA,od' ~oYt b~ behind ill

· . 0' dwou n, did

fatton; 0 a f Grace, as he I

doing an ~ . 0 r. and as tbat. before' of Judgment t·o condemna-

;udg~ment was ~o3: lion,

~ 24- A Vindication 01" non by the offe 'J

free gift and nee of one: fo the

to jufiifidation ~?t£; c3be upon all teoufhefle of one_l e, y the righ-

19. Far tH 6 1 T .

one msns dlj:- ~e fum of all is

hcdi01ce man this ;;by the dif-

taere »ssde ji?_ obedience of one

ners ,: fo by tbe » ~an I lCa.1 e"d BnO'Gtv obedien:« of I 7(01\.7\.0' many

fllllf ma"y 06: were conflituted

m~de righteotlJ.' :t put Into theon

_) er of Iinnersrhe

by Gods appoint::re mad~ fuch that God could b nr, that IS, not a fin to any b he the Author "df

th . ' ut t at h .

e evill which is t e appointed

fin.to be upon thei;~ confequent of fcended from th eads who de-

b~ on the other ~J~ner: & fo it !ball dience of one 1 e,for by the abe-

fhall be mad • even of.Chrifi. many ous.But Ilill ~~~r conflimred righte- I pofirion of wnl1s muf] be with a Iiip- \

. lat \v r. id ~

as lal before



the Divine Attributes. 1'.1, that there was a vare difference; for ''We are made much mote righteoUs by Chrilh,hen we were finners by

.AdAm; and the life we receive by Chrire {ball be greater then the death by Adam; and tbegraces we derive fromChrifi. thall be more

and mightier then the corruption

lind declination by Adam; but yet as one is the bead, fo is tbe other:

one ill the beginning of finne and

. death, and the other of life lIod

righteou fne(fe. .

NoW tbe confequent of this dif·

coutfe mure needs at leaf\: be tbis; that it is impoffible that tbe greateft part of mankinde {bould be left in the eternal bonds ofhe1\ by ..Adam; for then quite contrary to tbedif~ coutfe of rhe Apofile, there had been a bund aoce of 6n, bu t a (carchy

of grace ; and the acedle had been oil the part of Adam, not on the part ofChrH'c, againft which be fo

F 4: In;ghti"""

I ~ 6 A Vindicationfl Df t1Jt mightily and a~tificial1y contends: fothat the PrcsrJyterian way is per .. fedly condemned by this difcourfe of the Apo(He;. and the other more

gentle way.which affirmes that we were fentenc'd in A :!1l'!fJ to eternal death, though the execution ista- I ken off by Chrifr, is alfc;> no way \

.countenanced by any thing in this I Ch~pter; for that the judgem cot which for A d411JS fin came unt

the con~emnalion of the world, was nothing but t(mp(}r.tI d~ath is ~ ~ere .affirmed ; it being in DO fe~fe Imagln~b]e that the death whi ch here Saint P~ul (ayes p4f/ed upon aU mefJ~ and w hich feigned from Adam

to Mofes, fhould be eternal deathfor .the ApofiJe fpeaks of that deatl~ which was threatened to Adam. and offuch a death which was af~ terwards threatened in Mofts Lawand fuch a death which fell eve.~

. upon the moll: righteous of AaalJl.t


the Divine Attrib'utes. I ~1· pofterity., Abel, and sIlk, and M~-· Ihu(elrJ, that is, u po~ .them who did -,

. not fio after the fimthtudeof Add-mI. tranfgreffion. Since then, all ~he. judgement which the Apoftte fates, .. came by·the fin of Adam, was ex-, prefsly affirmed to be death tempor.al, that God fhould fentence mankinde to· eternal damnation for A-· 4.1111 fin, though 1n goodneffe th~-.

rough Chrifi he after~ards took It off. is not at all affirm d by the A-

, .

poftle; and becaufe-io l'roport~on.

to the evil fo was the tmputatlon of the fin ' it follows that AdamI·

Go is ours'rnetonymically and im ... - properly;God was not finallyangry whh \1S~, nor had ~o muchas any'

. defigoes of eternal ~lrpleafure up-. on thae. account; hIS anger went no further then the evils of t?is' life and therefore the imputatIon;

'Wa~Dot of a. proper gu~1t, for that rmightluftly. have paffed .beyond \

. F 5~ our.

' ..

th'e:Dt'Vine AttribJttes. 1'19 fcares him with an impertinent propofition ; why (I fay) the Confcience {bould not natur:\lly be afflilted for it, nor Co n)\.lch as naturally know it, I confeffe I can-' not yet· make any reafonable conjeCture, favethis onely, that it is not properly a fin. but ondy metony,micall and improperly- J\nd 'indeed there are fome·wilPle.Chur-

cbes;which think. themfelves [0'. litde concern" d in the matter of Original fin, that they have' not a :./ word of it in aU their' Theology: : .

.1 mean the,chrifl:ians in the £4/-

Indies,concer~lng-.w hom Fryer LUys -, aeVrrelta io his Ecclefiaitical '(tory; of .£Ihiopi4) flies;that the Ch rHti., aas in &:thtopia~unde.-the.Empire of'.'

. . And 'why the Confcieoce tliall Pref/,' 1u,n, never kept the ill1ma--

be., fo~,.ever at fomuch peace fot. \ culat,e conception oftbe'Vi~gin·M4"·

this lin. that a ~an Ihallnevergive '1 (no Ie enlrertJetitrlJ"en-tJJ4!1~~I~--

one groan fat bisfhareof g\lili in, . g;lu ;i. el pe"'1d90riginat ,: rOY que nu1f.~

.>tJIlIfJ.~ fill!, unle!Tc. fome m dihtt, ,t '"''"';troll' 101' ,nfeiidll1llltH-Uimay'

r. ! n ~Md''''


l~ ~.. A··Vindictzlion of"

our gra~e ; if the {in had pafled be-. yond a metcnymie-or a juridical,

I .. l

externa un putanon- And of this·;

God and Man have given this fur .. ·: ther tefiimony'; that as no man e .. · v~r-imi?~fedpenance for it; fo God: himfelf 10 nature did' never for it affliCt· or affdght the confci.,.~ ence, and yet the Confclencene ... ver [pares any- man that is, guilt-y:ol':

aknown fin. .

E~'(t!mplo q!IOdcnnqft~ m/t/N·m·(ommii~··

titur, ip/i :

lDifplicet Atlthori,

He that is guilty ofa fin" fhalrue the crime.that he lies ira:;;

1;30 A'VlnJicationof . m:et'1lflcos, antes como Jc.'t'Jfe ' .. fahiti ben~(l1a, V4rJa, de entendil1lientfJl"()1Jv~'fables, 7 alaguenQs, Jeguiall lA

. dotrin« de 10'J ssntos ttntiguos.,J de los

fi¥radQs concilies,.fin ai{pNtas, nj dift.rencitU 1 nor do they infert into their T?eolo~v. any propofitions concerning Original fin, nor trouble themfelves with fuch Metaphyfica i conteo:plations; but being of an affable, Ingenuous,gentile comportment, and underftanding, f01- lo~ the Doctrine of the primitive Saints and Holy councels without difputation· of difference, fo fayes l·he fiory.· But we unfortunatly trouble our Ielves by railing ideas offin, and affliCt our felves with OUf own· dreams, and will not beleeve .b~t it. is ~'vifi.on. And the height of t~lS ,.mgtoatlon hath wrought fa high In the Church of Kome, that

. when they would do great honouJ!sto the Virgin Uar)",they, wfM I plea$.~& \


t1)t Divinl AttributeJ. 131 pleard to allow to,her an immaculate conception without any O~iginal fin, and a Holy .. day appointed for the celebration of the dream. But the Chrifiians in the 9ther world are wifer, and trouble them fel ves with none of thefe things~ but in fimplicityi,.-honour rhe -Divine attributes, and [peak

flothing but what is eafy to be underfiood. And indeed religion is then the beft, and the world will be fure to have fewer Atheifis . ., and fewer Blafpb€mcrs, when tbeun.·

. derfrandings of witty men are not . tempted, by commanding them to beleeve impoffible articles·, and unintelligible propofitions: when _ every thing is believed. by the fame

{implicity it is taught: when we do Dot cal that: a my.fi:.ery\yhich we are . Dot able to prove, and tempt out faith to fwallow tbat whole which

leafon cannotche.we.


1'32- ·A.··Vindicatio1tof' .

One thing I a~ to obferve more.. before I leave confidering the words of the A po!l:l e. The A pofile lrere having inftituteda com .. _ pa rifonbetween Ad,mand Chrifi; that as death came by one, fo lifeby the- other; aJ by one we are made jinnerl; fo ~J the other we sre VJ4ae ri ghtcoHS.; . fome from hence- i

fuppofe they argue frrongly \ to the overthrow of-all that I I. have faid , thllJ: Chriftqnd Ad""" ~ are compared, therefore as by ( Chrif] we are made really righte-· ous: fo by Adam we are made. really finnees t . ou:r righteoufneff"e· by Chrif] is- more then imputed, -. nndtherefore Co is our unrightc ... · oufne{fe· by- AJltm~· To this, be", fttles· w·hat J'havealready:'fpokcn .: in my humble addrefles to th:!t ~ wife and chariesble 'Prelate the' I Lord Bi'fbop of RtJch~{Jer, denver ... ·· ) ~D&::~he.JeQ[c>andobjectioDs of 0 .. ·· ~





tEe ·VlvintAftriliHt~'l. 1'33:: thers ; in which I ~ave d~~lared. my feofeor the Imputation of €hrifi's righteoufne£1e; and, be .. {ides, that although the A pofite . . offers.at-afimilitude, J'et he findes himfelf furprifed, and that one part of the fimilitude does far esce~d the other., and rherefore 00:: thing .can f~now ~ence ; but that if we receive evil froll? Adam,. we {hall much more receive good·r from ChrHl:; befides this Ifay, I: bavefomttbing very.material·to re .. 'plyto the. form of~the . argument).:, which is·a very trick-and fa·Hacy.

For the Apofile argue~thus,AJ'.h1'· 'Aaam,' we sre made finners, Jo by:· .chri{J. we are mittie righteous. ; and .

!tli-atis very· true ~ and much more; . . Wf to. ,a'rgue . from ~ence [~s by.

'Chri'ft· we . are :madt '"ally r~ghte .. 'qUI,. fb by Adam we are m·ade.re,· ).1Jy.Jinners] istoinver,t.· the pur=-··

pp.f«tofthe Ap~ftle, (~ho arffi.ues.


1.3,4 A Vindication of- , Dioine Attribut,el. J 3; from the leffe to the greater) and'Devil canby his power i'uine one: to make it conclude affirmatively In a Iimilitude, the firfr part may frors the gre~lter to the leffein, be and often is, leffe then the fematter of power: as if one fhould CO~di but never greater: and therefay: If a. childe can ca~ry a ten fore though the Appfrle faid, ttJ pound weigbr , much more can a' by Adam &c. So h, Chri/i e-« Yet man: and therefore what~oever a, ,we canooe fay tIS ~r Chri{t, (0 by man can do, that alfo a childe can l Adam: We may well reafon thus. do. For tho~gb I can, fay") If thiJ 1 As by Nature there is a reward thing he done In a grten tree, whdt l to evil doers; fo much more IS Jhall he done iN the dl)? .yet I mu~ \ there by Ood , but we cannot by

110t fay therefore, Ifthtl he done ~ll'lway of converfion, reafon ,thus; the dry tree, what fball lie done 'I" ~ As bv God there is an eternal rethe green? for the dry. tr¥ of the 1\ ward appointed to good aCtions; Crolfe could' do much then the \ fo by Nature there is an Eternal green tree in the Garden of Eden. ' reward for evil one's. And who It is a good 'argument to fay; If the' ! would not deride this way of arDevil be Co potent to do a ~rewd ! guing. As by our Fathe~s we re~' turn much more pow.erful, is Ood, : ceive temporal good rhings , fo to do good: bU,t ,_w~ ca~not con:' f much more do we by God: but elude from hence, but God can by God we alfo receive an immorby his own meer.ppwer.,.a~d plea- tal Soul; therefore from our Fafure fave. a foul; theIef9.r,~ .the thers we receive an immortal bo-

, '. -, , ,Devil ~' dy •